Session 31 December 2020

(Chu) What did they mean by cleansing?

(L) What we did before. We know what to do. Of course, maybe it wouldn't hurt to put some salt around our room.

(Andromeda) It never hurts to salt!

This reminds me of that time I saw something move across the kitchen in the corner of my eye, and then we heard some strange noises coming form the outside. I salted my mom's and my grandparents' beds before I went to sleep. They called me a witch :lol: Mental note to self: when salting, make sure you explain what you're doing to others before you start the process :whistle:

That said, when I explained what the salt was supposed to do my mom was pretty open to the idea of adding it to the window cleaner later. And if it wasn't for the fact that the salt ended up clogging the spray tube she would have done that. A witch or not - clearly an influential one :halo:
Thank you for this very impressive session! This feels like very clear and present turning point for the USA but also for the World

Q: (L) So you're saying that it doesn't really matter that Trump is a flawed person. He is the person who was elected. If that is not acknowledged, then people are believing lies and that can have an effect on the future of the USA in a cosmic sense? Is that it?

I found this on the cassiopaean website just this morning, it was published back in 2003 and it refers to the Bush Jr. Presidency, and it refers to the responsibility the citizens have in participating in an election, which is VERY relevant to the current struggle the C's mention, which is not only for Trump and his immediate allies to carry on, but for all Americans:

America: Who Is Responsible?

Whether Americans like it or not, the “outside” world judges them on the actions of their “elected leaders”. And so it should be. Any American citizen that persists in laying claim to democratic statehood for their country must also logically accept responsibility for the actions of their government representatives, who they themselves have elected (at least as part of the theory of democracy).

Even in the case that the President achieved office by fraudulent means, the responsibility for this and for allowing it to continue, must also lie with the American people.

Regardless of the argument that it is the years of social and political mind programming and the concomitant eroding of rights which are to blame for the present dire, disenfranchised, intellectually anaesthetised state in which many Americans find themselves, in the end, with whom does the responsibility to do something about it lie, if not with the American people?

Each of us finds ourselves in the position we are in, not as a result of some cruel twist of fate or the “hand of god” but rather as a result of who we are and what we see.

There seems to exist a strong desire (natural or otherwise) within human beings in general to avoid taking responsibility for their actions and their resulting life situation. It could be said that if people were to apply the same, (often considerable) skill for finding something else to point the finger at for their own troubled life situation, to accepting responsibility for and resolving their issues, the world and the people that inhabit it would likely be much happier.

Today, with the wealth of facts and evidence available, many Americans must surely be feeling extreme discomfort as they are forced to resort to increasingly illogical and irrational explanations to allow them to hold on to the idea that they are living in a democracy or that their “elected leaders” are working in their best interests. At some point it becomes too much, and as the mind weighs up the enormous size of that square peg and the pinprick size of the round hole the realisation dawns that it can simply no longer be done.

What then? Begin the difficult task of looking objectively at what IS and accepting responsibility for where we find ourselves?

Well, apparently not. Such is the need and strength of desire to maintain the illusory, rosy view of reality (personal and global), that when almost all evidence to support such a view dries up, most Americans it seems will choose out and out denial rather than undertaking the necessary and logical deconstruction of their cherished illusions.

Denial is generally accepted as “not good” for others, yet few are willing or able to admit the level to which they indulge in it themselves. It is likely however that, due to the almost superhuman efforts that must be made to maintain the level of denial being practiced by many citizens of the US today, it cannot last very long.

The problem is that to maintain a view of the world that finds no reflection whatsoever in objective reality takes A LOT of energy, a person must forcibly create it and at the same time convince others of its reality, energy that most people simply do not have...
Thank you for this session. Looks like we have great challenges ahead. I will be praying for Trump and also set up a monthly donation.
Regarding the 666; I lost my wallet before Christmas, it was found but I had already ordered a new Visa card. When it arrived the new pin code was 0666. I thought that was pretty ominous:-/
Laura said:
(Anna) A few sessions ago, didn't they give a time frame as to when the real pandemic was supposed to start?

