Session 31 December 2020


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Session Date: December 31st 2020

Laura, Andromeda, and Artemis at the board

Pierre, Joe, dugdeep, Gaby, Ark, Alana, itellsya, PoB, Ollie, fabric, Scottie, Chu, Niall, Noko the Wonderdog, the Lunar Module, Princess Leia

Q: (L) Today is December 31st, 2020. It's New Year's Eve. We have the usual suspects plus the Farmies. [Review of those present]

A: Hello children! Tironiaea of Cassiopaea here tonight. Energy waves abound in your realm. Strange phenomena increasing.

Q: (L) Alright. I guess we'll understand what that's all about as we go along. When you say, 'Energy waves abound' and 'strange phenomena', is that possibly the cause of Ark's experience in the hospital in room 666?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Are those energy waves natural or are they artificial?

A: Both.

Q: (L) Is that also related to the dream he had last night which was the dream of the zombie coming and pounding on our house and coming in? He was shouting and woke me up.

A: Yes

Q: (L) So, when you say natural, are we talking about from the Earth itself?

A: And planets and sun.

Q: (L) Is it related in any way to this recent conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn?

A: Somewhat, yes.

Q: (L) Okay. When you say some that is artificial, is that something like beaming, or programmed things inside people's heads like the recent report from the Israelis that they could put music inside people's heads directly? And of course we've known they could do that for a long time because I wrote about it in Secret History. If you can put thoughts into people's heads, you can trigger all kinds of dream images. Is that what we're talking about?

A: Close

Q: (L) So, is there any protection that a person can engineer against that sort of thing invading their minds?

A: Diet helps. Also strong mental and psychic hygiene. A "cleansing" is in order due to time spent in places where such energies collect.

Q: (L) So in other words, having spent time in these hospitals, you can pick up all kinds of funny little energy pockets. Alright... Do you want to ask anything about it, Honey?

(Ark) No.

(L) Okay, that took care of that. Niall, did you get some questions lined up?

(Niall) Just a few I wrote down this morning... Is Trump toast? [laughter]

A: Aha! An interesting question! He is still president and was overwhelmingly elected. He has the support of the majority of Americans. But does he have the boldness to do what must be done? In any event, a titanic struggle is taking place behind the scenes and at 4th density! Whether or not he saves the rights of Americans to elect their president, the USA is still in the soup thanks to global factors.

Q: (L) In other words, it's still open as to whether...

(Joe) Well, hang on... It's a pretty short time frame.

(L) It's a very short time, but we'll know whether he has the boldness or not. And even if he has the boldness, would he survive bold moves?

(Andromeda) Right.

A: Good question. He is almost damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. One thing is certain, the Biden presidency represents an almost immediate slide into totalitarianism.

Q: (L) So, Trump is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't. And the USA is damned if Trump doesn't. So, they're all between a rock and hard place. Alright. Next topic?

(Joe) Can we have some odds on Trump doing what's necessary to save the right of Americans to elect their president?

A: Right now it is about 52 to 48.

Q: (L) 52 for him doing it, 48 against. In other words, it's still open.

(Joe) That's going down to the wire!

(L) Yeah, it is. This is not Secretariat running. [laughter]

(Andromeda) We've got one week.

(Joe) A lot of it will be determined on the 6th of January.

(L) Okay, Niall has the next topic?

(Niall) What happened in Nashville Christmas morning?

A: Boom!

Q: (Joe) That's what you get for asking that kind of question.

(L) Garbage in, garbage out.

(Niall) That's what the question said. I just wrote it down.

(Joe) Was the bombing in Nashville on Christmas morning carried out by the guy they claim it was carried out by?

A: Yes. We have already told you much about programmed violence designed to terrify populations.

Q: (L) So it's one of those... Did they ever find out what the bomb was made of? Did they say?

(Joe) I don't think they said. It was a typical Unabomber type of scenario.

(L) Alright. Gaby was saying something about the Covid business...

(Gaby) So it seems to have changed a bit. There seems to be The Return of Covid. There were a few cases like those reported back in March, people with masses in the lungs, a sort of interstitial pneumonia, but they're happening to young people now. So I was wondering if this is the result of the new vaccination program? Even though it hasn’t started officially, there have been thousands already vaccinated; something like 40 thousand during the experimental phase.

(L) So, you're saying that there are some really bad cases of Covid, and you're wondering if that's due to those who have been vaccinated?

A: Most likely. But do not forget what is being done to the population in terms of terror and predisposed belief. Further, wearing masks creates a perfect breeding ground for mutations and intensification of the illness.

Q: (L) So people are being programmed to believe that they're gonna die. Also, their bodies are being poisoned by their own effluvia from wearing masks and by being turned into walking talking garbage dumps by re-breathing their own waste... It's like rats breed in garbage dumps, and viruses breed in physical-body garbage dumps. If you don’t take the trash out of your body properly, you become a contaminated dump ripe for all kinds of pathogens to move in and take over.

