Doublespeak in the Modern Pathocracy

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Constitution - just a goddamn piece of paper.
Not worth the price of the paper... (Apologies to anybody currently vaguely calling themselves a patriot dependent upon which definition of patriot you are using)
Since we are talking about definitions here. Lets be clear about what the word "patriot" means.

From: http://dictionary(dot)

patriot-- 1. a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.
2. a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, esp. of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.

From: http://en(dot)

Patriot or Patriots may refer to patriotism, as well as one of many other things.

Patriotism denotes positive and supportive attitudes to a 'fatherland' (Latin patria), by individuals and groups. The 'fatherland' (or 'motherland') can be a region or a city, but patriotism usually applies to a nation and/or a nation-state. Patriotism covers such attitudes as: pride in its achievements and culture, the desire to preserve its character and the basis of the culture, and identification with other members of the nation. Patriotism is closely associated with nationalism, and is often used as a synonym for it. Strictly speaking, nationalism is an ideology - but it often promotes patriotic attitudes as desirable and appropriate. (Both nationalist political movements, and patriotic expression, may be negative towards other people's 'fatherland').

Patriotism has connotations of self-sacrifice, implying that the individual should place the interests of the nation, and common good of its political community, above their personal and group interests. In wartime, the sacrifice may extend to their own life. In this context, patriotism is seen as an explanation for the apparent suspension of the instinct for self-preservation, which implies that no-one would voluntarily serve in a wartime army.

Patriotism has other ethical connotations: it implies that the 'fatherland' (however defined) is a moral standard or moral value in itself. The expression my country right or wrong - perhaps a misquotation of the American naval officer Stephen Decatur, but also attributed to Carl Schurz - is the extreme form of this belief.

The primary implication of patriotism in ethics is that a person has more moral duties to fellow members of the national community, than to non-members.[1] In social science terminology, this doctrine is a form of discrimination. Criticism of patriotism in ethics is mainly directed at this moral preference: the view (in ethics) that moral duties apply equally to all humans is known as cosmopolitanism. In practice, many patriots would see treason rather than cosmopolitanism as the 'opposite of patriotism'.
The one that makes me shake my head every time it is used and it is used a lot
for reasons of national security: we are deceiving you and because we don't want the truth to come out or have to comment on the truth we throw up security as a justification. Everyone wants to be secure and have a secure nation right?!!! If you don't want our security, because you can't handle the truth, you must be a terrorist or a communist or... Ahhhh, also the security and advantage it provides is for us, you know, the pathocrats.
A great thread! If it later becomes another feature on the signs website, it might be good to have the actual definitons there aswell, as I think they, due to the doublespeak, have become fuzzy for a lot of people.

A thread with examples of paramoralisms and paralogisms might also be worth starting, as it would help in understanding part of the ideological underpinning of the pathocracy.

A few examples of doublespeak:

Hero: Dead human cannon fodder in the service of spreading 'democracy and freedom' (see ref for these terms elsewhere) at the behest of the PTB. Usually died young. A vice that serves to give warm fuzzy feelings amongst the family and the population at large while stiffling any questions as to why he/she died and what he/she died for.

suicide bomber
a) an explosive device detonated at a distance by intelligence services of the pathocracy (Mossad, CIA etc) and blamed on crazed, fanatical extremist belonging to the religion of the enemy of the pathocracy. This can also take the form of bombs being placed in vehicles of the civilian population at check points and later detonated to create most mayhem and chaos while maximising the propaganda effect.
b) a mentally retarded person or other patsy incited to blow themselves up for a cause that to the person appears worthwhile, but which only suits the handlers, which are again intelligence services of the pathocracy (Mossad, CIA etc).

Defence Department Department for defending the corporate elite and which role is to attack any country that dares stand up for it's own interest.

Elections A ploy to create the illusion of having an active say in the running of the country and one of the best sleeping pills invented, preventing people to wake up to reality when there is/was a glimmer of hope of that happening.

International law A device invented to draw other countries into line if they overstep them, while something to be completely ignored when it serves the corporate elite/pathocracy. The laws gives the illusion to everyone of living in a just and ordered world, where people will be held responsible for crimes etc.

