Putin Recognizes Donbass Republics, Sends Russian Military to 'Denazify' Ukraine

As for the Severodonetsk-Lisichansk region,

While the advances by the warring sides were stopped in other regions, the area of Popasnaya became the main foothold for the advance of Russian-led forces in the Donbass region.

The assault on Severodonetsk continues. Fighting reached the outskirts of the city. Russian-led forces established control and completely mopped up the Shchedrishchevo district. The AFU attempt to reinforce their positions from Lisichansk. They are transferring military equipment through the last bridge remaining between the two cities.

The reinforcement of the AFU grouping in the Severodonetsk region is a very risky decision for the Ukrainian military command. Almost all the main roads leading to the cities have been cut off.

Advancing form Popasnaya, Russian-led forces have recently taken control over the villages of Vyskriva, Tripolie and Novaya Kamenka. The AFU acknowledged that Russian-led forces had reached the town of Soledar. This threatens, the main supply road for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Severodonetsk region.

On May 22, the AFU recognized the loss of Vladimirovka. The village is located to the east of Bakhmut, where Ukrainian positions are already being shelled by Russian artillery.

To the north of Popasnaya, Russian-led forces are surrounding the AFU grouping in Kamishevakha. The battles follow the Kamyshevakha – Viktorovka – Lipovoye line.

The AFU grouping in the Severodonetsk-Lisichansk region that accounts about 12 000 servicemen, risk being surrounding by Russian-led forces. The Ukrainian military command does not change tactics and prepares for heavy fighting on the streets of another large Ukrainian city. The Ukrainian servicemen are already reinforcing their positions in the industrial facilities in the city, preparing another fortress for Ukrainian resistance. The AFU decision to fight on the streets of Severodonetsk to the bitter end, will lead to the same destruction that the city of Mariupol faced.

Kiev’s attempts to justify the fall of the Azovstal garrison in Mariupol and present the surrender of the most ideologically motivated military formations as an evacuation supervised by Ukrainian intelligence, failed. The ongoing interrogations and identification of the Ukrainian militants involved in crimes committed against the civilians as well as Russian prisoners of war clearly indicate that the Ukrainian nazi fighters should not avoid a trial and punishment.

While the AFU are retreating on the Donbass front lines, the Kiev regime is selling Ukraine’s statehood to the west. Zelensky decided to grant Polish citizens a special status. They reportedly receive the rights to hold elective positions, become judges, get access to secret data, etc. The Ukrainian authorities are putting the remaining territory under Poland’s control. In exchange the Polish military is expected to support the Ukrainian Army.
In the last week, Russia armed force are using there laser weapon to target drone, here are a few article on this not so new technology as you will read.


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Advanced Anti-Drone Gun Spotted With Russian Troops In Ukraine
File image.
Russian troops operating in the Donbass region have been spotted with the Harpoon-2M anti-drone radio-electronic gun.
On May 22, Russian sources shared a photo showing a Russian service member with the gun, which was developed by Russia’s New Telecommunication Technologies. It’s unclear when or where exactly the photo was taken.
Advanced Anti-Drone Gun Spotted With Russian Troops In Ukraine
Click to see full-size image.
The Harpoon-2M gun was designed to counter the threat of light and ultralight drones with electronic warfare means. The gun, which was first presented at the Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition 2019, can jam the data links of commercial drones on eight different frequency bands. It can also suppress the drone’s navigation systems, whether they use GPS, Galileo, Beidou or GLONASS.
The radio-electronic gun can disable a Chinese-made DJI Mavic 2 Pro quadcopter, a commercial drone commonly used by Kiev forces, from range of up to one kilometer.
Kiev forces have been effectively using light and ultralight commercial drone to monitor and even attack Russian troops since the beginning of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine.
In response to this threat, the Russian military began to equip its troops in Ukraine with more anti-drone systems like the Harpoon-2M. Recently, a more advanced system with a detection and a jamming range of up to 3,2 kilometers dubbed the Harpoon-3 was spotted with Russian troops in Ukraine.
The Russian military is also reportedly working to equip the units taking part in the operation in Ukraine with more light and ultralight drones.


