Session 17 July 2021

Thanks for the new session.

In this first reading that I did and in particular with regard to the eyebrows as an instrument to capture information, the fashion that has been established among young people -mainly in Latin America and the United States- of shaving their heads and plucking their eyebrows came to mind.

(Ark) Can I ask a question? Are eyebrows antennas?

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) Antennas for what?

A: Information.

Q: (Artemis) So is the hair on your head.

(Pierre) Any protein.

Many of the young people in Latam do it because fashionable singers, specifically of the urban or reggaeton genre, have this appearance. Therefore it is not strange then that they are extremely materialistic and narcissistic I think. These singers are the epitome of what it is to be successful in the material world: riches, glamorous parties, women, cars, sex etc. It is not surprising how absurd, toxic, childish and denigrating of the female sex the lyrics of their songs are and their highly repetitive "melodies". They are denied the cosmic information of the STO variety so to speak.


The researcher Yasid Penagos Rojas did an investigation regarding the musical genre known as reggaeton and in her conclusions points:
Language and words have power and are the backbones of society, messages that transmit the lyrics of the songs permeate our society, culture and context every day, becoming a via essential to transmit values, beliefs, thoughts, norms, lifestyles, thoughts and attitudes. In the middle of 1980s, the musical rhythm called
Reggaeton swim. The regaeton has caused
controversy in critics and researchers for the content of his lyrics and for his particular way of being danced.

When asking: Do you think these songs carry messages? A teenager replied: "They speak badly of women, that everyone wants to have them but not as fixed, but to pass the time, as they do not really love women."

Reggaeton music tends to have a rhythm that is repeated, this cyclical character can cause endless repetition, the effect is greater if the song is the first one heard when getting up, or the last one heard at night before going to sleep. . In both cases, the tune remains "attached" to the auditory cortex of the brain in charge of processing sounds. And the need to hum those songs works as an immediate effect, the effect can last for hours or days ... It prevents adolescents from mobilizing as autonomous subjects and ethical-aesthetic managers. What would limit his adaptive and pro-positive ability to see beyond the speech and the lyrics of these songs. It could also shorten the capacity for self-awareness and self-criticism of the adolescent subject, since it could fix an indelible mark on him ... the adolescent runs the risk of appropriating the discourse of reggaeton, which can generate in them learning, reorganization and resignification of their structure of thought, its norms and values and can be seen reflected in its permanent search for identity, meaning and sense of life. "

With this songs and life style who needs a vaccine to change DNA :headbash:
Wow. Thanks again for a great informative session. Things are getting hectic here, the pressure is coming on. In NZ, the government has managed to stuff up the vaccine distribution such that only a small percentage of the population have had 2 Pfizer jabs. Sometimes there are blessings in having an incompetent government.

On the weekend I attended a family Zoom call. My 2 sisters, and four sets of nephews and nieces attended along with myself and my wife. They all live in Australia and were all vaccinated. We were the only ones not jabbed, much to their surprise. Being able to blame the government was very gratifying
Thank You for this amazing session and the superb transcribing job!

Remember in Syria those ripple waves in the clouds were asked about in the sessions? The answer was (IIRC) that a thinned realm-border created a hole in Syria, where large dark 4D entities crossed over already.

If we substitute the magnetized Vaxxed peeps as point-members in a cloud, serving as receiver antennae for the Lizzies, the PTB might get the 'vaxxed-magnetized'-saturation in the population high enough, so the Lizzies can push through a really dark entity using these vaxxed as a "mass human-DNA-EM-wormhole". Strange waves, sounds ominous, like the ideas about the 5G-towers' purpose for possible activation and remote control of the Vaxxed zombie masses.

In the past we were told about human experiments: Lizzies trying to inhabit humans, but there was excessive bleeding, because the human bodies couldn't hold a Lizard's massive negativity. Maybe via this magnetizing & DNA mutations of people, the Lizzies can finally make a "D-Day landing" in the human population?
Seem like the lizzies try to do the trick again. In the past the Cs talked about the use of light waves (strange waves?)to cancel DNA sectors.

