Session 21 March 2020


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Session Date: March 21st 2020

Laura, Andromeda, and Artemis at the board

Pierre, Joe, Chu, Ark, PoB, Scottie, Gaby, Niall, The Lunar Module, Noko the Wonderdog, Princess Leia, Pikabu zee Cat

Q: (L) Today is March the 21st, 2020.

(Andromeda) 3-2-1!

(L) [Review of those present] Alright, so I guess we're gonna go to work here. We've got a lot to cover.

A: Hello. Epikniaea here of Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) Okay. As you know, we are very much interested in the situation on the planet. You kinda left us hanging last time. Peoples need answers! So, what questions...?

(Joe) In the last session, they said that soon things will become very chaotic and strange and that it would give many people chills. Was this situation that we're in now what they were talking about?

A: Partly. There are chills of different kinds.

Q: (L) So there can be chills that are caused because you're sick, and others that can be caused because you're freaked out! AAAAH! Next?

(Joe) So these aren't the chills then of the non-physical kind. These are the chills of the sick kind.

(L) Well, I guess sometimes you can get both at the same time.

(Chu) It could also be the planet chilling.

(L) Yup. Ice Age. Also, what happens if the planet gets the chills and starts shaking?

(Niall) And sneezing.

A: It is possible.

Q: (Joe) Is there any truth to the claim that the reason for the measures being imposed on Western nations is to prevent them getting infected all at once, or to avoid them infecting those who are weak or elderly as per the official mainstream narrative? They talk of “flattening the curve.”

A: No.

Q: (Pierre) So what is the agenda...

(Joe) Well, what reason then are the leaders of Western nations being given that is making them agree to shut down large parts of their countries?

A: There are several complexes of agendas in play, as well conflicts.

Q: (L) Well... We've got some questions from forum members, and maybe if I just kinda go through them it'll get things sorted out. Or do you have something really specific to ask?

(Pierre) I wanted to ask about, "several complex factors in play". It made me think that two factors were mentioned several times: the economic factor, and on the political level a way to increase the power of the authorities.

(L) Okay, so is one of these factors that it was seen that this was a good opportunity to reset the economy?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And they think that they're going to reset the economy and just put everything back together when they decide to?

A: Yes. Wishful thinking.

Q: (L) Is another factor to reinforce their power to be able to lock down, impose restrictions, control people... Is that another part of it?

A: Yes but that too will backfire due to exposure.

Q: (Pierre) About the financial markets or reset: They comment, "wishful thinking". So the idea is to burst the bubble now and then to regrow the markets and make a lot of profit down and up - both ways. Is it an allusion to the previous session where it was said that the next crash will be engineered in the beginning, but then an unexpected factor will enter in and the downward spiral will get out of control?

A: Possible, but the exposure factor will also enter in.

Q: (L) Okay, we've got many pages of questions here. I'm gonna try to get through some of them. This one person asks:

I think it would be important to get confirmation (or rebuttal) from the Cs, that over-consumption of Vitamin A (from retinol and beta-carotene containing foods) has negative health effect on large numbers of people and made them prone to get sick from coronavirus.

(L) Okay, this person is asking if this is one of the aspects?

A: Overconsumption of vitamin A is easily detected by yellow color and easily corrected and is not a significant factor.

Q: (L) Okay, moving along. Next question:

Has this whole situation/reaction/measures in so many countries been planned?

(L) In other words, I think they are asking was it all planned in advance?

A: No, but plans along similar lines were activated to take advantage of opportunity.

Q: (Joe) Was this at the level of the World Health Organization? Or... What body was involved in implementing these plans?

A: Secret consortium of which the WHO is just a tool.

Q: (L) Okay. Another person asks:

Where is the safest place for us to be during the existing and upcoming turmoil?

A: Any place is safe to the knowledgeable person. Do you have the energy and resources to change?

Q: (L) And I guess it also comes down to if you have knowledge and you're in a high-stress environment, you can be safe but it takes a lot of energy for that, too. If you would like to reduce your stress and energy expenditure or if you NEED to reduce them, then you should make changes?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Okay, so...

(Joe) The most obvious effect of these measures that they're putting in place is a kind of pseudo-totalitarian lock down essentially. Can we assume that that was one of the agendas: to impose those lock downs on people?

A: Yes, total control. But it was not necessarily envisioned as lock down in this way.

Q: (Joe) It kinda got beyond their...

(L) What changed their...

(Andromeda) Approach?

(Joe) "But it was not necessarily envisioned as lock down in this way."

(Pierre) How was it envisioned initially?