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Western Media Fail In Desperate Attempts To Ridicule Russia's Use Of Combat Lasers
Illustrative Image
The “backwards” Russia has had lasers since at least 1964, that is, for nearly 60 years.
Written by Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst
Last week, Russia revealed it has been using combat lasers in military operations in Ukraine. Primary targets of these weapons are believed to be quadrocopter commercial drones the Ukrainian military has increasingly started relying on, as its much-touted “Bayraktar” TB-2 and other similar large drones have failed miserably, being picked off by Russia’s second-to-none air defenses. Commercial drones have the advantage of being much smaller and more readily available and, thus, easily replaceable, unlike expensive military drones such as the aforementioned “Bayraktar”. In addition, it is also more wasteful to fire expensive air defense missiles at such small targets, as most SAMs (surface to air missiles) cost tens of thousands of dollars or even millions in the case of strategic systems like the S-400.
Commercial drones, on the other hand, can cost as low as a few dozen dollars. The sheer production and financial discrepancy is severely affecting the economy of war. Thus, Russia decided to start using lasers to counter this new threat, to a crippling effect on the Ukrainian military. In this way, the Kiev regime forces are losing vital tactical ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) capabilities, which directly affects their ability to provide immediate fire support for their units or organize successful artillery ambushes, which have had some effect during the initial stages of the special military operation.
This most definitely isn’t the first time Russia has used lasers. In 1984 Russia developed the first handheld laser weapon, intended for use by cosmonauts. In the 1970s, a Russian laser-armed tank named 1K17 Szhatie (Russian: 1К17 Сжатие – “Compression”) was developed. Even earlier, in the mid-1960s, a project codenamed Terra-3 (Russian: терра–3) was initiated. It was a Russian laser testing center, located at the Sary Shagan anti-ballistic missile (ABM) testing range in the Karaganda Region, present-day Kazakhstan. It was originally built to test missile defense concepts, but these attempts were dropped after the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty was signed (from which the US unilaterally withdrew in 2002). In 1987, a Russian laser-armed spacecraft, the Polyus/Skif-DM was launched.
Development of lasers was also continued after 1991. In 2012, Sokol-Eshelon (Russian: Сокол-Эшелон, lit. ’Falcon-Echelon’) project, a Russian airborne laser weapon based on a Beriev A-60 aircraft was resumed and is intended for use by Russian Aerospace Forces. The Peresvet (Russian: Пересвет), a Russian air defense/anti-satellite laser weapon was unveiled by President Vladimir Putin on 1 March 2018. Numerous other similar projects are being developed in Russia.
And yet, Western mainstream media’s reaction to the news has been quite childish, to say the least. It ranges from ridiculing to outright rejection that Russia can field such advanced weapons. This frustration most likely comes from the media-imposed image of Russia being “backward”. For decades, and in many ways, for centuries, Western portrayal of Russia has been very unflattering, to say the least. The Eurasian giant has been presented as a dark, cold place populated by a miserable, depressed populace. Thus, no significant technological advances could ever come from such a “horrible” place, let alone advanced weapons such as lasers, right? Well, wrong. Regardless of how much the political West enjoys its “reality” bubble, the actual reality never fails to come back and bite the ones ignoring it.