(Joe) There are several vaccines. Two of them are messenger RNA vaccines that have never been used on humans before. We know more or less what they do. I was just wondering if those mRNA vaccines are particularly dangerous for people as compared to the standard type?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Dangerous in terms of increasing the chances that people will get sick, or have some kind of... What's the danger from that kind of vaccine?

A: Messing around with DNA is iffy at best. Because of genetic recombination, each individual is unique. The purveyors of vaccines such as this have not well considered that some individuals might be transformed into mutation and amplification and mass production factories of something way worse than Covid.

Q: (Joe) So is that the best bet then for a real plague? A real pandemic might come from the vaccine for Covid...

(L) A real, horrible pandemic might come from this vaccine interacting with the DNA of specific individuals. There may be a small percentage of them, but all it takes is one.

(Gaby) Or could it be more like... Ya know, it's the spike protein that is produced that is like HIV and also endogenous retroviruses that are already resident in our DNA that could be activated and behave like a Black Death. Or could it be something more like we'll be seeing a lot more cancer, for example?

A: Think something more like Black Death.

Q: (Gaby) Though certainly, we’ve already seen that COVID can amplify and accelerate already existing conditions. In another direction, we've been discussing on the forum about things we could take to protect us in case we have to be vaccinated. Will other people being vaccinated be a source of potential Black Death even if you don't get vaccinated?

(Joe) That was the idea. This mRNA vaccine causes your body to produce the spike protein from this coronavirus. Is it possible that within your body, that protein could be combined with some other more benign virus?

(Gaby) From what I understand, components of the spike protein are homologous to some of our endogenous retroviruses. They've found in our endogenous retroviruses even stuff that's similar to Ebola.

(L) In other words, sticking messenger RNA in a vaccine is a really, REALLY bad idea.

(Chu) And we wouldn't even need a cometary event to cause mass death on the planet?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) This is a spike protein from an outside pathogen that your body doesn't make. Obviously your body defends against it.

(L) But your body could be retooled to make it in mass quantities and make it particularly virulent.

(Joe) Or to make some hybrid with some other virus in your body.

(L) That leads us to this other question. Pierre and I were having conversations driving back and forth to the hospital, and he said something to me about something he'd thought of. I asked him to write it down. He wrote:

While thinking about mass extinction, the removal of obsolete life and the introduction of new more evolved life forms via comets and the viruses they introduced, I drew an analogy on a human scale: the dynastic cycles, the rise and fall of civilizations, I was wondering if a necessary step before the final harvest [or the closing of the 309,000 year cycle the C's have been telling us about for a long time], was a grand act of mercy of the Universe giving each of us a last chance, a final opportunity to discriminate truth from lies.

Does the COVID epidemic, this global event that deeply affects every one of us, where the lies have never been so blatant, the manipulations so transparent, the narrative so estranged from reality, represent our final opportunity to choose truth over lies?

Are we in front of what might be our most fundamental and maybe last act of free will, the ultimate choice between truth and lies, where every single fact screams, "It's all damn lies!" And, let's face it, if an individual can't see the lies in this surreal COVID scam, that person’s ability to transduce the energy of truth into our world - or just acknowledge truth - is broken beyond repair.

From this perspective, it seems that elimination of individuals who embrace these lies persistently could be perceived as a necessary cleansing on a planetary scale.

If that is the case, how does it work? The scenario that appears to be likely, assuming that the above is going in the right direction, is that the people who believe the big lie will accept the vaccine and will not take measures to counteract its adverse effects. We know that the previous RNA vaccine candidates against MERS and SARS were stopped because they increased the vulnerability to other viruses. What if, likewise, the COVID vaccine increases vulnerability to new, real, and deadly viruses? It would be one way to remove those who believed the ultimate lie.

Another solution is related to the correlation between times of oppression, lies, and suffering, and cometary events (human-cosmic connection).
But the two mechanisms (real pandemics and cometary events) are not mutually exclusive. We know about the Justinian plague that appeared soon after a major cometary bombardment that wiped out most of the decadent oppressive late Roman Empire.

Cometary bodies enable the introduction of new viruses. For all we know the new plague might be already here, maybe carried by the giant fireball observed in China recently.

Is it so that what we are seeing here is a playing out of the maxim that those who pay attention to reality right and left will be the reality of the future; and those who ignore reality or attempt to shut it out or deny it, will become a dream in the past?

(L) And that is basically the opposition between those who believe the truth and those who buy into the lies. So, is something like this scam pandemic - this scamdemic, this faux pandemic - where it is SO clear to such a large number of people that it IS a scam and a complete fraud, is this something like an act of mercy where people are actually being given one last chance to really make a choice between believing the lies or standing up for the truth? Is it something like that?

