Session 21 March 2020


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(Ark) I was recently interested in biofeedback machine that is supposed to monitor your brain waves and teach you how to achieve alpha state or delta state. I notice that these machines that were widely available 40 years ago disappeared from the market. Are they so beneficial that they were suppressed?
A: Yes
Q: (Ark) Should we get one?
A: Yes
Q: (Joe) Where do you get them?
(L) Have to find one.
(Ark) Impossible to find. But I'm sure they must exist but just secret. I mean, it's stupid! Now they are selling headsets which are supposed to monitor brain waves communicating with Bluetooth with your smartphone!
Do you have any names of these units @ark?
I considered the D.A.V.E. which does not monitor your brainwaves, but can through entrainment generate Alpha, Theta, etc brain activity. I think that perhaps with setting the intention, and also perhaps choosing a trigger word (similar to self-hypnosis) you could use the DAVE to create an alpha wave state for example, which you could learn to re-create with intention/trigger? D.A.V.E. uses flashing light(adjustable intensity) and sound to entrain to the desired state, through wired connections (no Bluetooth or WiFi). I even have a program that I can use to create specific entrainments of specific lengths, and have in the past used that in conjunction with listening to/doing the EE program.
Something else occurred to me, while doing a NeurOptimal session one can see which brainwaves are active using the Matrix Mirror. Through practise would it be possible to increase the Alpha, or Theta by visually using the Matric Mirror to provide feedback? It might not be something you have to work at, but it may take time and patience and relaxation. Especially relaxation to achieve alpha or theta or especially delta(sleepy head!)


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Thanks for this session! I am reassured in some ways, but to know that we will have a real plague in the next two years... I feel sad but lucky at the same to know this, for I will endeavour to be the best I can be with my family and friends and everybody else.. I might lose some of them soon.


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(L) And they were planning on doing exactly that, or something related, but we learn now that it backfired. So the question is: They are now working rapidly on a new vaccine that's supposed to counteract the screwup that they made. And they want to impose this new vaccine on everybody?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) Lemme guess: That one's gonna backfire too?

A: Likely. Hubris!

Q: [laughter] (L) However, the question has been asked: If people are forced to be vaccinated, and it seems that it's not a good idea - because obviously if they get a vaccine that the PTB really want to spread around, one they've tested and does what they want it to, we certainly don't want the vaccine they push on us - are there ways we can counteract this? There are going to be situations where people can't refuse a vaccine.

A: Yes. You have done the research!

Q: (L) So what research have we done about healing DNA? Um... Melatonin heals DNA.

(Niall) Dietary changes.

(L) Being in a proper dietary state if you have to get a vaccine is going to be beneficial and maybe it is for just this type of situation that we were so motivated to do health research and experiments for so long; it was preparation and we didn’t even know it.

(Artemis) Being in ketosis heals you.

(Gaby) Vitamin C.

(Niall) Detoxification.

(L) Detox would be NAC and other things...

(Andromeda) Infrared sauna.

(Chu) Constant knowledge input.

(L) Willpower even. And they just mentioned that there are certain people with spiritual force who were able to modify the virus by their own inner powers in a positive way. I would imagine that having inner force or inner spiritual power would all be beneficial. Are we on the right track?

A: Yes yes yes!

Q: (L) Okay.

With that in mind, do you think it would be a good idea to create maybe a sticky thread on the subject of limiting the deleterious effects of vaccines with all the relevant information/research/advice? For ease of access/reference? Or is that unnecessary?


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So it has been circulating but is it another virus that the US soldiers brought to China ? Or is it the same ? Was China unaware of this virus before, if it was already circulating ?
Wooho, I'm in loop here! So maybe... China knew about the US plans and the virus, at first wanted to keep the mouth shut, but the chinese doctor revealed it and China had to change plans... or China was the excuse to finally contain the spread of the virus? (+other options) :umm:

Wonder if northern Italy had simply so many elderly willing to check out soon, or a 'bad' population full of vaccines or any sort of soul/mental/physical inclinations as to activate the bad side effects of the virus than the rest of Italy?

They talk also about an STO hand to engineer the virus as if something do activate in the Universe when bad people go too far on the evil side? It just feels so protective and caring.