Current Western depreciation of Russia and its many world-changing achievements wasn’t present during the (First) Cold War, or at least not as omnipresent as we see nowadays. During the Soviet era, Russia shook the West to the core by achieving numerous technological milestones, especially in rocketry, space exploration, chemistry, physics and applied mathematics, among many other scientific advances. The political West at least acknowledged Russian achievements at the time, even while both sides were aiming tens of thousands of nuclear weapons at each other. There were even hordes of Western specialists and pundits studiously researching Russia and its achievements.
Naturally, the Western media still kept trying to portray Russia as less advanced, as propaganda is an integral part of any conflict, but what we see nowadays has reached tragicomical levels. Just how tragicomical, we could see for ourselves back in March, when a US-based Space Foundation organization censored the name of Yuri Gagarin. Needless to say, anyone with a basic capability to read knows this is the name of the first human in space. But it doesn’t matter to the mindless Russophobes. They simply need to do anything they can to try and twist reality, just so they could keep their self-imposed image of “backward Russia”, even if it means something this extreme.
This also explains the need to denigrate Russian claims about the usage of laser weapons. However, again, this situation is no less tragicomical. In their pitiful ignorance, the mainstream media have “forgotten” about the “irrelevant” fact that lasers are partially a Russian invention. Or more precisely, a Russian-American invention. The 1964 Nobel prize in Physics is a testament to that and here is the exact text:
“The Nobel Prize in Physics 1964 was divided, one half awarded to Charles Hard Townes, the other half jointly to Nicolay Gennadiyevich Basov and Aleksandr Mikhailovich Prokhorov ‘for fundamental work in the field of quantum electronics, which has led to the construction of oscillators and amplifiers based on the maser-laser principle.'”
So, the “backward” Russia has had lasers since at least 1964. And here are the Western mainstream media, ridiculing Russia for claims of using lasers in 2022, nearly 60 years later. To put that into perspective, it would be equivalent to ridiculing Lebanese people for claims of using wheels, which their Phoenician predecessors invented. Or ridiculing Greeks for claims of using the alphabet. Or even Americans, for claims of using airplanes. Simply put, it’s rather ridiculous to try and negate a certain country’s achievements only because of geopolitical circumstances.
The United States is deeply unpopular in the world, as most of the planet sees the belligerent power for what it is, largely because most of that same planet has directly experienced this belligerence. And yet, none of those countries are ridiculing America’s technological contributions to the world. But, as the American society is pushed ever deeper into ideologically motivated hatred and divisions (such as blind Russophobia, Sinophobia or other similar phobias), we’ll likely be seeing more such attempts at twisting the reality.
I hope so my friend.
But this could get out of hand.
In addition, no one in Europe likes us as troublemakers.
The Polish president said long live Poland, and I say as well for all the Polish people I personally met while I was a tourist guide and for you ziutek and all the forum members from Poland... and for the fact that Poland was one of the most solid eastern european countries .... and last but not least for the Wiborowa vodka.
Keep our fingers crossed.
I would say if the Poles should do that, it is likely that "defend" Ukraine has to be in quotation marks. I agree with Gonzalo that there is a good likelihood that the Poles will announce a "peace keeping mission" into Western Ukraine in the foreseeable future:

