Honestly. Have you REALLY seen a ghost?


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Mmmm, interesting thread. I was reading a lot of the paranormal stuff here at one point, and wondered why I've never experienced anything like this. No UFOs, no ghosts ... nothing.

Then I remembered something that happened when I was young. I guess the reason I 'forgot' about it was because my mom kept saying "you must have been dreaming". It was my only paranormal experience ever. I know I must have been in the vicinity of 6-10 years old, cause my grandmother died in '84, and all her furniture was dropped of at our house because my mother was the oldest child (in the earlier generations the oldest child inherited everything). So the house was overstocked with too many furniture, and my mom put one of the single beds next to her double bed for the time being, which I slept on for some reason that particular night.

My mom had one of those dressing room tables with the large mirror in the centre and the two side mirrors that can swing. Very early in the morning when there was just enough light outside to distinguish movement inside, I woke up suddenly. I remember how I woke up. I was inhaling deeply suddenly, and I lifted my head. (I'm one of those people that, if you leave me, I will sleep soundly till very late - never been a morning person). When I lifted my head, I saw my own reflection in the side mirror and a dark figure pass behind me. Of course at that age you don't think paranormal. I thought there was somebody in the room. I woke my mom and said to her there's somebody in the room. I can't remember which one of us switched on the light, but as soon as the light was switched on, I told her to look everywhere, in the bathroom, in the closet, under the bed. Nothing.

I kind of forgot about it, because it was no big deal. My mom said I must have been dreaming, but I wasn't. When I woke up there I was wide awake. I remember how I woke up...immediately. Something woke me.

But that's my only experience ever. I love listening to ghost stories around the fire, and it does seem as if certain people attract this phenomenon more than others, because the ones who relay these stories have multiple experiences, and others have never experienced anything at all.


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G'day Anart and Redfox!

Thanks for your comments, and quite correct you are it is a jungle out there! This was over 5 years ago and I was still in the love and light stage but had moved some distance away from it, if I had known about the wave then I would have done stuff differently, I would never have gone to see Mother Meera either but all in all it's been very educational. Prior to this I've seen similar entities the 'distorted' air and had told them to keep their distance. In one instance dozing off in bed after an argument with my wife (a relationship that seems to be very much the set up kind, have left her now) I snapped awake and put up a mental guard as a distortion flew through the window and it 'bounced' off my chest, looks like something was coming down to feed or attach itself.

Nowadays when such things happen I feel more 'yeah what do you want now?' attitude, I try not to give them any sort of energy whatsoever but keep calm as possible and tell them to get out, I don't summon help but have been asking for a long time for knowledge so maybe this it part of it.

Here's part of a post I put on the John Velez (a Budd Hopkins associate) forum back in '97 concerns distortions, you'll notice that the rippling air I saw is similar to what LKJ describes in her encounter with the 3 spider entities she fought and also what the reptile beings stepped out of when they came for Lilly in book 2.

I've just finished book 2. I was on my guard before I read them, even more so now, thankyou very much for your help.


March 96.- Feb 97. Back in Australia. Would wake freqently at 3-3.30 am
to find little columns of what looked like distorted air moving about
the room. They were about 3'6" X 1'6" and would distort the image of
solid objects behind them as they moved. Upon waking they'd often race
to the ceiling or to a certain window but once one stayed in the room
for about 15 seconds. It 'stood' there and then slowly moved to the
favored window, I asked it to stay but it didn't and quite a few times I
awoke sitting upright and pointing at the little distortions. When these
events happened I noticed the ceiling was sometimes smothered in
distorted air, one time I woke to find my sloping ceiling filled with
distorted air. It looked like my ceiling was filled with warm water that
is mixing with cold, the surface rippling like a pond, the hanging
lampshade was immersed in it and was itself distorted, it looked like it
was underwater. I noticed there was a distortion next to my head and
turned my head to look at it. With this it's outline became defined into
a cylinder and it shot to the ceiling 'diving' into the distorted air
above. As it hit there was no splash but it made ripples exactly like a
stone hitting a pond. After this the distorted air 'drained' upwards and
out of my room, it looked exactly like a swimming pool with a sloping
bottom draining of water. As it drained the lampshade regained it's
clarity too, it was quite an amazing sight to see. I turned the light on
and checked to see if there was a layer of warmer air up there that may
have caused the distortion but could find none,

Here's another part of the post, no rippling air but very strange.

