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Scientists Reveal Certain Masks May Be More Dangerous Than Wearing None At All
August 12, 2020

All masks are not created equal at limiting the spread of COVID-19, a new study has found, with some being rated as worse than wearing no mask at all.

The researchers at Duke University who performed the study, which was published in Science Advances, do not hold their report to be the final word on the effectiveness of the masks they examined, but rather the start of a conversation that can help Americans to make wise choices.

The study noted that the use of protective masks has been required during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is assumed that wearing such masks reduces the likelihood for an infected person to spread the disease, but many of these mask designs have not been tested in practice,” the study said.

Researchers tested 14 masks, including an N95 mask that was professionally fitted to the wearer. Those are the top-grade masks used by health care workers and first responders.

The Duke team had a speaker talk without wearing a mask, then again with a mask. Each mask was tested 10 times.

The test was conducted by having the speaker talk into a box. A laser was set up to highlight the droplets that emerged when the speaker talked

A cellphone camera then recorded the results.

The N95 masks worked the best, with surgical masks a close second.

Neck fleeces or gaiter masks, sometimes used by runners, finished last.

“We noticed that speaking through some masks (particularly the neck fleece) seemed to disperse the largest droplets into a multitude of smaller droplets … which explains the apparent increase in droplet count relative to no mask in that case. Considering that smaller particles are airborne longer than large droplets (larger droplets sink faster), the use of such a mask might be counterproductive,” the study said.

“We were extremely surprised to find that the number of particles measured with the fleece actually exceeded the number of particles measured without wearing any mask,” Martin Fischer, one of the authors of the study, said, according to CNN. “We want to emphasize that we really encourage people to wear masks, but we want them to wear masks that actually work.”

Also on the less-than-effective list: folded bandanas and knitted masks.

“The idea that something’s better than nothing may not be true,” Dr. Eric Westman, an associate professor at Duke University’s medical school, told The Raleigh News & Observer.

Westman said the study also showed the extent to which droplets spray through normal speech.

“If you didn’t know that speaking can spread particles that can spread virus, you need to know that,” he said.That was confirmed over and over and over in the hundreds of trials that we did.”

Although the researchers said people should not be playing with lasers at home, health care centers or community groups can set up mask testing centers to help educate the public.

“This is a very powerful visual tool to raise awareness that a very simple masks, like these homemade cotton masks, do really well to stop the majority of these respiratory droplets,” Fischer said. “Companies and manufacturers can set this up and test their mask designs before producing them, which would also be very useful.”

The study was very clear that its results are not a final verdict.

“[W]e want to note that the mask tests performed here (one speaker for all masks and four speakers for selected masks) should serve only as a demonstration,” it said. “Inter-subject variations are to be expected, for example due to difference in physiology, mask fit, head position, speech pattern, and such.”
“If you didn’t know that speaking can spread particles that can spread virus, you need to know that,” he said. “That was confirmed over and over and over in the hundreds of trials that we did.”
So, there you have it! Hundreds of trials prove that speaking = particles = virus spread! Science absolutely confirms that people must be muzzled and stay muzzled to stop the spread!!! 😨

“In war, truth is the first casualty.” STS vs STO - The Final Battle

They do not own the world, and they do not have carte blanch to do whatever they want. If we do not challenge them there will be other issues. We will not be bullied by them.

Through Russia, Edgar Cayce said, "comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism - no! But freedom - freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world."

Wait and see. The hypodermic needle = the new sword. 💉
A little more about the Russian "vaccine" (Sputnik V ") from the corona:
- Completed only the SECOND phase of her clinical trials (there should be 4 phases in total). So all this information about the purchase of supposedly MILLIONS of doses is 100% fake (or just an attempt to steal money allocated by the state). It takes several more months (at least) to complete the 3rd and 4th phases of research, and only after the 4th phase it will be possible to draw any conclusions about the effectiveness. And only after the 4th phase (if the vaccine is effective) it will be possible to sell it to someone in MILLIONS of doses.
- The "vaccine" will be produced by Binnopharm JSC, 74% of the shares of this enterprise belong to AFK Sistema. The owner of AFK Sistema is the Russian billionaire oligarch Yevtushenkov.
- the first to receive this vaccine (after all four phases) will be MEDICINES and TEACHERS - these are the words of the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Murashko.
- In 4-6 months the vaccine is planned to be tested on children.


