Was Julius Caesar the real Jesus Christ?

Without reading anything of the books yet I've found out that my hunch about Madame Blavatsky was correct.

I simply googled for Godfrey Higgins and for Anacalypsis and found in wikipedia all I need to know. That's why I started with asking you for the name of the writer and the title of his work: to be able to do a search on those items in order to save me a lot of trouble (if only time and energy, but probably more).
It would have been wise when you had done the same before diving in head over heels, if I may say so.

Godfrey Higgins:
wikipedia said:
Higgins' main writings were part of the syncretism of the day, which was an attempt to associate Biblical narratives to evidence emerging about other religious traditions. Higgins discussed, and argued with, other authors of this tradition such as Jacob Bryant, Roger O'Connor and William Jones. Higgins' own writings, especially Anacalypsis, were later to have a major influence on the development of Theosophy, through the publications of Helena Blavatsky.[6]

Note 6 (a dead link) leads to an article in the magazine Theosophical History (Vol. I, no.3 (July 1985), pp. 46-54) written by Leslie Shepard entitled "The 'Anacalypsis' of Godfrey Higgins - precursor of H.P.B." (starting on page 7 of the given link). Would you have found this early on, this article should have been a strong warning sign, I think.

Same story with Anacalypsis:
wikipedia said:
The word anacalypsis comes from the Greek ανακάλυψης, which can be translated as «discovery» or «find». Anacalypsis is the antonym of "apocalypse." In the Higgins´ book, the meaning of the word is twofold:

  • On the one hand, the idea of anacalypsis is seen as something that is evident, transparent and clear, while the apocalyptic is mysterious, dark, and enigmatic.
  • On the other hand, apocalypse means revelation and refers to the last canonical book of the New Testament, Revelation, which states that the world is heading for an imminent and tragic end.

Regarding to the second meaning, it is very important to understand that in the Higgins´ book anacalypsis does not refer to a teleological principle, but a regression towards the beginning that allows us to see through light how myths were created, precisely like the apocalypse in many religions. In fact, the title of the work speaks precisely about this unveiling from the Egyptian goddess Isis. The idea of anacalypsis as "unveiling" was discussed in depth by the Russian-born writer and theosophist Helena Blavatsky in her book Isis Unveiled.

To top it off, from the same page:
wikipedia said:
Higgins died before he was able to complete the final chapter on Christianity. Higgins leaves clues, however, that there may be additional layers of meaning in his work, stating in the preface to Vol. I of 'Anacalypsis':

I think it right to warn my reader, that there are more passages than one in the book, which are of that nature, which will be perfectly understood by my Masonic friends, but which my engagements prevent me explaining to the world at large.[9]

Decades later, John Ballou Newbrough cited extensively to the Anacalypsis, including Higgins' use of Pandeism, in the notes to Newbrough's 1882 Oahspe Bible.[10] Similar, possibly related coinings of Pandeism have occurred elsewhere. One author writes of a contemporary religious group in Bali (which is within the geographic realm of Pandeism described by Higgins):

The empu uses a typical pedanda ketu, "crown" which is tall and red, and a ball. Another man leads Pande ceremonies on the island. He represents a curious mix of Buddhism, Hinduism, and, if it can be called this, "Pandeism".[11]

(All emphases, mine)

All in all, plenty of red flags around; and Laura's estimate is more than only understandable -- it's spot on !
I first think to open a thread, but after found this one I have no doubt the subject fits here very well. Its interesting, I'm aware (for long) about this (World-Wide) kind of ("EL"ite) organization we know nowadays by Babylonian Pyramidal Banking System Hierarchy. Old testament (bible) tell about the Babel Tower Myth, so the issue about Julius Ceasar (life) being used by LOGOS make sense, in regarding others (cult) attempts to make a divine men.

Its blatant the sacrifice of "Lamb of God" its something inherent in western cults. I had never associated Julius Ceasar to it, but in regard what Rome (throught Vatican) means to Western Civilization and the Holy Trinity described on this article, rest few doubts that the (abstract unconscious) links are surely strong.


Worth to say -- as far as I Know -- althought Jesus Christ was mystified, the human being was a fact. What we can not be sure is if he really was crucified or die in the Calvary (Golgotha), because their body supposedly mysteriously disappeared. Both, someone may have taken his place, or he may not have died and then escaped.

Another very important clue, was another person contemporary of Jesus, who walked throughout that same time-region for nearly a century, offering teachings and performing miracles like (new testament said) Jesus did. These facts and the other person are incontroverse. His name is Apollonius of Tyana.

Is well knowed (by esoterics) that (the new) Catholic Church founded (by Roman Empire) hunted, kidnapped, destroyed or hid everything that could be found about Apollonius, in regard to put Jesus Christ the only one (logos) to be reverenced (an remembered) by ordinary people.

Coming back to the Julius Ceasar (logos) discussion, like others (logos) we can look at the following clues from Egypt:


And after this egyptian (cult) logos, others looks like similar approcach:


And the links with Christian Church (cult) to ancient Egypt (where Julius Ceasar was a conquer), doesn't seem like a coincidence.


important to note that when I found this article published on Facebook (which is much more complete), I was already aware about these whole things, and sometimes I checked the level of information to identify distortions, deceptions, etc, but I really never found one (info) that I could criticize.


