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Wales won a big football match today, and this song was sung prior to the game, awesome, spine tingling moments.

Thank you, thats a wonderful song! I really got goose bumpers when listening to it. In Austria we have a very sad anthem that brings people to sleep - which is the intention, I think. At the moment I'm telling people around me we should have another anthem, giving us more joy and power .. ;-D ;-D;-D like the Russian one, i.e.
Thank you, thats a wonderful song! I really got goose bumpers when listening to it.
Yeah, me too. I hadn't heard it until yesterday before the match, it brought tears to my eyes. I'm not normally a big nationalist, but the song is so good, so universal in its wording (despite being a song about Welsh Nationalism), that I just let myself get swept up in a bit of patriotic fervour. As the chorus builds, it makes me think of it as a survivor's anthem. The singer songwriter Dafydd Iwan will get a big boost in popularity now as the song grows in our country's hearts. And good for him too, it's a fantastic song, he should be proud. As Wales will now be competing in the football World Cup in November, this isn't the last time this song will be played, the fans love it.
This is music my uncle made together with a younger man. My uncle was responsible for the everyday sounds used (and alienated), such as staircase running, birds chirping, talking, dijeridoo and much more.

The other man then transformed and compiled everything. Normally I don't listen to music like that because I don't like the electronic one, but with the background I think it's pretty cool. The song I shared came about because of a conversation in Franconian Switzerland with a Franconian beekeeper. It's about the fact that there is no more honey at the moment, but there will be some again at the end of May and he "sings" it in dialect. Maybe German forum members can understand it in some places :-P @Aeneas

"Saltwater" by Geowulf:

My initial thought was that the song is a different version of this one.

A comment from the Chicane song's linked
Sarah Lebovits

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For those of you who don't know, the ethereal singing is taken from a song by the Irish band, Clannad, and is sung in Gaelic. The main idea behind trance is it being an uplifting type of music, the change of beats throughout the song elevates a person to a state of trance. This blends in so amazingly with the heavenly singing by Clannad and also, Chicane did such an amazing job with producing this track with change of beats, ect.. Definitely one the big trance masterpieces ever made.

Either way, Geowulf's song is very very nice !!!! ;-)
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