Putin Recognizes Donbass Republics, Sends Russian Military to 'Denazify' Ukraine


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Let's see if this news is confirmed

The source reported that US General Eric Olson, British Lieutenant Colonel John Bailey and four NATO military instructors surrendered from the basements of Azovstal.

There is a message on the Web that high-ranking foreign officers surrendered from the basements of Azovstal. Among them are US General Eric Olson, as well as British Lieutenant Colonel John Bailey and four other NATO military instructors.

However, the information has not yet been officially confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry or the DPR command and is still considered controversial. It is voiced by the source.

Earlier, one of the commanders of marines who surrendered from Azovstal with the call sign "Volyna" confirmed that there are foreigners in the AFU, but allegedly does not know about the commanders among them.

Eyewitnesses among civilians previously evacuated from the basements of Azovstal said that there is a general among the Ukrainian military. But the name was not called. Information about the Canadian General Trevor Cadier also passed through the sources. It is known that he aimed for the chair of the commander-in-chief of the Canadian Armed Forces, but got into a sex scandal and was forced to resign. According to analysts, the story of the scandalous resignation is a cover for sending the general to help the Ukrainian Nazis.

Meanwhile, the headquarters of the DPR TERO reports that the "Azovstal metal plant" has been completely cleared of Ukrainian militants."

Over the past day, 514 Ukrainian militants surrendered from the territory of the Azovstal metallurgical plant in Mariupol," the headquarters said. - The number of Ukrainian militants captured on the territory of the metal plant has reached 2,425 people.
Из подвалов "Азовстали" в плен сдался генерал США. Источник назвал имя


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What a picturesque pretzel! And this one is without a doubt, as in the case of the American general. He was smart enough to stay alive after what he said. I am now interested in his personal fate in the context of whether he will survive Salman Raduev or not. For those who don't know. Salman Raduyev was a field commander and son-in-law of Dzhokhar Dudayev, the first president of independent Ichkeria. On this basis, he considered himself the heir to Dudayev's power. Caught, tried, got a life sentence for terrorism. He lived in prison for less than a year, and when he died, the cause of death was called some kind of "funny", like he fell off a bunk - hit his head or something like that. Although in his case, it really could have been the cause of death. He was wounded several times in his short life, including in the head. I remember that at that time they wrote that his skull was assembled in Germany using titanium plates.

Among those who surrendered at Azovstal, an Azov militant was identified who threatened to kill Ramzan Kadyrov and his family
Today, 13:35

After the surrender of the militants, identification is being carried out at the Azovstal plant in Mariupol. Among other things, very odious persons are identified already at the first conversations during a personal search. So, it became known about the surrender of the Azov militant (* banned in the Russian Federation) David Kasatkin, a native of Mariupol born in 1996. Kasatkin called himself a lieutenant, a platoon commander in / h 3057. This part is the very "separate special purpose detachment "Azov", the name of which the vast majority of those who capitulated do not find the courage to pronounce.

D. Kasatkin made himself known during the Russian special military operation to liberate Mariupol. He wrote down an appeal to the head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, where, to put it mildly, in a non-literary form, he promised to settle scores with him and dishonor the women from his family.

Being in the quarters of Mariupol during the battles for the city, Kasatkin, along with his platoon, hid in residential quarters, behind civilians, from where he fired at the troops of the DPR and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. After that, he filmed "reports" about how "Russian troops are firing at residential buildings."

Conversation during a personal search:

What beautiful tattoos do you have?

The fighter "Azov":

Yes, good…

"Kill them all." Who are you going to kill all of them?


These are the words of Tsar Leonid: Kill everyone, take everything away.

On Kasatkin's body, they also found a large tattoo in the form of the head of a cloven-hoofed symbol of Satanists. Such tattoos of different sizes are stuffed on the skin of many militants of the Nazi armed formations of Ukraine.