A: Very close. The same could be said about the USA elections vis-a-vis the outcome for the USA as a whole.

Q: (L) So you're saying that it doesn't really matter that Trump is a flawed person. He is the person who was elected. If that is not acknowledged, then people are believing lies and that can have an effect on the future of the USA in a cosmic sense? Is that it?

A: Yes

Q: (L) In other words, the 5D City on a Hill thing?

A: Yes

Q: (L) But globally, we've got... how do you fight against something like that? I mean, for crying all night! The media is SO locked down. Doctors and nurses and scientists and people who are speaking out and who have valid points, pointing out the truth... They're being harassed, maybe even murdered, put in prison, having their licenses pulled, they're being put on some kind of blacklist or database that says, "You've been bad!"

(Pierre) That's the negative aspect of it. But the positive aspect is that the harassment or persecution of those doctors that speak truth is one more proof of the lies and the violence used by the authorities. So, all the facts are there for all to see the global lie that is the COVID Pandemic.

(Joe) That kind of testing of people to distinguish between truth and lies has been going on in earnest since 9/11.

(L) Well, since JFK and even, throughout history!

(Joe) Yeah, but since 9/11 there have been so many things that are tied to that. We keep saying 9/11 was a turning point. There are so many things that happened since then where each was an opportunity for people to go, "Hang on a minute, that doesn't sound right..." And sure, this COVID thing is in your face, but I'm not at all sure that it's a last chance...

A: Humanity has one last chance. Will they take it?

Q: (L) I dunno... I have a very grim view of it. I don't...

(Chu) And the problem is that we know that in order to grow, you must suffer, right? But in this case, it's not real suffering yet. Especially in the West, it's more like fear. The people who believe lies are just afraid to die. It's not real suffering caused by life experience. So, it's even harder to make a choice or grow from it.

(Joe) Yeah, but I think they're saying that humanity has one last chance to learn the truth and accept reality WITHOUT the mass suffering. If they don't take that one...

(L) Then they get the mass suffering, in spades most likely.

A: Yes

Q: (L) If they buy into this, the suffering is gonna intensify exponentially and failure and collapse will be reached rapidly.

A: Yes

Q: (L) Alright... Well, I think that covers pretty much what we've been concerned about. One thing I would like to know about is that this is New Year's Eve - the last day of this annus horribilis. There have been good things that came out of this year. Despite the fact that Ark was sick, there was a cure, and he was able to get it. It was long and stressful for everybody. At the same time, it was there, and that was a HUGE light at the end of the tunnel. We're almost at the end of it. He's done really, really, really well and I'm REALLY thankful for that. It's also highly likely that he had something slowly growing for a long time, and maybe it was accelerated after he got sick. As a result, it was brought to our attention because of all the medical work that was being done. So, you know... I'm just looking at the silver lining behind the dark cloud, or making lemonade out of the lemons we were handed this year. It's been really horrible. And of course part of the problem of what we've been through in the last year is that people are suffering and donations to our organization are down which has added to my stress. It's very difficult for us to function on HALF of what we normally receive. We don't know if in the coming year we're going to be able to keep the lighthouse lit. Are we going be able to keep the sessions coming? Will we even have the peace of mind to do it? How can you do anything when you don't have a little peace of mind... Although god knows, nobody really has any nowadays. So, do you have any last words for us for the last of 2020 before we enter 2021?

A: Those who can give more should do so now more than ever. As we have said before, money equals energy. That energy helps all of you to carry on and strengthen the center. If the center holds, so will the spokes and satellites. The PTB are trying to make it difficult or impossible. But the center must hold for all. We here urge all your members to do all they can. There is much more turmoil to come. The hope of your realm rests on your network. It would be a shame to waste that hope. Goodbye.


(L) So there are a lot of people who CAN'T do anything, but there are some who still can and there are others who can do more. So I hope they will because things look pretty grim otherwise.

(Andromeda) We're completely reliant on them for that.

(L) We work for all of them, and we rely on them to help us stay afloat and to be able to work.

(Andromeda) A few sessions ago, didn't they give a time frame as to when the real pandemic was supposed to start?

(Gaby) Two years.

(Chu) And it was March of this year or whenever we asked the first time about the first lockdown.

(Pierre) 15 months left.

(L) Yeah, well... With what Gaby's seeing and these strange cases coming up, things are getting weird. With the dreams Ark's been having... Things are getting WEIRDER. There was that session a long time ago where they told us to log dreams, remember? That was back in 1997 or 1998. They were talking to Ark specifically I think about dreams. They said he'd have some dreams that would tell us or warn us that something was afoot. I think dreaming about a zombie and a black blobby ghost trying to get in is basically telling us that there's stuff out there that's not very pleasant.

