Session 4 July 2020

I was thinking the other day about such people and the term 'conspiracy theorist', in particular 'CRAZY conspiracy theorist'. For many years, much of the information we've been presenting to people has been labeled 'crazy'. It struck me that the reason it is seen that way is that, for those people, it IS crazy. Whether or not it is true is besides the point.

Such people are like children (albeit some with prodigious intellects), and they quickly intuit what the implications for them of what we are saying. The implications of any 'crazy conspiracy theory' for such people are, essentially, that we live in a world where the authorities are corrupt and not only do not care about their wards (the people) but are actively attempting to harm them in one way or another.

The rational response to this (if it were assumed to be true) is for the people to ditch their reliance on authorities and assume responsibility for their own lives, the lives of others and the world around them, to take responsibility for the 'big stuff' that the authorities are supposedly responsible for.

The problem is that many people are fundamentally UNABLE to do this, and to ask them to do so (in the form of asking them to accept, or at least consider, an alternative view of the nature and intentions of the authorities of this world) is the same as asking a 5 year old child to ditch its abusive parents and go out in the world on its own, get a car, a job and start paying the bills. To the child, that suggestion is literally crazy because the child IS literally unable to do it.

This helps me to understand why so many people react with such derision and anger to 'conspiracy theories'. They know the implications of the theory for them, but that awareness is mostly unconscious, and they are therefore unable to be honest with themselves about it. This is the reason, IMO, that many people attack such theories in a dismissive way, not really knowing why they are doing so, although those with more developed intellects will make extra effort to marshal an apparently convincing rebuttal to the theory. This also suggests that those that go after conspiracy theories in a particularly energetic way are likely to be those MOST unable to live without a temporal authority in their lives.

Ultimately, the motivation of all such people is self-preservation, and has nothing to do with an open and objective assessment of the facts and where they lead. So there's little wonder that the debate on issues like these is usually so fractious and divided between 'us and them'. For both sides, it's personal. For one side, its about NEEDING to refuse or refute certain uncomfortable facts in order to maintain their childish world view. For the other side, its about NEEDING to know the Truth because the Truth is perceived as being essential to maintain order in their personal lives and the wider world.

Wow. That was beautiful.

We forget how much effort it takes, how much learning and overcoming of fear is required to grapple with the big ugly world.

Speaking of cars... Mine completely crapped out a while ago and everybody I knew reached out to offer their emotional support. -Which seems odd in retrospect, (it's just a car. They don't run forever.), but I understood why! I felt a choice, like I could become depressed and sad and anxious because I'd have to venture into the unknown to find a replacement, and where do you even start? I remember the moment where I activated some of the life-coping techniques I'd learned here and from other resources to shrug off the worry and just get on with the job, and even have fun with it. (The result was very positive.)

But that relatively minor challenge, a deliberate shift in perception and attitude, took basically 25 years of training.

What do you do when the problem is much much bigger? (Your drinking water is spiked with poison! Really, it is! Your phone is melting your brain! Honestly! Your doctor is wrong about.., just everything! etc. -Not to mention monsters and scary murals and UFOs and all that stuff.)

It's easy to forget how frightening and unmanageable things were back in the beginning. It's tough without the right programming from a young age.

I remember my father when I was a little boy. For some reason which I never understood at the time, when I'd say, "I wish that..." he would frown at me and say, "Never say that. Never wish."

Gosh! I was lucky to have such a great guy looking out for me. Thanks, Dad!
Thanks to Laura and the support group at the chateau for this session of support in chaotic times. The comments are full of more awareness it seems to me.

@lillies I think there are "rules" that may or may not be comforting to us depending on how we look at our environment. I think those who stand out probably are in greater danger but everyday life has it's own dangers. I suppose we are becoming more aware of the importance of strategic enclosure now for while at least.

