Sesiones por fecha

Buensimo Fallen_375!

Muchas gracias por el esfuerzo de crear un post centralizado donde se puedan ver las sesiones traducidas.


Great Fallen_375!

Thank you very much for your efforts in creating a centralized post for all the translated sessions.
Thanks everyone. I always wanted to contribute to the group and I finally found something useful I can do. The only issue I see, is that I won’t be able to update the index with new translations. Hopefully a mod can help us out. 😬

I also would like to aknowledge @BrendaH and others who translated other sessions as well. They did an amazing job too.
Year 2021 has been completed.
If a mod sees this post please help me update the spread sheet. Thank you :-)

January 30th

March 13th

May 29th

July 17th
New sessions from 2019:

From 2020 thank you! @xahyr

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