{The reference is to session 4 July 1998 which was mainly a discussion of future earth changes type events such as cometary bombardment, etc. That session was also the first mention of the human cosmic connection, that “Disasters involve cycles in the human experiential cycle which corresponds to the passage of comet cluster. “ and “ Human cycle mirrors cycle of catastrophe. Earth benefits in form of periodic cleansing. Time to start paying attention to the signs. They are escalating. They can even be "felt" by you and others, if you pay attention.” A most interesting session with some echoes of this current one. In any event, the specific reference about dreams was as follows:

A: You may do as you wish, just keep one eye and one ear tuned to current events. And, very important, log dreams. Arkadiusz too!

Q: (L) Is there going to be some communication to us through our dreams?

A: Visions.

Q: (L) Where will these visions originate from?

A: Ether. }

(Joe) They were saying as well after his stays in the hospital that he needs to do some cleansing.

(Chu) What did they mean by cleansing?

(L) What we did before. We know what to do. Of course, maybe it wouldn't hurt to put some salt around our room.

(Andromeda) It never hurts to salt! We can also burn some sage and Palo Santo.

(L) Well, I'm going to go up and salt right now. I'll do the smelly stuff tomorrow.

(Chu) So we'll be avoiding the vaccine and other people who've taken it, while other people will be avoiding us! [laughter]

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Wow what a great session! So many excellent questions hitting the nail on the head as to what we are facing. Especially fascinating were the comments regarding the last chance to see the lies.

It still shocks me to see just how many people have totally accepted the lies despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary, yet everything is playing out exactly as the C's foretold and in the end, it really is down to "What you See."

We are incredibly lucky to have this knowledge, it makes the wild ride we are no doubt in for in the near future so much easier to bear.

So important to keep the lighthouse going, a very timely reminder, donation on its way tomorrow.

Thank you so much!


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Thank you for another information packed session :wizard::flowers: I joked around with friends recently that at the end of 2021 we may be looking at 2020 nostalgically as the year when things weren't that bad at all. Turns out I may have been onto something :lol:

A: Those who can give more should do so now more than ever. As we have said before, money equals energy. That energy helps all of you to carry on and strengthen the center. If the center holds, so will the spokes and satellites. The PTB are trying to make it difficult or impossible. But the center must hold for all. We here urge all your members to do all they can. There is much more turmoil to come. The hope of your realm rests on your network. It would be a shame to waste that hope. Goodbye.

The C's said years ago that the trick isn't to have a lot of money in the bank - but to invest our money wisely. Going forward, I will need the lighthouse to stay operational more than I will need a few more grand in the bank so FOTCM seems to be a wise investment to make.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm one of the people who can do more :-)
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A: Good question. He is almost damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. One thing is certain, the Biden presidency represents an almost immediate slide into totalitarianism.

Q: (L) So, Trump is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't. And the USA is damned if Trump doesn't. So, they're all between a rock and hard place. Alright. Next topic?

(Joe) Can we have some odds on Trump doing what's necessary to save the right of Americans to elect their president?

A: Right now it is about 52 to 48.

It has everything that is needed to write that sacrifice, typical of a dramatic novel. I don't say it with derision or mockery. Whether Trump is a person with pronounced defects or not, it doesn't take away the possibility of performing one last courageous act and retiring as a hero in the eyes of the citizens who support him.

But I am seeing two things here. If he takes the sacrifice, it is possible that the result could be a civil war against coming totalitarianism with increased force.

If he does not take the sacrifice, totalitarianism will prevail with little resistance.


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Thanks for that session!

It really is a nail-biter with Trump. My head says he's screwed, my gut says it ain't over yet ... Really no idea what's going to happen.

How do I donate? I don't have PayPal, and can only donate via credit/debit. Or maybe Bitcoin (although I haven't gotten that set up yet, there's a Bitcoin ATM not far from here).


Wow! Thank you for the great session. I’ve been reading the threads here on the forum and watching the news. I’ve been having synchronicity involving themes of death and sickness. I thought it was interesting the Dawn Wells died at the end the year as she always represented goodness and innocence to me. I was at Target shopping center sitting in the car and watching the crowd wearing the masks and the strong sense of zombie-hood has still struck with me. I kind of think no matter what happens on the 6th, we have already passed that line. The signs I’m seeing are not positive. It has been rough financially, but I will donate what I can. Thank you for the enlightening session and keep up the good work. I appreciate it.


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How do I donate? I don't have PayPal, and can only donate via credit/debit. Or maybe Bitcoin (although I haven't gotten that set up yet, there's a Bitcoin ATM not far from here).
If you click on the Donate button at the top of the page, and then click on the yellow Donate button on the next page, you will come to this:

There you can click on the Donate with a Debit or Credit card, just fill in the boxes.

Hope that helps...
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