History Channel's Ancient Aliens

Some of the holes seem to have stones or rocks filled within them.

celtic said:
Some of the holes seem to have stones or rocks filled within them interesting.


Well, now they look to me to be some sort of outside storage, similar to what you find in villages where permafrost is present. Rock-lined pits are used for storage of meats and other perishables. Not what you'd expect in the climate where those are found, though ...
Do some of you still watch this series? I understand that the information handed to us through media is controlled and rather noisy, but lately the topics they address in the newer episodes come closer to the things that are discussed here as well. For instance, they have addressed sound waves and how these have helped build the ancient structures like the pyramids. As far as I can remember, that aligns with what the C's have said on this topic (correct me if I'm wrong...).

In the episode I watched today, 'Alien Devastations', they talk about UFO sightings during natural disasters such as the tsunami in Indonesia and the volcanic activity in Iceland. SOTT actually captured the same video footage that they showed of the Iceland eruption here; http://www.sott.net/articles/show/220392-UFO-V-Fleet-Formation-Caught-Over-Iceland-Volcano-2010 ,

they also addressed that 'some of these aliens might be working with humans' and went on about dna/gene changes and how those have helped us 'quantum-leap' from being cavemen to building pyramids. Having access to all the episodes, I was thinking about weeding through all the information and highlighting some of their claims, but I wonder if this would be sensible, or a waste of time. Nevertheless, I find it interesting to see that such a widely accessible show is suggesting things that echo with some of the things I've read here, in the transcripts or on SOTT.

Then again, I might just be reading too much in this series?
Just recently, I watched the first episode of season 1 and it was a pleasant surprise. There were of course moments where typical New Ageish and religious reasoning was presented, but most of the stuff was pretty interesting. Even Michael Cremo made a short appearance, and the guy who has studied ancient Egyptian engineering techniques (can't remember his name) and who Laura quoted in SHOTW was interviewed quite a lot.

So overall, having just seen the first episode, I would say that for someone who has done their homework (I still have a lot left to do) and who doesn't believe everything that is said in this series, it can be quite interesting to watch this. At least for me, who hasn't traveled to Egypt or other ancient megalithic places, it was fun to see high quality video footage from those places. I think I'm going to watch the next episode too, when time allows. :)
I just saw Vincent Bridges speaking on a History Channel program, I forget which one, it wasn't Ancient Aliens. I was like WOW! O-kay. I'll just be...backing away slowly now.

Kinda freaky.
I have seen both season 1 and 2. Most episodes more than once. The series was amazing. Not much I disagreed with but then again, I am a bit different than other people. What really interested me was the logo that came across before and after the show. The Prometheus Project. I cannot help but wonder if this could be linked to either the Prometheus society or the disclosure project. Wondering if anyone has any real insight on this.

Also I firmly recommend you watch both this series and the series That's Impossible (6 episodes). Jam packed full of outside of the box thinking, as well as a nice jolt for anyone that thought big secrets were not being advertised on mainstream television. Unfortunately both are hard to get a hold of, "that's impossible" being the hardest.

That's one of the strangest things I've ever seen! Any theories???

I have one, but it would seem rather "ho hum" compared to some of the others.

Looking at the pictures and the area in general my thought was of the people living on such a dry barren spot, and how they would naturally need a constant food source.

You can`t eat dirt. So looking at some of the pictures I just see what appears to be the remnants of an ancient "orchard" or some place where trees were kept.

Maybe nut trees, or something similar, whatever would produce a sufficient food supply for the area.

So ok, it is ho hum..but they had to eat something.
I noticed last night that this show featured Bramley and Dr. Jacobs. Interesting but also worrisome because it is typical of these shows to be filling an agenda and to slant the story. I did not watch the entire episode, only caught a bit here and there, but did catch Jacobs talking about his theories and work with patients under hypnosis and what they say their abductors tell them; "soon we will all be together."
I think one of the most important questions to ask about this Ancient Aliens TV series is: Why, and why now?

Why are we able to see this type of information on the MSM now?? I usually would have to go to non-mainstream sites and shows to view good stuff like this and you actually would not find as much info as in this show. It seems they are really trying to convince people about this "cooky" stuff. They are making what used to be taboo, seem much more realistic and possible to as much of the general public as they can. Why, and why now? :huh: There is a good amount of money being spent on this I am sure. Is it really just to make more money out of it?

But, it does not end there. On one hand, it seems like the MSM is promoting this whole UFO/alien "stuff" more and more every time. Then you get more of these alien doomsday movies coming out and putting in peoples heads the idea of hostile beings from other worlds. What is the real agenda here? What is the real purpose of this whole UFO/alien explosion? Is this a reverse psychology type of deal? Is it preparing people for something? Is it just another excuse to keep people glued to the new age "golden calf'?

Random comment: As far as I know, it has been a looooong time since a peaceful, non-aggressive alien movie has come out of Hollywood. I guess the good aliens don't make as much money.

Just little thoughts I wanted to share and get feedback from people other than my wife. Let me know what you all think. And for the people who care about grammar, enjoy. :)

In the search for truth and wisdom, there will always be a need for answered questions and questioned answers.
Welcome to the Forum, guanajo - the "Ancient Aliens" series combines disinformation with just a bit of possible truths. You can use the Search function above right at top of page and search for some of the commentators in the series - for example Graham Hancock. As well, there is a good deal of information here on the site that can help assist you in your question of 'why now'? :)

Also, it is customary here for new members to introduce themselves on the Newbies section. No personal information is required, just how you found us, what your interests are, etc.
I think it's important to remember that the History Channel has a 'history' of broadcasting an enormous amount of propaganda and disinformation. It is an American television channel, for goodness sake! If you're looking to the History Channel for truth, you may as well be looking to Obama for change. My advice would be to turn off the television!
anart said:
I think it's important to remember that the History Channel has a 'history' of broadcasting an enormous amount of propaganda and disinformation. It is an American television channel, for goodness sake! If you're looking to the History Channel for truth, you may as well be looking to Obama for change. My advice would be to turn off the television!

Agreed, the theories are a little mixing of truth with lies; Consequently, people are left confused because of the unsatisfying conclusions. That is why I stopped watching the 'history' 'channel' completely.
I've watched a lot of the ancient aliens series as of late. I haven't seen that one. It would seem that they liked Peru for some reason. After having read an article that Laura wrote about megaliths and seeing the same thing in that series. I turned on a friend to the series and told her of how LKJ had said the same things. She use to think the Cassiopaea site was a cult. I told her that that couldn't be further from the truth, she now agrees.

My friend has had moments of unique insight, then became afraid, only to retreat. I've told her not to be afraid, fear is what those in control want from you. Me I'm too stupid to be afraid. ;D
I don't know if anyone has noticed, but the series is no longer what it was. I agree that there was propaganda within the series but it was a good jump start for people who have never seen the images or ancient sites displayed by the show. One thing I am wondering about is if there is a connection with the Prometheus society (1 in 30,000) and the Prometheus Society that is listed in the credits of the show. As far as the show is concerned this current season is pure BS. All speculation (or hidden agenda) and no cool images... sad really.

I absolutely LOVED that series. I just saw it about a week ago.

What was the propaganda messaging in it?

Love, e
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