My beloved cat is missing

That´s heart breaking, Johnny. Your cat looks like one of those many cats I had once. This cat also used to leave my house for his nocturne inspection and once he didn´t return until a couple of months later. I understand first hand your sadness. I think Loreta´s advises are a good plan from where to start if you haven´t already, keeping my fingers crossed!
Jhonny, my dad had a saying, The cat came back the very next day, we thought he was a gonner but the cat came back 'cause he couldn't stay away. It is possible to connect with them at a distance, you can connect to him with an open heart. He has a path he is on, too. People put out some of the cat's litter when the cat goes missing, as well. Working with a city cat rescue, we'd go out looking for a missing cat and put photographs up in the neighbourhood as Loreta suggested.

I once had my soul cat Rosie disappear for one month. I went looking for her a lot, maybe daily, calling her name. As I recall, there was no question in my mind of giving up. She returned skeletally skinny. She was what a friend, Cherri, called last night, a teacher cat to me. I hadn't had cats or dogs for decades and she was born in a park, we took her in. My friend who works at our wholistic vets talked about 'teacher' cats, not in the sense of a spirit animal, but a cat who leads you to learn new things about communication or health.

It was our very sick elderly dog that connected us with an animal communicator who stopped to speak to him on the vet's steps going in for yet another appointment. Then the adventures in learning what he really was in his heart began. They can change your life and keep giving opportunities to change and learn, as Cherri described. Here's to his safe return.
I'm sorry to hear this, jhonny :-( I'll keep him in my thoughts and hope for a quick return :hug2:He could be outside looking for a lady! Maybe you could go for a stroll and call his name? I once did that when our cat was gone longer than normal and the next day he came back home.
Hello jhonny, I hope your cat friend comes back soon. My cat friends do this also. Like Oxajil says, I usually take a stroll and call out their name. I will also leave the door open so they can smell the house and i'll check at the door more often too. Keep us updated.
I’m sorry to hear this, jhonny. My wife and I were bereft last time ours went missing. Thankfully, we found him.

Is there a Facebook group for your local area/community? All our surrounding suburbs have their own and if something happens to a cat, it’ll get posted about pretty much 100% of the time. No news is good news in that regard.

Some important questions. How old is your cat? How street smart? Are they microchipped? Neutered? Do you live by a road, by a woods or forest? Does your cat like to hunt, chase after mice and birds? Are there other houses nearby? Have you called all the vets in the area?

With regards to putting something outside, I’m sure he knows where he lives, but if your cat uses a litter tray/box, that’s the best thing to put outside.

There can be so many possibilities. Take heart in the fact that some cats go missing for a long time and eventually return. As Adaryn says, the time of year could play a factor due to the extended periods of daylight and the explosion of wildlife.

I know that the worst part of this is not knowing what has happened. I remember imagining ours never returning and us never knowing, and thinking to myself I’d rather he’d been hit by a car and killed and I knew about it, than just simply never see him again.

Just try to stay strong and have faith.
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Hi jhonny. Someone here mentioned an animal communicator. I lost a cat several years ago, and after putting up signs, wandering the neighborhood, calling out to her, etc., all to no avail, I tried an animal psychic I found online. She did construct a story that made some sense. The weekend my cat disappeared was Columbus Day weekend. A lot of summer lake people were up, as were their guests. According to this psychic my cat ran off with a big orange cat she befriended (a cat much like yours); then she was taken home by the family the orange cat belonged to, whom I suspect had children. The family was not from the lake, they were just visiting that weekend. At home, my cat wasn't very happy given my other older cat didn't like her. The psychic even said my older cat had basically told her to get lost. As they were both indoor outdoor cats my younger cat had the opportunity to run away given this orange cat had come along, and so she did.

ALSO: I learned that young cats under two years old don't have their personalities entirely formed yet. She was too young for me to have left her alone to the care of a neighbor who stopped by to feed her and the other cat, but I was scheduled to go to India for a month, and so that's what happened. When my husband and I returned I noticed the strong bond that had formed between myself and this young cat from the time she was a kitten was severed due to my abandoning her. I should have left her in the care of "Cat's Cradle," a very caring, small place where I sometimes leave my older cat (now that all of the above has happened).

