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After a 15 year hiatus, we finally adopted a couple of kittens. They are sisters, and just do everything together. Being kittens they get up to all sorts of mischief but they really are the sweetest little things. Had forgotten how much joy having 2D friends can bring.


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After a 15 year hiatus, we finally adopted a couple of kittens. They are sisters, and just do everything together. Being kittens they get up to all sorts of mischief but they really are the sweetest little things. Had forgotten how much joy having 2D friends can bring.
They are so cute. Congratulations, I think in these times, cats and dogs are helping us in many ways, for sure. And kittens are completely crazy, just enjoy their folly!
Coconut Octopus

The coconut octopus is usually 3 inches (8 centimeters) long, extending to 6 inches (15 centimeters) long including the arms which usually feature light colored suckers to contrast with the overall dark colors of the rest of the octopus.

Though named for their use of coconuts as tools for defense, the coconut octopus can also use clam shells, depending on their size. Although further research is recommended, scientists believe that this species may suffer from the effects of heavy fishing, which could include habitat destruction or bycatch from fisheries targeting other species.

Fun Facts About Coconut Octopuses

1. Believed to be one of only two octopuses capable of bipedal locomotion, which means moving by two limbs similar to how human beings walk.

2. Adults usually die shortly after reproduction.

3. Females lay about 100,000 eggs about 3 mm long.

4. Embryos hatch as small as plankton and remain that small for some time before growing into adults.

5. Coconut octopuses will often carry and use trash as their protective tool.
Coconut Octopus
Do you know what the abduction of our 2D friends by humans looks like? ;-)

Here is a cut from the live stream of the osprey's nest. You can see how the nestlings are being put into the bag (1:15) and taken down the tree (2:30). Then, after ringing, they are put back in the nest (from 9:55).

I was amazed they do not resist the process at all. It looks almost as if they were paralyzed.

Several similarities to 4D STS abductions here, don't you think? ;-)

Edit: link redacted
Orchid Mantis
When is an orchid not an orchid? When it's a female orchid praying mantis, a Southeast Asian insect that masquerades as a flower to attract prey.

With petal-like legs and a yellow or whitish pink color, females share little resemblance to males, which are about half the size and sport a dull, greenish brown color.

Now, new research shows that male and female orchid mantises don't just look different—they evolved in a way never before seen in arthropods, the group that includes spiders and insects. (See pictures of amazing insect camouflage.)

The research suggests that the females' strategy of hunting pollinating insects shaped the two known species' evolution, leading to big females that resemble orchids and small males adept at hiding.


Pairi Daiza

Hier, à 08:00 ·
Il y a quelques semaines, l'Institut royal des sciences naturelles de Belgique a recensé 35 nids et 101 cigogneaux à #pairidaiza !
L'objectif de ce baguage est d'étudier leur migration et leur démographie mais aussi leur longévité.
Merci à Quel temps - RTBF, qui nous explique dans ce reportage pourquoi ce baguage est important.
#cigognes #seelovesave #pairidaizaofficial
Magpie Death Ritual

In July of 2013 a Magpie died on our front street in Saskatoon and we witnessed what we believe is a Magpie death ritual. It lasted about 10 minutes as a large number of Magpies came down and seemed to express their grief over their lost comrade.
Magpie rituals have been written about by Dr. Marc Bekoff of the University of Colorado.

Guy Odishaw

I saw something similar with cows. One cow was lying dead in the pasture, and other cows gathered round it in a circle for quite a while.
When I was living in the country I very often saw cows under a tree in a sort of meeting, 5 or 6 cows together, sitting on the grass, giving the strange impression that they were in a sort of meeting, debating something, but by telepathy and very calm they were. It was so beautiful to see them like that. They look like kings, saviors, philosophers.
Morpho Rhetenor


Hans Fruhstorfer describes: "M. rhetenor, already named by Cramer the 'blue elongate Atlas butterfly', has the apex of the forewing more produced than any other Morphid species; a characteristic, however, that partially disappears in the female, which more resembles that of cypris. The male is one of the most brilliantly glossy species and has only a quite inconsiderable black apical spot and a white costal patch on the forewing. The under surface is noteworthy for the contrast between the black basal area and a brown distal region, which are separated by a median band of a more or less pure white and of varying extent according to the locality. Both wings beneath show brown rounded eye-spots entirely without white pupils."

Sex difference

Morpho rhetenor is sexually dimorphic. The female is bigger than the bright blue male and has a dark-brown upperside with a lighter brown outer edge. There is a central yellow area tapering into a triangle and isolated patches as it crosses the forewings and a separate chain of yellow spots crosses the forewings and hindwings.

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