Session 17 July 2021

Thank you all together

Laura, the Chateau crew and the C's for the latest session 💞 - and everyone in the forum outlining and adding interesting thoughts and reflections (I love that dynamic as people are coming together here !)

Q: (Andromeda) So maybe they were intending to cause some change in the DNA for control, and it just so happens that it's the same function that does this magnetic thing.

(L) They may have intended one thing, but it's actually being used in another way by 4D critters. Maybe they were induced to construct the vaccine the way they did for these other reasons without necessarily knowing the full implications of what they were doing.

(Pierre) Like a back door.

A: Yes

Q: (L) A back door, exactly.

The aforementioned resonated strongly in me...

It makes a lot of sense; the wicked resonance of negative inspiration flowing from 4D STS going into 3D STS people (e.g. creation of genetic injections) - which however only reveal one side of the spectrum - while the other side, has "functionality" and characteristics attached; originated and serving 4D STS ends - whose laws are foreign to us (hard to understand / comprehend).

It reminds me of our world being like an incubator... they can reach in, but people in our realm can't reach out, not seeing beyond the realm borders (other than glimpses).

Why am I not surprised...

* * *

Again; thank you to all of you 🥰

PS: What about video-ing Pierre's famous funny gesture with his hands ?
(i am soooo curious)... :lol:
I must admit that getting 'thumbs up' from the C's about the anti-jab protocols brought me a sense of relief. It's really good to know it doesn't have to be 'game over'. A huge THANK YOU to @Gaby and @Keyhole for creating them for us! :wizard:
I agree. I am very grateful for the record. Again, from my side, many thanks to @Gaby and @Keyhole. And I am relieved to think that the level of knowledge and awareness will ultimately determine the effects.

Thank you for this new and very insightful session! 🥰
Silly side note

I just realized, that since Oct 2020 when I joined the forum, I stopped - out of the blue - cutting my hair ... and I have never had long-ish hair in my life... ever... so, it is now about 10-15 cm long ... (Oh, and ever morning, i look like somebody zapped me with electricity, because it stands up, going into all directions... what a mess). Yet, it's funny too. My husband and I make a lot of jokes and goofy gestures about that hair. A house filled with laughter for sure.

Via la antennae :lol:
Upheavals, my thinking, riotous environment ongoing, but that plague that was mentioned by the C's. Like the Black Death. Noting the check-mark on the protocols people have shared here seem like the means for creating strong terrain and restance to great illness; sharing the stocking up knowledge, without letting fear get in the way, good too.

I also thought the vaccine could not be a permanent scarring for anyone who took it. A hurdle, but not determining one's fate. Can't keep a good human down.

Suspicous Observers posted yesterday this short video, about 3 minutes. Kill shot so-called, Carrington type event, went from other side of sun or we might not have a grid to converse today.

The movie, 'Melancholia', which is about a planet slowly approaching earth. The ending is the impact. Watching it happen on screen somehow vaccinated me (in a good way, lol!) for contemplation of big earth changes. I took it literally, not as a film about depression, but about a cataclysm.

So excited and grateful when a new session emerges. Wondered this morning if there would be another session and thought, 'no, we have all the information we need', but at the same time wishing for another session to appear on the Forum.
Full size png version of the chart
Top Marks to the Chateau crew once again. This session is so refreshing and the sweet Gurdjieff moment was
healthy for the heart.
Q: (Joe) What are the chances of this segregation of society between vaccinated and unvaccinated people being successful in France?

A: Not high. Other events may intervene.

A few videos have been making the rounds on YT regarding events to come. In this video the panelist are giving their views on likely impact of a Solar Storm hitting Earth. AT least they are trying to put the information out there that our current reality can change in a few minutes.
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