Seems like the Mark of Cain all over again¡¡¡

The unvaxxed are the Abel...or the able.

Just read the commets on Twitter. The vaxxed people seems very jealous

Q: (L) The other night we were talking about the "Mark of Cain" and I lost part of the tape. I would like to go back over that a little bit more at this time. What was the true event behind the story of the "Mark of Cain?"

A: Advent of jealousy.

Q: (L) What occurred to allow jealousy to enter into human interaction?

A: Lizard takeover.

Q: (L) Wasn't the Lizard takeover an event that occurred at the time of the fall of Eden?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Was this story of Cain and Abel part of that takeover?

A: Symbolism of story.

Q: (L) This was symbolic of the Lizzie takeover, the advent of jealousy, and the attitude of brother against brother, is that correct?

A: Partly. The mark of Cain means the "jealousy factor" of change facilitated by Lizard takeover of earth's vibrational frequency. Knot on spine is physical residue of DNA restriction deliberately added by Lizards. See?

Q: (L) Okay, Jan is going to move her hand up my back and you tell her when to stop at the "knot".

A: Okay.

Q: (L) You mean the occipital ridge?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What was the configuration of the spine and skull prior to this addition?

A: Spine had no ridge there. Jealousy emanates from there, you can even feel it.

Q: (L) Do any of these emotions that we have talked about that were generated by DNA breakdown, were any of these related to what Carl Sagan discusses when he talks about the "Reptilian Brain"?

A: In a roundabout way.

Q: (L) Okay, at the time this "Mark of Cain" came about, were there other humans on the planet that did not have this configuration?

A: It was added to all simultaneously.

Q: (L) How did they physically go about performing this act? What was the mechanism of this event, the nuts and bolts of it?

A: Are you ready? DNA core is as yet undiscovered enzyme relating to carbon. Light waves were used to cancel the first ten factors of DNA by burning them off. At that point, a number of physical changes took place including knot at top of spine. Each of these is equally reflected in the ethereal.
Based on some information circulating about patents pertaining to the material in the vaccines, i would like to know if ‘owning’ the people that have taken the MRNA shots is valid conspiracy theory. Certainly fits into a worldwide control system.
I've seen that stuff too and it doesn't make sense, though who knows what goes on in the minds of psycho's. Dental implants or titanium in surgery etc are probably also patented. In any case I don't think PTB needs this stuff to feel as though they own the rest of us.

Thanks for another very interesting session!
Heja Cassiopaea

It just occurred to me, that when I tested this new lens on stars the first time (handheld, ½ seconds, no tripod) - it was towards the sign Cassiopeia which stood relatively high up in the sky, while I was standing outside of the Alvik Station in Stockholm (kind of the only place where I can do this while at work). It was made on 17 July 2021 at 00:14. (The sky however wasn't/isn't really dark yet. It will take another 3 weeks at least).

I thought it was a nice greeting, thinking of them, them thinking of us.

Thanks for the session! Strange waves!? It's really interesting thinking about the magnetite thing, reminded me of the "Magnetite, Spinning and Meridians" thread: Magnetite, spinning and meridians

and what Bluegazer quoted from session 14th of January 1995:
(L) Okay. Does this mean that the Lizards are just projecting an image of a being? And, the answer was "yes." At that point Terry asked: "The MIBs are not real in our physical terms?" And the answer: "Partly correct. You do not understand technology but we will describe it if you like. First we must explain further "time travel" because the two concepts are closely related. The first step is to artificially induce an electro-magnetic field. This opens the door between dimensions of reality. Next, thoughts must be channeled by participant in order to access reality bonding channel. They must then focus the energy to the proper dimensional bridge, the electrons must be arranged in correct frequency wave, and then the triage must be sent through realm curtain in order to balance perceptions at all density levels. Triage is as follows: 1. Matter; 2. Energy; 3. Perception of reality." In other words they send through...

