Laura in the dream.


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I had a dream with Laura like two months ago and, it had been coming at my mind every once and then ... is somehow difficult to explain, lets see ... she was like 5 floors below inside a tube like crystal vertical tunnel of no more of two meters in diameter and it reduces it size every floor, it was pitch black around, but I could see her clearly, I was at the top and was supposedly to follow her, at a certain moment she stopped and was going to the left, and my thoughts inside the dream was something like this "she knows where she is going, she seems confident" just before I took my decision I woke up, I had read about darkness- fear of the unknown and unexpected problems- environment at dreams sites, and it coincides to what may be happening in my life recently, to which means to do something quite different in my life and do not know how to start ... had not read about the crystal tube like tunnel, and there should be something else of hidden meaning, though...


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I also had a dream with Laura, Ark and others in it. In the dream, I was walking on a plain which was sandy/dusty with patches of grass. It was sunny and somewhat dry as I looked towards the horizon and saw hills in the distance. As I was walking, there was this thought of meeting Laura and others but as these thoughts came I thought about there being evil inside me and that I was no good nor worthy, actually selfish and would not be allowed to meet. As I was walking, I noticed two energetic fields coming from both west and east. Everything, the whole plain and sky got in-between them. They seemed to swallow everything as they came towards each other, transparent like made of white light. They were sputtering and crackling and soon I was in-between them. I thought to myself that this was it, this is the end and as they closed I saw my body collapse to the ground from 3rd perspective.

Next I'm looking down to the ground and see two bodies on a hill. I thought I was the one to the right or so I felt. Then both of them got up and stood there. The one to the left felt somewhat frantic and it ran down the hill towards a wooded area. The one to the right just stood there. I felt confused and there was a flash and this time I was in a house with Laura and others. We went to a staircase leading to basement. In the basement there was a small observational area next to the stairs and two big windows to a room which was brightly lit and had workbenches going around the room and a big one in the middle. I saw Ark coming from the room and then we entered. On these tables/workbenches there were different types of equipment, gadgets and gizmos. Many of them had extensions attached with spheres, rings and lenses. They kept moving, spinning, whirring and buzzing. I couldn't see any power outlets as we were walking around the room and kept thinking that there is some kind of amazing energy going on. These things could generate what appeared sunshine, clouds, rain and wind. As we came towards the door from where we had entered, a mini tornado that spat out small bolts of lightning and raindrops appeared in front of us. A girl with dark hair came in and said "Geez, why would you generate that! The floor is going to get wet!" as she went around the tornado. We all laughed and headed out of the room back to the observation area. As we closed the door to the room, I saw Ark going upstairs and we turned to look through the windows to the previous room with Laura. The equipments/gadgets all settled down and stopped. I felt energized and uplifted. We exchanged some parting words and smiles and then I woke up.


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This one was a little bit silly, but maybe it means something?

I was in the Laura’s chateau, while the people there were doing big renovations in the house. And I saw Laura who said that the house was like an old lady, that for a long time she had a makeup on her to make her look pretty, but the time has come to do a real cleaning of her structure.

Then I saw that Laura had a new haircut. Her hair was all white, but the strange thing was that her hair was in a form of wings, so that she looked like an angel!
I wanted to tell her that she shouldn't wear such haircut because people would think that she is crazy, but I realized that she wouldn’t listen to me because she was very proud of her new haircut, so I said nothing.

I don’t know what it means, or if it's somehow connected to this neurofeedback thing and the restructuring of the brain that this method provides, but it was funny to see Laura like that. Perhaps she is now slowly transforming into some kind of angelic being?


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Persej said:
I don’t know what it means, or if it's somehow connected to this neurofeedback thing and the restructuring of the brain that this method provides, but it was funny to see Laura like that. Perhaps she is now slowly transforming into some kind of angelic being?

I guess one might ask what a 'haircut' means in a dream, but also what a 'house renovation' means in a dream too.

A change in external looks, and a change of internal structure? Could be interesting! Also interesting that you seem more worried about what people think about Laura's haircut (external appearance with the 'angels wings'). When apparently she is more focused on talking about the Chateau and why it needs to be renovated.

It tends to indicate (in my opinion only) that external appearances - (maybe of self and others), is quite important or significant to you, and you don't want to see other people hurt, rejected or judged because they weren't aware of how they 'looked' to others.


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As I'm reading the HDT book, I got to the part which maybe explains my dream.

