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Bolivia cold snap brings rare snow to tropical farm region

Bolivia's largest agricultural region, Santa Cruz, is bracing this week against a surprise wave of snow and ice, causing lasting damage to crops and killing cattle in other parts of the country.

Vast parts of the region, known for producing sorghum, soybeans and wheat, among other foods, have been covered in sheets of snow.

Torrential rains have also caused flooding in the valleys of Santa Cruz, prompting road closure, air evacuations and one confirmed death, according to authorities.

"The most important thing in this sector is going to be the replacement of seeds and fertilizers ... because now much of this production is already insurmountable," said the vice minister of civil defense, Juan Carlos Calvimontes.

In the neighboring tropical department of Beni, the frost reportedly killed at least 50 head of cattle. Families have made bonfires near the animals to protect them from hypothermia.

Further north of the country, the cold broke historical records at minus 9 degrees Celsius
, while temperatures also plummeted in the southern wine-producing department of Tarija.


Weather watchers have been getting up early and staying up late to spot Noctilucent clouds.

The clouds can be spotted in summertime before sunrise and sunset.

Also known as night shining clouds, they are visible when ice crystals form high in Earth's atmosphere and are underlit by the Sun.

On Thursday and Friday they were spotted from Aberdeenshire, Dumfries and Galloway, Harris and Moray.
I've just had a full description from my Dad, including videos on his phone, of the torrential rain in Central Italy last month. He's lived there in summer for 20 years and never seen anything like it. They said the thunder rattled the windows and it would rain for days on end, so heavy that they couldn't even walk in the village. Further North the flooding displaced 23, 000 people and the authorities asked that nobody travel to the area.

I asked him "Dad, was it like - sheets of rain?" Couldn't resist.

Here in the UK we have had weeks of blazing sun and no rain, the land was looking parched but now huge thunderstorms are finally arriving.

Marmot Basin
Marmot Basin on June 19, 2023.

Surprise storm dumps June snow at Canadian ski resorts - at least 6 inches at Marmot Basin

Tomorrow is officially the first day of summer, but many ski resorts in western Canada are waking up to multiple inches of snow blanketing the mountains.

Check out the Facebook post below from Marmot Basin, an under-the-radar ski resort located in Alberta.

The resort isn't reporting an official storm total, but there appears to be at least 6-8 inches of fresh snow:

June or January? It feels like I've been asking that question quite a bit this week.

I published an article just yesterday of 6+ inches falling on Tamarack Resort, Idaho, and another article about a dusting that fell on Beaver Creek Resort, Colorado.

Other ski resorts across western Canada got in on the summer snow action as well.

Check out the video captured by Banff Sunshine Village of flakes falling yesterday afternoon:


An update to the above on the situation in Alberta, Canada. Nearly 16 inches of snowfall in the Jasper area - more typical of the winter solstice rather than 2 days out from the summer one - methinks!

Snow in June? Freak weather wreaks havoc on Jasper, Alberta - 15.7 inches of snowfall

Wet, heavy snow causes tree branches to break near the Visitor Information Centre on June 19, 2023.
© P.Shokeir
Wet, heavy snow causes tree branches to break near the Visitor Information Centre on June 19, 2023.

Jasperites woke up to the white stuff coming down hard on Monday as a freak snowstorm created an unusual start to the week of the Summer Solstice.

Beginning overnight, as much as 40 cm of snow started falling throughout Jasper National Park, creating a flake of bemusement and an avalanche of frustration for drivers, campers, the RCMP Musical Ride team and everyone else.

"We had a developing low pressure system on Sunday over the central portion of the province. That was associated with a lot of cold air aloft flooding into the province, helping create these quite heavy showers over west-central portions of the province in Yellowhead County, including Jasper and especially the Grande Cache area, and the Hinton area all the way to the B.C. border," said Sara Hoffman, meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada.

While it lasted, it created havoc all around. It delayed the opening of Cavell Road and caused the temporary closure of Miette Hot Springs.

Two tour buses that tried to drive up Maligne Lake Road where a little more than a metre of snow had landed. They got stuck somewhere near Medicine Lake, so Parks Canada sent a plough up to clear the path so that the roughly 40 passengers could be transferred back down. The plough then went farther up, or at least it tried to before it got itself stuck.