The Cs have said "nobody is a nobody" and there are always risks and dangers to watch out for. The following is a case where an unexpected death prompts some thoughtful questions and answers:

Session 30 August 2009:

Many of the comments seem to be saying that we need to resist spreading ourselves to thin and directing our energies to positive activities that also support others who are struggling to survive in this ever-increasing turmoil so we at least do not "agitate" or make it any worse than it already is. That is the way I am feeling these days too. Hopefully, we can help each other to let go of "distracting mental burden".
Thank you Goyacobol for a timely message. I recently had 3 severe accidents in 10 months time--any one of which could have killed me but didn't. In all 3 cases I was DISTRACTED, moving through 3D reality on autopilot. I am grateful to still be here, (most of the time) and now make it a daily mantra to "Expect attack." "Know the method" (distraction). "Take counter measures" (maintain situational awareness).
Your reference to Victoria's passing is a timely reminder that while Dark Forces may always be ready to do us harm, they often can count on our own weak and careless ways to do the job for them.

I remember Victoria's sudden death. She had recently become a bigger voice on the Forum; one that more members were paying attention to and listening to what she had to say. Her energy was of kindness, as far as I could tell, and I saw her as a positive force. But I think, whether she intended to or not, she became a much bigger and more powerful influence on the Forum after she died. I remember Victoria/Pepperfritz's death as a major turning point for the Forum members. We were stunned and deeply saddened and suddenly our other Forum people were no longer faceless names in an internet void, but we were a family who just lost a member who we cared about deeply. Her death appeared to galvanize us emotionally and we became more caring and cohesive toward one another. It seemed to energize a period of growth and change for those of us left behind and I believe it was a major step in the positive growth and change that has made the Forum/Fellowship what it is today.
Thanks a lot for this session!

It's indeed a weird feeling lately. I've been feeling this disconnection from the world as well lately. Not in a way that I remain ignorant about the events unfolding at this moment in time, but that I don't belong to the whole show anymore. I feel like an alien in my own world. Then the people around me are split between not believing their lies anymore and those enforcing them in an emotional and fearful way.

At least in my country (Argentina), the authorities are applying fines and jail time to those who don't obey. Matter of keeping the mask up here (pun intended), you wear your mouth covering crap when entering a multitude of people or just whenever you don't want to cause them a negative reaction. Keeping the noise down, not antagonizing. It's part of protecting ourselves in a way imho. This doesn't mean I'll put my health as risk, as I remove my mask most of my time because I'm not a fan of breathing my own carbon dioxide. I also avoided going to the doctor when I got a nasty flu the last week: Breathing issues, coughing, mild fever, chills, sneezing like crazy, feeling my body heavy, horrible headaches. Hospitals here are mis-labeling the patients' cases to inflate the COVID-19 numbers, and I didn't want to take part of it. I'm now recovered, thankfully.

All in all, like it's been said years ago, it's time to grab the popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show. We can't do anything about it but to protect ourselves. Like suggested by the crew, focus on exploring our enhanced emotions in a creative way. I may go back to drawing, it's been literal years!

Now the heart attack inducing satellites. Who's the organization in charge of such project by whom's supervision? It's a scary thing to imagine, and they can create fake turmoils by eliminating what they consider "bad" apples.

Noticed that C's were speaking in past tense too. Kind of alarmed me. Is this it? the end? mission accomplished?


I am glad Laura has finished a 10 years project of writing a new book but I doubt that "the job ends there" for Laura or for that matter any of us. You know Ark and Laura are a team too. I would think Laura is needed for many other projects ahead. And she might even need to make breakfast for Ark sometimes while he is working on all those mathematical formulas.

Session 3 July 1999:
Q: (A) My first question is: has there been a change in the time schedule in the coming of the comet cluster and 'twin sun?'

A: There is no "schedule," as such.

Q: (A) There is no schedule, but there was uncertainty concerning the disasters that are coming...

A: Disasters?!?

Q: (A) Yes, disasters... these comets will come and some of them are supposed to cause a pole shift and this is certainly a disaster...

A: Whoa! Wait a minute, Arkadiusz! All is according to perspective! Let us not be subjective. If one transits to 4th density in the midst of said "disaster," then how disastrous is this!?! And, how does one suppose to know the "schedule," when it is up in the air, so to speak?

Q: (A) So, it is not going to be a disaster for some - those who transit to 4th density. I understand.

A: And for those who transit to 5th density, it will not be so bad either. Sort of like, "sit back and enjoy the show."

Q: (L) Well, you once told me to 'sit back and enjoy the show.' Does that mean I am going to 5th density soon?