As with all the adaptive survival styles, the Connection Survival Style has underlying shame-based identifications that develop in order to make sense of the distress of early environmental failure. Later in life, in reaction to the underlying distress and shame, these clients develop pride-based counter-identifications. A large part of what we take to be our identity consists of these shame-based identifications as well as the pride-based counter-identifications. Shame-based identifications, which we often believe to be the truth about ourselves, can be conscious or unconscious. The more energy individuals invest in the pride-based counter-identifications, the more strongly the underlying shame-based identifications are reinforced.

Perhaps Laura in my dream represents an aspect of myself that is built around pride-based counter-identification, as opposed to my role in the dream which is built around shame-based identification. In that case, a 'haircut' could represent an imaginary traits that I do not possess.

I haven't thought that the house renovation was about my mind being restructured, because I'm not doing a NF, but maybe the people from NF topic were right, maybe the reading of this book itself can change a persons mind, as a form of top-down approach. Of course, the NF would probably help with better decoding of these kinds of dreams, because I'm still not very good at it.
Had another dream about Laura. She and the crew moved to where I live--unremarkable Framingham, MA--to escape persecution. She was hosting informal salons at her house that were advertised by posters on telephone polls. I was wild with excitement. I went and could not believe that there were not more people. She asked if anyone would want channel and I raised my hand. She put a pink headdress on the crown of my head with a feather in it. Literally felt a lightning bolt go through my nervous system. Think it may be a sign that I am working through my blocks and will hopefully be able to tap into higher density knowledge in time. However, feeling blocked and slow with using the small spirit board I have. Just have to keep at it I think.


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I dreamt about Laura tonight.
It looked like my grandmother's appratment long time ago. It was evening. I was feeling like I should do something. I felt useless and nobody. Laura was very tired. She went to sleep. Before she fell asleep I asked if I may help in anything. She replied that she just need to go to sleep and rest.


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Thank you for your very interesting dreams with Laura, it really clarifies mine.
Recently I got through a session with a kinesiologist where I let go of some emotions related to my intrauterine life, I felt compelled afterward to read books about the OVNI phenomenon and curiously reviewing my dream book I noticed more things that engage these lizards beings and other alien stuff, military and other ominous things. But I am not fresh because having reading about the subject before. I remember some eerie dreams with Laura which might engage a deceitful manoeuver from these alleged aliens and myself.

12/06/2015 (at that time I read The Wave for about a year or so)
I got to be at Laura's house near the sea. She's watching a waterspout. The waterspout is going toward the house and Laura take her children in for protection.
Three psychopatic men come to stalk me. I flee to Laura's house to ask for help, with various childish emotions I beg for protection. I come in the house where she is giving a lecture on a ancient text in French (I'm quite impressed by this teaching). But she help me and go outside to shoot the leader, piercing him a lung.
Then a bear-dog get his groin eaten by another creature and venge himself by eating the neck of his offender. One of them attack me, I flee into a construction site where workers take care of the beast. I end up sleeping outside Laura's house with the job of taking care of the guest's cars. I'm responsible for 7 cars. My phone get stolen during the night.

I remember introducing in Laura's house with a fake workers team to steal money in a carton box. But there was nothing in there, just the daughter of Laura, who was panicked. I felt sad for the deed but we find some arrangment and we got to dinner together.
The C's said one time that some STS attacks through weaker forum members have been led, and if that's the case and the dream transmit this meaning I'm really sorry for that :cry:.

At Laura's house it looks like the house of a family I know from childhood who are Argentinian, who have four children, quite revolutionary in their attitude, protest for inegalities and yearn for the integrations of south america's culture in France, and their last name is Guevara (like the Che). This is a big house with people. Laura speak french, talking about a quest and 4D. I remember feeling more at ease than other dreams. I want to be part of the group or at least participate and being accepted. My mom get me to come home, but I forget the car we have taken to come so we come to the house finally, I'm really glad. Laura announce that she has not very much time left (after all these struggle I thought ?), I'm quite sad and get the courage to look at her eyes, and all I can say is that she has changed. The house also has changed transformed in a castle with big beds and myself seeking my truth.
From that dream I will dream vividly about castle and colorful symbology, Laura has really been at the beginning of a change in my thinking.