And then there is all the doublespeak in the economic arena, which opens up a whole new epidemic of double speak. One example:

The federal Reserve Bank: A private mafia(=PTB) aiming at hoarding the worlds wealth to it's members causing untold tragedies on the general populace, while on the surface giving the allure of being independent with full oversight by the democratic system for the benefit of the nation.


Doublespeak is language deliberately constructed to disguise its actual meaning, such as euphemisms.

The word doublespeak was coined in the early 1950s. It is often incorrectly attributed to George Orwell and his dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. The word actually never appears in that novel; Orwell did, however, coin Newspeak, Oldspeak, duckspeak (speaking from the throat without thinking 'like a duck') and doublethink (holding "...simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them..."), and his novel made fashionable composite nouns with speak as the second element, which were previously unknown in English. It was therefore just a matter of time before someone came up with doublespeak. Doublespeak may be considered, in Orwell's lexicography, as the B vocabulary of Newspeak, words "deliberately constructed for political purposes: words, that is to say, which not only had in every case a political implication, but were intended to impose a desirable mental attitude upon the person using them."

Whereas in the early days of the practice it was considered wrong to construct words to disguise meaning, this is now an accepted and established practice. There is a thriving industry in constructing words without explicit meaning but with particular connotations for new products or companies.

William Lutz, a professor at Rutgers University, has written several books about doublespeak and is the former editor of the Doublespeak Quarterly Review, which examines ways that jargon has polluted the public vocabulary with phrases , words and usages of words designed to obscure the meaning of plain English.
abuse: torture
aerial ordnance (military): bombs and missiles.
agenda: as in the Liberal Agenda or the Homosexual Agenda; used to discredit laws or programs sought after by the left by adding the feel of conspiracy and ill will to the venture.
alleged: actually perpetrated
ally: vassal state; colony.
American interests: 1. Corporate interests; keeping share prices up. 2. For the benefit of the rich.
asset (CIA term): foreign spy
associate: a low-level employee. Being "associated" sounds more dignified than being "employed" (or "used"), but also connotes being more loosely affiliated, i.e. having less job security.
asymmetric warfare: suicide bombing attacks, local violent unrest, almost anything that one does not wish to call war or terrorism. Military scientists define asymmetry in warfare as circumstances in which one side continues to fight regardless the disproportionate military capacity of an opponent.
Audio news release: Fake news as sound
axis of evil: countries to be attacked; Bush administration hitlist (currently includes Iran, North Korea, and possibly now Syria - threatening moves against Cuba and Venezuela also made by this regime).
balanced scientists: biased scientists.
biopesticide Bacillus thuringiensis - used in the Iraq Survey Group's Report (Duelfer Report) - Bacillus thuringiensis is a commonly used biological pest control that safely and effectively targets very specific species of caterpillar (different strains affect different species). It sold at Garden Centers virtually everywhere in the US under the name "BT", and is considered to be so benign that its use is approved on "organic" grown foods.
biosolids: sewage.
big government: government, of which portions are not controlled or owned by corporations
blowback: 1. the unintended consequences of secret or under-reported American intervention. Originally coined in internal CIA documents. Seldom used in public until recently; it is most effective to ensure as little as possible is known about the causes of enemy aggression. Distorted to become: 2. the threat of American-made weapons being turned against American troops [1]
boomerang effect: see blowback.
capital punishment: death penalty, state execution.
casualty: person killed or maimed in warfare.
classified: secret
In World War II, secret information was distinguished into classes corresponding to increasing levels of security clearances, and came to be called classified information (as in "classified for a particular clearance"). Classified was also the second lowest grade of information in the UK - restricted ->classified ->secret, etc.
coalition of the willing: coalition of the coerced, paid, and afraid - also coalition of those billing referring to massive foreign aid bribes or coercive economic threats made against these states by Bush administration.
collateral damage: the killing of innocent bystanders, ecological destruction and environmental contamination.
competitive: - 1. profitable 2. cheap until the little guy goes out of business
communication: propaganda.
communist: during the Cold War, any person, government or media that challenged American economic hegemony in the world.
consumer: increasingly used in place of "citizen" when referring to the individual. Indicative of the growing assumption that democracy equals capitalism.
Corporate America: 1. "an informal phrase describing the business world of the United States ... It is frequently used in a negative sense that implies greed." 2. "The term is also used to group all of the United States' corporations into one group (Ignoring positive and negative conotations)." [2]