22 Aug. 97 Woke up, was fully awake and mobile and felt the familiar
negative presence and lay calm on my back in bed. I felt pressure on my
body, it was fairly even but more concentrated around the chest and
shoulders. The bedcover pressed down on my body, I saw it clinging like
shrink wrap plastic around my body and the matress was being pressed
down also. It went down about 2" maybe 3" in my shoulder areas. Up until
now I had kept still, as the pressure increased I mentally said 'come
down, well, talk'. Before the second word was out the matress and covers
sprang back into shape, I looked at the clock, it was 3.15am.

I closed my eyes and began to drift back to sleep then suddenly snapped
back awake. Exactly the same thing happened, looking at the clock it was
now 3.30.


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Well I guess, no matter what you say in connection to such topics your opinion, thoughts and words will mostly always be put out wrong. it is inevitable when it comes to THE UNKNOWN, THE UNEXPLAINED and THE UNDISCOVERED. But let me tell you my thoughts, even though I might know what any of you might think while reading this.
I have never seen a ghost in particular, but I feel them. I feel if there is someone close to me, a dead soul, a ghost, as most might call them. I feel them, because I am aware of their existence and I am totally aware that they are beyond us, everywhere at any time. And it doesn't scare me, though that is the scariest thing at all.


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Hi gelmarion

Welcome to the forum. We like to encourage new user to post a short introduction in the Newbie section. It doesn't have to be anything personal, but its always good to know how you found your way here, and to know what you may or may not have read yet regarding Laura's work (The Wave series for example).

I'd like to address something I picked up in your post that may well help you when it comes to interacting on the forum....

Well I guess, no matter what you say in connection to such topics your opinion, thoughts and words will mostly always be put out wrong. it is inevitable when it comes to THE UNKNOWN, THE UNEXPLAINED and THE UNDISCOVERED. But let me tell you my thoughts, even though I might know what any of you might think while reading this.

You may find that a lot of those unknown, unexplained and undiscovered things have been discovered and explored in the Wave Series as well as this forum. Or at least, have a good current working hypothesis for most of them :)
As to the parts I've highlighted in bold in your post, you may want to check out this thread in its entirety (specifically the replies to it) to perhaps get a grasp on how the forum works. It can appear to be a little intimidating here until you understand how it works.

Andrew M.

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I always told myself i believed in ghosts and all that, but i guess in a way i was lying to myself because each time some possible ghostly experience has happened to me i always found a logical reason and stuck to it. Not this time. I was at a friends house that he's fixing up and it's creepy to begin with cause it's an old house and it's been gutted for remodeling. I was in the kitchen and it was only my friend and i in the house. in the kitchen is the basement way and i leaned over to peek down the stairs just as a random urge but as i leaned in the door started closing on me and then clicked shut in my face. now usually i would have passed this off as a breeze but i couldn't because i realized that all the windows on the first floor were closed and there are no doors or windows in this particular basement. then i thought maybe my weight on a support beem gave the door a little more room to move with it's weight naturally, except the door had to scrape across a carpet to close itself and i watched this because i was looking down the basement stairs so that's where my line of sight was. i told the friend who said his house was haunted, probably jokingly, but i still havn't found any other explaination when i usually do. however i have yet to actually 'see' some sort of apparition or anything i couldn't logically explain that didn't sound too far fetched, but i would like to.


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I remember as a child, slept with my mother and a man passes through the door of the room and close to my bed. I see him and i feel that I get out of bed. The curious thing is that I am not aware of I get up of bed. I shook my head, like out of that state "freezing" and I fall bouncing on the bed and my mother does not wake up for anything. The ghost I saw was a man who was still alive, a few months he died. A few years later, a cousin, also saw a man on his back in the same room. I do not know in which category to put it...