(Gaby) Two years.

(Chu) And it was March of this year or whenever we asked the first time about the first lockdown.

(Pierre) 15 months left.

here is the quote from the session.

Session Date: March 21st 2020

Q: (L) Is it likely that there is going to be at some point a REAL plague or pandemic?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) In the next 2 months?

A: No

Q: (Andromeda) In the next 2 years?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Something like the Black Death would really do a number on the elite, wouldn't it?

(Chu) But it's likely that after this, people are going to think that everything is going back to normal and their systems will be very weak. And then the real deal hits.

A: No

Q: (Artemis) Are people being prepared to deal with the plague?

A: Yes

As I understand it, it can be anytime within the next 2 years.
Thank you for the new session Laura et al. It is a sobering one. But we must never be angsty, like you said. I sent a lump sum and will increase my monthly donations.

A: Very close. The same could be said about the USA elections vis-a-vis the outcome for the USA as a whole.

Q: (L) So you're saying that it doesn't really matter that Trump is a flawed person. He is the person who was elected. If that is not acknowledged, then people are believing lies and that can have an effect on the future of the USA in a cosmic sense? Is that it?
So it's not enough for Americans to have voted for Trump en masse. They have to stand up and speak the truth about the fact that the election was stolen outright and in the open. My guess is the republican party will not survive this scandal, and the US will become a one-party state without some Trumpian people power present. Because seriously, wtf is the point? Maybe the silver lining is that people may turn away from federal politics as a way to solve issues people and their communities are facing, and instead redirect that energy to more local and direct methods? I mean, to the extent that local power won't be overridden and destroyed by the Feds (or hasn't been destroyed already).

One thing I noticed, and I can't put my finger on it exactly, is that the C's communication seemed more personal and conversational and/or like the C's were closer.
I've noticed the same thing too immediately. Maybe it's all that romantic reading :love: on the other hand that's been going on for awhile. Maybe the increase in energy coming into the realm overall too? Or the influence of larger numbers of people present?
Thank you for this session. I could sense from it a lot of information of decisive battle which now could take our "commander" as soldiers we couldn't let it :-D Maybe you could tell us once a week what is your financial situation and how high donations you would need to get from standard donation to go on well with financial side. If you do this that way no one could guess how much money you need but we could know how much we could donate to make it on right path :-) Sometimes we are afraid of larger donation because of our situation but if 5 $ more from normal donations could make it right everyone should be able to, do this :-)
Thank you Laura for this new session. I always thought that if Biden was elected we would immediately enter totalitarianism. It is sweet to know that we have a little chance to escape the worst. I give $100 and I'm going to increase my monthly payment a little bit.
Ok, so the whole zombie dream thing and the C's comment of the unintended consequences of messing with DNA and the possibility "some individuals might be transformed into mutation and amplification and mass production factories of something way worse than Covid.", reinforces a little seed that's been germinating and growing in my mind for a while now.
I know this sounds crazy, but is this the beginning of the zombie apocalypse? Could this vaccine actually be the catalyst to turn a portion of the population into literal zombies, through unintended mutation due to unpredictable factors involved with every person's unique genetic makeup? Or like what was discussed, it could cause people to shed some new mutated virus variant with horrifying symptoms that mimic something like rabies. Could you imagine if suddenly people started to turning into foaming-at-the-mouth, raging, murdering shells of their former selves? This thought has been bothering me for a while...maybe i've watched too many movies, haha, but wow, some of the factors in all this are just lining up real nice.
Thank you to the people at the Chateau for sharing this New Year session! The mentioning of strange energies, made me think of the songbird I heard at 02:30 a.m. on January 1st singing its lonely and beautiful song from a group of trees, as if it was a morning in May. Perhaps it was shell shocked after all the fireworks in the vicinity.