There are also such packaging options (perhaps these are "pre-production")

- the vaccine itself consists of two components, which are administered by injection. Here are all the technical details (in Russian) -
The "inconvenient" upside to the coronavirus circus:
Teacher Worries Parents Might Find Out What He's Teaching Children - What Is He Hiding?

But schools arguably have become centers for indoctrination, where leftist college students graduate and bring their politics to schools as teachers, and then they subtly push their views on defenseless children.

We know at least one teacher is bothered by virtual learning, as classroom activities conducted online now can bring unexpected or unwanted audience members, some of whom are parents.

In one volley of Twitter posts, Matthew R. Kay, a teacher at the Science Leadership Academy, a magnet public high school in Philadelphia, demonstrated why so many parents have reservations about sending their children to schools.

“So, this fall, virtual class discussions will have many potential spectators – parents, siblings, etc. – in the same room. We’ll never be quite sure who is overhearing the discourse. What does this do for our equity/inclusion work?” Kay wrote on Twitter.

“How much have students depended on the (somewhat) secure barriers of our physical classrooms to encourage vulnerability? How many of us have installed some version of “what happens here stays here” to help this?” he continued.

“While conversations about race are in my wheelhouse, and remain a concern in this no-walls environment – I am most intrigued by the damage that ‘helicopter/snowplow’ parents can do in honest conversations about gender/sexuality…”

“And while ‘conservative’ parents are my chief concern – I know that the damage can come from the left too. If we are engaged in the messy work of destabilizing a kids racism or homophobia or transphobia – how much do we want their classmates’ parents piling on?” he concluded.

A biography for Kay describes him as a “proud product of Philadelphia’s public schools and a founding teacher at Science Leadership Academy.” Kay also speaks to middle and high school students and “deeply believes in the importance of earnest and mindful classroom conversations about race.”

If you’re grappling to make sense of Kay’s statements, as I initially did, he explained he is bothered that he no longer has the physical walls of a classroom to indoctrinate kids away from listening ears.

He has since made his account private, but his tweets are archived here if you’d like to see them.

Kay sees himself as a person qualified to speak to students about gender, sexuality, racism, homophobia and transphobia.

He also is bothered by the fact that he cannot take a Las Vegas approach to his injection of identity politics into the curriculum.

“What Happens Here, Stays Here,” is a slogan used to make adults feel comfortable when gambling and drinking in the desert.

What possibly could be going on in a classroom that Kay and others would need that mantra for privacy away from parents?

Even worse, Kay wasn’t the only teacher to complain on Twitter about losing the element of classroom privacy, along with how it relates to the teacher’s intention to curb discussions of social issues.

Other teachers chimed in online, but their posts are gone after they were savaged for publicly expressing their annoyance that they no longer can indoctrinate kids in private.

Their responses can be seen with Kay’s archived posts.

It’s clear the idea of parental oversight is quite distressing to some teachers.

Of course, this highlights one of the major cultural differences between liberals and conservatives with regard to education.

Conservative parents are more inclined to be involved in their child’s learning experience and to be upset when their kids are being fed far-left propaganda about gender pronouns and the belief systems of neo-Marxist revolutionaries.

Parents should have a right to hear what is being told to their children, so distance learning is convenient, as far as that’s concerned.

Full story:
FYI - The Ohio State Buckeyes have played football in the fall each season since 1890.
'I Think Football's Making a Tragic Mistake': Trump Calls for College Football To Return

Like most sane Americans, President Donald Trump wants to see some college football this fall.
Amid reports this week that conference officials and school presidents have been discussing the possible cancellation of big-time NCAA football this season, Trump spoke out in support of players who want to compete this fall.