A: Control. But a special factor entered. We are aware of your earlier discussions and questions, so perhaps we can explain.

Q: (L) I think this is gonna be a long one... Okay, let me light a cigarette before this starts.

(Scottie) Do special arm stretches. We need squirty water bottles for you three.

(L) We need trainers to come put towels around us and spray us with water bottles. [laughter]

(Scottie) Jack your chairs up, replace the tires, and then... VROOM!

(L) Alright, here we go. We're ready!

A: The virus did not appear first in China. There were experiments at Fort Detrick regarding the creation of a vaccine that would make humans more controllable. This vaccine had unexpected effects and in some cases did the opposite of what was intended. The strain escaped into a population and further mutated. Indeed it was carried to China by US soldiers. China soon knew the type and origin and launched a massive campaign to control the situation. This was seen by Western powers as a good model to follow with additional add-on factors. In the meantime further mutations have occurred, some engineered via STO forces by virtue of the virus taking hold in certain persons whose spiritual force was able to direct the progression. At this point, there are two major strains. The elite need to stop the spread of that which they "created".

[The above answer took 12 minutes and 38 seconds with 2 short arm-resting breaks!]

Q: (L) So they need to stop that which they have created because in some cases, it does the opposite of what they wanted it to do?

A: Yes and this is the interesting factor: The virus can change DNA making individuals more susceptible to cosmic information of the STO variety. It can also enhance and activate long suppressed codons of a beneficial nature. So you can see why they are so desperate to halt the spread.

Q: (L) If they're so desperate to halt the spread, they’re not testing anyone! They're assuming everyone is infected... Well, I guess that's why they're locking everyone down. That's why it's a lock down.

(Andromeda) They really don't want people to spread it. They're really afraid.

(L) And it's not because people may die. People are not dying anywhere near the numbers that they die from regular flu. They have manipulated the system so that emergency rooms and ICUs are stacked with apparent CV patients, but that may not be so.

(Pierre) And lock down and quarantine are very effective methods to contain epidemics – witness the Black Death.

(Joe) The reason they're telling everyone it's deadly and imposing the lock down is to stop the spread of the virus because it has kind of positive effects. And they are attaching other agendas to it, including financial melt-down, money controls, and so forth.

(Gaby) But that means this virus has been out there in the world for awhile now...

(Andromeda) How long has it been circulating?

A: More than two years.

Q: (L) But it took awhile to mutate and do other things.

(Pierre) Did some people here have the virus?

A: Nearly all of you!

Q: (L) Did anybody NOT have the virus?

(Artemis) Remember last year when we all had fevers and aches?

(L) Was this what happened when Ark got sick in November?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) So it was last year when we were all sick I guess.

(Andromeda) Late October, early November.

(L) Who didn't have it?

(Artemis) I had it. I have cosmic energy, thank you! [laughter]

(Niall) I dunno if I had it.

(L) Well, you have to remember it's very mild for many people.

(Gaby) I was sick, but I dunno if it was that.

A: Not everyone will notice it.

Q: (Artemis) How come some people don't notice it then?

(L) Because it's very mild.

(Joe) They said nearly all of us. So at least one person didn't have it according to the C's. But which strain was it, the good one or the bad one? [laughter]

A: You can't divide it that way.

Q: (L) Are you suggesting that, depending on the individual, one strain could have the same effect as the other strain on another individual?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Did we induce positive mutations in the virus?

(L) You know what they're gonna say...

A: Wait and see!

Q: (Scottie) If everyone who has the virus ends up with white hair like Ark, then we'll know. [laughter]

(Artemis) Can animals be affected by it?

A: Yes

Q: (Andromeda) Is that what Noko has?

A: No

Q: (Andromeda) What does Noko have?

A: Inflammation due to mold.

Q: (Andromeda) It's an allergy. Poor little thing!

(L) Okay, so read back the last part of the earlier long answer to me. [Review of earlier answer]

(L) Okay, now I know what I was going to ask. Why is it that it is so deadly amongst old people? I mean, Ark almost didn't survive. My lungs still haven't cleared up completely. So, why is it so deadly to older people?

A: For those who choose to leave, it is not so "deadly".

Q: (L) So you're saying that it's a facilitator for groups of people who want to leave the planet now? "Deadly" is in the eye of the beholder.

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Are they inflating the numbers?

A: Yes a lot!

Q: (L) They're inflating the numbers of people who are dying from it, but not necessarily people who have it. Are they inflating the numbers of people who HAVE it?

A: No

Q: (L) But they are inflating the numbers of people who are dying because of it?

A: Yes

Q: (Chu) But they don't really know how many people have it.