I have a trauma from childhood, because when I started to know about the "Brujeria or black magic", was not a good time, adults talking about dead in front of a 8 year old boy whom they believed ignorant of the subject. you know, "is a child is innocent and knows nothing" bla bla bla. That night, something was sleeping in my bed, I did not feel any weight nor in the bed, nothing. I went to turn over, because it I did not want to move by the shock and I touch something. I can not turn around because I've touched someone/something behind me. I did not want to turn to face it was, I knew that it was nothing "alive." The fear was so great that I not know if I lost consciousness, but I could not sleep and suddenly into a deep Serene and sleep.

Here the fun part.

The next day, in the public transport in front to a lot of people , ask to my mother, if my stepfather or she lay down on my bed. And I tell him what happened. The eyes very peeled of people was comical. :lol:


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i have never seen a ghost and it's very rare i guess, but i have a friend who saw many, he didn't see many ghosts many times but many ghosts at once -pretty shocking indeed- they looked like shadows flying in a crazy dance.I told him: maybe you saw huge flies or bats (because it looked like many bats gathered in one place) but he said: i know what i saw if it was just bats i wouldn't have gotten such a scare, im not a fool


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No, but my mother can see them (as well as some of the Human Aura), her mother can see them, and as for myself, I cannot, but I have witnessed one, my mother's grandmother, playing with a 100 year old piano light on (if I remember correctly) her birthday. It was in the corner of the house and she kept turning it on/off, one of those click-through one-way, click-back-through the other way kinds. We all just stared at the light as she did this.

My mother tunes them out as best she can as she doesn't like seeing them. She says they're monochrome in color and fully dressed. Graveyards are full of them...

Where I live now has an elderly man who comes and goes in the family area we're almost always in... Based on his appearance and history of this area, he most likely was the one who died 100 years ago when a tornado tore through and killed someone.


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I actually saw something along with a friend in her kitchen, where we noticed something in our peripheral vison and at that exact moment we both turned 45' to our right ,facing the doorway, and saw for a brief moment a figure so dark that it seemed blacker than the blackest shade you could imagine. . I asked her what she saw first to confirm what I saw, and she indeed say that she could see a very dark figure in the door way, just for an instant. It was pretty scary and it is interesting that we both turned at the same time and saw the same thing.

And today in my work which is a cafe/restaurant, I'm 99.9% certain that I witnessed a customer come into the store, which I'm sure happened because they walked towards the counter with a powerful stride which always gets my attention because I would then usually go an serve them straight away, but I was putting something away and I was doing this before the customer came into the shop so when they came in , I glanced up and saw them, glanced back down to finish what I was doing and that took about 3 seconds, so when I looked back up to go and serve them, no one was there.

Now I found this very unusual because I thought that in the space of 3 seconds they might have already been served by one of my colleges since I was busy but when I went to check if the 3 people who were in the shop ( all 3 had their backs turned apparently) noticed anyone come in, none of them saw or could hear anyone come into the shop. I then thought about this and I remembered that there were NO footsteps from this customer even though they were 'charging' in to buy something , but that didn't click at the time for some reason. The 3 that were in the shop were adamant that no body come into the store and the place was full of customers sitting in ( bearing in mind that its a small cafe, only about 4 tables in the shop)

Last night I was reading about 'windowfallers' and gathering data on the ultra-terrestial reality and how I believe it was maybe John Keel that said he once saw a JFK presidential broadcast and he witnessed 3 strange looking individuals sitting in the front row , appearing out of place with their surroundings and situation, but when he looked at photographs of this event, he could not for the life of him see the 3 strange folk anywhere. My experience today reminded me of this story and it is also strange since it was only the night before I was reading about this stuff, that it happened.