During an interview Tuesday morning with Outkick’s Clay Travis, the president explained why he supports college football being played this fall and why it is safe for players to take the field despite the coronavirus pandemic.

“Why is it important for college football to be played and what do you think you can do to help that happen?” Travis asked the president.
Trump responded by first praising many of college football’s most influential figures, including current coaches Nick Saban of Alabama and Ed Orgeron of LSU and former Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz.

“They’re just great people and they want to play football and they know better than anyone else,” he said.

The president then explained that a medical expert assured him that college football players are “so powerful and so strong” and “very healthy people” who would be at incredibly low risk for having serious COVID-19 complications.

“This attacks older people — very viciously, by the way, it can be if it’s the wrong person — but you know, these football players are very young, strong people physically,” Trump said. “So they’re not going to have a problem. …

“So I think football is making a tragic mistake” if the season is canceled, he said.

Many top players across the nation agreed with Trump’s assessment.
On Sunday, Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence was one of the most vocal players to speak out against the talks of cancellation, using the hashtag #WeWantToPlay.

The next day, the president weighed in on Twitter, using the hashtag and speaking out in support of Lawrence and others who want to play.

While the Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences announced Tuesday that they won’t be playing this fall, the SEC, ACC and Big 12 are still on track to take the field.

Trump is just one of the millions of fans, players and coaches who want college football to return.

They are hungry for the sport they love, and the left better think twice about getting in their way.

Full story:
Buckeye football is one of the few pleasures my hubby looks forward to. And as anyone who has lived/lives in the Columbus metropolitan area knows, there are tons of extremely rabid Buckeye fans - a former OSU quarterback turned ESPN sports commentator had to leave Columbus and move out of state due to their crazed mindset:
Kirk Herbstreit moved the family from Ohio to Nashville in 2011, telling The Columbus Dispatch then that he was moving to get away from a “relentless” vocal minority of Buckeyes fans who didn't understand that his ESPN job required him to be fair and objective about Ohio State.
A former neighbor of ours told of a boss who required OSU football game attendance for every home game!

Buckeyes are NUTS after all! And we're always #1! :-P

As CAF has pointed out, the psychopaths she has had contact with are highly intelligent, but at the same time, seriously stupid! If they eliminate all the usual entertainment options, distractions, and social activities people have engaged in since forever, people can and will turn their attention to more serious matters - they will start to actually pay attention and critically think! That's the last thing these critters should want to happen! But then again, they're stupid! Can't wait for it all to come crashing down!
Well i had found a trick not to wear an asphyxiating mask while walking down the street populated with freakies, I no longer went out without my cigarette in my hand in full view of all passers-by, I had thought for a moment to have one in each hand, but I didn't have that pleasure because that's going to be banned, too!!
Galicia will ban smoking on terraces or in the street from tomorrow if there is no social distance.
"Committee members agree that smoking without restriction on a terrace with people nearby or in areas without distance is a high risk of infection," said Nuñez Feijóo, who is committed to "banning smoking on the streets or in public places where distance is not possible," as well as "when in transit or on the move.
Alberto Núñez Feijóo, President of the Galician Government
Until i have others ideas, i'm gonna stay more at home to read some books recommended by Laura to imagine a New Reality to come.
Tooo funny:
UK fires thousands of coronavirus contact tracers after reports they are watching Netflix and doing quizzes over lack of work

The United Kingdom is firing a third of the contact tracers hired to track the spread of the coronavirus after reports that they had very little to do and were spending their time watching Netflix and doing quizzes.