Like if through doing work (or by growing our eyebrows really big and bushy), we can cultivate a natural higher-density-info receivership capability.. then the magnetic effects of those vaccines could be like an artificially induced version of that? One that's been imposed on you without you having done the work, and in an [attempted, by the PTB] atmosphere of fear, so you'd be receiving 4D STS info and be reliant on an external substance..
Here's another good thread with lots about magnetite/etc: Session 22 October 2008

[...] there is some new work about iron and
magnetite in the brains of people who are psychic or have
'abduction' experiences... is it the magnetism?
A: Yes....
Q: Is it something that holds one more firmly in 3rd density,
and the elimination of it enables one to switch
densities... or...
A: Tis magnetite that acts as a conduit, and perhaps, just
perhaps, allows for transference back and forth at will?!?
And what about the legend about the alchemists? Is not
the key term there really transformation?!? And has not
the "smoke screen" really been delivered so effectively by
all the concentration upon the substance?!? And does not
this remind one indeed of all the misguided concentration
upon substance rather than meaning that one finds so
regularly on 3rd density??
Q: I get it! So, it is the magnetite in the body, that
collects and holds the charge, and it has absolutely
nothing to do with an external substance at all! Is that
A: You are getting "warmer."
Q: Am I right, we need more iron for magnetite, or am I
completely off base here?
A: You are right, but, do not underestimate the significance
of that just delivered! What better deception than to
divert the meaning of alchemy, by focusing upon substance,
then addicting those souls bound to 3rd density to the

(I think that's not really talking about the same thing I meant when I said "reliant on an external substance", maybe unrelated, or tangential at best.. it was just where I ended up after searching for 'magnetite')
Thank you for another great session!! Really interesting about the nanoparticles and strange waves acting like a bridge of sorts between 4D and 3D which attract these strange waves, only in a very bad way that leaves the person open to being controlled to an even greater degree. As for the paraphysical/psychic changes that are happening that are manifesting with this magnetism occurring in some peopple, I was joking around with one of my roommates a little while back that eventually it'll be like the X-Men comics where you have characters like Magneto who can control metal... only it'll be real :shock:

(Ark) But I don't understand. Are these effects for just one vaccine, or for every vaccine?

(Joe) The mRNA ones.

A: Yes
Yes, it just seemed like AZ and J & J were being thrown under the bus by the PTB on purpose, who basically said: "See, we're looking out for your best interests and realize some of these vaccines have side-effects and could potentially be dangerous so we are going to do something about it and ban them. So rest assured and go back to sleep. By the way, you can still go ahead and get the experimental mRNA ones that have never been tested before on humans and that tinker with your DNA in some yet unknown way. But they're totally safe. Also please ignore the cellphones and magnets sticking to your arms. Just take an advil and you'll be better by morning. You can trust us; we're politicians and the media."
Imagine the prospect: When everything is ready, just press a button, and suddenly millions of people are instantly possessed by demons. It's an invasion from hell... Yes, it sounds horrible. But the information gathered points to this.
This makes me think of the film "Kingsman - The Secret Service".

Just my take, but could the covid-19 "vaccine" with mRNA together with 5G be used to achieve this?
Thank you for sharing.
Thought some may find this interesting, from the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology and the nanoparticles. 11 min.
Yesterday, Dr. Malone tweeted the following: “So I hope this is hyperbole and an overreaction, but last night an experienced journalist told me that I needed to get security because I was at risk of being assassinated. I do not know even how to begin to think about this. I am just a middle class person. Security??!??”
Thanks greatly for this latest session. I just finished Jordan Petersons latest book. Thinking alot about what he had to go through, the trials and hardship. I did assume it was some blatant attack. great to see the C's chime in on this. One again, really appreciate the session!
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