corporation: 1. oligarchy 2. A profit-driven entity destined to ultimately consist of lawers and other such experts in combination with the minimum number of other people required to justify the ownership of the largest number of things possible. These will then be used to a) extort the largest amount of money possible. b) Convince the largest number of people possible that owned items are worth paying for.
counseling: in business, often a euphemism for reprimanding and/or warning an employee.
creation science: religion pretending to be science; see also intelligent design.
criminal extremist organization: subjective phrase for anyone or any group that poses a perceived threat.
crusade: war
death tax: estate tax
debunking: sophistry
decapitation strike: turn of phrase recently used to describe the bombing of structures where military or political leaders are assumed to be.
defense: war
As in Department of Defense, formed by the merging of the Department of War and Department of the Navy.
defence budget: 1. corporate subsidy 2. attack budget
dehousing: (WWII) allied bombing of German civilian homes.
deregulation: reapportioning profiteering opportunities for corporate America by reducing or removing democratically controlled regulatory oversight.
detainee: prisoner of war (e.g. on terrorism.)
developing nations: poor countries, regardless of economic progress or the lack thereof.
digital rights management: software/hardware which restricts people from excercising their rights; in particular of fair use.
disarmament: unilateral process whereby one side to a conflict hands over its arms to the other side; also refers to mutual agreements to reduce numbers of weapons.
distorting the market: 1. putting people before profits 2. intervention in profiteering 3. provision of services by government
doublespeak: 1. professional jargon used by members of a disliked profession. 2. unfamiliar vocabulary, e.g. a French word
downsize, rightsize, RIF (reduction in force): fire employees. "Downsize" at first applied to products, meaning to supply less product for the same price, e.g. 14 oz. instead of a full pound of coffee.
eco: implies "ecology", which is the study of community population dynamics. Sometimes added as a prefix to other terms to mislead the public.
economic growth: raw increase in Gross National Product - see economic growth, uneconomic growth, productivism, consumerism, militarism, accounting reform for issues with this equivalence.
efficient: profitable
embedded: used by US military authorites in 1991 and 2003 to describe the policy of inviting journalists to war. Reporters are absorbed into advancing military units, and may even dress like soldiers. Critics say embedded reporters are psychologically inclined to see themselves as part of the military operation, and are restricted in what they can report, and who they can talk to (see: Ted Koppel).
enemy combatant: legal wording to get around the Geneva Conventions ' protective rights for those captured in combat
environmental security: securing the environment for corporate exploitation.
essential services: infrastructure corporations haven't worked out how to make a profit from without the public noticing yet
ethnic cleansing: genocide
executive assistant:
externality: a cost which is not figured into the price, and is borne by the public. See essential services.
extraordinary rendition: Deliver terror suspects to foreign intelligence services without extradition proceedings.
failed state: A weak enemy. See rogue state.
finding: Whites taking food in a disaster (see looting)
freedom fighter: A terrorist furthering American interests
free speech zone: an area set aside for protesters in which law enforcement supposedly will not interfere with them if they stay within it, but may assail or arrest them if they venture out of it. Often at a removed location from which the protesters won't be seen or heard by those participating in the event being protested.
free fire zone: area under attack by US troops in which the napalming and bombing of villages and shooting of journalists, women and children was permitted
forced disarmament: war
fourth-generation warfare: Government-managed terrorism. The idea that warfare passes through "generations" is meant to imply that progress or evolution toward some desirable goal is being made.
fractional reserve banking: monopolistic or oligarchic private cartel controlling central banking, facilitating economic parasitism by the rich; see this scientific economics paper.
general trade: criminal smuggling organized by tobacco companies itself
globalization: 1. the expansion of corporations beyond the bounds of one political nation; the growth of the US empire
human intelligence: also HUMINT: spies.
humbled: actually brimming with smug pride, but seeking to be perceived as humble for the approval of easily hoodwinked "values" voters.
improvised explosive device (IED): Bombs used in roadside ambushes on vehicles. Perhaps called "improvised" to disparage those who make and use them.
illegal combatants: prisoners of war who are deprived of basic human rights and of any legal rights under existing international conventions regarding treatment of prisoners
illegals: refugees seeking asylum - perfectly legally - in Australia; term used by the Australian Government under Prime Minister John Howard.
infomercial: a broadcast advertisement filling an entire program slot, often repeating the same body of content several times. Usually referred to in program listings as "paid programming"