Video from military commander Andrey Rudenko:

Какой живописный крендель! И уж этот то без сомнений, как в случае с американским генералом. Хватило же ума у него остаться в живых после того, что он говорил. Мне вот интересна теперь его персональная судьба в разрезе того, переживет ли он Салмана Радуева или нет. Для тех, кто не знает. Салман Радуев был полевым командиром и зятем Джохара Дудаева, первого президента "независимой ичкерии". На этом основании сам себя считал наследником власти Дудаева. Поймали, судили, получил пожизненный срок за терроризм. В тюрьме прожил меньше года, причем когда умер, то причину смерти называли какую то "смешную", типа упал с нар- ударился головой или что то в этом роде. Хотя в его случае это действительно могло явиться причиной смерти. Он за свою короткую жизнь был несколько раз ранен, в том числе и в голову. Я помню, что тогда писали, что ему череп собирали в Германии с использованием титановых пластин.


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'Late Friday Russia's Defense Ministry announced that the last Ukrainian fighters holed up in the giant Azovstal steelworks plant emerged, days after there were reports that top Azov commanders still holding out.'

'The ministry said it counted 2,439 defenders had emerged and surrendered over the past few days. The final holdout group that was last to come out was tallied at 531. The Russian military's now total control over the sprawling plant and city of Mariupol is considered the be its greatest victory over three months of war.'

''Russia announced that "The territory of the Azovstal metallurgical plant … has been completely liberated." Further, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu informed President Putin of the city's complete 'liberation'."

"Though there's been little in the way of confirmation, Russia's Channel One correspondent Irina Kuksenkova said that Azov leaders Denys Prokopenko, Sviatoslav Palamar and Serhiy "Volyna" (Ukrainian Marine commander) have now all surrendered."

"A number of Ukraine war observers have noted that there's yet to be visual proof or confirmation, including video, of Prokopenko's arrest by Russian forces. Additionally there's speculation he may still be in the plant, or seeking to escape past Russian lines."

"Whatever your views on Ukraine, the war and the US role: it's just amazing that the Western press -- which spent a full decade in unison calling the Azov Battalion neo-Nazi fanatics -- now speak of them in admiring terms and will only say that their Nazism is a "Russian claim." https://t.co/izx0ssgdyg

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) May 20, 2022

"Kiev has yet to confirm whether or not Prokopenko and others are now in Russian detention."



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This is a bit off topic, but related to the (incoming) turmoil in Europe and the fact that it makes me think of Putin. It's about a recent speech of Victor Orban and I have to admit that what he said is great, I give him 12 points ! 😅

The article is in french, here's the link :

And here's the english (auto) translation :

Viktor Orban's twelve tips for political success for right-wingers around the world

In his opening speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Budapest this morning, Prime Minister Orbán outlined the 12 points that conservatives around the world should consider if they want to succeed politically.

Addressing a crowd of international conservative opinion leaders this morning in Budapest at the CPAC, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that after the parliamentary elections on 3 April, we can safely conclude that Christian conservatism has prevailed in Hungary. Focusing on the concrete steps he recommends conservatives around the world to take if they want to succeed, Prime Minister Orbán outlined his 12-point recipe.

"The first point," Orbán began, "is that we must play by our own rules. According to him, one can only win if one does not accept the solutions and directions proposed by others. "That is why we must not be discouraged by being shouted at, called unfit or called troublemakers abroad. In fact, it is suspicious that none of this is happening. Note that anyone who plays by the rules of his opponents will certainly lose," said Prime Minister Orbán.

Turning to the second point of his recipe, Orbán said that national conservatism must be implemented in domestic politics. "The cause of the nation is not a matter of ideology, nor even of tradition. Churches and families must be supported, because they are the building blocks of a nation. This also means staying on the side of the electorate," he said. According to the prime minister, his government decided to build a fence on Hungary's southern border because Hungarians said they did not want to live with illegal migrants. "They said: Viktor, build a wall. And three months later, the wall was up. The secret of all this is not to think about it too much," the prime minister said.

The third point is to keep the national interest at the centre of foreign policy. "Progressives have always believed that foreign policy is a battle of ideologies, a battle of good and evil, where the course of history is decided. But as far as I can see, my dear friends, there have been at least four of these great battles in the last 100 years. Something is wrong with the formula. Our answer should be a simple and clear antithesis to the progressives. Hungary first, America first. We need an interest-based foreign policy. This is not always easy, because foreign policy is often a complicated world," the Prime Minister said.

