SOTT monthly Earth Changes Summary video suggestions

Thanks once again for an impressive video summary! There are some tiny hiccups in the January compilation:

The music cuts out at 22:53 (beginning of late January US storms section)
The segment starting "some areas of California" and the skier dying repeats from 23:18 - 23:27
The music picks up again at at 23:49.

And wow. I've driven the Pacific Coast Highway. That was some collapse!

Feb. 16 2021: Ancient monuments covered by rare heavy snow in central Athens​

All of Greece is under a blanket of snow today thanks to the storm called Medea, including most of the islands. Two people lost their lives so far.

Two people died in Greece on Tuesday as heavy snowfall not seen in years and gale-force winds lashed the country, disrupting road and sea transport.

The cold snap dubbed "Medea" after the mythical Greek sorceress of the Argonauts brought the most snow to the Greek capital in over a decade, experts said.

A maximum low of minus 19 degrees Celsius was recorded in the nortwestern city of Florina.

On the island of Evia near Athens, an octogenarian suffering from respiratory problems died after an ambulance failed to reach his home in time to repair his breathing apparatus.

On Crete, a livestock farmer in his 60s was found dead in the snow outside his granary at the village of Kaminaki in the east of the island.
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