Learning the Prayer of the Soul.

mkrnhr said:
Hi Buddy,
In your approach, do you visualise the written words as a photographic memory?

Hi mkrnhr,
I don't visualize the 'words', as such, I attempt to visualize the 'referents', or the meaning, or what is being referred to. One way to describe it might be to ask: What would your visual symbols be for each idea you wanted to 'get across' if you couldn't speak or write?

First, I had to go through the prayer and relearn appropriate meanings for the words that I had normally associated with organized religion - divine, creation, etc. My original idea was just to be satisfied I didn't have any 'leftover' religious programming associated with the Prayer.
I wanted to make sure that I had visual representations for each word of the Prayer so that I could see each one in my mind's eye...for example, the way I did 'Divine' here.

Then I went further. I decided if I could do that for every word, I might have a more powerful technique for communication, since visual symbols can pack a much greater quantity of information in a smaller 'space' and with more feeling than a 'word train' can.

The only real trouble I had was trying to decide whether the word 'of' should be represented as 'coming from' or 'belonging to'. I finally decided since we are not really 'standalone' entities, but that we seek to join Cosmic Mind in co-linear, objective conscious awareness, then our parts really belong to a greater whole and, therefore, 'belonging to' seemed most appropriate.

So, with that all done, I could follow along with the Prayer recital, with an uninterrupted flow of visual symbols flowing into each other.

Individual's visualizations should probably be personal (I don't know), but if you can imagine what it would be like to feel a deep down spiritual ache or urge to 'reach out' and direct (breath) your inner vision to try and energetically connect with the light of objective consciousness/knowledge/love emanating from the deep field of energy frequencies embedded and permeating and dynamically flowing through 'all space everywhere', then you have a good idea of what I mean by visualizing/experiencing the phrase "Divine Cosmic Mind".

Hope that wasn't too confusing. It's a lot different to describe the process than it is to just do it. :)
Oxajil said:
The way I learned a great part of the Prayer of the Soul by heart is merely by listening to Laura.
To my own surprise I knew the Prayer, though not completely, so I practiced on those parts I didn't know by heart or forgot.
So my tip would be to Listen to Laura carefully when she recites the Prayer and in your mind maybe even recite it with her, maybe that'll help!

I completely agree with this tip WHEN we meditate with the Prayer of the Soul. As a matter of fact, I did realize at a certain point of the mediation practice that it is more effective to let Laura's voice 'resonate' my heart rather than thinking about the line or trying to catch up the meaning in my mind (that is too slow!). And I also stated reciting it with her in my mind or sometimes actually voicing it when I feel like to do so, which has interesting effects I observed in my emotional center ('heart').

That being said, my point is that it is still valid to think, study and discuss about the Prayer of the Soul itself here WHEN we are NOT meditating. :)

I began to understand "the Prayer of the Soul" IS a 'concise' version of the whole picture, which leads us to See the Same 'Objective' Truth (as I posted this as a part of this new understanding). And to my understanding that is WHY it is also called "the seed".

And probably by learning more (I mean "study and discuss about the Prayer of the Soul itself here" more), the Prayer of the Soul during the mediation WILL ALSO become more effective and objective.
I memorized the Prayer using a combination of the old-fashioned method- a line or group of lines at a time, and the method described by Mountain Crown. It is not really all that long or difficult, but I think this is what I needed to do in order to scrutinize, evaluate and finally accept it, thereby making it my own expression as well as Laura's beautiful work. What I think I am hearing from everyone in the various descriptions of different personal techniques are the different ways each different person is going about making this prayer their own. Not everyone has the same ability. Some people aren't good at visualizing. Some don't think in terms of patterns. It seems to me the point is not HOW you get there, it is THAT you get there. And in this instance with the prayer, once it is remembered and can be remembered at will, it can be used with feeling!
The process of learning a song or a piece of music involves a great deal of memorization. There are all sorts of tricks people use, but the basic thing is simply repetion. Practice. Doing it over as many times as you need to, in whatever manner works for you until you no longer have to think about it so much while you are doing it. Knowing that it will take repetitions to accomplish this task, it follows that you want to be attentive and careful about what you are repeating. If you keep repeating mistakes, then you are learning your mistakes, not your part. (Mountain Crown's post above addresses this.) Musicians everywhere regard being able to 'feel it' as an essential part of a successful performance. In order to be free to do that, though, the part has to become memorized.
Anyway, for what it's worth, the value of having a tool like this prayer committed to memory, for me, is that I now can get about the business of praying with feeling and more intellectual energy available for contemplation. I'd encourage anyone sitting on the fence to go for it!
Yep, not everyone has the same kind of way of learning. I memorized the prayer only after understanding each line and getting the flow of the prayer.