I hope it helpful !
It's Caesar's birthday today and in one little village in Italy there are actually Christmas celebrations.

Christmas in Ossola is celebrated in July. For four centuries Vagna, a very small hamlet of Domodossola (Vco), has celebrated the Feast of the Child, a rite spread in the fifteenth century by the Franciscan San Bernardino da Siena who also found roots here.

The ecclesiastical authorities of that time authorized the movement of the feast to favour emigrants, who returned to Ossola only in the middle of summer. A tradition that has withstood time and has survived to the present day.

The appointment this year is for July 12. The climax of the feast, which lasts three days, is the solemn Sunday Mass with Christmas carols and the procession dül Bambin which sees the carrying statue of the Child Jesus, a work made in 1730 by the local sculptor Bartolomeo Zanini Piroia.

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Hi, thats a very good question. My answer is a big NO, Julius Caesar is not the real Jesus Christ but one of the 18 + Jesus Christ presumed to be the real.
Hi Laura, i will get into my archive ( ancient memory reservoir) and draw the file . And i will revert back to you the soonest. Just expect an answer not from any book written , if its ok with you?
My answer is a big NO, Julius Caesar is not the real Jesus Christ but one of the 18 + Jesus Christ presumed to be the real.

...i will revert back to you the soonest. Just expect an answer not from any book written...

Hi heartmosiya,

Have you read either of these works by chance?

Carotta's linguistic work was particularly impressive imo.

Anyway, found them both to be very thought provoking on the subject myself.


My fellow comrade, unfortunately i don't have any resources that qualifies me to get books through other channels that needs cash. Sometimes my opinions can be easly crushed because of value of authenticity . But that is not the case, oneday i will try and see how can possess much books are on Amazon.

Note: i might sound contradicting my self but thats how i flow, its not me at all but the one in me.

Ok, lets separate Apple's from Bananas first.Yes, i do agree that there were lot of humans called by the name of Jesus Christ and they all perfomed miracles but i call them stage magicians. The spirit of "some "christ did manifest through them based on
different chronometer and places.i might as well say that they were travellers like anyone else on this pleroma moving at a certain wave form if thats fair enough.

I am bit accustomed to the name of Yeheshua Ben Banthera ( Jesus) as a closed associates that has taped spiritually ( not stage Magician).

And unfortunately there is no real Jesus Christ in a true sense. Its just you and me and everyone else having the title of Christ in us all throughout the manifested 4% in the whole multiverse. The so called Jesus Chirst is actually a spirit not a human.

Let me quote some words from the book of "The Apocalypse of Peter"
# and they will cleave to the name of a dead man thinking that they become pure. but they will become greatly defiled and they will fall into a name of error, into the hand of an evil, cunning man and a manifold dogma, and they will be ruled without law.

# That whom they have crusified is the first born and the home of the demons, and the stony vessel of Elohim of the cross which is under the law.

# But what they released was my incorporeal body.

All this qoutes intrills my senses and i will just say that " the spirit of truth comes to you and you dont have look for it" it chooses whom it likes and draws you away from the mundane.

Just get a copy of nag hammadi and we can share alot of insight. And don't forget that, there is no wrong or right, everything is permitted. And i am still a human becoming....
Ok, lets separate Apple's from Bananas first.Yes, i do agree that there were lot of humans called by the name of Jesus Christ and they all perfomed miracles but i call them stage magicians. The spirit of "some "christ did manifest through them based on
different chronometer and places.i might as well say that they were travellers like anyone else on this pleroma moving at a certain wave form if thats fair enough

Hello heartmosiya, I can understand what you’re talking about, and some of members also had same doubts, because the biblical facts and stories are confusing.
There is reasons for that. So I put together some of information from transcripts, you may find something that might interests you.

November 7, 1994

Q: (L) You have often stated that the Bible is corrupted, I would like to know who, exactly, corrupted the Bible and when and how they did this?

A: Illuminati brotherhood for a thousand earth years.

Q: (L) Does this mean that up until a thousand years ago the Bible was fairly accurate?

A: No.

Q: (L) Is there any possibility that the Catholic church had anything to do with this corrupting influence?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Does the Catholic church have in its possession actual original texts of the Bible that have not been corrupted?

A: No.

Q: (L) Were there ever such texts in existence?

A: No.

Q: (L) Who wrote the book of Matthew?

A: Greek enforcers.

Q: (L) What are Greek enforcers?

A: Like your FBI.

Q: (L) Who wrote the book of Mark?

A: Same.

Q: (L) Luke and John?

A: Same?

Q: (L) Acts?

A: Same?

Q: (L) Are any books of the New Testament written by who they claim to be written by?

A: No. Remember this is 70% propaganda.

Q: (L) Is 30% then the truth or the actual teachings?

