Sesiones por fecha

And the 03/21/20 session thanks to @BrendaH

And the last session on 12/31/20 thanks to @Fallen_735.

This completes the 2020 Sessions.
2018 Sessions:

it won't be long now...
Session from jun 24th and also year 2015 is complete now :-D

Last two sessions of 2018:

And so we close the year 2018! 🍾
We thank @BrendaH for collaborating with the first session of the year.
Last Session of 2013:

We thank @peche for initiating the other two translations that year.
Forgot to post the link to this session

Ps: I would also like to request feedback on the translation quality and words used if possible. You know like if certain a word or sentence doesn’t make sense or grammatical errors that are constant, etc…I think we’re doing a pretty good job as a team but if there’s anything please let us know.
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