intelligent design: euphemism for creationism
interrogation techniques/methods: - tortures applied by U.S. military(e.g. in liberated Iraq)
irregulars: Pentagon-speak for "everybody else"
irregularities: 1. corporate accounting fraud 2. evidence of election fraud
job flexibility : lack of job security
job security : the pretense of continued employment
less-than lethal: less-common euphemism than nonlethal
levels: prices
Lessons can be learnt from industry: this is not increasing the value or dividends of my shares
liberal: 1. weird perverts 2. people who care 3. people who can't make up their minds 4. people who hate business 5. people who hate America 6. Nothing at all: liberal is an adjective, not a noun.
liberate: 1. invade 2. destroy 3. steal
Literal interpretation of the Bible: Bizarre interpretations by a minority of Christians. For example Left Behind is often described by the media as "based on a literal interpretation of the Bible" despite neither the word "rapture" nor any concept resembling it being found in the Bible, or anywhere in Christian tradition until the 19th century.
looting: Blacks taking food in a disaster (see finding)
manifest destiny: imperialism
material support: food, water, shelter, money or other resources
media bias: lack of sufficient bias towards the purported interests of their owners.
militant: terrorist, rioter, etc.
move on: used by those who want to keep making the same mistakes over and over, usually because they profit from them. "So I got drunk and hit you again, now's not the time to play the blame game, it's time to move on...And pour me a shot, woman!" Accuses any kind of debriefing, investigation, accountabity or any kind of learning whatsoever as being emotionalism. Implies that the victims of the latest disaster don't matter anyway, at least compared to the recipients of the estate tax cut, or whoever the latest focus of the administration is.
nation building: imposing or influencing a new domestic polity
negative patient care outcome: death
neutralize: to kill or to render politically ineffective by imprisonment, damage to reputation, ideological seduction or distraction
new and improved: smaller, more expensive and less useful
New World Order: globalization; imperialization
non-core promise: a promise not kept, in most cases a lie from the start; invented by Australian Prime Minister John Howard
non-duty, non-pay status: fired
nonlethal weapons: weapons that may or may not kill the person they are used on
now is not the time... During any administration-caused catastrophe, calls for accountable government are dismissed with "now is not the time to play the blame game, there will be plenty of time later"...Later is defined by the moment that calls for accountable government are dismissed with "why can't you just move on?"
oppressed minority: unpopular radicals with large wallets. (see radical)
pain compliance: Torture
patriotism: unquestioning loyalty to other peoples' interests
person of interest: suspect in a crime
personal responsibility: The notion that persons other than oneself are responsible for all problems.
piracy: 1. The forced boarding of a vessel to remove all valuables and possibly murder the passengers 2. the duplication of a sequence of data legally recognised to be owned by some other entity
playing the blame game: Used to dismiss calls for accountable government. Implies that the first priority of people who have had their families killed and their lives destroyed is to have fun making a few cheap political shots.
playing Politics: As a general rule, any side that accuses the other of playing politics with an issue is losing the debate.
playing the Race Card: - Used to dismiss any concern of non-whites, accuses non-whites of being manipulative and having a sneaky, strategic agenda (these recycled accusations were previously used against Jews with infamous effectiviness).
pre-dawn vertical insertion: invasion of Grenada; Early morning paradrop of troops/equipment
pre-emptive strike: 1. US military an unprovoked attack 2. advertising, propaganda to provide an excuse, distraction or cover story before the truth is exposed
pre-hostility: Build up of war making apparatus before hostilites are initiated
pre-owned: used, second-hand.
privatization: profit opportunities for corporate America; usually refers to transfer of former public sector services to management by private firms
pro-growth tax policies: Laws or policies designed to stimulate economic growth. Usually based upon academic theories implemented by current administration that involve reducing taxes for the wealthy while cutting services that primarily benefit the poor
promotion: propaganda
propaganda: information coming from an opposing or independent source
Protest: Violent coups and riots, when commited by corporate-allied forces (As in the Venezuela Coup)
quaint: inconvenient
race-baiting: Used to dismiss any concern of non-whites, this term implies that non-whites are animals. Hypocritically, this very term is used by the right to stoke racial hatred, scapegoating, and other irrational behavior, thus to even use the term "race-baiting" is to engage in it.
(race) Vote-fraud: a trumped-up excuse to commit election fraud by destroying the voting rights of non-whites. The very implies if whites vote twice there's nothing wrong with it.
radical: 1. popular opinion 2. person voicing popular opinions ignored by media with strong coverage 3. person in vague proximity to a another voicing popular opinion ignored by media with strong coverage (see oppressed minority)