A: Those who can give more should do so now more than ever. As we have said before, money equals energy. That energy helps all of you to carry on and strengthen the center. If the center holds, so will the spokes and satellites.
Considering the relation between the centre and the spokes, here is an image one may contemplate:

The perspective on the Trump/Biden election aftermath was interesting. The still-undecided outcome of the process illustrates how futures are open and depends on the choices of people. One may also consider whether a possible Trump second term will administer or enforce the vaccine campaign differently than a possible new Biden term.

The likely consequences of the vaccines are not pleasant. They are as bad if not worse than what the people who are on the streets or on social media say against forced vaccination. If some countries are so paniced by a fake pandemic, how would they react to a real one?
Thank you for the new session. :thup:
(Niall) Just a few I wrote down this morning... Is Trump toast? [laughter]

A: Aha! An interesting question! He is still president and was overwhelmingly elected. He has the support of the majority of Americans. But does he have the boldness to do what must be done? In any event, a titanic struggle is taking place behind the scenes and at 4th density! Whether or not he saves the rights of Americans to elect their president, the USA is still in the soup thanks to global factors.

Q: (L) In other words, it's still open as to whether...

(Joe) Well, hang on... It's a pretty short time frame.

(L) It's a very short time, but we'll know whether he has the boldness or not. And even if he has the boldness, would he survive bold moves?

(Andromeda) Right.

A: Good question. He is almost damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. One thing is certain, the Biden presidency represents an almost immediate slide into totalitarianism.
There is no win-win situation. It is only lose-lose situation. US empire is built by deepstate with the dollar as the reserve currency and businesses/intelligence apparatus with thiefs in both in US and outside. If the deep state is removed, reserve currency goes and theifs outside will get scared and disassociate themselves from the theives in US. If one keeps deep-state, their trustworthiness is so bad, they can't stop themselves prosecuting the majority and destroying themselves in the process.

When down is up so long, even it is flipped, nobody knows what is what. Trump won, but media and establishment said Biden, the entire world acknowledged it. If Trump takes the reign, outsiders are confused about whom to believe or what to, because global media is in cahoots with deepstate. They have their own issues and best they can do for themselves is to ditch US. Scary to contemplate the options.
Q: (L) Alright. I guess we'll understand what that's all about as we go along. When you say, 'Energy waves abound' and 'strange phenomena', is that possibly the cause of Ark's experience in the hospital in room 666?

A: Yes
What a strange coincidence :-)

Q: (L) Alright... Well, I think that covers pretty much what we've been concerned about. One thing I would like to know about is that this is New Year's Eve - the last day of this annus horribilis. There have been good things that came out of this year. Despite the fact that Ark was sick, there was a cure, and he was able to get it. It was long and stressful for everybody. At the same time, it was there, and that was a HUGE light at the end of the tunnel. We're almost at the end of it. He's done really, really, really well and I'm REALLY thankful for that. It's also highly likely that he had something slowly growing for a long time, and maybe it was accelerated after he got sick. As a result, it was brought to our attention because of all the medical work that was being done. So, you know... I'm just looking at the silver lining behind the dark cloud, or making lemonade out of the lemons we were handed this year. It's been really horrible. And of course part of the problem of what we've been through in the last year is that people are suffering and donations to our organization are down which has added to my stress. It's very difficult for us to function on HALF of what we normally receive. We don't know if in the coming year we're going to be able to keep the lighthouse lit. Are we going be able to keep the sessions coming? Will we even have the peace of mind to do it? How can you do anything when you don't have a little peace of mind... Although god knows, nobody really has any nowadays. So, do you have any last words for us for the last of 2020 before we enter 2021?
That's a LOT. So, many of the members are having financial problems, too. I will donate more, although, keep in mind, we have a low standard here in Croatia, and what is a nice sum of money for us (to donate), it's weak for the more developed or richer countries.

Next time, please let us know as soon as you are having these kind of problems. I could have helped more if I knew in advance.

Thank you for the session.
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