Session 21 March 2020

Vice versa; for someone whose soul wishes to use the opportunity to move on to 5D then it is an opportune time to do so. 'Deadly' only applies to those who are afraid of dying or not wanting to die at that point.

Exactly. I expect there are a LOT of people who don't want to hang around and might be wanting to get ready for a new and better incarnation.
Thank You Thank You Thank You!
What an amazing session!
Very deep inside I hoped that this virus situation has to do with the interference of the STO forces. But there was a lot of uncertainty and media bombardment that made the air dusty.
This session cleared the air:-) And you guys made me laugh so hard when you were preparing for the big response from the Cs:lol:
Laura and the team, thank you very much for everything, I am so grateful for the work you are doing and sharing it with all of us!

It is so funny, that I got a pink eye on my birthday (NEVER had it before, and it is thought to be a symptom of the coronavirus), and also my family made me blow a candle in a shape of a 0 (zero). And I thought to myself at that moment that this is the time of reset and a new beginning :-) Probably it was, since I believe I got the virus at that time and I do feel that it brought positive changes to me :-)
Exactly. I expect there are a LOT of people who don't want to hang around and might be wanting to get ready for a new and better incarnation.

I think I had the virus last November when you did. It was the worst virus I had had since I was a child. I remember thinking at the time that I would be at peace with moving on if it came to it. However, I am still here, obviously! I think I thought that that would be selfish of me and that I would be better served by sticking around to help in what way I could. Perhaps there's hope for me after all! :whistle:
What I found excellent that many of revealed information some of you guys already point out like a possible answer in the thread of coronavirus:

  • Reset of economy which will not happen because wishful thinking.
  • Another factor for lock down, restrictions and total control people.
  • All thing was planned.
  • The virus didn't appear first in China.
  • Fort Detrick creation of vaccine.
  • Carried to China by US soldiers.
That's shows, IMO, that you already thinking like future You;-D and that's amazing.

The rest of information is mind blowing for me and I'm still in state of positive shock.

Asked questions were great and I think that was very good idea to give others to ask important questions.

Thank you guys and especially to Laura which have to endure so much so can we all get desired answers.
Thanks Laura for getting this session up so quickly.:-) Things are becoming very real now, so much theoretical thinking in the past but now is where things are really ramping up. I think a lot of people are going to be checking out in the months to come.

It's staggering to learn that this thing has been swirling around for two years. I was very ill in January with what I thought was a very bad cold, but now I'm wondering if it was something more.

I think I'm going to read this session again now, loads to understand in this one. Thanks again!
What is exactly meant by exposure? Perhaps I am being dense, but the word was mentioned a few times in the session and I am not sure that I understand. Does it refer to people being exposed to information about the PTB's future plans for control and domination, and because of that, there will be resistance to more draconian measures?

I think they meant simply that the PTB's nefarious deeds will be exposed in various ways.

Is this referring to internal energy and resources - the energy to continue gaining knowledge, attempting to see reality objectively, applying knowledge already gained, building willpower, maintaining physical health/psychic hygeine etc?

Or were they talking about physical energy and resources? Or both?

Both, I reckon!
Thank you for this session! I think it would be very helpfull :-) May I ask about device which Ark would like to get? If it's about brain activity maybe we could find simply solution to made it with Arduino? (sorry if this solution is so simple that everyone could know about it :-D )
Thank you so much for such an incredible session! Packed with very useful information and much hope. It appears that the psychopaths have been busy but as they are bound to do, really messed up on several fronts. Guess they really don’t look out for unintended consequences! I believe we had a lot of 4D STO help lately as the PTB rushed their plans and kafooey!
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