relocation: forcible abduction (often in reference to members of indigenous communities)
regime change: a forceful change of government by a foreign power; Pax Americana
remains: As used by the Department of Defense in reference to unidentitified missing soldiers, the word "remains" refers not to the actual physical remains, but to an abstract concept deduced from circumstances. [3]
rendition: the deportation of prisoners by one country to another not burdened by following international laws, for the purpose of torture.
revenue enhancement: tax increase
revolution in military affairs (RMA): Pentagon term for combat using high-tech, precision-guided munitions; see military-industrial complex and Revolution in military affairs
riot: An anti-Corporate protest where someone is arrested, even if they are protesting lawfully and are later released without charge. See protest
rogue nation: enemy able to deploy some form of force; usually one that is not aligned with a group of other nations in agreements regarding conduct of warfare. Also see failed state, United States as a rogue nation
security contractors: mercenary troops, or agencies that provide them
servicing the target: killing the enemy, destroying targeted facilities.
shaping the battlefield: Killing some people or destroying facilities in order to make it easier to kill or capture others, usually by preliminary bombardment or shelling
shock and awe: massive bombing, effects-based operation.
small government: absence of all programmes, e.g. social welfare programs, that are not corporate externalities and often a smaller tax burden on the wealthy
smart bomb: usually air-launched explosives configured with guidance system
softening: the elimination of any barrier to a full-scale attack
sound science: pro-corporate, anti-environmental science
spin: often refers to outright lies, but generally implies an effort to portray events in a light favorable to the one doing the spin.
stable: Controlled by forces that will allow American economic incursion (see above), stability, stabilised, stabilisation; forces moved into South Vietnam to ensure its stability, we are keen to see stability in the Middle East
subsidy: welfare for constituents
surgical strike: military attack; this phrase evokes a medical metaphor to suggest that warfare is a form of healing, as if a regime was a "cancer" or "tumour," while the warrior-leaders are painted as trustworthy surgeons.
sustainable population: population control.
take down: kill someone (military language).
take out: assassinate an individual or destroy a target.
target of opportunity: human beings to be assassinated; target or prey fortuitously encountered or discovered.
taxpayer: citizen
The word taxpayer means someone who pays taxes, and when used in a discussion of government revenues is not doublespeak. However, using the term interchangeably with citizen - the military is there to protect the taxpayers - implies that the primary role of a citizen is to pay taxes, or more generally, that the social contract (again, a term with a particular bias) between citizen and state is primarily economic. This usage has become popular in certain conservative and libertarian groups in the United States: c.f. Taxpayers for Common Sense, National Taxpayers Union.
terminate with extreme prejudice: kill. A dead person can never be rehired.
terrorist: armed political rebel working against "American interests" (see above).
Note however, that in scholarly contexts, "terrorist" is usually defined in a way consistent with the biases of the politics of the region where the scholastic institution is located. See also freedom fighter.
transfer: mass deportation.
transfer tubes: body bags.
trickle-down: refers to the oft-refuted theory that wealth accumulated by the upper strata of a society will benefit members of lower economic classes, where it is known as "dribble-on".
unbiased: Used to imply correctness or truth. Lack of significant pre-judgement or conflict of interest is substantially different from reaching truth.
unclassified: not secret.
Once "classified" became a euphemism for "secret," information that wasn't secret was then called unclassified, which carries the implication that the natural state of information is to be classified, in other words, to be kept secret from outsiders.
unmanned aerial vehicles: As in "Iraq has a growing fleet of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles that could be used to disperse chemical and biological weapons across broad areas." Two balsa wood radio-controlled aircraft with duct-taped struts and a range of about five miles were discovered. Assuming these drones were prototypes not for surveillance but dispersing chemicals, Bush did not explain how these minuscule and fragile aircraft models might fare over a 5,500 mile journey to U.S. mainland or why they would not be shot down as soon as they crossed Iraq's "No Fly" zone.
Video news release: Fake news in video format
vertically deployed anti-personnel devices: bombs.
viral: Opponents of the GNU GPL license sometimes describe one of its properties as being "viral". Often proponents do too.
wet work: assassination.
values: 1. being deeply concerned about things that have no bearing on the operation of the country 2. talking points
Super-Intelligence Support Activity: 1. secret missions designed to "stimulate reactions" among terrorist groups, provoking them into committing violent acts which would then expose them to "counterattack" by U.S. forces.