"The fourth point," he continued, "is that we need the media, because we can only show the folly of the progressive left if we have the media to help us." According to Orbán, left-wing opinion only seems to be in the majority because the media helps them amplify their voices. The problem is that the modern Western media is aligned with left-wing opinion. Those who taught reporters in universities, the Prime Minister added, already professed left-wing progressive principles. "I am well aware of the old ethos of Western democracy that political parties and the press should be separated. That is the way it should be. But, my friends, the Democrats in America, for example, do not abide by these rules. Have you ever tried to count how many media outlets serve the Democratic Party? CNN, the New York Times, and I could go on and on. I wouldn't get to the end, even if we stayed there until tonight.

The fifth point: expose the true intentions of your opponents. According to the Prime Minister, the existence of conservative media is a necessary but not sufficient condition for victory. "You also have to be a taboo breaker," PM Orbán said, adding that "maybe I don't need to explain this to our American friends, because who would be a bigger taboo breaker than President Donald Trump himself."

Point number six concerns the economy. Orbán said that only economic policies that benefit even those who did not vote for you should be pursued. "People want to get ahead in life. If a right-wing government cannot offer that, it is doomed to failure.

"Our seventh point is that you must not be drawn into an extreme. He says that while extremist views keep resurfacing on the right, as well as the left, if we look closely we will find that people don't really want to deal with them. "But my friends, what is the difference between the denial of science by the far right and the denial of biology by the LGBTQ movement? The answer is simple, there is no difference. We must give to God what belongs to God, to the emperor what belongs to the emperor, and to science what belongs to science.

The eighth point is that we must read every day. "I know it sounds strange, I am not a scientist, but the fact is that books are the best way to understand and communicate complex things. And the world is getting more and more complicated, so you have to take the time to understand it. For example, I dedicate one day a week to reading myself.

"The ninth point is that you have to have faith," the Prime Minister said, adding that if someone does not believe in the Last Judgement, they think they can do anything they want. "So their lack of faith is dangerous," Orbán observed.

Point number ten: Make friends. According to the Prime Minister, "our opponents, the progressive liberals and the neo-Marxists, are always united. They support each other. Conservatives, on the other hand, are capable of bickering with each other on the slightest issue, Orbán said. "And then we wonder how our opponents manage to girdle us". "If you want to succeed in politics, never look at where you disagree with another person, but look for where you have common ground.

Turning to the eleventh point of his recipe for Christian Conservative success, Prime Minister Orbán said that building communities was vital. "Friends, I have also learned over the years that there is no conservative political success without well-functioning communities. The fewer communities there are and the more lonely people are, the more voters turn to the Liberals. On the other hand, the more communities we have, the more votes we get. It is as simple as that", said Prime Minister Orbán.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Orbán stated that building political institutions is conducive to success. According to the Prime Minister, while politicians come and go, institutions remain for generations.

"It is institutions that can intellectually renew politics. We need new ideas, new thoughts, new people, again and again, and when they run out, we have no ammunition," Prime Minister Orbán said.


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Alice Weidel, the AfD spokesperson, presents her speech to the German parliament about the crisis Germany is facing.
I attempted to make an FB with that video, and included a link to an interview with Sahra Wagenknecht from Bild, where she argues Germany should be careful not to get further pulled into this war.
Müssen aufpassen, uns nicht weiter in den Krieg reinziehen zu lassen“.

I also included a link to the debate in the German parliament that was running on for 12 + hours and from where the speech by Weidel had been captured.

As soon, as I posted it, there was a message from FB, saying:
Your post was received, but admins will need to approve it first before it's visible to others.
So far the post has not appeared. At any rate, I must say I did not expect such a reaction from FB; it was just a comment on German politics and German economy, but that seems to be a very, very sore topic these days.

Perhaps my mistake was to write "Alice Weidel from AfD" if I had written "the lesbian Alice Weidel" and left out AfD, it would probably have passed, but that is just a guess, because it could also be because the heading was critical of the war efforts.

In the meantime, I have found the exact place in the upload from the Bundestag debate where Weidel is introduced and makes her speech.