It was similar to when I had a class to memorize a schematic of a power plant steam system at work. Some were able to memorize it visually, while some others had to understand how the system worked before it was committed to memory.
I've did it the old way, school times ;)

Paper at hand before sleeping, recite the first two rows, then 3rd and 4th, 5th and 6th till the end.

The easiest passages to memorize were the first two rows and the 'clear my eyes, that I may see..cleanse my heart that..' one. Then after awhile I was able to fill the voids.

Actually, during the practice, the prayer seemed to be divided in blocks that were more easy to memorize sequentially:

Oh Divine Cosmic Mind
Holy Awareness in All Creation

Carried in the heart
Ruler of the mind
Savior of the Soul
Live in me today

Be my Daily Bread
As I give bread to others
Help me grow in knowledge
Of All Creation

Clear my eyes
That I may See
Clear my ears
That I may hear
Cleanse my heart
That I may know and love

The Holiness of True Existence
Divine Cosmic Mind
Thank you, Johnno for doing the 'heavy lifting'.
I never would have thought of that. I'm sure it will be useful.

thank you
Re: The Prayer of the Soul, Meditation and the Pineal Gland

Thanks Buddy, it gives another view from where "my" tingling sensations might be coming from.
Anyway, it is somehow difficult to say in which part of the brain sensations are starting or simply to point out where: left, front, middle and so on.
At least for me.

Here is one quote I found in the trancsripts:

970412 said:
A: Designation in the art work is for "The Nation of the Third Eye."
Q: We have talked about the Nation of the Third Eye before. What is
the third eye and how does one activate it?
A: What do you think?
Q: Well, what I think may be erroneous. Is it the pineal gland?
A: May be part of the picture.
Q: Is the third eye something one can use to view their reality?
A: Ditto.
Q: What is the best method for activating it?
A: This is a good one, for example.
Q: Oh, you mean channeling. There was an ancient custom of skull
trepanation. Why were ancient peoples volunteering to have their
heads cut open in droves?
A: Trying to locate the source of the mystery.
Q: Did any of them succeed with this operation?
A: We seriously doubt it.
Re: The Prayer of the Soul, Meditation and the Pineal Gland

Buddy said:
Dr. Jennifer Luke's 298 page PhD. Thesis, is an often cited work on the relationship between flouride and the pineal gland. There is a forum discussion here and here with discussion related excerpts.
Here's a portion that addresses the mineralization (calcification) issue:

[quote author=Thesis excerpt]

After finding that the pineal gland is a major target for fluoride accumulation in humans, Dr. Luke conducted animal experiments to determine if the accumulated fluoride could impact the functioning of the gland - particulalry the gland's regulation of melatonin.

Luke found that animals treated with fluoride had lower levels of circulating melatonin, as reflected by reduced levels of melatonin metabolites in the animals' urine. This reduced level of circulating melatonin was accompanied - as might be expected - by an earlier onset of puberty in the fluoride-treated female animals.

Thanks for the links Buddy.