Experts have opined that contact tracing is an essential technique to aid in stopping the spread of coronavirus. It involves tracers contacting people who might have been exposed to others infected with the virus.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed in May that the UK would implement a top of the line contact tracing program.
"We have growing confidence that we will have a test, track and test operation that will be world-beating and yes, it will be in place by June 1," said Johnson at the time.
He said the government expected to hire 25,000 contact tracers that would be able to trace 10,000 new daily cases.
Barbecue, Netflix and quizzes

Three months later, he is facing criticism after numerous reports that many of those hired for the program have nothing to do.
One contact tracer told The Guardian that he heard many stories of others making very few calls.
"I've heard of tracers claiming to be sat in the garden having a barbecue so that they can stay logged in and clock up the hours," they said. "They aren't alone – there's hundreds, if not thousands, of similar stories."
Another report in the BBC documented a clinician who said her boss didn't give her anything to do for a week after being hired on as a contact tracer.
"I've had no contact from anyone. I've had no contact from supervisors," she said. "I've literally been on the system, refreshed the system, and entertained myself during that watching Netflix."
"All Boris [Johnson] has done has hired thousands of people so he can say 'we have this' but you have got thousands of people doing nothing," said another whistleblower to MailOnline.
On Monday, the National Health System announced that it would fire a third of those hired for contact tracing, from 18,000 down to 12,000.
In May, California Gov. Gavin Newsom revealed that the state had hired thousands of contact tracers he called "disease detectives," who could help determine who needed to be quarantined to stop the spread of the virus.
UK Will Publish 3 Separate COVID Death Reports After Serial 'Over-Exaggerating'

For months now, countries around the world have been publicizing ominous “coronavirus trackers” that count up to grim “milestones,” including the numbers of cases and deaths.

Now, England is changing how it does one metric: the daily death count.
According to The Telegraph, Matt Hancock, Britain’s health secretary, ordered a review of how daily fatality statistics were reported after scientists noted that deaths were being “over-exaggerated.”

Full story:
Last but not least:
Sweden's Success is Kryptonite for Lockdown and Mask Advocates

Here in the United States, we have become inundated with tales of COVID-19 doom and gloom. In America, the mainstream narrative is rife with hopelessness. We are told that there is simply no way to stop this virus without repetitive lockdowns, healthy quarantine, even of asymptomatic individuals, and universal mask mandates. And even with all of those extreme policy measures put in place, the politicians and public health officials tell us that we will have to wait for a vaccine for the country to even think about our “new normal” following the COVID-19 pandemic.

There’s one country that they don’t seem to want to talk about - Sweden. And for good reason. Sweden debunks the hysteria. Sweden shows how unnecessary all of the interventions to “fight” the virus are. Sweden shows us that a rational, evidence-based approach to the pandemic is now thriving.
Stupid is as stupid does.
Until i have others ideas
Well, you could walk around with a lollipop in your mouth - some people do that when they are quitting smoking (ironic, no?). And it was Kojak's signature look:

Aristotelis Savalas was an American actor and singer whose career spanned four decades. Noted for his bald head and deep, resonant voice, he is perhaps best known for portraying Lt. Theo Kojak on the crime drama series Kojak and Bond villain Blofeld in the film On Her Majesty's Secret Service.
The show revolved around the efforts of the tough and incorruptible Lieutenant Theodopolus ("Theo") Kojak (Telly Savalas), a bald, dapper, New York City policeman, who was fond of Tootsie Roll Pops and of using the catchphrases, "Who loves ya, baby?" and "Cootchie-coo!"

In the early episodes of the series, he is often seen smoking cigarettes. Following the 1964 Surgeon General's Report on smoking, cigarette commercials were banned from American television in 1971, and public awareness of the dangers of cigarette smoking increased dramatically during the 1970s.

To cut down on his own habit, Kojak began using lollipops as a substitute. The lollipop made its debut in the Season 1 episode "Dark Sunday", broadcast on December 12, 1973; Kojak lights a cigarette as he begins questioning a witness, but thinks better of it and sticks a lollipop (specifically, a Tootsie Pop) in his mouth instead. Later in the episode, Kevin Dobson's character Crocker asks about the lollipop and Kojak replies, "I'm looking to close the generation gap." Although Kojak continued to smoke, as he was frequently seen lighting a cigarillo, the lollipop eventually became his identifying characteristic; in fact, when the series debuted a new opening montage in season five, Kojak is seen both lighting a cigarillo and popping a lollipop into his mouth.
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Forbidden Op-Ed: The Sputnik Vaccine as a Lifesaving Global Partnership

This opinion piece, which tells the story behind the creation of the Russian vaccine against COVID-19 and emphasizes the willingness of Russia to cooperate with the international community, has been rejected by all leading Western media.

