Clif High-

Interestingly this does NOT come up in the original Shape reports or ALTA reports. In order to understand them you have to work with only the bot words in square brackets [ ] in the original Shape reports and use a date off-set (same amount each time).

In terms of Trump, Q there's little impact in the original Shape reports. The subject hardly comes up. You'll note in the sample below clif 01 saw the 2-party system in the US as a sham, an illusion, political theater.

I'll post a sample from the 2022 US mid-term elections as an example as it shows clif 01's original attitude of elections and what the bots returned. With the bot words below think about the stolen election in Arizona with Katie Lake and Katie Hobb.
** Remember, ONLY the words in square brackets [ ] are what the bots returned, the rest in the same clip below mine is simply clif 01's interpretation (trying to make sense of it 13-years ago). As the event has now passed you can see how it manifested.


Shape # 07, Page # 15 - # 16, 08/15/2010

Nov 8 2022 (2010) - US Mid-Terms

Bot Words:

[american elections][disputed][claimed invalid]
[effective challenge][spurious challenge]
[conservatives][fundamentalist religionists]
[upset][frothing at the mouth]
[visible vote fraud][devastating]

[national prominence][completely controlled][do as instructed]

[political parasites][american political 'system']
[control politician][bend their backs]
^-- Parasites could IMO mean reptiles

[no chance][change][american political system]
[suck energy][vein]

['election']['chosen' few][duped mases]
[rothchild/rockefellers][political process]['education' system][mass media]
[control][populace usofa]
[political challenges][american populace control system]
[theater][distracted][forgotten][sham elections]
[new war][american peoples]

(Below) Original Shape Report Excerpt:

Wow, thank you.
I'll give some short examples in the next few posts. Please note the date offset and only looking a bot words in square brackets [ ] is what I came up with and it seems to work, it's NOT what clif himself does.

Basically the Shape reports were numbered #00 thru #16 (17 in total) and were produced 2009 thru 2012 with short term/immediate (detailed information) covering 2009 to 2013. That was the idea .. what happened is the 'temporal markers' started kicking in mid-2020 - basically they cover mid-2020 through 2025ish so I add 12 years to the dates in the reports (everything else stays the same). In other words don't follow clif's dates in it, add 12-years.

I had my reports (purchased Shape #00 through #08) in an archive drive since 2012ish as I thought, "nice try no cigar". Since 2022 I have about 800 pages in a word processing file covering the 'decodes'. Most I did before the dates in the reports so everyone in the webbot forum could follow along to see how or even if it works. Data from 2020 until now had a high accuracy rate. Will it continue?, I have no idea - it works until it doesn't (<- 1st law of woo).
* Before clif died he made available the reports for free - it's in the Webbot Forum. He's died 3/three times but they managed to get him back.

The way I THINK it works is like an aircraft carrier group SPY/AWACS radar. It indicates something is out there, approx. size and vector, If it appears it may be hostile or more data is required a F-35C/F-18 is launched to gather more precise information, or, if necessary take action. In the case of the web-bots as I think it's picking up a very early version of manifesting reality -- something like CASS or remote viewers (RV) would then be used for more precise information n the timeline.

Why use it and not just CASS or RV? You don't know to ask to ask the CASS those questions (as in "ask better questions") or RV a location/date. The webot's basically let you know something is on the way and approximately (but not precisely) what it is. You would then use other tools for this.

So like the aircraft carrier/AWACS radar and the F-35C/F-18 they are different tools performing different functions but work together. A F-35 costs about $44,000/Hour to fly and then requires maintenance and refueling after a flight. As it's expensive to use and an aircraft carrier only has a limited number so they are used for missions or if the radar/AWACs picks up what could be a hostile. Mostly the radar is used for tracking purposes.

I'll include an example(s) in the next few posts.
Here's an example of one we're discussing in the Webbot Forum. The original posts I did in early 2022, as we're in the target timeframe we're seeing it now manifest. As I was looking I can often catch such things early on.

I want to first add this to the disscussion in the previous post:
... the webbot had the entire PLANdemic, the lockdowns, the masks, stoppage of handshaking, vaccine passports, protests and so much more. So we knew about this 13-years ago. So you see, the CASS could have been asked long before events started in 2020 and/or remote viewers (RV) used to gather detailed information before it had manifested. 13-years ago no one would have known to ask CASS this or thought to have RV'd the events. Think of the 'bots' as an early warning radar.

-- C&P of a post I recently did in the Webbot Forum --

To add on to an earlier post I did on the [suicides][death wave] which turns more violent by summer 2023. If you watch carefully you'll pick up on the nascent violent wave as it begins to manifest into reality.