In nearby Denmark, just north of the German border, there is daily a steady stream of anti-Russian, anti-Putin articles. There are new plans being negotiated between the Danish Government and NATO/US to make Esbjerg, a North Sea harbour town on the west coast of Denmark, a major military receiving area, ready to accept heavy material and 50,000 US troops at short notice, that then can move on to Poland. The discussion of the economic impact is still limited, but there is reportedly less traffic, as gas prices have gone up 40 %.

Post review by FB.jpg


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Corona Investigative Committee • No 104 "The Blue Flower"
The German Connection (with Ukraine) with Freddie Ponton


🇬🇧 English • 1h 05'

🇩🇪 Deutsch • 1h 05'

Freddie Ponton being guest at the Corona Investigative Committee, no 104, regarding the German Connection with Ukraine. However in the beginning they are talking about Epstain/Maxwell first.

Freddie Ponton
Journalist at La French ConAction (Youtube, french)… where one “will find videos about dirty business in France and internationally.” He has reported extensively there on the Epstein/Maxwell scandal.


  • Ukraine and its historical connection with Nazi Germany, in particular the Waffen-SS division "GALICIA", that was a ukrainian military unit within the Wehrmacht
  • he Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists / Ukrainian Insurgent Army and their offspring ( AZOV , Svoboda, Right Sector, C14 etc...) and ISIS in Ukraine
  • Germany’s Involvement in Military Biological Programs in Ukraine and the One Health Platform
  • Human trafficking in Ukraine

Tuatha de Danaan

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This is a bit off topic,
"It is institutions that can intellectually renew politics. We need new ideas, new thoughts, new people, again and again, and when they run out, we have no ammunition," Prime Minister Orbán said.

Wonderful speech which every parliament could do with reading before every sitting.
His 12th point, listed above, will alway fail because institutions always get infiltrated. An age old problem added to the fact we now have a one world Government.

Thanks for posting.....


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"Whatever your views on Ukraine, the war and the US role: it's just amazing that the Western press -- which spent a full decade in unison calling the Azov Battalion neo-Nazi fanatics -- now speak of them in admiring terms and will only say that their Nazism is a "Russian claim." https://t.co/izx0ssgdyg
I'm sure the West will call the satanic tattoos displayed on the Azov Nazis as "fun adornments" and they will write articles about these "heroic commanders" in admiration.
Apparently the billionaire class of the West always liked the Nazis. It was only The People, who suffered, declared "Not Again!" The world-leaders after WW2 must have noticed public sentiment and quickly parroted "Not Again", just to make themselves popular.

Another reality-check video from Eva Bartlett:
Former Nazi/Aidar prison where they starved, tortured & mock executed prisoners
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Personally, it's irrrelevant where those so-called high-ranking prisoners are from. They trained (ie aided and abetted) the Azov scum in urban warfare/war crimes (using civilians as shields, terrorizing them [murder, rape, torture]). If they were in Azovstal with the Azov, then one can safely say they were engaging in combat against Russian forces as well, which makes them mercenaries, hence legally defined as war criminals.
They should definitely be shown no mercy or special treatment. Common thugs and criminals no less. They should be given the most severe punishment that is legally possible.
I think it will be seen - by the Russia-supporting hundreds of millions of people around the world - as betrayal from the part of Russia, if Team-Putin lets these satanic Nazi Azov high commanders to run back to the West in prisoner exchanges.

Unless to prevent a real nuclear war threat.. - about which only the Secret Services of the opposing sides know - meaning things get out of hand geopolitically, which they shouldn't in the current version timeline we are communicating in right now(!!).

Releasing Top Azov Nazis would be proof, a sign that Russia is really just another pawn of the One World Government, I think.

So, what is going to happen - allowed by the Free Will Respecting Universe in this version of the timeline [identified by me as "Parallel 7/10"] - I think, is that if Russia cannot let these rabid top Nazis run free, back to the Nazi West, then the Western demon-worshiper leaders will force Putin's hand to somehow hide these arch-war-criminals in Ukraine and put them somewhere, so they will be forgotten and no alt-media report will ever be able to find out what happened to them.