We therefore decided to publish it as is in order to share our views with an international audience and to lift the blockade imposed on positive information about the Russian COVID-19 vaccine. We believe that this information is crucial for the international effort to fight the world’s biggest challenge and would like readers to decide for themselves why this op-ed has been rejected.
This op-ed can be republished by any media, should they find it useful to present their readers with the history and some facts about the world's first registered COVID vaccine. RDIF has also launched the website to provide accurate and up-to-date information about the vaccine.
Why 'Sputnik Moment' of Russia's First COVID Vaccine Triggered 'Sour Grapes' Reaction in Western MSM

On 11 August, Russia announced the world's first vaccine for COVID-19, named 'Sputnik V', in a bid to curb the pandemic that has currently killed over 737,000 globally. International observers detail why the breakthrough development has been met with either silence or rejection from the Western press.
A little more about the Russian "vaccine" (Sputnik V ") from the corona:
- Completed only the SECOND phase of her clinical trials (there should be 4 phases in total). So all this information about the purchase of supposedly MILLIONS of doses is 100% fake (or just an attempt to steal money allocated by the state). It takes several more months (at least) to complete the 3rd and 4th phases of research, and only after the 4th phase it will be possible to draw any conclusions about the effectiveness. And only after the 4th phase (if the vaccine is effective) it will be possible to sell it to someone in MILLIONS of doses.
No vaccine has ever completed real safety studies, and this is not going to be the first.
Here's an interesting paper from 1973 addressing an outbreak of a virus at an Antarctic base after 17 weeks in isolation.


Six of 12 men wintering at an isolated Antarctic base sequentially developed symptoms and signs of a common cold after 17 weeks of complete isolation. Examination of specimens taken from the men in relation to the outbreak has not revealed a causative agent.


It has commonly been believed that on small Antarctic bases, isolated for many months, upper respiratory infections die out during the first few weeks of isolation and that the men are virtually symptom-free for the rest of the isolation period. With the arrival of the relief ship or aircraft, outbreaks of respiratory disease have been noted to occur (Taylor, 1960; Siple, 1960; Hedblom, 1961; Cameron & Moore, 1968;Holmes,Allen,Bradburne& Stott,1971).This has tended to follow the pattern seen in other isolated communities (Paul & Freese, 1933; Shibli, Gooch, Lewis& Tyrrell,1971).

Several studies of upper respiratory disease in men at isolated Antarctic stations have been undertaken. Sera obtained from the McMurdo Sound wintering party of 1958 were tested for the presence of antibodies to a number of respiratory viruses, but not including rhinoviruses, and showed no evidence of infection with any of the viral antigens tested (Chanock, R. M., quoted by Cameron & Moore, 1968). A systematic study of monthly serum specimens collected from the members of the South African National Antarctic Expeditions in 1961-62 showed no evidence of new virus infection (J.H. S. Gear, quoted by Cameron & Moore,1968). In their 1968 study of the epidemiology of respiratory infections at Mawson, an Australian Antarctic Research Expedition station, Cameron & Moore (1968) made observations on infective diseases during the period of isolation, and found no diagnostic rises in antibody titre against influenza viruses A and B, mumps, adenovirus, herpes simplex and ornithosis. All attempts at virus isolation from throat, nose and faeces swabs were unsuccessful. *

The apparent absence of respiratory infections for long periods during isolation in Antarctica has provided opportunity for basic epidemiological study, and experimental inoculation of volunteers using easily traced viruses was started in 1968 with interesting results(Holmesetal.1971). Further study along these lines was contemplated for the winter of 1969 at Adelaide Island Base, one of the British Antarctic Survey stations. During the preliminary observation period, after 17 weeks of isolation, upper respiratory symptoms occurred in one man and then spread to half the Base complement over the next week in the manner of an infectious disease. No virus had been artificialy introduced at this time, and the outbreak was unexpected. Clinical records were kept, samples of serum and nasal washings were taken for analysis in the United Kingdom, and possible environmental factors were noted.

