Another hit for the Cs - Cashless Society - VISA 666!

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A video of a dude paying with the chip in his hand, and being very excited about it. :rolleyes:

:rolleyes: indeed. Seems like a lot of 'priming' going on. Perhaps soon, something "chilling" may set the wheels in motion for this type of thing to become dominant.
South Korea to kill the coin in path towards ‘cashless society’

Central bank plans to remove small change from circulation by 2020

Hand over your coins. That is the message being sent by the central bank in South Korea as one of the world’s most technologically advanced and integrated nations eyes the advent of a “cashless society”.

The first step is to get rid of the metal, a feat authorities hope to achieve by 2020.

The Bank of Korea on Thursday announced it will step up its efforts to reduce the circulation of coins, the highest denomination of which is worth less than $0.50.

As part of the plan it wants consumers to deposit loose change on to Korea’s ubiquitous “T Money” cards — electronic travel passes that can be used to pay for metro fares, taxi rides and even purchases in 30,000 convenience stores.

The proposals are just the latest step for a nation at the forefront of harnessing technology to make citizens’ lives more convenient. Online shopping is the norm, as are mobile payments for the country’s tech-savvy millennials.

South Korea is already one of the least cash-dependent nations in the world. It has among the highest rates of credit card ownership — about 1.9 per citizen — and only about 20 per cent of Korean payments are made using paper money, according to the BoK.

But while convenience is at the crux of the central bank’s plan, there are other considerations. The BoK spends more than $40m a year minting coins. There are also costs involved for financial institutions that collect, manage and circulate them.

“When we make a 10 won coin, it costs more than 10 won,” said Lee Hyo-chan, head of research at the Credit Finance Institute in Seoul, adding that “if Korea goes coinless, it is good for both customers and sellers as sellers will not need to prepare enough coins for their business”.

There is also hope that the shift towards electronic payments will help shrink the informal economy, boost the state’s coffers and boost overall growth.

“We can save a lot of cost by not using cash,” said Kim Seong hoon, a researcher at the Korea Economic Research Institute. “If we abandon cash, we could see 1.2 per cent extra economic growth a year. A cashless society can help us tackle low growth, low inflation and the low-interest environment.”

But for Mr Lee, the move will require a broader shift of habits in an ageing population.

“If Korea wants to go cashless in the long term, first of all people will need to change their mindset when it comes to handing out cash in traditional settings, such as markets, churches or family events like weddings,” he said.

Globally, Scandinavian countries are leading the charge towards cashless societies. More than half of Sweden’s 1,600 bank branches neither hold cash nor take cash deposits. Norway’s biggest bank, meanwhile, this year also called for a cashless society.

Last month India also entered the fray after Prime Minister Narendra Modi took aim at the nation’s glut of black money by declaring high-denomination currency notes invalid.
FWIW, here's another potential 666 connection -- in the case of the Magic Square, each row adds up to 15, which numerologically is 6. Three rows per side gives 666 on any of the four sides:

Today there is an article written by the one who developed the local state creditcard system in Denmark around 1980. Here are some excerpts in the article where he reflects on the development where the national bank is loosing power because transactions will be taken over by credit card systems in a cashless society.
_ said:
Nets has more power than the Danish Nationalbank
When I developed the Dankort system - as the first director of the Banks' Credit and Credit Card Company (1979-1982), today, Nets - banks found it to be a payment system that could replace cash.


The idea of ​​developing an electronic payment method was something that was seen over the next 10 years, and the development was solely governed by the major IT companies such as IBM, NCR, etc.

By finding a simple solution, based on the already existing telephone network and utilizing the input of existing phones, the Dankort terminal was invented and the system could be instantly introduced throughout Denmark.

It had taken six months to develop the entire system.

Along the way, the system had been tested in a number of countries abroad, as the system could not be tested in Denmark to avoid rumors of a breakthrough in the payment service that could reverse the mutual power of banks and savings banks.