A: Exactly!

Q: (L) Okay, so, they are guesstimating the numbers who have it and maybe more have it than they even suspect since it is so mild for some people... Now where are our questions?

(Joe) I have a question about the vaccine they created at Fort Detrick. How do you tinker or create a vaccine that would make humans more controllable? Is that through the virus or what's in the vaccine like adjuvants?

(L) It could be both, but I think they know what personality traits are linked to what DNA factors.

(Joe) They have enough detail to know that a virus can change DNA? Do they know that?

A: Of course!

Q: (Joe) In a way that would make people more easily controllable? That's pretty fine...

(L) They use viruses to go in and replace very specific segments of DNA to cure diseases. They can...

(Joe) But that's in very general terms: we want to make people more controllable. How are you gonna do that with a virus?

(L) Well if there are certain sets of genes that make people less controllable, they go in and they have the virus that'll cut 'em out. There are personality characteristics that people have that make them open to experience. Read your 23andMe analysis. You're open to experience, you're creative, you don't follow the crowd, or you like coffee. They know all that stuff.

(Artemis) And that's just what they share with the public. They probably know a LOT more.

(Pierre) One question about DNA: The fall and previous STO state, the flesh, burning DNA segments. Are we talking about re-activation of DNA segments...

(L) ...that we lost in the fall?

A: Some!

Q: (L) Okay, let me look at the questions...

This collective hysteria shows us that the point of contact with death transforms a bunch of people into little Nazis from the top of their watchtower ready to denounce their neighbour at the slightest deviation. So there's a double pressure. Fear of the virus, fear of others.

The question for the C's would be whether the promotion of the vaccination solution put forward is doomed to prevent certain signals from being able to activate certain genes? For this would risk broadening perceptions and thus raising awareness.

(L) And they were planning on doing exactly that, or something related, but we learn now that it backfired. So the question is: They are now working rapidly on a new vaccine that's supposed to counteract the screwup that they made. And they want to impose this new vaccine on everybody?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) Lemme guess: That one's gonna backfire too?

A: Likely. Hubris!

Q: [laughter] (L) However, the question has been asked: If people are forced to be vaccinated, and it seems that it's not a good idea - because obviously if they get a vaccine that the PTB really want to spread around, one they've tested and does what they want it to, we certainly don't want the vaccine they push on us - are there ways we can counteract this? There are going to be situations where people can't refuse a vaccine.

A: Yes. You have done the research!

Q: (L) So what research have we done about healing DNA? Um... Melatonin heals DNA.

(Niall) Dietary changes.

(L) Being in a proper dietary state if you have to get a vaccine is going to be beneficial and maybe it is for just this type of situation that we were so motivated to do health research and experiments for so long; it was preparation and we didn’t even know it.

(Artemis) Being in ketosis heals you.

(Gaby) Vitamin C.

(Niall) Detoxification.

(L) Detox would be NAC and other things...

(Andromeda) Infrared sauna.

(Chu) Constant knowledge input.

(L) Willpower even. And they just mentioned that there are certain people with spiritual force who were able to modify the virus by their own inner powers in a positive way. I would imagine that having inner force or inner spiritual power would all be beneficial. Are we on the right track?

A: Yes yes yes!

Q: (L) Okay.

[Short Intermission - Everyone goes out to the lobby to get a snack (while maintaining a 1.5m safe distance from each other)]

Q: (L) Okay, I had a thought. Is it possible that this virus can infect some people and make them worse, as in make them bad people?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Why is that?

A: It depends on the inner makeup.

Q: (L) So it really depends on what's inside the person as to what transpires after they've experienced the virus. Is that it?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So, the virus may enhance connections to Cosmic Information, but it depends on who you are, how that works out. That reminds me of the answer, given a long time ago: "It's not where you are, but who you are and what you see." I guess this thing is going to enhance "seeing" for some people? Next question from our list:

At this final stage that we are now, should we stand up to things that we don't agree with, jeopardizing ourselves and our love ones well-being, or should just give up fighting for this world and concentrate on this "internal light" only? In other words: does it make sense to risk ...(put here whatever horrible you can think about) just for the sake of rebellion in a world that is over anyway? Or should we rather tune into and maintain frequency of a pendulum that lights our light, making choices that are less painful in this last drama of our realm?

A: The second option is the better one. But one can continue to share truth in a careful way.

Q: (L) So sitting back and enjoying the show, to some extent, is the proper response. Nobody needs to get out there and make a target of themselves. Another question:

Are they going to haul out those soldiers from all eras in storage underground, since they wouldn’t have to arrive from the sky, but from under our feet?