A: Soon? Later? What is the difference? You were prescreeened before entrance into your present container.

Q: (A) What do you mean by 'prescreened?'

A: You saw a preview, and you volunteered.

Q: Well, I was under the impression from things you have said that we have some sort of mission here...

A: Yes, and...

Q: (L) Does that mean checking into 5th density in the middle of all this?

A: You think the job ends there?

Q: (L) I don't know... you come into a body with a plan...

A: We know, you thought you were guaranteed so many "years."

Q: (L) No. You can always screw up and make the wrong choice and check out on any day...

A: Yes.

Q: (A) I was going to ask a question about this mission, because the time is passing, and, as far as I see...

A: Time does not pass, as such.

Q: (A) Days are passing. Days on the calendar, and we are not accomplishing...

A: Nonsense!!!!! You have made enormous accomplishments, so far.

Q: (A) What are these accomplishments, for instance?

A: Where were you in 1996?

Q: (A) You mean geographically?

A: No, we mean in all terms. Well... ?

Q (A) The question is: what is the mission? I am spending most of my time programming, and it takes more and more of my time and I have no time for research. I am not as desperate as I was before, but...

A: Do not worry! And you did not verbalise the answer to our question.

Q: (A) In 1996... well, I was hoping that I would gain some more knowledge because the rate at which I was gaining this knowledge was very slow according to my criteria.

A: Ahh! Your criteris are not really that limited. Or at least they should not be. Remember, Arkadiusz, successful research involves discovery on more realms than just graphs, charts and theses. The rhythm of the soul must be in harmony before one's hypotheses can even begin to mesh with accomplishments.

Q: (L) If I can interject, does this mean that all that he is doing now, even if it seems as though he is not pressing forward in direct research, is a balancing period, or a gestation period?

A: How about foundation building? Was not Ark sinking in quicksand before?

Q: (A) We communicate with many other people via the internet and the question is: where are the STO people who know more than we know? We look for somebody who can teach us something and we never seem to be able to do it. What are we doing wrong?

A: Maybe you should more the teacher than the student be.

I am glad Laura has finished a 10 years project of writing a new book but I doubt that "the job ends there" for Laura or for that matter any of us. You know Ark and Laura are a team too. I would think Laura is needed for many other projects ahead. And she might even need to make breakfast for Ark sometimes while he is working on all those mathematical formulas.

Session 3 July 1999:
Exactly, I have learnt a lot from Laura and C's and Ark also, however in certain another way, by observing his Polish blog and his attitude, the way of communicating with others and powerful intellect in reasoning in more regular subject, not only Physics is in the world.

Yeah, the book will be powerful I expect.
A beautiful session. And thank you all for your clarity and kindness. It is a beautiful time to be alive.

Regarding the singing, I was intrigued by 4D STO tuning in, so to speak!

And on that note, I wonder what you guys might think about researching Gregorian chants further considering this session from 2018

I'd also be interested tuning in to some Gregorian chants - though I have a question about the standard fodder on YouTube. I don't know who the singers are, and more to the point, what they are 'singing into the world'.

@John G - what is the name, sense, and significance of your profile picture? With all of the postings on this thread about geometry, your picture caught my eye. I'd be curious to know more about it. Keep in mind I am no mathemagician, and so anything for a layman would be awesome.

What, if any, countermeasures are there for this? (Would something like silk or a "Q-Link" pendant work? (Is there anything at all that would preventatively work?))

Keep a good heart. The C's have said we're often limited by 3D materialist thinking, and seek material answers. To my eye, this is good, though - it's applying the Knowledge that we are gathering here. But there's something more than these material defences, as others have pointed out. It has to do with how you live, and as Laura said in the session, what you focus on in your life, how you greet each day. Each decision we make to do the Work, to self-observe, and clean our machine will (1) internally ground an STO FRV and (2) send and external signal (or sing a song) to the universe. So, putting it all together, if we focus on the Beauty and the Love, and sing out the best song we can, we won't get zapped by an evil satellite laser. You can still wear a 'tin foil hat' - so long as you keep up the Faith of Jesus.