NOTE: This article is adapted from a Wikipedia article by the same name but includes some loaded terms. Some definitions may include doublespeak.
I notice that the article at the end says, that some of the terms are loaded, which again is doublespeak :rolleyes:

It means that they are aware that some of the definitions could be to close to the truth and that they might get in trouble for exposing them so plainly. In other words a disclaimer, in case the ADL or other organisation should complain and threaten to take the site down. OSIT

economic mismanagement: Theft, stealing by upper corporate management. Penalty for this crime, if it is convenient to be 'discovered' by the PTB is either a forced retirement with a triple golden bonus handshake or a posting to a more important job elsewhere in the corporate underworld, away from the media spotlight.
truth movement: Organised vectoring of the attention of the population away from the truth that could undermine the PTB.
anders' wiki quote said:
alleged: actually perpetrated
Great list. Alleged is used frequently at the moment concerning the reporting of terror threats...the alleged bomb plot etc...the opposite meaning i.e. 'fabricated' is often nearer the truth. dehousing struck me as very disturbing - a good example of many terms thrown around to soften the blow of the actual realities of War.

some to add to the pot:

use of the term 'devils advocate' to exonerate the user from presenting an extreme point of view they actually believe in but want to distance themselves from.

From todays news story that the internet bank First Direct confirmed that it intends to levy a
Sorry I just had to laugh.
The part from Anders wiki post<-connection->the name of the topic.. I wondered for a second, why didn't the wiki people just come out and put a name to their definition?

"doublespeak: 1. professional jargon used by members of a disliked profession."


Lawmakers/Politicians - 1. professional jargon users.

I can't help it, I mean the whole series of posts are true but somehow I'm forced to giggle. It's the wierdest thing - since I've also cried over alot of these realizations as well. Maybe it is the fact that it is right there and I am exposed to the simple truth of it? Well, anyhow..

National ID - Frequency based Global tracking identification device - set by law to commence (I Believe) as a nation wide Identification form in 2008 within the United States. Currently being developed and researched for implanting under the skin.
there's one that I don't think has been mentioned, and which really "takes the biscuit", although it may cross the line from doublespeak into an oxymoron, but then an oxymoron is the final resting place of double-speak taken to extremes.

Anyway, the term is:

"Creative destruction", and it was "allegedly" (there's that word again!) formed from the ideas of Marx and later used by economist (why are we not surprised) Joseph Schumpeter (1883-1950).

But the term was also used more recently by arch Neocon Michael Ledeen in his 2002, humorously-named book: "The War against the Terror Masters".

Ledeen said:

"Creative destruction is our middle name, both within our own society and abroad. We tear down the old order every day, from business to science, literature, art, architecture, and cinema to politics and the law. Our enemies have always hated this whirlwind of energy and creativity, which menaces their traditions (whatever they may be) and shames them for their inability to keep pace. ... They must attack us in order to survive, just as we must destroy them to advance our historic mission."

War is peace, love is hate, destruction is creation, and Michael Ledeen's arse is his elbow.

I think there are still quite a few more double-speak words to be found, but I haven't had much time to apply to that area.

Some areas that could be looked into are areas such as the NASA space program, the financial arena with it's mumbo jumbo of words, defence industries and several others.

Greenspan supplied a few. One is soft landing which could be translated to "This is BAD, real real BAD. Head for the bunker and pray that you survive this unparalelled economic disaster that is coming, because chances are not great." ;)

Another area is the education and healthcare programs that have been 'initiated', but since I don't live in the US it will depend on people living in the US to come of with more examples.

One example was Bush's child education program called Head Start, which resulted in less money for the kids who needed it. Another program was called No child left behind which could be translated into 'We are TOAST, so nothing left, but the crying', which was a term Laura used a few times in the more sobering communications with the C's. A link regarding a critical view of the program called "No child left behind" is here

Okay, somebody get those terms and definitions listed so far together and go to the new Cassiopedia here: and start editing the page on Doublespeak.