On travels in Ecuador I discovered that all of the commercially available salt is fluoridated. These bags (in the stores) carry a small pic of a baby in the upper left corner implying that the fluoride is good for the baby. This is similar to the "Baby" bottled water sold here that advertises "Extra Fluoride" for Baby's health.
I thought I would bring this subject back up. There are so many new members of the forum. This thread really helped me back when I was first trying to remember the words of POTS. Plus other information to particular feelings during doing the prayer.
I recited 2 lines until I knew I had them. Then I added 2 more and so on until I knew them all. They really do have a similar cadence as the Lord's prayer from the bible which my grandmother recited with me every night when I was but 5 or 6 years old until I knew it by heart. Thus I already had a sense of the rhythm, so maybe I was cheating :P
Encontré este hilo muy interesante. Los hilos están siempre vivos recibiendo nueva información. Practicando EE, en la parte de la oración del alma, me duermo profundamente. Hago el esfuerzo y estoy muy atenta para no dormir y me descubro casi en el final de la grabación. Pero lo acepto y dejo que fluya el proceso. Una de las veces que me dormí, al despertar ví una especie de círculo luminoso en movimiento,donde estaría situado "el tercer ojo" y la cara de Laura diciéndome" Ya está abierto". Curioso... Hablo español y la traduje para entender su significado. La escribí en papel para materializar el sonido y estudiarla. Esa oración tiene varios aspectos: Su sonido,la significancia de ese sonido, como resuena cuando la recitamos en voz alta. Las ondas sonoras se expanden en la casa y todo queda impregnado de esa vibración. Y la otra tan importante es la transformación de nuestra mente. Supongo va dirigida a partes más profundas de la mente. Donde tenemos instalados los programas que regulan nuestra vida consciente. Será por eso que todavía duermo profundamente en esa parte. Es como un "trance". Cuidado, dije "como". Quizá esté sanando traumas, sanando heridas del alma y esa es la manera segura de no generar más trauma trayendo a la mente consciente eventos de quién sabe cuando, puede ser hasta de vidas anteriores o de la constelación familiar... quién sabe. No entiendo el inglés pero aprendí a sentir el concepto en cada frase y es lo que aplico cuando Laura está dirigiendo la meditación... Supongo que en partes más profundas de nuestra psique no es relevante el idioma, no sé es sólo una idea. Graciasflores por toda la información desplegada en este hilo siempre presente. Saludos compañeros de la Divina Mente Cósmica!:gurú::mago:
Stella Marys, this is an English speaking forum so it would be appreciated if you would translate your posts into English. You can use a computer translator such as DeepL that may people here use. It's a good translator and easy to use. Thank you. :-)

Stella Marys, este es un foro de habla inglesa, así que le agradeceríamos que tradujera sus mensajes al inglés. Puedes usar un traductor de computadora como DeepL que la gente de aquí pueda usar. Es un buen traductor y fácil de usar. :-)
Since I'm just starting into reading The Wave, among other things like this thread, I'm not going to try and comment to any great depths at this point but when I come upon a beauty like this, The Prayer of the Soul I find that I have to. For me the essence of this prayer is what has naturally come about within my own understanding and being specifically as I dealt with reconciling for my self the fact that I could not force myself to "become" the good fundamentalist Christian sheep no matter how disappointed "others" may have been.

The divine IS in everything including so much that we limited beings on this planet cannot even detect in our own back yards. The microscope and the telescope offer me crippled views into the infinite. I have all kinds of different "scopes" and each is great for offering views of expanded bandwidth, and each has it's limitations. BUT amplifiers will strengthen the desired signals AND the noise, what filters we use must be carefully examined and "tweaked" if necessary.

Without having seen or memorized the particular words of this prayer as written I have simply come to believe this almost verbatim independently. I find that quite interesting....
If any of you are old enough - and lived in the US, we had a series on Saturday mornings called 'School House Rock'. I learned quite a bit from learning to sing the lessons that were presented. Since then, if I really needed to learn something to embed and keep in my memory (and indeed I still remember the history, etc. from those programs. :grad:), I would put the information to song.

To learn The Prayer of the Soul, I used the following; it worked wonderfully:
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