Ha! I just pictured that last paragraph posted on social media. Awesome.
Thank you all for the session. And particularly for the post session discussion. When C's said the other day: "We can retire now", it looks more like they have actually settled in. Reading the Château talk following the transmission feels like you are already being in sync with Them, All One. The unimaginable future is here and we are riding the Wave with you, Magicians!
DCM bless you and this experiment :wizard: :flowers:
@John G - what is the name, sense, and significance of your profile picture? With all of the postings on this thread about geometry, your picture caught my eye. I'd be curious to know more about it. Keep in mind I am no mathemagician, and so anything for a layman would be awesome.
That is a cuboctahedron, a hexagon sandwiched in between two triangles. It's plotted using three MBTI personality axes (SN, JP, and TF) and also labeled with Enneagram personality model numbers. The quadrant names come from a Canadian organizational behavior model. The cuboctahedron also happens to be the root lattice polyhedron for Ark's O(6) conformal gravity. Ark though would have 4 (outer) spacetime and 2 (internal) Kaluza-Klein dimensions while my plot is 3 outward (STP) and 3 inward (NFJ). If I did a 4 and 2 for the MBTI, it would be like a knowledge to use instead of inward to outward thing.
Krishna teaches Arjuna how to know what to do when faced with conflicting duties. The double bind. The tool of tyrants. The C's session was a dunk in cold water. I see it now.

I believe we have been beaten in the first moves of the games -- badly. So many on this forum (I'd say 90-99% percent), are very well versed in the manipulation of the public, and so many of us were fooled into thinking this was about a pandemic. We were too slow to realize the long game. We made a very bad move thinking this was just a skirmish in the typical war of the human moron vs reality. It's not. The Big Players are involved. And they set us up. They slaughtered us in round one with the masks and the "idiot" label while they planned like the snakes that they are.

My Bhagavad Gita move is to lay off the masks protest and the COVID hoax stuff just like the last C's transcript suggested. There are big moves at play now. They tricked and tripped us up hard. We need to think hard about the coming vaccine wars, think hard about how well they are playing this game. The whole mask thing is a brilliant gambit to make us look like idiots in the eyes of the public, so when it comes to the vaccines, they'll just say -- "same old idiots with the masks". Think, Arjuna, think. The global "health profession" is making deeper moves here is a cosmic game afoot. We, like Arujna, do not want to admit we need to cut something out that we are committed to as right, just and dutiful. There is a conflicting duty right now -- we see the falsity of COVID and masks, but that is the small game. The trick game. The health game is a dangerous and effective zone of the cowardly mind. Play wrongly and lose.

Know that attacking weakly only strengthens the opposition, please (re)read "Influence" by Robert Cialdini, especially the section on trying to debunk TM at a meeting. Small, weak criticism doesn't persuade in the direction you think it does. The moves by the snakes are being played well. Our moves amateurishly, stupidly. The C's had to intervene. Think, Arjuna, think.

All the "woke" Gurdjieffians on this board are being sung back to sleep. We are being mastered by the many I's of the double-binds. Admit the defeat of round one, Arjuna. Admit the conflict of duty and truth. Know the double-bind trap that has been set on many fronts. Duty and truth have been splintered and your desire to fix it on this plane as you did in the past are not going to work. Your obviousness is being used against you. The dharma may mean the passing of regimes, the US may end, Europe may end. I cannot say. The game we play is beyond that, detachment. Those who wish to live as slaves my get their slave-state. They have their own karma to repeat a thousand times.

What a strange post wmu9! IMHO you are stuck in 3D good vs evil warfare and are trying to be a master that needs to teach us how to fight the Evil Empire. We are not warriors of the light forces that need to marshal to the cause and start pushing back against the advancements of the darkness. We are warriors of our internal struggle against our own demons that are raging against the calm consciousness of the awakened awareness of divinity. The externals that are currently playing out have the look and feel of total failure of the good guys but the end of cycles has to reveal what the dark lords are all about. They have to play their hand to the very last card.

Been beaten in games? You mean games designed by the PTB that are only meant for them to win? I'm sorry but does anyone on here really expect to beat 4d at this moment? (Unless you are secretly a 4/5/6d or whatever and you are admitting a loss?) I was never playing a game so I'm not sure to what you are referring to.

RevChristoph nailed it more succinctly.