A: Close. Enough you must decipher from instinct through meditation

October 11th 2014

A: The Baby Jesus Story is an amalgamation of Mithras and Caesar. The story of "Jesus" causing wonder among the "Doctors of the Law" is referring to Caesar. Augustus borrowed an element or two of the tale of Caesar, but mostly not.

Q: (L) Okay. Hmm. Well, that doesn't help me at all, does it? Was there anything remarkable about Caesar's birth?

A: Comet.

Q: (L) So there was a comet at the time of his birth, and that was the main thing. A comet at his birth, and a comet at his death. Is that it?

A: Yes

Perceval) But how many people were born at that time? It doesn't necessarily relate to Caesar. If it was there in the sky for a week or two weeks, then you've got hundreds of people being born with the comet in the sky. But from a human point of view, people took it as a sign...

A: Receivership capability!

Q: (L) So there can be hundreds of people born with the emanations of a comet in the atmosphere, but only the one that has the receivership capability would be affected or influenced by it?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So it can be very important, but only for...

(Perceval) From a hidden perspective, and not from an ordinary human perspective. Was the cult surrounding Caesar after his death perceived as a threat by someone at that time or thereafter?

A: Indeed! Caesar advocated treating the poor and the masses with care and kindness.

Q: (Perceval) So they were threatened enough to kill him and undo pretty much everything he had done... But, was there a real threat that his teaching would have spread across the world and changed everything?

A: Yes.

(Approaching Infinity) Allegedly, one of the earliest things about the Jesus people was their communal meal, the Eucharist. Was there something about Caesar's life, or something that he did, that led to that?

A: Not in particular, however it came to be a sign shared because Caesar made sure that the hungry were fed and if his soldiers were hungry, he shared their suffering. The "meal" wasanother aspect borrowed from Mithras. Notice that the clue about Tarsus points to Mithraism also. Finally, elements of Caesar's last supper were incorporated into the story as well!

Q: (Perceval) Caesar's last supper?

(Kniall) Yeah, he had a meal and he was asked how he would like to die.

February 7th 2015

Q: (L) And Paul's theology seems to be very similar to the realities you've described to us as being 4th density and inhabited by 4th density denizens, and a place that you move to or graduate to after you live a life in this world or realm.

A: Yes

Q: (L) Even his idea of the spiritual body is similar, because he says flesh and blood cannot inherit in this kingdom. And then he says something about the body being sown as a seed, and then it grows as a spiritual body. So it's almost as if he's talking about another reality where there's variability of physicality or something. He even says that those that are still here at the time of the change that he was expecting would be changed in the twinkling of an eye.

A: Yes

Q: (Perceval) What was the nature of Paul's vision?

A: He saw Caesar and thought it was a Jewish individual. However, he soon sorted things. Paul was desperately trying to save people and transform the world and so he "became all things to all people" when it served the aim. The group in Jerusalem were as much in his sights for salvation as anyone.

Q: (L) So if I get this right, what you're saying is that he may initially have thought that he was seeing a Jewish individual, but he quickly realized that it was not a Jewish individual because he was no dummy. And he knew that Simon of Perea had not died on the cross, that it was Caesar on the Trophaeum?

A: Yes

March 23rd 2019

Q: (Pierre) Oh... Next question: The Cathars, just before surrendering in Montsegur, they negotiated this truce for a few days to realize a secret celebration. We don't know what it was about. It was around the 14th of March. Was it related to a celebration of Caesar's death?

A: Yes. The Last Supper is a commemoration of Caesar

December 28, 2019

Q: (L) And that's pretty much what Paul says because he doesn't describe it as an instant process. He says you need to work out your salvation with fear and trembling. So it's something that requires work and time. And yet Christianity as it exists today has distorted this to where they say, "Oh, all you have to do is come down to the altar and say you believe" and that's it. That's just not the way it works.

A: Consider that much editing and confusion has entered the texts for impure purposes.

Q: (L) Impure purposes... You mean like people seeking power and control?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So am I right that the Book of Mark was an amalgamation of elements of Paul's Christ overlaid on Judas the Galilean, and the Judas the Galilean figure was completely stripped of his revolutionary character and that sort of thing?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So there was a Jewish Christ, and there was Paul's Christ. They were combined to make Jesus of Nazareth, the hippy who went around in sandals doing miracles?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Any other questions?

(Joe) Who was Paul's Christ?

A: Caesar!

Q: (Joe) Did Paul know that?

A: Yes
I've not read the entire thread yet but it's on my to do list. I can understand incredulity regarding the idea being put together here, but I've got to say when I discovered Carrotta and Courtney's books I took it all on board swiftly and the explanations made sense. Caesar was an extraordinary human being, and his legacy is yet to be properly restored to human mass consciousness. A master politician, statesmen, soldier/tactician, bridge builder/architect, writer, a champion of the underclass, a man of clemency and diplomacy, just phenomenal. Why deify a fictional Jewish Mystic when the truth is so much more inspiring? You can actually learn from the works of Caesar, and improve yourself as a person. With the character of Jesus, it's a leap of faith right from the get go.

Which of the 2 options would I go for? The answer is obvious.
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