Photos and videos of our amazing 2D residents

Stunning, colourful footage of African fish eagle capturing bee-eater in flight.

interesting vid ! from an ornithogically anthropomorphic perspective (oh does that ever sound funny i said that out loud and now can't stop laughing :-D) … anyway, when the african eagle flew in causing all the lemming / sheeple minded birds to panic and fly out with fear, resulting in many to be served with ketchup for lunch, from above and below - i noticed a few birds chilling out in the doorway of their burrow ... wonder if those birds meditate and read the cass / sott forum ?

Do you know what the abduction of our 2D friends by humans looks like? ;-)

thanks, Lukasz, great vid !! if i was abducted i'd do what the little guy on the right side did at 11:02 ... take that alien !! ;-D
Visitor at my balcony ❤️

Among the flowers i just found a bee on visit, which i believe was resting there, being all super still for at least 10 minutes. Which made it easy for me to take her portrait in a close up :-)

11 July 2022 in Stockholm - with Olympus OM-1, ED 60mm f 2.8 Macro lens
if you have ever been working up a sweat outside you may be visited by these little creatures: the Eastern Sweat Bee; they are usually found eating nectar and acquiring pollen from the flowers in your garden but they are also attracted to the minerals in your sweat ... apparently they need electrolytes too.
this little bee and her friends were landing on me this morning while i worked outside. :-)

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