There is nothing to fix there is only awareness and alignment. When the high energy wave hits the low energy 3D matrix the unaware and misaligned will be sent back to square one to relearn how to be divine. Those who are most aware and aligned to the high energy will be amazed at the sudden external changes but will hardly notice any internal disturbance. And those who are less aware and aligned will have to endure physical discomfort or even death before moving on to 4D.

The future is not about a 3D new age of peace and understanding so being entangled in 3D political-war-games is pointless. The worst thing that can happen to us is to be stuck in 3D after the wave has moved on. Being entangled in these war-games guarantees it. IMHO
Nobody is immune against operating purely in the physical realm, just avoiding pain, unable to see certain things. But it helps if our goal is Truth, growth and learning - as opposed to mere comfort on the material plane. Then, eventually, our whole perception changes, which basically means the reality we live in changes.
This is the crux of the whole thing the Cs have been trying to hammer home into our brains- do I do this all the time? No, absolutely not- but they have said time and again it’s all about perception! You have summed it up quite eloquently.
Thank you for this!
Hmmm- now there’s a thought! They said I or so I seem to recall the names are vibrations translated into information we can understand. Perhaps I have mistaken that?


They were asked in the following sessions about their names. I think they have meaning and the puzzle may be to derive the meanings or significance.

Session 11 February 1995:
Q: Okay, who do we have with us tonight?

A: Sorran.

Q: And where are you from?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (DM) Are you male or female?

A: There is no gender here.

Q: (L) You have said that you are us in the future, can you identify which one of you is me or Frank, or anyone else?

A: All are one. Names are used for your perceptions. We do not mean that we are one "individual", but that we are one in unity.

Session 23 February 2002:
Q: (L) And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Fiilia.

Q: (L) And where do you transmit through?

A: Yes. Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) They're not use to having so many people. Alright who wants to start off? (group silence) Well then I'll start off! Did you have a question? (B) Is there any correlation to the names ending in "A" or sounding like "A" that has been discussed on the list? (L) Correlation to what? (B) The veracity of the source. (L) Ah!

A: Close, generates frequency.

Q: (B) Is the lack of that an indicator of anything?

A: Can be indicative of fractured energy.

Q: (V) Huh. (B) One of the people on the list had made an indication that the sessions that had seemed most accurate were delivered from a "name" that either end in an "A" or ended in a combination of vowels that had an "A" sound in the English language. At the same time, some of the sessions that seemed a bit off, including a consideration of Frank's involvement didn't have that. (L) Alright, ask your question V. (V) Is the DG that called me Dec. 1 in fact my husband/ex-husband that I have not seen for 22 years?

A: Yes.

Session 25 April 2010:
Q: (L) Okay, this is Sunday, April 25th, 2010.

A: Hello delighted to be back!

Q: (L) And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Nilennioa of Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) I've often wondered when these names come up. They're just such strange things. What is it that they mean?

A: They relate to the specific vibrational frequency of the moment as expressed by the numerical frequency of the combination of vowels and consonants.

Q: (L) What is the numerical frequency of a vowel and consonant?

A: It is a science barely understood by your civilization but was once well known. Words have deeper meaning than you suspect.

Q: (Bubbles) Like in numerology?

A: Similar, but that is a dim reflection of the ancient science.

Q: (L) Well, that's a fascinating topic, but I don't think we want to get diverted.

Session 30 August 2014:
Q: (L) And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Hoeloniaea

Q: (L) Who comes up with these names? [laughter] What are these names?

A: Vibrational transducers.

Session 1 December 2018:
(L) We have only 30 days left in 2018. I can't believe the whole year is gone already. We have the usual suspects. [Review of those present]

(Artemis) Guest starring Alana and Gaby!

(L) Alright. Hello?

A: Kalineaea of Cassiopaea at your service!

Q: (Artemis) Kal... That's an interesting beginning to a name.

(Andromeda) Kal-El!

(L) Yeah, it's like Kal-El. I like Kal-El. That's Superman's name. Well, I'm not going to ask about the meaning of names. We've asked those things before.

(Artemis) And they always said the same thing: Oh, because you want us to name ourselves. I tried to name them once, but they didn't use my name. So it must mean something. They're just not telling us.

(L) Okay, we have a...

A: Good one!
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