So basically there had to be something else at play in the viral spread rather than person to person contact.

The next part addresses all the information gathered about the virus, plus the attempt to apply Koch's postulates. Coronavirus is mentioned, but ultimately the virus causing the disease couldn't be identified and the experimental subjects that were exposed to the isolated samples only one developed symptoms, but it couldn't be proven that the symptoms were caused by the isolated samples.


Clinical observations
Between February and March 1969, new personnel arrived at Adelaide Island Base by air and ship from other parts of the Antarctic, and colds continued to occur in both old and new personnel.
The last aircraft left on 18 March and total isolation ensued. During the next 17 weeks no colds were observed by the 14 men at the Base who had been asked to report any symptoms, and no respiratory disease was detected clinically.

Two men left the Base with their dog teams at the end of June for 6 months, during which time they suffered from no respiratory symptoms.

Twelve men were left at the Base, and on 14 July 1969 one man presented with respiratory symptoms closely resembling those of a mild to moderately severe cold as described by Tyrrell (1965). During the next 2 weeks, eight out of the 12 men at the Base suffered similar respiratory symptoms, and a further two had attacks of sneezing. The symptoms and signs were charted (Fig. 1).

Quantitative assessment of nasal discharge by counting paper handkerchiefs used as suggested by Roden (1958) was largely impracticable, but was possible in one man and demonstrated a considerable increase in nasal discharge. In two men discharge was severe enough to warrant the use of two cotton handkerchiefs on the same day.

Of those affected, the average duration of symptoms was 5 days. The symptomsand signs of the outbreak did not resemble those of a streptococcal sore throat, as outlined by Christie (1969). Two men had unilateral posterior cervical adenitis of a mild nature.

Of the four men who showed minimal or no symptoms, two (H. B. and D. H.) worked in a separate hut during the daytime and shared the same sleeping cubicle, and one (J.N.) tended to work at night and sleep during the day, thus reducing contact with other Base members.

The man who first showed symptoms (M.B.) had spent the previous year at a four-man station at Fossil Bluff, further south, during which time no respiratory symptoms were noticed, but he had developed a cold in the few days after being transferred by air to Adelaide Island Base during the relief period.

The symptoms in one man (D.S.)may have been related to over-exertionin the cold air. He returned from a field trip 3 days after the start of the outbreak, and 2 days later complained of a stuffy nose and slightly increased nasal discharge lasting for 3 days. One day after this he developed a headache and a wheezychest, with inspiratory and expiratory rhonchi in both lung fields. He recovered from the chest trouble in 1 week without the use of antibiotics and had no further chest complaints during the remainder of his stay. He gave no previous history of asthma or chest trouble.

Environmental observations

The outbreak occurred in the second half of July 1969, just over 3 weeks after midwinter, and was preceded by 2 weeks of bad weather conditions. In the first half of the month there were 5 days of gales, 12 days of blowing and drifting snow, and 7 days of snowfall. During this time most people stayed in the safety of the central hut, and social contact was thus greatest in the 2 weeks before the outbreak of respiratory disease.

There was minimal daylight for the first half of the month and there was no sunshine until 24 July, 10 days after the appearance of the first symptoms. With an average daily temperature of- 13.40C. the first half of the month was a little warmer than the last half, which gave an average daily temperature of- 17-5'C.

The timing of the outbreak in relation to the mean and minimum monthly temperatures is shown in Fig.2, and in relation to outside temperatures taken at 6a.m. and6p.m. during the first 18 days of July is shown in Fig.3. A sudden change in weather between 9 and 10 July brought the outside temperature down froma high of 1.20C. to a low of 240C., and reduced the relative humidity outside from 93% to79% over the same period.

