Session 21 March 2020

What a fascinating session - must have been physically tiring as well!
I wonder what these conflicts are... I guess partly among those among the PTB "in the know" and those who just use it for their own agendas and so on? So far, it looks like everyone is marching along in unison.
It looks like, but think twice : they would commit a big error if such a fight would become public, it's something both parties (in fight) will avoid the maximum, like a rule to follow. But as it's STS world, isn't one of their credo (i mean, non-official of course ^^) to act like "all shots are allowed" ?
Something else occurred to me, while doing a NeurOptimal session one can see which brainwaves are active using the Matrix Mirror. Through practise would it be possible to increase the Alpha, or Theta by visually using the Matric Mirror to provide feedback? It might not be something you have to work at, but it may take time and patience and relaxation. Especially relaxation to achieve alpha or theta or especially delta(sleepy head!)
Another quick thought occured to me. You could buy an audio file of music claiming to enhance Alpha waves for example, and play that instead of the Zengar music during the NeurOptimal session, it may confirm, or not, that the music can do that. The same could be said for using only the audio portoin of the D.A.V.E. to entrain whichever brainwave you wish. All that said, I am not sure that the aural feedback from the NeurOptimal would not interfere with the Alpha-Beta-etc training process.
(L) Being in a proper dietary state if you have to get a vaccine is going to be beneficial and maybe it is for just this type of situation that we were so motivated to do health research and experiments for so long; it was preparation and we didn’t even know it.

(Artemis) Being in ketosis heals you.

(Gaby) Vitamin C.

(Niall) Detoxification.

(L) Detox would be NAC and other things...

(Andromeda) Infrared sauna.

(Chu) Constant knowledge input.

(L) Willpower even. And they just mentioned that there are certain people with spiritual force who were able to modify the virus by their own inner powers in a positive way. I would imagine that having inner force or inner spiritual power would all be beneficial. Are we on the right track?

A: Yes yes yes!

and probably iodine

Thank you for this session. It's very interesting.
Thanks for this session! I am reassured in some ways, but to know that we will have a real plague in the next two years... I feel sad but lucky at the same to know this, for I will endeavour to be the best I can be with my family and friends and everybody else.. I might lose some of them soon.

They just said that it is „likely“ which doesn’t mean that it is set in stone that it will happen.
very cool session and thanks to you all. answers some questions but as always has lead to more. like the others are doing, i'm just gonna sit back and ride the wave as well.

i think the way the virus works for those of sto/sts was the most eye opening for me. very cool and interesting.

i have not been sick within the last two years and tbh, i do not remember the last time i was sick.. not that i never get sick but rather i just genuinely don't remember the last time i was ill.

i have not gotten a vaccine since i had to in something like middle school (for hep b and some others) - i really don't recall much. i don't get flu vaccines and i haven't had the flu since i was a young child. i wonder why it is? am i just blessed with a naturally strong immune system? it has in the past made me wonder if something is wrong with me because i just don't seem to get sick.

anyways, i'm just rambling. thanks again for the cool session,

much love

Thank you very much for this session!
I was really wondering lately what the STOs have been up to. Well, now I have an answer!
One question I have is about stocking up on food. How should I go about it. I don't like the idea of hoarding at the expense of others, cramming my trolley, depriving other shoppers. Anyway, I think eventually they will limit the amount you can buy.
I suppose I should try online.
The predator within me is also getting nervous...
A great session, hope the crew are getting plenty of rest.
When you get to 4D, I really hope you all get a 10 star pampering session, a kind of 4D luxury holiday experience that you so deserve!! Well done. 💐
Many thanks for sharing this session and for getting it up so fast! :hug2:

Q: (L) Okay, I had a thought. Is it possible that this virus can infect some people and make them worse, as in make them bad people?

A: Yes

They also released prisoners to 'protect' them from a possible coronavirus infection. Are they scared that prisoners - who regret their past actions - will become better? Or do they hope that a few of the released "low-level offenders" will happen to catch the virus and become worse and cause havoc? Or are they emptying some prison space for people who don't follow the rules during the lockdown?

All around, this session offers a lot of food for thought, thank you! :flowers: It just shows again that whatever the PTB claim, the opposite is likely closer to the truth.
when I google biofeedback machine here in Germany I get a lot of results. pricey though, but there are several sellers. Is that not what you are looking for?

Well, different machines exist to induce specific types of brain waves (usually glasses or stroboscope), I have already tried this type of device. Depending on the programming you do, your brain synchronizes on the number of flashes emitted by the lamp via what is called SSVEP (steady state visual evoked potential), which allows the brain to be brought into an alpha frequency easily (between 8 and 12 flashes). On the other hand, once programmed to induce delta frequencies (between 1 and 4 flashes) it's sleep assured ^^ !
The PTB want to stop the spread because for some people it changes their DNA so that they can become more STO i.e. for those of an STO alignment, they can more easily access STO cosmic information after becoming infected by the virus. When you get the chance I suggest you re-read the session, if you can, as it is fascinating and is spelt out nicely.

I understand that, what I am wondering is why NOW. I guess the way I worded my question was unclear?

The main question I have is: if its been "out in the wild" for the past ~2 years, why would the PTB be trying to stop the spread now? Did a recent mutation make it more infectious? Or some other change that is making the PTB feel they need to lock things down now? Maybe the Chinese response and ensuing panic in western countries is forcing their hand?

In other words, if the virus was released ~2 years ago, surely it has already "made the rounds" across the globe? Many forum members spread widely across the globe are speculating that they may have had it in the last 2 years, so that seems like an indication that this is the case.

In other words:
  1. The virus was released 2 years ago
  2. It is highly infectious (C's say in the session that actual cases are higher than reported, although actual deaths are lower)
  3. Given 1 & 2 we may presume/hypothesize that it has already run through the global population in the past 2 years.
  4. So my question is: why the quarantine now? Why not 2 years ago? Or last year?
The C's say:
At this point, there are two major strains. The elite need to stop the spread of that which they "created".

So I'm speculating that maybe there was a recent mutation that made the virus more infectious. Maybe the original strain was not very contagious but something happened in China to change that and now there is a second strain that is spreading like wildfire, hence the sudden urgency from the PTB.

I hope that's a bit more clear.
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