So, this combination of factors -- the abandonment, and the cruelty of the older cat led to her running away. I have a feeling she's happier now with a new family, but that's a matter of faith, I have no concrete evidence of this.

I do hope your kitty returns, jhonny, but you might try an animal psychic if that doesn't happen. It does help me to have this image of a happy ending for my missing cat.
Maybe your cat, that I think was not a cat that went outside, is hiding someplace in the building where you live. Cats are strange, we know this. Another of my cats disappear one day.
for days I looked for her everywhere, nothing. She was a house cat. Where was my cat! A few days later my mother came with her dog, a very intelligent little terrier. And well. All of a sudden he started barking like crazy.He was barking at a floor in the basement, a wooden floor. But how! There was nothing there! Well, you see, my cat had slipped under the floor from who knows where. For days I called and looked for her and my cat was hidden there, without saying anything. That's why, and it's a fact recognized worldwide, I say that cats are strange. Did you look every corner in the building, in the basement?
Thank you all for your support and very kind words! ❤️
Has it already happened in the past, your cat going away for over 2 days?
No, It hasn't happened before.
What is his name?
And as others have said, this time of year it is not uncommon for cats to wander around the houses for a few days.
Some colleagues and friends have also told me this.
Did you put a picture of him in the neighborhood? Specify you will give a reward.
I think that's the next step.
Is there a Facebook group for your local area/community?
Yes, I didn't know this, but a friend of mine has published a post on Fb in our local community.

As you probably my guess, this is the first time I have had a kitten, I always have had a dog, hence my concern I think. Actually I never thought I would ever have that "connection" with a cat. I think it has been a bit stronger that the one I have had with my dogs. And, this time has been very special because they (My dog Toby, and my cat Nacho) were living in such harmony.

I have an anecdote I wanted to share with you: my wife and me bought two comfortable chairs to read, relax, and watch tv; the day we wanted to use them for the first time, we came back from work, and this was what we found:

I feel for you @ Jhonny, it is as though a part of your heart has been lost. Several years ago (the last pet I had). I think cats are pretty psychic animals and in tune to people and the earth around us.

I had a lovely male cat, I was living in a rural area of BC at the time, he lived indoors as a kitten, but as he grew, (like adults) he wanted to discover the great outdoors, he loved it, exploring, I remember, when and Eagle flew overhead, he would spread himself out in an attempt to make himself invisible so I thought. I remember stroking him and purring, I had this strange thought that he was becoming almost human. It was after some time, discovering Laura's works, and reading the transcripts, that I discovered, that Yes, It was possibility.

One evening I was tired after work, he wanted to go out and explore, I initially refused, it was strange, he purred and growled, and stomped one of his front paws, like a child with a temper tantrum, I gave in, he had always returned and found him curled on one of my dining chairs.

Only this time, he never returned, my neighbor told me of an unholy racket, from coyotes, and I suspect that was his fate. I don't mean to distress you, but I have also thought, that it was his time to make a transition.

To this day, I have fond memories of our time together, and still miss his presence, there is a place in my heart for him.

I hope you find your furry friend and family member, like all of us on planet, earth, maybe, it was time to depart, to go on to greater and better experiences.
Oh no Jhonny, I am so sorry to learn this :(

I hope Nacho finds his way back home soon, I think you've received great advice and perhaps the only other thing I could suggest is to use social networks, tweet at nearby people and local agencies that would be followed by people in the area with the picture, I guess it can't hurt. I sincerely hope he finds his way back home.

I have an anecdote I wanted to share with you: my wife and me bought two comfortable chairs to read, relax, and watch tv; the day we wanted to use them for the first time, we came back from work, and this was what we found:
Same thing happens to me every time I buy something new, my dog has to sit right on it for a while and approve it before it's officially "mine". This has led me to believe that I am the one that lives with him and all my stuff is borrowed ;)
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