The Dankort project made great sense abroad, partly because it was simple and could be implemented in all countries with a reasonable telephone network, and partly because the philosophy behind the thank-you card was to protect the individual countries against international credit card companies taking over the payment service and foreign banks put on the financial market.
Finally managed to push the politicians to leave it to the banks to administer the Dankort in the PBS, now Nets, and the result is the chaos that currently prevails around the entire payment service, where the retailer and all other companies receiving Dankort as payment, Never knowing how to safeguard against price increases, and where consumers in the future will experience the introduction of various fees and taxes.

There has been a society in which we are forced to pay - to be allowed to pay - and the next goal will be to abolish all kinds of cash, which today is the only defense of consumers against rising charges.

Politicians have never understood that the person in charge of payment has greater influence and power on cash flows in Denmark than Danmarks Nationalbank.
And that is one more reason why, even the notion of sovereignty is going away from the nation states. The future of social regulation, regional regulations seems clearer. The author is not saying that directly, but he knows.
I have doing quite a bit of research on the "block chain" cryptocurrency model. It is very interesting. It has the structure in the programming to completely exclude the STS fiat currency control over our human right to buy and provide for our needs like food, shelter and most all creative human activities. I would really like to get the "Cs" take on this movement. For me it seem like a way out of the hopeless state and now huge inequity in wages for our work not providing any comfort or basic needs. I am going to give it a go.
It is the psychology of increasing use of cards that worries me. I believe they encourage everyone to spend easily without any thought. How easy it is to just shove a piece of plastic into a machine and tap out your pin. How painful it is to hand over a £20 to the retailer. We need to feel the pain of handing over "real" money. It is the only way we are going to think carefully about what we are spending.

It would be better for us all to withdraw our monthly requirements from the bank or building society and spend the cash. It would all seem much more "real" to us and we would think twice about spending freely on things we could not really afford. The use of cards is insidious and we will all end up "paying" in ways that we cannot imagine at present.
lara4unow said:
I have doing quite a bit of research on the "block chain" cryptocurrency model. It is very interesting. It has the structure in the programming to completely exclude the STS fiat currency control over our human right to buy and provide for our needs like food, shelter and most all creative human activities. I would really like to get the "Cs" take on this movement. For me it seem like a way out of the hopeless state and now huge inequity in wages for our work not providing any comfort or basic needs. I am going to give it a go.

It may be useful to invest a little into it for diversifying I suppose, but have you seen this article/video? It seems it will be like the internet, a double edged sword that could be both positive and negative.
Mastercard Targets Mexico City, Where Cash Is King (Video:8:02)
Bloomberg Aug 21, 2017 :evil:
Mastercard wants Mexico City to join major cities across the globe in taking its first step toward cashless public transportation. The company will introduce a contactless, transit-enabled debit card for Mexico City’s Metro, allowing riders to use a tap-and-go payment method tied to their bank account. But many residents don’t have bank accounts, and don't have enough cash to get one.

Apr 12, 2017
Is the Euro Doomed? (02:40)
With Britain heading out of the European Union, Greece back on the brink and discontent fuelling the rise of populist politicians, Bloomberg QuickTake asks can the world’s most ambitious financial experiment survive? (Video by Angus Bennett)
LOL Got ca-ca-Cassh? Tweeter meltdown.
Twitter Prepares for End of World, Bad Jokes at Cashier as Visa Crashes
12:10 02.06.2018
The international payment service has apologized for the outage on the continent, when millions of people in Britain, Germany and other countries couldn’t pay with their cards for grocery, clothes or Friday’s booze. Some people complain that they were charged twice due to what turned out to be a system crash.

A system failure has plunged Europe into turmoil, as millions across the continent couldn’t use their Visa credit and debit cards for several hours on June first from 2.30 PM. The chip and pin transactions were reportedly blocked as Visa couldn’t proceed a confirmation message. Cardholders could neither get cash at ATMs nor pay with a Visa.

