There is probably a huge difference between that vaccine and that in the west, this being probably a fake one and a way as said to get rid of that totalitarian measures but on the surface it seems like towing the globalist line. It seems to me it is in reality very cunning and smart move by Putin and co because nobody can blame them now that they did not do enough to stop the spread and because of this fake pandemic and fake vaccine they can say in the end: See how the vaccine is good and effective:lol:.

Thanks and good point but if this is the case it could backfire, the Russian vax could be blamed for a new and more virulent outbreak.
Ruth, these little thought inspirations that 'pop' into your head, might they be answers to real questions you are thinking?
I recognized the author, because another book "this dude" also wrote is titled "The Kite Runner".
I remember having an interest in reading it, after I read the C's transcript from June 20, 1998.
A quick search for "Kites" got me to this thread, and a post that @Pierre wrote a few years ago:
Kites, crown chakra and "illu men head"

session 980620 said:
Q: How many persons on the planet contain these 'convergent' bloodlines?
A: 7367. Kites were used for cross communication between bloodline members.

Q: Kites?! What do kites have to do with it? What the heck... you guys are driving me NUTS!

I thought maybe that this forum had previously discussed this author or maybe their books, and that somehow, maybe, I'd 'seen' it somewhere and it had stuck in my brain as something that I needed to read.... :-D So, I've ordered the book and we shall see... I just thought it was a bit weird.... Mind you, it could have been any number of places I'd 'seen' it... I don't know.

Have you been wondering/worrying or asking "How will we keep in touch, if and when the internet goes down?
No, I've been wondering/worrying if there'll be anyone left to keep in touch with. I'm thinking that the internet will not go down if it benefits the PTB to keep it up, either commercially or politically. I hope I'm being overly dramatic, but if there are such a thing as cycles, there's about to be a dramatic decrease in the number of people around.

The PTB can't 'have a war', they'd just be told to 'take a hike' by the people, so they have to do something else.

Why aren't they wearing masks?!! Why aren't they social distanced?!!
Wipe those smiles off their faces!! ARREST AND FINE THEM AT ONCE!!!
Thanks and good point but if this is the case it could backfire, the Russian vax could be blamed for a new and more virulent outbreak.
This is a game about what the masses believe. And that doesn’t require manipulation of reality only beliefs. It’s amazing how malleable populations are.
At what point do people’s start fizzing and short circuiting with cognitive dissonance?
It’s all about optics and feelings not many facts involved.
Meanwhile in occupied Victoria, cops are now choking people for not wearing a mask. What the heck is going on over there? And this young lady had a medical exemption for not wearing a mask!

This is what was sent to me:

IMPORTANT!! This came through last night.

"I haven't shared this on my page only pms

Kia ora, I can't say who sorry as he will get into trouble and already got into trouble for disagreeing to go to the South Island (but flew out today) he rang me last Thursday to say the NZDF (himself) and the Govt, met to put into place a full lockdown by Oct. He said the NZDF will be taking over (as in martial law) on October 1st all of the hospitals, quarantine bases and airports. They will.assign their troops to regions to enforce mandatory testing with household testers. He was told he had to train using the same plan of attack he used in Timor. He refused to hurt NZers etc etc.but was told they had to use brute force and any force necessary. The training for the next two weeks is dealing with protests riots and a significant job loss in NZ. I'm letting you know only to prepare (as you already are) and to warn your whanau to stock up asap.

feel free to let any and everyone know. Please don't say I said and re word for yourself. I am letting as many know as possible. The Lietenant that informed me actually cried when we were zooming as he didn't want to do what was being asked of him. He trains troops to take over seas. I told him that if everyone said no to Hitler there would be millions of lives saved. He has a choice to say no. But please let everyone know. Who knows if it will come to fruition but after tonight announcement it's happening already just as it did in the ghettos during ww2"
I think this was an interesting interview of Dr Andrew Wakefield by Mike Adams. Probably more and more people will have to go to either Brighteon or BitChute, now that YouTube has started soft and hard censorship.

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