(L) That was from an old session when they were talking about underground bases and so forth.

A: That is for fourth density, assuming they survive!

Q: (L) So in other words, there's a chance that all of those soldiers they've been creating and storing up could be wiped out, too?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Would that be by virus?

A: Some.

Q: (L) How about earth changes?

A: Some.

Q: (Pierre) Cometary impact?

(L) Well, that goes with earth changes.

A: Some.

Q: (L) Next question:

Is there an actual virus going round that makes people go crazy and think there is a respiratory virus?
Was some kind of ultra-new special beaming technology employed in the past 10 days (or something very shiny and special that they only bring out for 9/11 type events)?

(L) In other words, we'd like to know about the beaming...

A: Both beaming and 4D bleedthrough.

Q: (L) [Reviewing question list] Okay, that question has already been answered... Next:

Is it likely that this is just a headfake before we go back into "good times" for a bit longer, or does this mark the beginning of the acceleration down, down, down into famine, war, real plague and eventually the ice age etc.?

A: Some of those exciting possibilities may come into play.

Q: (L) That’s too cheerful! Okay, here's a question:

Something I am curious about - having read so many news stories recently is, what was revealed in these closed session government meetings that seems to have terrified these officials so badly? Or is it an act? One reference was an observation about Trump sounding like he had been crying before a public address while aides in the background looked terrified. Another reference regarding Boris Johnson claiming events as 'no big deal's before a meeting, then emerging turning completely around saying this is a huge deal and sweating.

A: Self-explanatory. See earlier explanation.

Q: (L) And I guess Trump was upset about it because I think he is a sincere guy even if he's a rough diamond, and...

(Joe) That means they were told?

(L) Probably they were taken into a meeting and told that this virus got out and it's going do things that are going to cause you lots of problems if you don't do things now.

(Joe) Were they told that?

(L) Is that what they were told?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) They were not told it was deadly. They were told it would cause social chaos. To keep their positions, they implemented total lock down.

(L) Yeah.

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) That conflicts with what Laura just said. You just said Trump is a good guy and stuff. So basically what they're saying is that Trump and Boris Johnson were told what the consortium is doing? That doesn't really make any sense. They're brought into...

(L) It probably upset Trump because he's a fairly decent guy. It probably scared Boris Johnson because he's a psychopath. Trump has no choice but to go along and constantly try to outmaneuver them.

(Joe) I just thought there would be a compartmentalization of information.

(L) Well, I guess they told them... They told them SOMETHING.

(Joe) Yeah, exactly. But I'm wondering what exactly.

(L) They must have told them this virus got out and it's a horrible thing and something really terrible is gonna happen. They may not have told them...

(Pierre) At this level of Johnson and Trump, were they told it's a dangerous virus that will kill people, or that it's gonna change the attitude of people create social chaos?

(L) Well, I don't see how they could tell them that it's a deadly virus that's gonna kill everybody because every one of these elites is capable of reading statistics. They wouldn't be doing what they're doing if they weren't intelligent enough to do that and see that it clearly isn't true.

(Joe) I dunno...

(L) I mean, Trump started out saying that's a hoax pandemic. And then he gets onboard.

(Joe) Maybe it was just along the lines of, "It's gonna get worse." That would keep him on board with the narrative that it's straight up bad and we want to protect the population. That seems more likely than telling them that they created it to control people and it got out of control...

(L) They could have told him it was genetic engineering by the Chinese. Any kind of narrative, but they told them something.

(Joe) Yeah, some kind of narrative. But it's important what they told them.

(Pierre) At the same time, you see the amplitude of the lock down. It suggests that the politicians are very much motivated, which suggests that the threat for them is that they lose their position. Most of them don't give a damn about...

(L) Remember what Łobaczewski wrote about the fear that psychopaths have about losing their positions because they're not able to go to work and get a job or do anything other than what they do? They're TERRIFIED of that. For them it's an existential problem.

(Pierre) It's worse than death for them.

(Joe) But that's not Trump, right?

(Andromeda) Or Putin. But he was very light on the whole thing. He wasn't extremist at all.

(L) And Trump is trying to push a therapy that will work and getting a lot of flak for it. Well, a lot of these questions here on our list kinda become irrelevant after the C's explanation already... Here's one:

Should one just passively accept the chip and wait out the NWO/4D STS invasion until it falls on its own sword?

A: Avoid if possible. And more twists and turns ahead!

Q: (L) So, if you are in a situation where you have to accept, you just do it and do all you can to counteract quietly, same as with vaccine. Um... Here's one:

What should one do with one's money in these "last days?"