This caused confusion and turmoil as people reportedly had to wait in lines in shops, petrol stations and railway stations, while their staff had no clue about the reason for rejected payments. The company fixed the blackout by the late evening; however, there were still delays due to an overflow of payments the company had to confirm.

Visa has apologized for the failure that caused mass inconvenience to its customers, both shoppers and partners.

According to the company’s statement, “The issue was the result of a hardware failure. We have no reason to believe this was associated with any unauthorized access or malicious event.”

The outage has angered and discouraged cardholders, who brought their feelings on social media. The end of the world was eventually brought up.
A bunch of Tweets were calls to spare the salesmen from both anger and bad jokes.
Some complained about being charged sometime after they already paid in cash.
Others were humorous about the mishap.
Ryan Orchard on Twitter

Anthony Pearson on Twitter

Others used the outage as an opportunity to promote Bitcoin.

There were those who didn’t believe Visa’s “system failure” explanation.

We have resolved a technical issue that impacted some consumers across Europe. Visa account holders can now use Visa for any of their purchases and at ATMs. We apologise to all our partners & especially to Visa cardholders who were affected.
8:36 PM - 1 Jun 2018

This affected my sister yesterday after I transferred money into her account. She showed me the following from Twitter:
Tweet from VISA. It was only a small amount for food. Something told me not to though I figured it was only a small amount. Guess this might be why!

The woes of a cashless society. It causes upheaval elsewhere by the looks of things. The decent thing is for those affected to get reimbursed in full.
Twitter Prepares for End of World, Bad Jokes at Cashier as Visa Crashes
12:10 02.06.2018
Credit And Bank Cards Stop Working, Sending Masses Into Frenz
Published on Jun 5, 2018 / 4:40
25 Nov 1995
Q: (L) You said we should multiply our money and that storing
it is not making it work for you....
A: If you notice, all successful business people do this.
They multiply their money, expand their horizons,
continuously. They multiply their money by multiplying
their output, thus their intake likewise. And the process
is never ending, because they understand instinctively
that it is part of a cycle. For the intake to continue,
it must not be only retained, but must increase in order
to keep pace with the ever spiraling cycle of increase and
expansion. And, for this to happen, the output must be
expanded accordingly. When it stops, it collapses. And
this is how the Illuminati AKA The Brotherhood AKA The
Antichrist creates a "Panic," by stemming the flow, even
only slightly, and then broadcasting the created
impression aggressively.
Q: (S) Well, investing is fine if you have money, but Laura
and Frank don't have any money to invest. What would be
a way for them to do this?
A: One example would be to share their experiences, insights,
and learnings. One way to replicate such would be to
publish, for example.
A global currency makes me think of the 'spaghetti code' in older versions of the Windows Operation System. If one thing breaks down, everything breaks down.
You know from January 2019 there is a Low in Norway that all waiters have to pay taxes from their tips. It is not allow to keep them.The Company where you work must collect the money from the credit cards and give them together with your salary and the tax deduction done.Before this Low, waiters were the fewer ones having cash in their pockets.And i am wondering if this Low just was/is a masquerade to put the cash out of our reach at all!:scared: By the way our ID card with all our personal information and a picture is a CREDIT CARD in this part of the world!! Let´s have some refreshment from the Cs.

Session October 16,1994

Q: (L) What is the meaning of the number 666 in the book of Revelation?

A: Visa.

Q: (L) You mean as in credit card?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are credit cards the work of what 666 represents?

A: Yes?

Q: (L) Should we get rid of all credit cards?

A: Up to you.

Q: (L) Would it be more to our advantage than not to disconnect ourselves from the credit system?

A: Isn't just credit also debit.

Q: (L) Is that an affirmative.

A: How are you going to do this?

Q: (L) Well, do you have any suggestions?