I woke up in the dream remembering that it is today Cassiopaea and the crew jump to the moon in order to avoid the destruction of earth. My thoughts goes to my mother and my brother. I take my car go to the parking lot and embark in a ship. I have to warn Laura that I have embarked without paying and in sneaking myself in. There are lots of people on the ship and Laura feel pride and commanding like a fake guru. I meet a blond woman I know who have hedonistic pleasures with one of the leaders of the ship.
The rest of the dream is on earth where I experience the destruction by tornadoe et little meteorits, and I feel we sell me the idea that leading a politic of terror on earth can stop this destruction.
Maybe a Lizard has tempted to sell me his fallacious STS philosophy in this dream, taking Laura as a figure to get through my defences.

I had other dreams like this, with good and bad flavours, I don't know what is influencing them or to what extend they influence us, but it really get me when things repeat itself and I think maybe that there is a true, useful and practical message in it, and that we are dreaming the same sometimes.


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Last night I have a very strange dream and Laura was part of that dream.

I was watching some very old black and white documentary about JFK. The image was very bad quality. I remember that there was an unsuccessful attempt to kill him. I saw a man that I knew was a JFK but he didn't look like him. He walked out of that incident with just a scratch above his right eye. Later he was killed in another attempt.

The movie ended and I found myself laying on my back and next to me from my left side was Laura, also laying on her back.
He died because of me, I killed him, said Laura to me with a voice full of sorrow and guilt. Her eyes were full of tears.

No, it is not your fault was my answer. You influenced many people with your work and if I didn't find you and your work I would not talk now with you now. You saved a lot of people including me. If in that process somehow you changed the timeline and in that new timeline JFK died because of you it is not your fault. You saved thousands of people. Don't be sad. These were my words to Laura.

I put my left arm behind her head, I hug her trying to comfort her and she put her head on my left shoulder. Immediately I started to fall into a something like deep sleep. She was still talking but I could not understand her words anymore like I was falling into a big and deep hole. I was trying to focus and hear what she was talking but I only heard the words" image" and " protection "

I closed my eyes And I was a bright white light. It was so bright that I thought to myself how can I see so much light with my eyes closed.
Then I focused on the light in front of me and I saw that I am actually flying with a high speed toward the light. I could see a lot of dark spots passing near me like I was flying with a high speed through the universe only this time the background, space was white and the stars like a black and gray dots. Something similar to a TV white noise, only the white background was very bright.

After some time I opened my eyes and I found myself outside laying on stairs and some of my friends around me laughing at me. They said to me that I fall asleep on those stairs with my face toward the sun and that is the reason for this experience.

I didn't say anything. I just knew it was real. I woke up after this.


Had this dream when I was a teenager and its the only dream of Laura that I can recall. The dream were a bunch of exiting the current layer, out to another layer of the dream. Like portal holes opening up and being sucked out into the next one, then the next one and so on, with laura as the driving force or aim. What went through my mind then in this dream was that Laura did this intentionally to save a certain outcome for us connected. Thats it.


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Cette nuit après EE, j'ai eu le bonheur de rêver de Laura, il y avait Chu aussi et ma Maman qui nous a quitté le 7 mars 2015.
A l'époque je ne connaissais pas Laura et je suis persuadée que c'est ma Maman qui m'a mise sur la voie de Laura...
Toute ma vie j'ai cherché la vérité, étudiant plusieurs religions, m'intéressant à la vie après la mort, ce que je partageais avec ma famille mais Maman était cartésienne et ne me croyait pas beaucoup...
Nous étions probablement dans une pièce au Château et bavardions puis sont entrées deux personnes féminines que je connaissais pas mais une profonde reconnaissance nous emmenait dans les bras l'une de l'autre, c'était très chaleureux et doux... Je ne me souviens pas avoir été prise dans les bras de ma Maman...
Puis Laura a pris sur ses genoux ma chatonne Granie, jumelle avec Gaby de 8 ans sur ses genoux et m'a dit de ne pas m’inquiéter que tout allait bien... Puis je me suis réveillée...

Granie va bien à l'heure actuelle ainsi que mes 3 autres chatonnes dont celle de ma Maman, Duchesse, 8 ans aussi, ma petite siamoise Isatis de 6 ans, mes 2 petits York, Ugo 18 ans et Hella 7 ans vont bien aussi...

That night after EE, I had the pleasure of dreaming about Laura, there was also Chu and my mother who left us on March 7, 2015.
At the time I didn't know Laura and I'm convinced that it was my mother who put me on Laura's path...
All my life I have been searching for the truth, studying several religions, interested in life after death, what I shared with my family but Mom was Cartesian and did not believe me very much...
We were probably in a room at the Castle and chatting and then came in two women I didn't know but a deep gratitude took us in each other's arms, it was very warm and sweet... I don't remember being hugged by my Mom....
Then Laura took my kitten Granie on her lap, twinned with Gaby, 8 years old on her lap and told me not to worry that everything was fine... Then I woke up....