Similar to what happened in Syria. Russians & Their Middle-Eastern Alliance were very well able to completely liberate the entire territories East of the Euphrates. But Putin was pressured into letting Syria go - because of the Turkey-Business and because of the CIA nuclear-strike threats, I think.
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Poland moves in for their part of the game. Translated from the Russian Gazeta www.rbc.ru
The President of Poland promised to “not calm down” until Ukraine joins the EU
Duda called the Ukrainian citizens who arrived guests, not refugees. Polish president warns against ceding 'even a centimeter' of Ukrainian territory to Russia
Warsaw is ready to do everything possible for Ukraine to become a member of the European Union, Polish President Andrzej Duda said during a speech in the Verkhovna Rada, Polske Radio reports. He became the first European leader to speak in the Ukrainian parliament after the start of the special operation.

“I will not rest until Ukraine becomes a member of the European Union,” he said (quoted by Reuters).

The Polish President added that only Ukraine has the right to determine its own future, pointing to the emerging 'disturbing voices' that call on Kyiv to submit to Moscow's demands. 'If Ukraine is sacrificed ... to the economy or political ambitions - even a centimeter of its territory - it will be a huge blow not only for the Ukrainian people, but for the entire Western world,' he said.

Noting the friendly relations between Warsaw and Kyiv, Duda proposed signing a new Ukrainian-Polish treaty on good neighborliness. He also assured that Ukrainian citizens who arrived in Poland because of Russia's actions are not refugees for the country. He stressed: “These are our guests,” Wirtualna Polska reports.
A similar, mirror bill will soon be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada, the country's president also promised. “God forbid that Polish citizens will never need all these advantages in such conditions, in conditions” of hostilities, Zelensky stressed, noting that the law will have a symbolic meaning, proving the closeness of the two peoples.
Zelensky proposed to grant citizens of Poland a special legal status
The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry will develop a bill similar to the Polish law on assistance to Ukrainians, which actually equates them to Polish citizens, the press secretary of the Ukrainian president explained
President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky proposed to grant the Poles a special legal status, UNIAN reports. The introduction of the relevant bill to the Verkhovna Rada was previously announced by the head of state, speaking in parliament, said Olga Sovgirya, MP from the Servant of the People faction.

As the press secretary of the Ukrainian leader Sergei Nikiforov explained to the agency, the draft law will be developed by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, similar to the Polish law on supporting Ukrainian citizens.

“We need to pay attention to the law that was adopted in Poland for temporarily displaced persons from Ukraine and which actually equated the citizens of Ukraine with the citizens of Poland, but without the right to vote. Accordingly, in Ukraine, at the initiative of the president, a similar law will be adopted,” said Nikiforov.
At the end of March, Polish President Andrzej Duda signed amendments to the law on assistance to Ukrainians. Thus, citizens of Ukraine who were forced to leave the country due to hostilities will be able to legally stay in the republic for 18 months from February 24. This applies to those who are going to stay in this country. Subsequently, they will be granted a temporary residence permit. This document can be obtained once every three years. The application must be submitted no earlier than nine months from the date of entry and no later than 18 months from February 24, 2022.

In addition, it will be easier for Ukrainians to obtain a PESEL identification number, which entitles them to use public services. The law guarantees Ukrainian citizens employment on the same terms as the Poles. They will also be able to conduct business in Poland under the same conditions as its citizens by assigning a PESEL number.

Ukrainians are entitled to a one-time allowance of 300 złoty (€64.8) per person, social benefits and healthcare services are available to them.
According to the EU external border security agency Frontex, 6.3 million refugees moved to the EU from Ukraine and Moldova, of which more than 3.4 million arrived in Poland.
The statements in the speech gives the impression that Poland is ready to defend Ukrainian territory, time will show what is talk, and what is action. Is the Polish-Ukrainian understanding informed by the historical memory of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth?


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The statements in the speech gives the impression that Poland is ready to defend Ukrainian territory, time will show what is talk, and what is action. Is the Polish-Ukrainian understanding informed by the historical memory of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth?

I would say if the Poles should do that, it is likely that "defend" Ukraine has to be in quotation marks. I agree with Gonzalo that there is a good likelihood that the Poles will announce a "peace keeping mission" into Western Ukraine in the foreseeable future:

Also, notice the title of Gonzalo's video "Ukraine Will Be Russia's Vietnam? No—It Will Be Poland's"...
Could very well be, if the Poles decide to do that.
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