Thanks for the session!!!:hug2:


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Thank you, we will have to read it several times for this is so explosive in our minds. (Mines?) Wow... Changes have begun this year at many levels between body, mind and spirit, this is such a wonderful time! March forth... Merci du coeur!


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Thank you for an amazing session. Even though there are still tough times ahead, it's rather amusing their plans are not going to plan. They are in panic mode and thus will make more mistakes. Bring on the 'exposure'.
Thank you again, big hugs to you all :hug:

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How you managed to ask all those questions without anticipation is amazing.. Thank you all so much for providing this lighthouse.

As I am sure I've not had the virus I'll have to get out and about and try a contract it. I don't want to be left behind.!!!! To be told that anywhere is safe if you practice awareness and prepare correctly by adjusting to changing circumstances is the ultimate information for me at the moment.

I'll have to re-read, of course, many times for the rest to sink in.


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Yay. It is really going to be excited. When I was reading session I got the impression that "Yeah we are in time where there can be no tommorow". From the point of view of work on the self. There is no anything new. We have to be more and more closer to be STO, remember about respect of free will of others and what is the MOST IMPORTANT use the upcoming time as the MOTIVATION to be real ones.

To leave all those things with lesser importance and keep very stick to higher IDEAS like STO way of being and use all these critical events as pressure on self, challenges and get out of that situations as stronger man, wider crystalized on the STO foundaments.

Sometimes It can goes unexpected and not necessary end in keeping self inside the body.

Anyway.... Whatever will happen.

"- Ne mai vedem [See you again]
- Desigur. [Of course.]"


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Thanks so much to everyone involved in the sharing of this session, particularly as it was done in such a fast manner!! The work and effort that is put into this is just amazing and needs to be appreciated and rewarded accordingly by everyone privileged enough to be able to benefit from it. That is something we all know intrinsically but it's good to be reminded of it from time to time. We are all in this together! :hug2:

Thanks also for the good laughs so beautifully integrated into the flow of the session. :-D It feels great to be able to have a short laugh in betwdeen of all these jaw dropping and awe inspiring insights being shared with us by ourselves in the future!

The mention that the virus has been circulating for the past 2 years now, brings to mind that I fell seriously I'll during the Christmas before the last one by what I thought was a really bad case of the flu. I was out completely for at least 3 or 4 days which for me is very very untypical as I'm very seldom sick, in fact, I can't even remember the last time I was even close as sick as during that one time. It could have been the virus or not but in any case, it's worth making a mental note of that for me. Thought that that was perhaps worth sharing and thanks again for the session!


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A big thank you to the Chateau Crew for sharing this session so fast and for asking all the pertinent questions including those from the Forum members. I hope we all will weather the time of lockdown and beyond, the situation appears like a modern version of the trials in the Odyssey.


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Big thanks for the session everyone!!

I guess "Hope for the best, plan for the worst, and take what we get" is ever more important now.

I have started noticing a lot of the people around me who think they had the virus already around November to January time are people saying to me they think all this is overblown. I'll have to start asking the ones who think this is necessary if they think they had it or not.

One thing's for sure, things look to be getting crazier by the day at the minute.


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I had the same thought, I've been really sick a couple of times in the last 2 years. I've never had a dry cough but I've had flu-like symptoms once or twice. After one of the illnesses I went through a period of time where I was totally exhausted and sleeping 10-12 hours a day for about a month before I got my energy back.

The main question I have is: if its been "out in the wild" for the past ~2 years, why would the PTB be trying to stop the spread now? Did a recent mutation make it more infectious? Or some other change that is making the PTB feel they need to lock things down now? Maybe the Chinese response and ensuing panic in western countries is forcing their hand?

I had that dry cough when I think I had it in November. That's the clincher for me; I have never had an irritating dry cough before where I want to cough constantly but no phlegm ever comes up.

The PTB want to stop the spread because for some people it changes their DNA so that they can become more STO i.e. for those of an STO alignment, they can more easily access STO cosmic information after becoming infected by the virus. When you get the chance I suggest you re-read the session, if you can, as it is fascinating and is spelt out nicely.
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