Of course it could have been that they just walked back out really quickly but then I almost immediately walked in the line of view of the shop door and did not see any evidence of that it was just closing as if someone had left, or anyone walking away from the shop. I also dont think it was a customer that was sitting in the shop since their movement and their 'walking language' for lack of a better term, suggested strongly that they had just entered the cafe and were looking to purchase something. It might be worth mentioning that as I keep thinking about it that I'm doubting whether I even saw someone, but I'm most certain I did.

So I'm not sure what exactly happened but that it felt like high strangness!

EDIT- Spelling and added text at bottom


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I have only seen one ghost, years ago; and that was a fleeting image as I drove by the front of the house I was living in at the time.

A bit of background. I was living in an older house with a friend. We knew that there was a spirit in the house as things kept being moved and the heater in the front room kept being turned up in the middle of the night or during the day when no one was home.

My roommate was more attune to the spirit realm and started to ask questions. She told me the spirit was an older woman that was just looking out for us. She was afraid that we would freeze as we kept turning the heater down at night and when we were going to be gone all day to save energy. The roommate got her to agree to only turn the heater up part of the way, not full blast as she was doing, and to only due it a half an hour before we were getting up or getting home.

My roommate was able to see her and described her to me. I made the comment that I wished I could see her. Thus, just before I moved out she showed herself to me as I was driving past the front of the house.

Since that time I have discovered my empathic ability and do feel the presents of spirits. I am fully aware that not all spirits are as helpful as the one I described.

I want to say more but I'm not sure what else to say so I will end it here.


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Well this is not exactly a ghost story, but was a very strange incident.
Maybe someone can help me shed light on what I saw, or if if I really saw...
When I was about 12, I happened to glance out of my bedroom window overlooking the garden, late at night. I saw a male figure, definitely not human, walking across the lawn.
I think he may have been green or brown, wearing a brown robe and seemed ancient and very ugly, possibly bald. I can't give a better description than this, because I shot underneath my bed covers almost immediately, as I did not want this creature to see me. He gave out an aura of incredible sadness.
I didn't tell anyone about this. Is it possible that I hallucinated?


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I've never seen a ghost.
I've seen a huge winged man flying, I've seen my dead father on a subway, I've seen faces in the dark and fickering shadows passing me by. But no, I've never seen a ghost.


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Hi Skycsil,

I would love to hear more about the winged flying man.
Also, what do you think caused you to see if your dead father if you do not believe you saw a ghost.
(I don't wish to pry, so don't answer if you feel this question is too personal. It's just that when my mother was in a coma in hospital I woke up and saw that the cat curled up next to me was transformed into a vision of her face. I got a phone call not long after, informing me she had died.
I don't know if was her spirit saying goodbye or simply my unconsciousness communicating.


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Hi Cassandra, no worries about the question. I saw him once some months afer his death. It didn't look like a ghost, it looked like my father, alive and kicking, but when I looked again he was gone. Guess my mind was playing tricks on me, I was still trying to overcome his early death back then. What I meant with my previous post is that I've seen a few weird things but wouldn't put them under the "ghost" label when I don't even know what a ghost is. I wouldn't know how to interpret about the vision of your mother the moment she died, maybe the elders can guide you on that, sorry =(

About the winged man, is weird because my husband saw it too. At first I thought he was only playing with me, but when I asked him where he saw it, he pointed to the exact same place above a certain tree. I just had said "I think I saw a flying guy", never mentioned where.


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out of my hair. I can't say with certainty just what it was, phenomena not being the 'point' of such things. If you get too caught up in 'seeing ghosts' or experiencing phenomena you can be tricked into chasing things that don't really matter.Kind of like chasing a band city to city.

I must agree, what is the purpose of chasing the phenomenon with little if any benefit to you or the world? It is indeed an interesting topic, so is the alien/hyperdimensional phenomenon. But that does not mean we should go out looking for it, and hunting it down, when we can turn our attention to something more important. Like why is they here, what is their purpose, and where do they come from? Where do we stand in all this, and what is the general idea?
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