"They'll have stories to tell when they get home, that's for sure. It sounds like one bus was a load of primarily German tourists. It'd be a bit of an adventure for them; they didn't get to see Maligne Lake but had a mountain adventure nonetheless," said Dave Argument, resource conservation manager with Parks Canada.

A sidewalk is blocked off due to a downed tree on Patricia Street on June 19, 2023.
© P.Shokeir
A sidewalk is blocked off due to a downed tree on Patricia Street on June 19, 2023.

Parks Canada had its own trail crew up on Skyline. They had a tough day, Argument said, but not because of their assigned tasks. They didn't accomplish much, if any, trail maintenance. Rather, they spent a good portion of the day hiking back down.

Two groups of six campers, one at Tekarra Campground and the other at Fisherman's Bay, also required assistance after their tents collapsed due to the wet, heavy snow overnight. Suffering from the sudden cold, they called for help. That help came in the form of a boat for one group and a helicopter for the other.

"This is just a case in point for why it's important to make sure you're carrying emergency communications equipment. That's key," Argument said.

He added that this weather event effectively demonstrated why everyone must prepare for all possibilities when they come to Jasper for recreation. He suggested that people also make sure that somebody else knows your trip plan.

The unseasonal snow load also brought down an unusually high number of trees and tree branches throughout the national park and the municipality itself. Parks Canada sent out chainsaw crews to remove the deadfall from roads and improve access on trails.

The town's Operations Department had its own crews out clearing downed trees from public sidewalks and streets. It was working with ATCO and Parks Canada to address hazards and deal with trees that had fallen on power lines.

The snow then turned into rain around noon Monday, leaving Canada's weather agency to have both a snowfall warning and a rainfall warning for Jasper on the same day. Snowfall warnings were also in effect for Highway 93 from Jasper to Saskatchewan River Crossing and then on to Lake Louise as well.

The Jasper Warden Office Station reportedly received 81 mm of rain by early afternoon on Monday.

The rain accumulated so much in Edson that the town had to declare a state of local emergency due to the flooding only days after its residents returned from their evacuation orders. Going north toward Grande Cache, a mudslide on Highway 60 caused major traffic disruptions.

By Wednesday, the weather started to return to more seasonal temperatures as the actual Summer Solstice arrived. The weekend should see the thermometer in the low-to-mid-20 C range.
"It looks like a nice, very typical June weekend for the Jasper area. Maybe a chance of some scattered showers but certainly nothing like what we're experiencing now," Hoffman said.
I asked him "Dad, was it like - sheets of rain?" Couldn't resist.

Cannot speak for the country as a whole, yet the setup to spring wildfires (Alberta and BC) was a dry fall, warm October and a sudden deep November/December freeze. Here anyway, the freeze dove deep into the ground and capped the surface layers preventing further fall moister to soak in, and spring snowmelt ran off or evaporated and did not penetrant. After a week snow-free, there was dust, and then May heat and piles of extremely dry forest and grassland fuels. There was lightning, carelessness, and probably arson.

Recently, on the eastern side of BC and into Alberta the rains came hard - yes, in sheets, and it became cool - high today of 9 c and down to a few degrees over zero at night, with fires in the hearth now for 3-days.

Rather suspect my dogs coats are growing faster, while the trees are loaded with cones that never fell down in mid to late winter or spring (folklore, not sure).

Day before yesterday and today, there was heavy early morning fog. Around here, that only happens in fall and early winter. So now it is happening in June?!

Yes, fog here too, and one should not be focused upon siting around the fireplace and heating the house until the fall, yet it is like October right now.

Next few months may be interesting.

Over in Alberta:

“We’ve already exceeded our June normal, which is very interesting considering we started the month off well below normal,” said Sara Hoffman, a meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Whatever happens, these rains will impact July while buffering against potential wildfires (not that there will not be further wildfires, and some current ones well into the North may well burn, as they always have in historical times until they go out on their own).

Next 3-days interactive map of BC; note the blue for snow.