Also, notice the title of Gonzalo's video "Ukraine Will Be Russia's Vietnam? No—It Will Be Poland's"...
Could very well be, if the Poles decide to do that.

Seems the Poles are taking steps in that direction:

Some clips for a Moon of Alabama open thread, and article below.

"The Pentagon reports about the continuing efforts to sell new U.S. weapons to those nations which discard their old ones in Ukraine."

"To express the seriousness of the situation in Ukraine the Pentagon decided to hoist Ukraine's blue-above-yellow flag upside down."

"Hanging a flag upside down is a sign of either dire distress or cultural ignorance. Given that this was a Pentagon event the later is the more likely to be the case."

"Let me help Mr. Landsbergis with some facts:

  • The port of Odesa is blocked by Ukraine, not by Russia.
  • Ukraine does not have 80 million tons of wheat to export. In a good year the total grain production in Ukraine is 80 million tons. Some 50% of that is corn and some 40% wheat. Only two-third of that will be exported.
  • The Ukraine is currently exporting 1.5 million tons of grains per month. Most of that is going through Romania.
  • Given that this years planting did not go as planned the Ukraine will hardly have any wheat to export later this year."

"It feels insane when Henry Kissing er is the only sane man in the room."

Henry Kissinger: Ukraine must give Russia territory

Veteran US statesman Henry Kissinger has urged the West to stop trying to inflict a crushing defeat on Russian forces in Ukraine, warning that it would have disastrous consequences for the long term stability of Europe.
The former US secretary of state and architect of the Cold War rapprochement between the US and China told a gathering in Davos that it would be fatal for the West to get swept up in the mood of the moment and forget the proper place of Russia in the European balance of power.
Dr Kissinger said the war must not be allowed to drag on for much longer, and came close to calling on the West to bully Ukraine into accepting negotiations on terms that fall very far short of its current war aims.
He told the World Economic Forum that Russia had been an essential part of Europe for 400 years and had been the guarantor of the European balance of power structure at critical times. European leaders should not lose sight of the longer term relationship, and nor should they risk pushing Russia into a permanent alliance with China.
"It is likely too late to reverse the Russia-China alliance but I otherwise agree."

Gonzalo attempting to ascertain a possible macro picture on what will happen over the coming weeks/months, primarily suggesting that the Americans will slowly push the Ukraine issue aside (in the west) and hype up distractions with other issues (such as Monkeypox or Taiwan?), in large parts because of the elections in November:



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Appeal Of Ordinary Heroes Of 3rd Battalion Of 105th Regiment Of DPR To Their High Command (Video)
Illustrative Image
During the military conflict in Ukraine, dozens of videos were shared online showing Ukrainian servicemen claiming that they were thrown like cannon fodder to the front line without training and weapons. In the videos, the entire Ukrainian battalions refuse to follow the orders of the Ukrainian command and leave their military positions. Most of the Ukrainian units were abandoned by their command.
A similar video, the authenticity of which does not arouse suspicion, was recorded by servicemen of the 3rd Rifle Battalion of the 105th Rifle Regiment of the Donetsk People’s Republic. In the video, the DPR fighters appealed to the supreme command of the republic, describing the grave condition of the unit, which was not properly prepared before being sent to the front.
Such an attitude of the military command of a state that has been at war for 8 years cannot be considered the usual practice of deployment of their troops on the battlefield.
At the same time, the video recorded the appeal of former students, citizens who are older than military age, who were drafted into the armed forces of the DPR without the necessary training. These people have never refused to comply with the order of the military command. These guys fought on the front lines in Mariupol, where fierce street battles were taking place, withstanding counterattacks by Azov fighters and servicemen of other units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces trained by foreign instructors. They also conducted offensive actions to mop up the city. As a result, up to 40% of the battalion’s personnel were killed or wounded.
After the assault on Mariupol, they were immediately sent to another hot battlefield on the front in the Luhansk People’s Republic. At the same time, the battalion was not regrouped and did not have time to rest, as it was the case of the well-known battalion of the DPR Somalia for example. The 3rd battalion fulfilled its combat mission and carried out the order. Now the servicemen continues to hold their military positions in the LPR, despite heavy losses and lack of rest. The officers did not abandon their soldiers, but stay with them in the trenches.
Apparently, the situation has become complicated to the extent that an organized strike by superior enemy forces can lead to the complete destruction of the battalion due to the fact that only every second serviceman from the battalion’s roster is still in the ranks, and even those who remained on the frontline suffer massively from diseases and accumulated fatigue.
The servicemen of the 3rd battalion of the 105th regiment of the DPR, who can be fully called real but not media heroes, were forced to record the appeal to the high command of the republic, the translation of which follows:
Video Player



“To the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Vladimirovich Pushilin.
Dear Denis Vladimirovich!
The personnel of the 3rd Rifle Battalion of the 105th Rifle Regiment of the military unit 08818 addresses you with the following:
The servicemen of the 3rd Rifle Battalion of the 105th Rifle Regiment of the military unit 08818 were mobilized in the period from 02/23/2022 to the present. Contrary to your public statements that the mobilized reservists will not directly participate in hostilities, but will participate in the restoration and preservation of law and order in the liberated territories of the DPR, as well as hold the third line of defense.
The personnel of the 3rd rifle battalion of the 105th rifle regiment, being untrained and inexperienced in conducting combat operations, were studying in universities until the moment of mobilization, worked at various enterprises and in various industries unrelated to military service, as well as did not pass mandatory medical examination. Many of the mobilized have acute chronic diseases. They had been on the front line in the city of Mariupol since 13.03.2022.
Please note that in the period from 13.03.2022 to the present day, bearing combat and other losses, as of 23.05.2022 only 60% of the personnel remained.
The personnel of the 3rd Rifle Battalion of the 105th Rifle Regiment completed the assigned combat tasks, namely the defense of their positions in the city of Mariupol, conducting offensive combat operations. At the moment, the personnel is located on the territory of another state, namely the Luhansk People’s Republic, of which the mobilized are not citizens.
The servicemen of the 3rd Rifle Battalion of the 105th Rifle Regiment are mentally and physically exhausted, which complicates the performance of combat missions…”
I hope so my friend.
But this could get out of hand.
In addition, no one in Europe likes us as troublemakers.