Laboratory observations

Organ culture.
In two experiments, in which pools of nasal washings were inoculated into cultures of human embryo nasal mucosa, there was no loss of ciliary activity compared with controls.

Tissue culture.
Nasal washings from two men, who had been affected in the outbreak, produced cytopathic effects in WI38 cels, and these effects were reproduced in the next passage into WI38 cels. Although the effects resembled those produced by some coronaviruses, they could not be positively distinguished from non-specific cytopathic effects. Further passages into WI38, L132 and African green monkey kidney tissue cultures produced no cytopathic effects.

Harvests from the organ cultures produced no cytopathic effects in human embryo kidney cells, but passage from these into WI38 cells produced cytopathic effects again resembling those seen previously, which were not present in passed controls. Further passages did not produce any convincing cytopathic effects.

Electron microscope studies
Tissue culture cells from those tubes which showed cytopathic effects were
examined with the electron microscope. No virus was seen.

Volunteer experiments
One doubtful cold was produced in one out of ten volunteers given pooled nasal
secretions from the outbreak. Inoculation of a pool of nasal secretions from these volunteers into a further seven volunteers produced no symptoms.
Sera taken before and after inoculation from all volunteers were tested for coronavirus OC43 HI antibody, in view of the cytopathic effects seen in tissue culture. No rises in titre were demonstrated.

Broth cultures
Nasal washings taken from men with symptoms during the outbreak yielded
no pathogenic bacteria.

Survey of CF antibodies against a range of respiratory pathogens
Sera from all the men at the Base taken 3 weeks after the start of the outbreak showed low or undetectable CF antibody titres against influenza B virus, respiratory syncytial virus, adenovirus, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, psittacosis, Q fever and coxsackie virus A.

Most of the sera had CF antibody titres of 1/20 against influenze A virus, but
comparison with sera taken before the outbreak showed no rises in antibody titre. The sera of two men taken three weeks after the outbreak showed CF antibody titresof 1/100 and1/50 against coxsackie virus B, but further comparison of similar pairs of sera showed no significant rises in CF antibody titre.

Further tests against specific viral and bacterial antigens
No HI antibody rises between paired sera, against the 1964 and 1968 strainsnof influenze virus A2, or against coronavirus OC43 were detected. The results of the CF antibody tests for coronavirus were obscured by anti-complementary activity and irreproducibility, and were thus unreliable. Further CF tests using sera treated with complement, and also sera treated with1% chloroform gave unsatisfactory results. No significant rises in anti streptolysin-O antibodies were detected. Anti D Nase B titres were all low or absent.

One of the interesting things about this paper is that in regards to covid-19 we generally don't see any collection or publishing of observation data like this that's being relied on to guide public policy other than the assumption of person to person contact.
Another article from about the new vaccine:
'Simple and Effective': Top Medic Explains Why Russia’s Anti-COVID Vaccine Can Be Trusted

The emergence of the first vaccine against the coronavirus infection has sparked interest across the globe, as the drug promises not only an end to COVID-19-related deaths, but also a path to restoring a country's economy.

After almost half a year of the battle against the coronavirus, a real ray of hope has appeared with the announcement of the first COVID-19 vaccine being registered in Russia. However, the news was not taken as positively as one might have expected in the Western media, which doubted the drug's safety and effectiveness - and even its existence, citing the accounts of various "experts". Many of them pointed to the lack of medical data from human trials available to the public, as well as the small size of the test groups, which amounted to 76 people, not counting the members of the Gamaleya Research Institute who worked on the vaccine and, confident in its effectiveness, voluntarily injected themselves with it.

