SOTT monthly Earth Changes Summary video suggestions

Current situation in Pohang related to Typhoon Hinnamno.
Now the typhoon has passed and there is a lot of rain, but the wind strength is still strong.
The place in the video is Jeongmongju-ro, Ocheon-eup, Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

Due to the influence of Typhoon Hinnamno
isolated in the western reservoir of Jeju
A cow was rescued after a local complaint.
The explanation that is commented in the note, seems feasible to me: "However, what caused the opening of the beach were the water currents that returned to the sea, after the rains caused by hurricane Kay".

I am impressed by the size with respect to people, it happened in a very but very sparsely populated place, another story would have been on crowded beaches such as constructions.

14 September, according to below FB post.

A huge crack opened up on the beach in the Gulf of Santa Clara🏖️; some already got their theories out and others are scared, but what really happened? 😨

Another one near? Within Santa Clara Gulf at Sonora, Mexico. It has another surroundings, at the other images, there are not trees nor houses and, it has the date of September 10th.



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