Session 4 July 2020

heart-attacker Deep State satellites

Apparently it has been going on since early May, and by now over 350 elephants have been killed...
This means they have perfected their method and can heart-attack anybody they don't like. Position satellite at desired geo-location, start beaming their "hard-cycle microwaves" that begins to hammer on and potentially destroy the human body's internal rhythm => the heart muscle is desperately trying to compensate, but all it can do is the last discombobulated kicks of death.

I'm worried about President Putin [Nah, he probably has strong shielding by The SoulTribe] and James Corbett and people who don't have strong energy shielding with a [proper] magnitude.. like the strong one the Chateu-Team has.

But then this heart-attacking satellite system could be self-defeating as the operators simply - probably - don't have Quorum authorization: the person they wish to kill could be very well UnKillable, I think. Because killing that important person would upset the cosmic balance and Quorum members specifically agreed to adhere to hard rules in order to keep cosmic balance..

So essentially - I speculate - only people can be heart-attacked by this satellite system, who's killing won't affect the cosmic balance that much: like for power-demonstration purposes, to signify to certain governments or influential groups that "We can heart-attack You if you don't behave!", but of course they can't attack the threatened group.. They can only hope the threat works, by killing "unimportant" players and shoving it under the noses of the black-mailed / threatened people, whom they never ever will be able to get authorization to attack.
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[..]at certain points once we had gotten our mojo back, there were times when we were singing and I would hear other voices joining in. Was I actually hearing other voices?
I reported in around 2011 that when I had to walk to my new workplace - just got the job then and I didn't even have money to buy a monthly commute fare - to lighten my mood I began reciting the Prayer of the Soul in a really heartfelt way. I recounted then, in one of that years session's comment section, that I heard voices of a chorus chanting with me the Prayer of the Soul.
(Artemis) I'm sure they've helped with karaoke sometimes. Have you helped with karaoke sometimes?

A: If you would go about karaoke in the proper manner, you would indeed have connections forming and "celestial" voices would join in!!

Q: (Joe) What is the proper manner?

A: Right music, warm up, leave aside ego and sing for unification and simple beauty and emotion.
So now you understand why was I so enthusiastic many years ago, when songs and the Fellowship Crystal project first came up and I suggested there should be a regular "Sott Radio Show Singing Session", where you broadcast real-time and people listening in are joining in singing, establishing a Crystal-Connection Singing Network. I sounded a little bit too obsessive with this idea at the time, years ago, no? :D

Singing together like this, I think, could generate a power that could raise a frequency shield countering the mentioned dark forces' machinations.
Thank you Laura and team for sharing this new session. Thanks C's for the tips and hints.

A: Keep eyes and ears open so that you can enjoy the show. But also pay close and careful attention to those around you in love and harmony. Balance is key. Goodbye.

"In a symbolic sense, balance refers to harmony among diverse things, restraint, equanimity, wisdom in judgments and acts of appeasement. The person who acts with balance manages to travel through different paths without falling, that is, without losing control or getting hurt".

I remember this saying from RA:
"If the entity you are allows his being to be in empathy with any being, then he can choose to share with others the energies that can be healthy for him. The mechanism for these transfers of energy is thought, for every thought is a form or symbol, an object, in reference to time/space".

You have to learn to be a good tightrope walker in this world, maybe doing some balance exercises can be a reminder for your mind? I remember that a yoga teacher advised us to do at least one balance exercise a day. It didn't matter what kind of exercise we chose. It was important to send a message to our mind to be centered. Well, walking is an act of extraordinary balance and we didn't even notice it. But here are some other extraordinary balances that we have to take into account to be able to walk in this "new normal".

The image below accurately describes the hard work of paying attention to maintain balance:

Thank you for another spirit lifting session during these interesting times. There is so much confusion and chaos in the world right now, and it’s good to know we have an anchor that keeps us steadfast and sure while the billows roll! I have just managed to catch up on various threads and I’m truly grateful for this forum. Thank you!
I forgot this thing I wrote:

In linear algebra, a rotation matrix is the matrix that represents a rotation in Euclidean space. In three dimensions, rotation matrices represent rotations in a concise way and are frequently used in geometry, physics and computer science. Although most applications consider rotations in two or three dimensions, rotation matrices can be defined in spaces of any dimension.

Now, you mention that:

A cylinder, a donut, are objects capable of rotation, on a symmetrical axis. One could hypothetically think that the 4th Density has as its rotating property. And that's when the image of the Tesseract appears.

And of course, a rotation matrix uses the special orthogonal group SO(n).