The doubts of these experts are raising questions among medics who are actively involved in treating COVID-19 patients and have high hopes for anti-coronavirus vaccination, Sergei Tsarenko, deputy head of the anaesthesiology and resuscitation department at Moscow City Hospital 52, which has been treating COVID-19 patients, said. He points out that while doctors have found ways to effectively treat coronavirus patients, they can still only do so much in severe cases. In this sense, vaccination against COVID-19 is a safer and more reliable way to prevent deaths from the disease, the medic stresses, adding that the drug, developed by the Gamaleya Research Institute, can be trusted.
"So far, resistance to the disease can only be formed if a person catches it and recovers. But there is also a safer option - immunisation. There is an effective and safe vaccine created by specialists from the Gamaleya Institute. In the microbiological community this institute is akin to 'Mercedes' in the automotive industry", Tsarenko said.

The Sputnik V vaccine essentially consists of two components. The first is a harmless adenovirus, a "rocket carrier" that delivers the second component, a piece of the COVID-19 genome or, so to speak, an "orbital station" into a human body, Tsarenko explains, describing the process using space terminology – which gave the vaccine its unusual name. The doctor goes on to explain that a body produces an immune response to both the "carrier" and the "station", but only a short-term one – hence a second injection is needed.
"In order to make the [immunity] more permanent, the same 'orbital station' is delivered into the body three weeks later, using another 'carrier'. As a result, the body doesn't produce strong immunity to either of the adenoviruses, but forms a strong defence against the coronavirus", the doctor elaborates.

Full story:
"but also a path to restoring a country's economy."
Russia's or the world's? The monetary bounty to be gained from delivering a viable vaccine first is obviously in play - plus maybe keeping that bounty out of the hands of Gates, Inc.?
The new normal at rock concerts:


No more dancing next to sweaty armpits! Sam Fender plays 'world's first socially-distanced gig' to 2,500 fans in groups of five in raised metal pens - as Van Morrison, The Libertines and Maximo Park prepare their own post-lockdown shows

Tooo sad. :-(
No vaccine has ever completed real safety studies, and this is not going to be the first.
But they still can't pour the substances into ampoules and say to vaccinate everyone NOW (tomorrow or in two weeks).
There are quite strict medical protocols (preclinical studies in animals, clinical studies - 4 phases, then consideration of all results by the ministry of health). In the usual way, the journey from a molecule to a real drug takes SEVERAL YEARS.
Even now, when they are doing everything according to accelerated procedures (due to the "pandemic"), registration will take several months. This is in the best case if there are no SEVERE side effects with this vaccine.
In addition, the same Binnopharm JSC (developer Sputnik V) has 4 more variants of the "vaccine" against the corona, that is, only 5 variants are tested in parallel.
In addition, there are other pharmaceutical companies in Russia that want to grab their piece of the pie (a lot of money at stake) - they have their own "vaccine" options.

So far I do not quite understand the whole point of this game around the "vaccine", because the Russian economy is in a knockout, because it is completely focused on the export of raw materials (oil and gas). And until other countries (to which Russia exports) recover, Russia will also suffer (with or without a vaccine).
Gate$, Inc. frontman, Dr. Anthony Fauci, is already re-manipulating the public's perception of how well a vaccine will really work (since Russia has beaten them to the punch) saying the chances of any vaccine being effective against the scamdemic “aren’t great.” He wants Americans to be “mindful” about the vaccine’s capabilities. He's the King of vacillation - right from the get-go he said masks weren't necessary. Totally changed his tune on that and now on vaccines - Russian made ones, that is!
Dr. Anthony Fauci is admitting that the chances of any vaccine bein effective against the scamdemic “aren’t great.” He wants Americans to be “mindful” about the vaccine’s capabilities.

These psychopaths keep moving the goalposts. Not only will a vaccine NOT allow people to return to their normal lives as slaves with a slightly longer leash, but we aren’t supposed to expect it’ll even work. It’s fascinating the governments of this world have any followers left at this point.

Fauci continues to say that a vaccine will be ready this winter, the end of 2020, or the beginning of 2021. But it still won’t be over.

They Moved The Goalposts…AGAIN!: “It’s Not Over When The Vaccine Arrives”
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see what's going on with this latest manuever. Only a Gate$, Inc. approved vaccine will be acceptable.
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