A: World will soon have nothing but credit and debit have you not heard of this new visa debit cards this is the future of money as controlled by the world banking system i.e. the brotherhood i.e. Lizards i.e. antichrist.

Q: (L) If I don't have a credit card then I don't have to belong to this system?

A: No. You will have no choices: belong or starve.

Q: (L) What happened to free will?

A: Brotherhood aka Lizards aka antichrist has interfered with free will for 309000 years. They are getting desperate as we near the change.

Q: (V) It has always been my nature to rebel against that which I did not feel was good for me. Is rebellion against this system possible?

A: If you are willing to leave the body.

Q: (L) Leave the body as in death, croak, kick the bucket?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) If we were to move...

A: Changes will follow turmoil be patient.

Q: (L) We would like to move into the country. Will it be possible to get along without this credit/debit card leading that kind of life?

A: No.

Q: (L) Are they going to have the kind of capability of controlling everything and everybody no matter where they are?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Even if we moved to Guyana and built a log hut in the rain forest and didn't bother anybody, we'd still get sucked into this thing?

A: Laura you will feel the effect of the Lizard beings desperate push for total control no matter where you go.

Q: (L) That is inexpressibly depressing. Do you understand?

A: Why? Change will follow.

Q: (L) Let's go back to the subject of the beast and the number 666. You say that following the enforcement of control by the Lizzies on the entire world that the change is going to take place, is that correct?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) How long following?

A: Open.

Q: (L) Several prophetic works have said that this period is going to last 6.3 or 7 years. Is that correct?

A: Open.

Q: (L) On the subject of the 666, I was given an insight into this several years ago as to another meaning of it, is that interpretation also correct?

A: Maybe. VI is 6 in Roman Numerals. S was 6 in ancient Egypt. A was 6 in Sanskrit. VISA, see, is 666. Interesting that to travel for extended periods one needs a "visa" also, yes?

Q: (L) The other parts of chapter 13... Verse one says, "I stood on the sandy beach I saw a beast coming up out of the sea with ten horns and seven heads. On his horns he had ten royal crowns and blasphemous titles on his heads..." What does this verse mean?

A: Many meanings. Monetary control. 10 represents universal control of whole units of value.

Q: (L) So, the ten horns represent units of value, so we are talking about money here. What are the blasphemous titles on his heads?

A: In God we trust.

Q: (L) "And the beast that I saw resembled a leopard..."

A: New World Order.

Q: (L) "Compels all alike, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to be marked with an inscription on their right hand or on their foreheads...." What is this inscription?

A: Visa ID number.

Q: (L) Is this going to be actually physically put on our bodies?

A: Encoded.

Q: (L) How? Is that what the aliens do when they abduct people?

A: No.

Q: (L) How is it going to be done?

A: Stamped.

Q: (L) By what technical means?

A: Electronic encoding. A series of numbers.

Q: (L) Are they going to put these on our skins or imbed them in the skin on our heads or hand...?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Does that mean that you will have to place your hand on an electronic scanner in order to conduct any type of monetary transaction?

A: Precisely.

Q: (L) Okay, it says: "Here is room for discernment, a call for the wisdom of interpretation, let him who has intelligence, penetration, insight enough calculate the number of the Beast, for it is a human number, the number of a certain man, his number is 666. What does this mean?

A: Visa as explained previously. Everyone will get their own number and it will be a Visa number, the number of the Beast.

Q: (L) "Then I looked and Lo! the lamb stood on Mount Zion and with him 144,000 men who had his name and his father's name inscribed on their foreheads..." What does that mean?

A: ID. The Lamb is the Leadership council of the world bank. Many will think they are taking the "mark" of God when actually being marked by the Beast.

Q: (L) "And I heard a voice from Heaven like the sound of great waters and like the rumbling of might thunder and the voice I heard seemed like the music of harpists accompanying themselves on their harps..." What is this voice from heaven and the sound like great waters and mighty thunder?

A: The return of Christ.
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