Tucker Carlson and Fox News "agree to part ways" - Was he FIRED?

Fox News demands Tucker Carlson shut down his Twitter show

Yep - Fox is desperate to halt Tucker's next show that is going to address the Trump situation:
But it seems that Fox News can’t stand to see Tucker thriving without them. On the eve of his highly anticipated third episode, set to be a monumental defense of Donald Trump amidst his federal indictment, Fox News unleashed their legal hounds. They sent Tucker a cease-and-desist letter, trying to hinder his Twitter triumphs.

Tucker said that the moment Trump uttered the words that the administrators KNEW there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and they lied to the public all along, was the moment when judgment was passed on him.
Dave Chappelle called that out back in 2004 in his black George Bush sketch. I want to post the video of it but I'm not sure if it's allowed because they said the n word over and over.
He suggests too that both parties want to get rid of Trump.
Weird as it may seem, actually, I think, Trump went into his "jail office", because after the Supreme Court declared he has no standing, jail was the only possible place he could go, to start effecting real changes in the US - which were long time coming! Jail is his officially acknowledged place. Jail = Prison is in the American Public Consciousness. There was one black guy years ago - profusely thanking for help - proclaiming enthusiastically on social media:
- Thank You, man! I'll protect you in prison!
Lot of people laughed as it was published on the internet as some fun. Actually it couldn't have been more tragic, reflecting the state of America today.

Good news, I think. Finally events will start to get put into motion. Trump's campaign team already changed gears as if on a previously agreed signal. I think this may result in gaining massively increased number of votes. Maybe all of the Deep Hate State's enemies, independent presidential candidates now should all go to prison in a similarly publicized - theatrical - manner.

Vive la résistance!
Maybe its just me, but Tucker's very last statement sounded like he felt or knew something was coming.

"It feels like we're going to find out soon."

Also, did he call Milley an overweight woman?

"Milley is now the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Levine, of course, is our country's most famous Admiral."

"Both transitioned late in life into overweight middle-aged women. Both wound up working as high-level officials in the Joe Biden Administration."
"In his first public interview since being fired from Fox News, Tucker Carlson sat down with none other than Russell Brand (on Rumble)."

"Tucker Describes Fox Execs Attacking him For J6 Report: "F**k You!”"

Here's a short clip of the J6 discussion, (8 minutes) and the full interview is embedded in the Zero-hedge article below:

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Here's Tucker's first interview since being fired from Fox with Russell Brand. It's very good. Touches on his firing, Trump, RFK Jr., Ukraine, 2024 election, etc. And Brand is excellent in this one.

Tucker speaking at "Turning Point USA" AFTER he interviewed the Republican running for office. Pretty much let's us know there isn't a good politician on either side.

A couple of points:

Although the title says Mike Pence Tucker tried to not us his name but...it didn't work:-)

He made a good point when he says they don't believe these wild claims themselves, like men can breast feed. They are just keeping everyone busy with gut-hate (if they take it seriously) while they are looting our country. So don't take the bait.

When the topic of cocaine in the WH came up, Tucker did a funny impression of a coke addict:-)

43 minutes long

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Tucker speaking at "Turning Point USA" AFTER he interviewed the Republican running for office. Pretty much let's us know there isn't a good politician on either side.
Is Tucker the new George Carlin? His presentation sure put me in mind of Carlin's routines. I guess continuing to point out the truth of our seriously corrupted political system, the very real threats to our way of life particularly the decimation of the middle class, and exposing the obvious hypocritical views of the prez candidates, does have a positive effect. I can't help but think, though, that Tucker is filling the role of court jester albeit an updated/modern version:

In Chinese there is no direct translation of the English "jester," no single word that to the present-day Chinese conjures an image as vividly as "court jester," fou du roi, or Hofnarr would to a Westerner. In Chinese the jester element often has to be singled out according to context, although the key character you does seem to have referred specifically to jesters, originally meaning somebody who would use humor to mock and joke, who could speak without causing offense, and who also had the ability to sing or dance: "The you was also allowed a certain privilege, that is, his 'words were without offence' . . . but the you could not offer his remonstrances in earnest, he had to make use of jokes, songs and dance."
Just as a modern-day television stand-up comedian might begin his career on the pub and club circuit, so a would-be jester could make it big time in court if he was lucky enough to be spotted. In addition, a poet, musician, or scholar could also become a court jester.
A man with the right qualifications might be found anywhere: in Russia "they were generally selected from among the older and uglier of the serf-servants, and the older the fool or she-fool was, the droller they were supposed and expected to be. The fool had the right to sit at table with his master, and say whatever came into his head."
A description of Rabelais's Panurge encompasses many of the jester's characteristics: "Irreverent, libertine, self-indulgent, witty, clever, roguish, he is the fool as court jester, the fool as companion, the fool as goad to the wise and challenge to the virtuous, the fool as critic of the world." He could be juggler, confidant, scapegoat, prophet, and counselor all in one. If we follow his family tree along its many branches we encounter musicians and actors, acrobats and poets, dwarfs, hunchbacks, tricksters, madmen, and mountebanks.
Foolery, sir, does walk about the orb like the sun, it shines everywhere.
—William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night (3.1.39-40)
We have all seen how an appropriate and well-timed joke can sometimes influence even grim tyrants. . . . The most violent tyrants put up with their clowns and fools, though these often made them the butt of open insults.
—Desiderius Erasmus, Praise of Folly
The court jester is a universal phenomenon. He crops up in every court worth its salt in medieval and Renaissance Europe, in China, India, Japan, Russia, America and Africa. A cavalcade of jesters tumble across centuries and continents, and one could circle the globe tracing their footsteps. But to China the laurels. China has undoubtedly the longest, richest, and most thoroughly documented history of court jesters. From Twisty Pole and Baldy Chunyu to Moving Bucket and Newly Polished Mirror, it boasts perhaps more of the brightest stars in the jester firmament than any other country, spanning a far wider segment of time. The jester's decline began with the rise of the stage actor as the Chinese theater became fully established during the Yuan dynasty. In many respects actors seem to have taken up the jester's baton not only in entertaining their patrons, but also in offering criticism and advice no less clear for being couched in wit. Perhaps only in ancient Rome did jesters and actors overlap so much.
Of at least equal importance with his entertainer's cap was the jester's function as adviser and critic. This is what distinguishes him from a pure entertainer who would juggle batons, swallow swords, or strum on a lute or a clown who would play the fool simply to amuse people. The jester everywhere employed the same techniques to carry out this delicate role, and it would take an obtuse king or emperor not to realize what he was driving at, since "other court functionaries cooked up the king's facts for him before delivery; the jester delivered them raw." An informal survey of the man in the street has shown that most people will pinpoint the jester's right to speak his mind as one of his salient characteristics.
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