You'll have to sign up for an account to do it (if you don't already have one) since we aren't allowing anonymous editing.
I was unable to post a reply to Harrison et. al. "Psycho-Babel" Editorial -- perhaps this has something to do with my AOL browser?-- so, if this is not unacceptable, I will post a contribution here until I can get the browser problem remedied and/or become edit-authorized. Merci.

I thought the collateral damage entry was a little sparse:

Psycho-Babel said:
"Collateral Damage" - The intentional killing of innocent civilians.
Here's my suggestion:


Dead people whose only crime was to have no political influence, relatively insignificant bank balances (less than seven figures), and no propaganda value, and who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time -- either because they live there or because they had not received any insider information to vacate -- when an exhibition of lethal force with live ammunition was going down.

In other words, potentially 94% of the inhabitants of the planet and 100% of the human beings.
SAO posted 'intelligence' in the sense it is used by the military/spooks. since i mostly hold 'military intelligence' to be a contradiction in terms, i once asked a military person what, exactly, they mean when speaking about intel. the response was, more or less, that
a) you have pieces of data which by themselves mean nothing,
b) you have information, which consists of those (seemingly) disparate pieces of data into something meaningful, and
c) you have intelligence, which means many pieces of information meaningfully integrated into a decision process.

what together gives a hierarchy of terms, intel in the sense the mil/spooks use it having nothing to do with the civilian use pertaining to mental capacity/adaptability/learning ability.

still, 'intelligence' IS doublespeak when used in its military/spook acception because it labels an intrinsically inmoral activity with a neutral label.


you people forgot some of the favorite doublespeak terms used by the austrian pathocracy:

- reform: to wilfully ponerize; ponerization. to corrupt useful and accepted rules, laws, institutions until they are dysfunctional to those depending on them, and only serve purposes of exploitation. for example, the work office, formerly called 'arbeitsamt' (in english 'labor authority') which was a govt office which oversaw the comparatively few jobless and offered them meaningful benefits under bearable rules, became the 'AMS - Arbeits Markt Service' (english 'Labor Market Service') which is a 100% govt-owned corporation under the effective control of fascist elements, which offers greatly reduced unemployment benefits under increasingly unbearable conditions to a mass of unemployed which is now constantly larger than in the postwar period. the latest gag of this thusly 'reformed' institution is to offer unemployed people 'for free' to the commerces for the christmas season, which is when most commerces make up to 70% of their yearly gains.

- harmonization: run for the lowest denominator. the govt version of 'billions of flies eat sh*t, they can't all be wrong', with the corollary of "and you should eat our sh*t too and don't complain or we'll make it worse".
Talking about doublespeak, here is some of what Lobazcewski says about the subject:
"The names and official contents are kept, but another, completely different content is insinuated underneath, thus giving rise to the well known double talk phenomenon within which the same names have two meanings: one for initiates, one for everyone else. The latter is derived from the original ideology; the former has a specifically pathocratic meaning, something which is known not only to the pathocrats themselves, but also is learned by those people living under long-term subjection to their rule."
"Doubletalk is only one of many symptoms. Others are the specific facility for producing new names which have suggestive effects and are accepted virtually uncritically, in particular outside the immediate scope of such a system's rule. We must thus point out the paramoralistic character and paranoidal qualities frequently contained within these names. [...] Anything which threatens pathocratic rule becomes deeply immoral."
Another term:
TERROR: in the dictionary, there is the following definition:
an overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety
and :
a person who inspires fear or dread; "he was the terror of the neighborhood"
Like Harrison said:
Harrison said:
War on Terror" - The war on terror is a war OF terror. It is a war on the victims of terror at the hands of psychopaths. When the victims of psychopathic terror respond, they are attacked in the name of terror.
For a country that attacks: TERROR= An overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety inspired by the pathocrats to have the population of normal people accept every measure that they want to take, even if this means to be humiliated and attacked. (eg the American population)
For a country that is attacked: TERROR= the consequent fear and anxiety that a pupulation of normal people is left with after having been attacked and humiliated with no reason.
Indisputable evidence/ beyond a reasonable doubt- Non-sensical phrases used by pathocracy in an attempt to accomplish its goal of murdering human values/ humans. No evidence is indisputable nor is any evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, in fact, such an assertion is unreasonable.
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