Mais les médias aux ordres, payés par le gouvernement vont vous dire que c'est stupide de comparer cela...
Continuons à fragiliser nos emplois, notre économie, notre façon de vivre pour un mensonge qui se résume que l'augmentation du CO2 qui représente 0,04% de notre atmosphère, réchauffe la planète alors que l'on constate les MÊMES HAUSSES sur toutes les planètes du système solaire....

But the controlled, government-paid media will tell you that it's stupid to compare this...
Let's continue to undermine our jobs, our economy, our way of life for a lie that boils down to the increase in CO2, which represents 0.04% of our atmosphere, warming the planet while we see the SAME INCREASES on all planets of the solar system....
Echec aux manipulateurs !!!
L'Institut allemand de la Santé avec l'aide des médias ont publié une "étude" comme quoi l'été 2022 aurait fait 4500 morts de chaleur... (en Allemagne)
Mais dans le même temps l'Espagne, qui a battu tous les records de température en 2022 a signalé 355 décès dont 233 par déshydratation.... donc seuls 122 morts causés par la chaleur...
Le doute s'est donc installé sur les chiffres des manipulateurs allemands, et l'office de la statistique a ramené ce chiffre à 19....
On voit bien que leur seul but est de manipuler, mentir sur le climat, et seuls des gens comme nous les empêchent de propager la peur, ce qui leur permettrait de mettre en place ensuite toute sorte de surveillance.
C'est pour cela qu'ils veulent nous censurer !
Soyez tous des soldats de l'information autour de vous.
Nous combattons des psychopathes !

Check the manipulators!!!
The German Institute of Health with the help of the media published a "study" that the summer of 2022 would have caused 4500 heat deaths... (in Germany)
But at the same time Spain, which broke all temperature records in 2022, reported 355 deaths, including 233 from dehydration... so only 122 deaths caused by heat...
Doubt therefore settled on the figures of the German manipulators, and the statistics office reduced this figure to 19....
We can see that their only goal is to manipulate, to lie about the climate, and only people like us prevent them from spreading fear, which would then allow them to set up any kind of surveillance.
That's why they want to censor us!
Be all soldiers of information around you.
We are fighting psychopaths!
Deux invités sur CNEWS et sur Sud Radio détruit complètement le narratif des changements climatiques.
“Vers 13 000 ans, il y a un réchauffement spectaculaire les températures ont augmenté de ~20°C en quelques décennies, ça n’a rien à voir avec aujourd’hui. De 38 000 à 13 000 ans 9 périodes de réchauffement avec des hausses de 10°C, très supérieures à aujourd’hui ~1°C en ~150 ans”
Retrouver tout nos liens pour nous rejoindre ici:

Two guests on CNEWS and Sud Radio completely destroy the narrative of climate change.
“Around 13,000 years ago, there was a spectacular warming the temperatures increased by ~20°C in a few decades, it has nothing to do with today. From 38,000 to 13,000 years 9 periods of warming with increases of 10°C, much higher than today ~1°C in ~150 years”
Rien que les titres de ce gros média allemand, prouve leur stupidité, manipulation, mensonge... L'Allemagne se réchauffe plus que le reste du monde. Justement comme par hasard, le pays avec des écolos-bobos au pouvoir qui aimeraient détruire encore plus leur économie.... Ne serait-ce pas parce qu'ils ont mis des capteurs de température, aux bons endroits ?.... Passez d'une campagne ombragée, au centre d'une ville, sans arbre, vous constaterez vous aussi le réchauffement...

Just the headlines of this big German media prove their stupidity, manipulation, lie... Germany is warming up more than the rest of the world. Just coincidentally, the country with eco-bobos in power who would like to destroy their economy even more.... Wouldn't it be because they put temperature sensors, in the right places?.... Go of a shady countryside, in the center of a city, without trees, you too will notice the warming...

Unheard of for 11 years: it's snowing in South Africa❄️❄️
Snowfall surprised residents of Johannesburg and other parts of South Africa on Monday, a rare weather phenomenon in the country where authorities warned of possible road closures and a risk of lower temperatures. temperatures. (Source : L'info974)
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