Session 21 March 2020

Very much appreciated! Many thanks for this session. It felt like seeing sun after several raining and cloudy days. :)

I have a question, how may one avoid chip? If it comes via the Law, what I can possibly do to try to avoid it?
WIth vaccine I guess is a little bit easier, as someone mentioned before: heavy detox, vitamine C and minerals intake for month and more.. and of course inner light!
I understood this answer the way you did. During the 2 months of lock down in France there will be food shortage. It doesn't mean necessarily 2 months of food shortage. Maybe a few days, maybe a few weeks.
I don't understand why there would be a food shortage now, even for a few days. There could only be one in the event of an economic crash, pushing people in droves to buy food in supermarkets. But maybe I'm wrong.
Edit : maybe a truck drivers strike.
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I don't understand why there would be a food shortage now, even for a few days. There could only be one in the event of an economic crash, pushing people in droves to buy food in supermarkets. But maybe I'm wrong.

The problem is not only the people who buys buys buys and buys, but these restrictions hits a lot of intermediaries, if not the producers themselves.
Thank you each and all in France for the energy of connecting for this session as it may have indeed helped many sort out their lingering questions. Of course there is, and this is, a lot to take in, so folks here can keep connected - more to come, as this has everything to do with riding the wave and reading and sharing from everyone helps.

Also, for those who many not have caught this article/video (written prior the this session), check out SOTT's Juliana Barembuem's Coronavirus: Language as a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Thank you very much for the new session! It's a much needed dose of sanity, along with the coronavirus thread! I live in California and family members have been going nuts over this NothingBurger. They were self-isolating for at least a week before the "lockdown" was declared, and scaring my grandma to not leave the house. They won't even visit her because they're afraid of catching/spreading the virus. Just ridiculous. We've both been fine, but with everyone else (family and the public) going nuts, we've had to stay at home. I guess I'll just keep sitting back and enjoying the show. Maybe if I go outside and do some gardening, I'll get some coronavirus if I haven't had it yet.
In Mexico had been happening the same, people self-isolating before any declarations or forced ones, I had been talking/sharing from different angles, not so deadly, economic melt down in process and afterwards and, it's been useless they kept saying the same propaganda from the media, with the moral plus. "stay at home, be responsable" "stay home, it's not a vacation", Mexicans from abroad suggesting that those here follow the recommendations of the countries where they are already in quarantine, "unless it will be too late and many will die". So far the President had not send the whole country to lock down although, at some states governors had done so (Jalisco, Sonora), not mandatory, as an invitation/suggestion, to which much of the people had been doing willingly. Low income people do not so easily or do not, people who live day by day had not the luxury to do that.

And, it has also become a political tug-of-war, those who are against the president are demanding quarantine and draconian measures, It's been ... curious? how the Mexican right wing (political and media) agrees/get along with the U.S. Democrats. As when it happend with the women's strike, the right wing became feminist.:shock::umm:
It had been beyond weird.

In times of crisis, a president must calm and comfort, show the way with a firm hand, and provide a beacon of hope to the American people. Donald Trump is incapable of doing that. (@JoeBiden

Had other comments in mind but, need to read again the session. Thanks for your effort, it was really interesting.
I think I had the virus last November when you did. It was the worst virus I had had since I was a child. I remember thinking at the time that I would be at peace with moving on if it came to it. However, I am still here, obviously! I think I thought that that would be selfish of me and that I would be better served by sticking around to help in what way I could. Perhaps there's hope for me after all! :whistle:

Same here. I don‘t know anymore when exactly it was but I also had the worst flu like sickness since childhood around January or earlier. It was pretty intense and I‘m used to just go on and stuff away most sicknesses. This one laid me flat. I also had two additional a bit out of the ordinary flu like sicknesses after that in terms of severity. So all in all three out of the ordinary sicknesses of that sort this season which is pretty unusual for me.
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That's incredible !
Thanks for this to all the team.

One of the topic that will be shortly discussed is "What kind of speech can we share to our relatives ? Of course, it'll be variable. Can roughly separate the "ones to avoid" and the "ones which are open", and in the second case, open up to ? Evaluate & adapt.
Sure some will answer "you should write sci-fi books" :lol:

About ... bio/neuro feedback, is this tools like this one ? :

FWIW about this Etioscan tool :
My local energy healer who trained to many techniques, bought it 2y ago, and as we befriend, we regularly exchange, and he wrote me the following in a mail end of January 2020 :
Je maîtrise bien l'Etioscan maintenant. Plus de 2 ans d'expérience. Début 2020 j'ai déprogrammé 2 fois une pneumonie chez mon beau-père de 96 ans en 48 hrs alors qu'il était rentré aux urgences. Eliminé des problèmes cardiaques et corronaires en 8 jrs. C'est assez puissant.

I'm well-versed in Etioscan now. More than 2 years of experience. At the beginning of 2020 I deprogrammed twice a pneumonia in my 96 year old father-in-law in 48 hours when he went to the emergency room. Eliminated heart and coronary problems in 8 days. That's pretty powerful.

About this testimony, he told me more recently by phone that his father-in-law is actully in good health and able to walk around and he does it, which is remarkable.
If this kind of device may interrest someone, for sure René (his name is René) will be happy to help, answer questions and so on.
What type of device Ark wanted to discuss ? Does it have to do with "mind machines" or brain entrainment (BWE) ? I think he could look at the work of Thomas Budzinski who has done a lot of work with biofeedback and neurofeedback. I'm sure he could find the name of the device ! I'm working with brain entrainement to treat mental illness, I'd be happy to help him if he'd like !
I'm glad you're looking better !
when I google biofeedback machine here in Germany I get a lot of results. pricey though, but there are several sellers. Is that not what you are looking for?
The problem is not only the people who buys buys buys and buys, but these restrictions hits a lot of intermediaries, if not the producers themselves.
yes. that is it. and it will show us how dependent our economy is on that global network that doesn't work anymore. The whole economic crisis that will develope will tell a lot about how unstable the whole thing of global economy was already for a long time. but this virus blow now gets everything shaking and falling apart. To think locally in all possible ways - if you are a business owner now - is a good advice I think.
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