My opinion is Polish gov is exploiting the whole situation to play own freakin interests. I don't think they are so stupid to bury everything around them even if they eventually are psycho - what will left them to control if we start war with Russia? Let's keep in mind that Poland has not introduced mandatory vaccination and generally rules was not so strict as to compartment to other EU countries. Not so before of end of pandemic there was some signals that politicians are not taking seriously mandatory vaccination. Is still not clear to me that they were so afraid to loose power or they really knew this is bullshit but show must have gone on?

Right before pandemic, support for current gov has been slowly dropping. Pandemic created new opportunities AND dangers for elites so situation was dynamic... but generally good for government (I mean politically). Pandemic has end and they screwed up with new taxes regulations. In addition big economic problems was coming. But for their lucky the war situation created opportunity to move fingers from them to "old, obvious, devil enemy" Russia.

Now support is growing for government. Using current situation Poland is trying to push or even terrorize EU, to release freezed fundings (we were in conflict with EU), to push to weaken other EU countries by going more and more into sanctions in fields where we have advantages to increase our significance, to take leadership in front of our vasal USA (sic!) and most probably to regain old eastern border. Maybe they think it will be better to control western Ukraine instead of left them in chaos and have bigger problem on border?

But for what price?
Gonzalo attempting to ascertain a possible macro picture on what will happen over the coming weeks/months, primarily suggesting that the Americans will slowly push the Ukraine issue aside (in the west) and hype up distractions with other issues (such as Monkeypox or Taiwan?), in large parts because of the elections in November:

Svetlana Dragan gives a prediction in the last video - the completion of the Ukrainian scenario on November 8th.

'Sometimes dreams are just dreams.'

Ukraine pledges to enter Crimea ‘by end of year’

24 May, 2022
The turnaround in the conflict with Russia is going to happen in August, the head of Ukrainian military intelligence claims

The Ukrainian military will turn the tide in the conflict with Russia and enter Crimea by the end of the year, Kirill Budanov, the head of intelligence at Ukraine’s defense ministry, has said.

The situation on the battlefield is going to change in Kiev’s favor from August when the weapons that are being supplied by the West reach Ukrainian units, Budanov told Ukrainskaya Pravda newspaper on Tuesday.

“That’s what will bring forth the turnaround because now we are catastrophically short of heavy weapons,” he said.

“Russia has 12 months of resources to wage a full-scale war” and after that the conflict between Kiev and Moscow would end with “the return of our occupied territories,” the intelligence chief claimed.

When asked if those “occupied territories” included the Crimea, which overwhelmingly voted to part ways with Ukraine and join Russia in a 2014 referendum, Budanov replied by saying that “by the end of the year, we must at least enter Crimean territory.”

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, who also spoke on Tuesday, shared completely different projections of what’s going to happen on the ground in Ukraine.

“Despite the large-scale military assistance from the West to the Kiev regime and sanction pressure on Russia, we will continue with the special military operation until all of its goals are fulfilled,” he said.

Russia launched an offensive against Ukraine in late February, following Kiev’s failure to implement the terms of the Minsk agreements, first signed in 2014, and Moscow’s eventual recognition of the Donbass republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. The German- and French-brokered protocols were designed to give the breakaway regions special status within the Ukrainian state.

The Kremlin has since demanded that Ukraine officially declare itself a neutral country that will never join the US-led NATO military bloc. Kiev insists the Russian offensive was completely unprovoked and has denied claims it was planning to retake the two republics by force.
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