(L) I can answer that: What we've always been saying you should do. Make sure you're stocked up and supplied. If you can get with a community, get with a community. If you can't, ya know... Hunker down in place. Okay, next question:

Is the sudden overt activation of all of these authoritarian followers the main offensive of the alien invasion, or is it going to get even more bizarre?

A: More bizarre!

Q: (L) And I guess we should remember what they said once before: Frequency Resonance Vibration. Some of these people are being prepared to be downloaded by 4D STS entities. Well...

(Pierre) We have a hint here about splitting reality. When we see the virus makes the bad guys worse and the good guys better.

(L) Yeah.

(Joe) How long is this lock down situation likely to last?

A: 2 months in some places. Longer or shorter other places.

Q: (Niall) That's a long time...

(L) Next question:

Is there actually a war between some circle of power/lobbies?

A: Yes

Q: (L) He says:

I ask because it's not normal for instance that Bloomberg started to minimize the fear with their recent article, or the attack from the former French health minister against the French government.

A: Not everyone is in on the truth.

Q: (L) So some people know more than others. The fact is that they're going to find out that they're going to have to reveal stuff to more and more people to get them in line, which means more and more possibilities of leaks. The more people that know, the more chances for leaks. If Bloomberg was going down, they'll have to go over and have a talk with them. Well... I think most of the remaining questions are kind of irrelevant now and I’m getting tired. What have ya'll got to ask? Anything else?

(Ark) I was recently interested in biofeedback machine that is supposed to monitor your brain waves and teach you how to achieve alpha state or delta state. I notice that these machines that were widely available 40 years ago disappeared from the market. Are they so beneficial that they were suppressed?

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) Should we get one?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Where do you get them?

(L) Have to find one.

(Ark) Impossible to find. But I'm sure they must exist but just secret. I mean, it's stupid! Now they are selling headsets which are supposed to monitor brain waves communicating with Bluetooth with your smartphone!

(L) That reminds me: Several people have talked about having hot flashes or waves of heat or sudden sharp pains and all kinds of weird sensations over the past few months. Is that because of the virus, or...?

A: 4D bleedthrough.

Q: (Joe) Hang on a minute. 4D bleedthrough is meant to be going around a corner and driving into Moscow!

(L) There are a LOT of effects of 4D bleedthrough.

(Joe) Well, that's what we want. Hot flashes doesn't do it, I'm sorry. I'm expecting a lot more than that. [laughter]

A: Expect more later. Things do take "time" in your realm.

Q: (L) So in other words, this may be a protracted process just like everything else?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) I have a question about viruses. Most of those mass extinctions happen because of cometary bombardments. The same cometary bombardments that end life, I think maybe they introduce new life through the viruses they carry. If you study mass extinctions, right after you have a boom of life…. dinosaurs disappeared, and then BOOM! Are viruses from comets the main driver of evolution?

A: Yes

Q: (L) I'm getting tired now.

(Artemis) Any other questions?

(Joe) How long is the lock down gonna last in France?

A: 2 months.

Q: (Andromeda) Is it gonna get worse?

A: Yes

Q: (Chu) Is it likely there will be food shortages, too?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Is it likely that there is going to be at some point a REAL plague or pandemic?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) In the next 2 months?

A: No

Q: (Andromeda) In the next 2 years?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Something like the Black Death would really do a number on the elite, wouldn't it?

(Chu) But it's likely that after this, people are going to think that everything is going back to normal and their systems will be very weak. And then the real deal hits.

A: No

Q: (Artemis) Are people being prepared to deal with the plague?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) SOME people!

(L) If there's nothing else... tired…

(Artemis) Do you have anything else to tell us? If not, then good night.

A: Goodbye.

Thank you so much, as always, for expending your energy on this during such a hectic time. A host of reassuring answers. Time to stock up on bacon, help others where possible if they are open, and watch the fireworks!
So the "explosive" dream I had, and I linked to a virus, in November can be the Cov virus. It was very mild but I had a running nose for at last 3 weeks and I was wondering when it will stop.
Today I've a cold. So I wonder if what I dreamed, was not simply the translation into pictures of the explosion of viruses.

Interpretation of dreams is not an easy thing.
_Bombing dream

Big thanks for the session!

I think this answer is a very important disambiguation point:
A: No, but plans along similar lines were activated to take advantage of opportunity.
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This uncanny fit will doubtlessly encourage conspiracy theorists: What are the odds that a random bat virus had exactly the right combination of traits to effectively infect human cells from the get-go, and then jump into an unsuspecting person? “Very low,”
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