Photos and videos of our amazing 2D residents

When I was living in the country I very often saw cows under a tree in a sort of meeting, 5 or 6 cows together, sitting on the grass, giving the strange impression that they were in a sort of meeting, debating something, but by telepathy and very calm they were. It was so beautiful to see them like that. They look like kings, saviors, philosophers.
I call that a 'cow pow-wow' :-P it always makes my heart (and face) smile, and I so want to go and sit with them.
I often see them sitting in a group, all their heads facing in, like they are communicating collectively through some kind of telepathic group meditation / discussion. It is so beautiful to witness Loretta, and yes they certainly do give the impression of being deeply philosophical. Those moments certainly remind me to be as present as I can in the eternal 'now' and breathe deeply.

I sometimes wonder if they are discussing how stupid and annoying human beings can be,
or perhaps how they are going to avoid the latest 'cowvax'.

But maybe they are simply in direct communion with the DCM,
offering love and gratitude for their lives, and each other 🌷☘️🌞
Stunning, colourful footage of African fish eagle capturing bee-eater in flight.

interesting vid ! from an ornithogically anthropomorphic perspective (oh does that ever sound funny i said that out loud and now can't stop laughing :-D) … anyway, when the african eagle flew in causing all the lemming / sheeple minded birds to panic and fly out with fear, resulting in many to be served with ketchup for lunch, from above and below - i noticed a few birds chilling out in the doorway of their burrow ... wonder if those birds meditate and read the cass / sott forum ?

Do you know what the abduction of our 2D friends by humans looks like? ;-)

thanks, Lukasz, great vid !! if i was abducted i'd do what the little guy on the right side did at 11:02 ... take that alien !! ;-D
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