Granie is currently doing well as well as my 3 other kittens including my Mummy's, Duchess, 8 years old too, my little Siamese Isatis of 6 years old, my 2 little York, Ugo 18 years old and Hella 7 years old are also doing well...

Translated with


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I had a dream about Laura during a nap I took late this afternoon.

In the dream I walked out into the back yard and Laura was sitting in a sandstone block edged garden amongst flowering shrubs, bird of paradise plants and under a sprinkler. As she got up to come inside, she pointed to another garden and said 'I'll sit in that one next time' and I said 'I'll move the sprinkler over'. I wasn't sure whether it was serious or half joke.

I had to go around to another door to unlock the nearest door to let her into the house. The door that I unlocked lead into a narrow store room that connected with the rest of the house through an internal door. It had packed boxes, odds and sods stacked against the left wall next to a laundry tub, and a make-shift book case along the right wall.

I went through first to make sure there was clear walking space and moved some stuff out of the way. By this time there were a few more people to come through and despite me moving stuff out of the way, the bottom shelf of the book case was bumped and books fell to the floor. Laura bent down to rectify the situation and said 'Oh, look!' She had discovered a series of books called 'Hidden Hands'.

Later on I was attempting to fix the bottom shelf and make it more stable and there were more books on the subject of hands.


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I have dreamt of Laura twice in a rather short period of time, I will tell and try to explain their meaning (at least as I perceived them).

In the first dream, I find myself in a bed with a blanket over me, I feel anxious and scared. Laura comes and gets into the bed too, she looks at me like a mother would look at her child and says the next words, "Tell me what's on your mind, what's wrong". At that moment, Laura gets out of bed, I do the same, and she starts making a campfire, she invites me to sit on a wooden chair in front of her with the fire in the middle. The dream ends there.

The representation of the bed, of a mother with her child was very strange, it made me think of alchemy, a little anima, animus, the engagement of a conversation about what scared me seems to be as if I was talking to a part of myself trying to reassure itself. I have the impression that fire symbolizes everything that is of the order of purification, it is the warmth, the feeling of being well, that someone is watching over us in the light. I saw in this dream the beginning of a positive transformation, I go from the darkness and the anguish that I had in bed to the opposite, that is to say the light and the love that all this fire seemed to represent.

The second dream I had was about Laura and other senior members of Sott, I remember Joe was there (by the way Joe if you read this message I really like what you write, your way of thinking as well as your humor, it's invigorating!).

We were in a big garden, I remember seeing greenery and it seemed like everyone was picking, I remember approaching a tree, an apple tree to be precise, I saw Laura on a ladder picking apples. With my basic English, I asked Laura and looking at the others if I could come and help you pick those apples. (at least I wanted to)

This dream is still very symbolic of the history of the Garden of Eden, the apple being the symbol of knowledge, it showed me I think the desire to gather this knowledge with you and to share it. this dream is the famous trigger of my more active participation on the forum these last times... It's like the dream was saying, it's time to participate to the network... In the meantime I continue to decipher the dreams and we will see where it will lead.


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Abats have you a crystal from the château ? We sing to them the song In the Garden to connect energetically, it seems like your dream.

With hindsight I had dreams where Laura gave knowledge and protected the 'school' from a tornadoe, though much darker than yours it seems (I was chased by beasts and all), this is what happen when you connect with the forum as you said.


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Abats have you a crystal from the château ? We sing to them the song In the Garden to connect energetically, it seems like your dream.

With hindsight I had dreams where Laura gave knowledge and protected the 'school' from a tornadoe, though much darker than yours it seems (I was chased by beasts and all), this is what happen when you connect with the forum as you said.

Yes, I have the crystals from the château, I sing the song and say the prayer almost everyday !

It's a very nice nico interpretation, maybe you're right, it's as if the song would have materialized in a dream with the other members of the forum?

I understand your dream of being chased by monsters, I regularly have this kind of dream at the moment, I was thinking of detailing them in another topic!

Thank you for your opinion Nico it's encouraging to see that I may be in contact with the other people in the forum. I've noticed that many of us are "physically" alone, I mean we don't have anyone else to share our adventures or our way of thinking, it seems to happen only on the forum.
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