My beloved cat is missing


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I know this can happen with our beloved felines, but despite this I cannot help but feel sad.

Saturday evening he went out as usual, and hasn't returned; I really hope he will come back, but my best hope is that he isn't suffering. I just wanted to vent a bit here. 😿

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Dear Jhonny, I know that feeling very, very well. I'm sorry your cat hasn't come home yet, I hope he does soon. :hug2:
Our cat does that 2-3 times a year, he stays gone for 1-2 weeks and comes back happy as a lark and walks in as if nothing had happened. :umm:
So sorry Johnny to hear your cat friend has not returned home. I know how it feels anxiously waiting and not knowing where or how they are. One suggestion is that you write your cat a letter and pour out everything you feel.
I found it helpful when I needed it
Believe me jhonny, if we were to lose our Furface, Wendy and I would be absolutely crushed. With the recent losses of her father and my mother, it was that incredibly intuitive and loving cat that took care of us when our hearts were grieving. I hope your beloved companion comes home to you very soon. 🥰
I'm sorry to hear this, jhonny :-( I'll keep him in my thoughts and hope for a quick return :hug2:He could be outside looking for a lady! Maybe you could go for a stroll and call his name? I once did that when our cat was gone longer than normal and the next day he came back home.
I understand you´re worried and sad, but note that cats tend to "go missing" for a few weeks sometimes.
That regularly happens with my mother´s cat (who is not a house cat) but never with dogs.
He eventually shows up hungry and tired! :hug2:
Hello Jhonny. I am very sorry that your cat has disappeared. I very much hope that your little friend shows up again. And as others have said, this time of year it is not uncommon for cats to wander around the houses for a few days. It has also happened to me twice that my cat was gone for a week. She came back afterwards as if nothing had happened. My thoughts are with you and I hope for a happy ending. :hug2:
Oh Jonny, je suis désolée d'apprendre qu'il n'est pas rentré, quel est son nom, je viens de prier le Divin Esprit Cosmique pour qu'il vous revienne, je prierai chaque jour jusqu'à ce que vous donniez des nouvelles... C'est tout à fait normal d'être triste et inquiet, ils font partie de la famille... De tout coeur avec Vous...

Oh Jonny, I'm sorry to hear he didn't come home, what's his name, I just prayed to the Divine Cosmic Spirit for him to come back to you, I'll pray every day until I hear from you... It is normal to be sad and worried, they are part of the family... My heart goes out to you...
He looks like a strong healthy cat Jhonny, so I reckon he'll be able to take care of himself. If they're healthy then they're quite resilient. I've had that experience too, so I understand your concern, but it's true they often do leave for several days especially when the days become longer. Hopefully your fine ginger cat will return soon.:hug2:
Oh I am so sorry. Did you put a picture of him in the neighborhood? Specify you will give a reward. You can contact also the SPCA and vets near your house. I feel for you. Hope from the bottom of my heart that you will find him

Once upon a time, in my life, my cat disappeared. I put pictures everywhere. Finally a neighbor told me that he saw a van from the city hall took a cat. I made the inquiries and finally my cat was in a village, very far away from home, full of cats that the city took on the streets and who knows what they do with them, I do not wanted to know. So it is a good idea, I think, to put the picture of your cat, a reward and your phone number. You never know!
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