Can I input the following? Because it is something I had thought about (yes, clearly I don't have all the mathematical knowledge of Ark) but it is something I thought about, connecting spin and gravity:

I was wondering about the elephants and does this have anything to do with SpaceX!? Crystals and romance hmmm - nice combo :D

Also being from the UK and a True-York (not New-York - ask the C's!) I do get frustrated about 80% of the time - Maybe because it's a small Island with a lot of karma but we don't protest everyday. However I do get dissed whenever I rant on (ask the zoomers worldwide), your President and so on...


The universe/higher-self wanted all this out and you don't exactly know who is reptilian and who isn't! So we had to scream them gone for about 8-16 HOURS - imagine if we started to eat their kids!! Hahaha
I felt exactly the same. After the initial shock when all this madness started back in March now I really feel more distant from all that madness.
Separation of realities indeed! It feels as if I'm watching the hystericized BLM masses and the Convid-1984-Greenbaum victims from behind a transparent plexiglass and no amount of hammering on the glass or shouting goes through to them, they can't hear nothing anymore. They also feel like they are sliding away. A'la two boats on the ocean. Our reality and theirs, each on the opposite side of the glass feel like sliding apart more and more.
The majority of people who are born into this world, and brainwashed to believe it is exactly as presented, by the time they reach adulthood, they cannot be un-brainwashed - even just a little bit! (And the brainwashing is very real and goes back a LONG way - even the Romans used it to weaken the Northern European Druidic cultures because their belief in reincarnation made them fearless in battle! The Romans intentionally propagated a worldview of YOLO and materialism to make its conquered peoples more afraid of death, and hence easier to control...)

Mouravieff said something along similar lines in Gnosis, when he talked about knowledge assimilation and learning esoteric concepts. He called it mental sclerosis, a 'hardening' of the brain that comes about "when the formation of the individual is achieved". He was basically describing how our System 1 thinking works, and how it can become an obstacle to those wishing to progress:

On the other hand, the novel character of these notions, whether learned
or conceived, requires conscious effort from anyone. In a certain way, this
is a creative effort. It is the relatively heavy matter of our brains which
always resists this effort
. One can symbolically say that each new concep-
tion leaves a trace on the surface of the brain. The more the thought which
forms this conception is new and striking, the deeper the groove it im-
prints on the brain. To fix this groove requires concentration of attention
and thought. The thought must become fine and sharp, like the point of a
. Then it will trace grooves deep enough that they do not fill up
immediately, so that it is possible for the cerebral matter to do its work of

Meanwhile, this process runs up against two obstacles. First is mental
, resulting in exhaustion of the reserves of forces necessary for the
concentration desired. We shall see later that in exterior man this reserve is
minimal. He generally lives at the limit of his nervous forces. Absorption
of energy is almost immediately balanced by expenditure of the same
magnitude. This semi-permanent exhaustion of the necessary energies
drives man to abandon the path which leads him to the new and the
unknown, and his thoughts slide back into paths they have taken before
a process which requires neither conscious effort nor concentration. The
second obstacle arises from the fact that the cerebral matter itself resists
this sharpened thought which, like the point of a needle, wounds it.

Hasty conclusions, easy generalizations, and slogans are the common
techniques by which the dull and inert side of human nature continually
tries to make the seeker abandon research into the domain of the new and
the unknown ... which requires, as we have said, conscious and creative effort.

To fight against this double obstacle, which creates different difficulties
for different people, but which we must all face, a practical method is
recommended — whose object is also double. On one hand, it provides
exercises which help us to accumulate force, and so build up reserves of
energy. On the other hand, it provides exercises whose aim is to refine the
working of the cerebral cells. These cells — endowed with the greatest
permanence within the limits of the life of the body — can be educated
Their sensitivity can attain an almost miraculous acuteness. A noble nature
is distinguished by the degree of refinement of its cells. Therefore, evolu-
tion is in principle possible for all; the door is wide open. But to make this
leap requires persistent, conscious and creative effort
, without which the
refinement of the cells stops. In general it stops when the formation of the
individual is achieved. Life then begins to exploit this formation, leading
all too often to a sort of mental sclerosis, a 'hardening' of the brain, which
makes man lose more and more of his capacity for adaptation and that—the
strongest reason for acuity — in the domain of the unknown.

Without mentioning other causes, to which we have already referred, and
to which we shall return later, the ideas and facts exposed in this passage
explain why esoteric studies are the birthright only of the minority who are
preoccupied by things of the spirit and are capable, like the knights of the
Grail, of conquering knowledge.
Jonathan Goldman, who has emerged as quite an expert on the subject, authoring some books, teaching workshops and producing some healing music on CD's. His first book is: "Healing Sounds".
Try to sing the names of the Cassiopaeans they give in the sessions and see how it feels. Some of their names have a calming effect, especially I noticed the one they gave in the previous session.
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