The [suicides] have been and are continuing to manifest. This is coming out in data. While some may be due to despair as per the reports I do think many are due to the effects of the eugenics shots. It's IMO very likely programs like Canada's MAID were setup to make use of this - the drugs (and possessions?) make you suicidal and MAID puts thoughts into action. MAID then sells the organs and other 'products' (i.e.: eyes, skin..) for profit. Could the 'suicide thoughts' be deliberately added to the shots (chemicals..) and the MAID (euthenasia) programs deliberatly put in place at this time for this very reason. Some "container" harvesting?

Shape indicated that it [suicide rates][national visibly] in spring 2023, and it certainly has. It will, of course, continue to gain [visibility] in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Enormous List Of Post-Vaccine SUICIDES: Extremely Terrifying Trend Emerges (What Did They Inject?!)
* Video is 3-hours, you don't have to listen to it all to get the idea. Notice more people are getting BOTH suicide thoughts and homocide thoughts - the latter might be the [muckers] due to make an appearance soon.

(Below) From Edward Dowd's twitter feed...


-- C&P of earlier posts back from early 2022 --

Which is what the Shape reports had in them. The [suicides] wave should be visible by summer 2023, many will be the [OBO] - especially as the [entitlements] stop, 104Ks are looted, jobs gone, banks go under, homes and cars get repossessed. This reaches a climax by fall/winter 2024 as the mortgage system implodes and no one even knows whom owns what.

If you listen to those 3 CensorTube videos posted elsewhere here today on Amazon, isn't that that the bots had picked up for this time period? It's just getting started.

(Below) From two older posts in early 2022..

Shape # 08, Pages # 25-26, 10/20/2010

November 2010 (2022) thru March 2011 (2023)

Bot Words:

[retirement][health care systems][education]
[shocked][rocked][currency problems]

[implosion][coagulation][retirement system][heath care system]
^-- "Coagulation"?, linked to the eugenics shots?

[currency wars]
[toll][retirees][chronically ill]
^-- "chronically ill"?, linked to the eugenics shots?, the [always ill]?

[death rates][nation][up and rising so rapidly][msm]
^-- Eugenics shot related?, kicking in as stress goes up?


[higher costs][health care][medicines]
[collapsing dollar]
[bad weather][global currency warfare] <- BRIICS+ vs. US?
[throttle][supply chain][plants][medicines]

[foreclosure coagulation]
^-- "Coagulation", btw, is what is written on the arm of the Baphomet on how to kill everyone, is it again blood related due to the eugenics shots? With the housing crash (50-75% loss) and ZERO money velocity many will loose everything.
^-- Isn't this what the car REPO market is showing as well?

[trend lines][never-employed-again]
[over 50s][obo's] <- Obo = OBsOlete
[older humans][despair] <-- Retirements gone, 104k's stolen, no work
[suicide rates][national visibly] <- Spring 2023 (2011)

[suicides][perception wall][boxed into]
[eyes][people in the streets]
[acceptance of defeat][eyes][reptilian part of mind]

[shutdown][deliberate acts][lead to death]
[new suicides][fake an accident][insurance purposes]

[suicides][death wave][surprising][numbers][speed]
[health care system crumbles]
[deaths][lack of sustenance] <- Starving to death in the streets
[millions][affected][hundreds of thousands die]

[rapid degradation][health care system]
[so many dead][social order changes to compensate]

Shape # 08, Pages # 26-27, 10/20/2010

November 2010 (2022) thru March 2011 (2023)

Bot Words:

[economically dispossessed][populace/usofa]
[violent responses][locked into][fight mode]
[enveloping circumstances]
[expected response]

[suicides][violent acts] <- Summer 2023 (2011)

[staged personal][be caught out]
[planning for social disruption][social degradation]
[agenda][capitalize][social disruptions][currency wars]
[stumbling][existent circumstances not to be avoided]
[betray][sensitive information][validate its providence]
Here's a second current (manifesting) example we're discussing in the Webbot Forum. It could be the fires in Canada and all over the world are not an act of arson...

(Below) -- C&P of recent posts I did...

Shape # 09, Page # 10, 01/25/2011

Starts 2023, on-going issues for 3/three years

Bot Words:

[radiation from space] <-- DEWs from satellites?, or, natural?
[large area fires]

[fires][near life like] <-- Self-generating/regenerating
[strange energies from space]
^-- in other reports DEWs are mentioned and also the fact that even put out they tend to re-ignite if put out and self-start. Shape reports initially get into the SCALER weapons being used for this as well as other uses such as earthquakes.

So look for the [fires][near life like] to not only include the self-starting aspect we're now seeing but regeneration as well, perhaps hampering efforts to put them out.

It gets more interesting:

Pay attention in the video below to the following places:
- Australia,
- Northern China,
- South and western Siberia,
- Southern central Canada,
- Central and deep southern USA (Texas through to CA, and Louisiana
through to the Atlantic),
- South America, including upper reaches of Amazon

Map of all the fires that occurred at the same time in different places in the world (Jun'23)
Map of all the fires that occurred at the same time in different places in the world - fake video

Shape # 09, Page # 10, 01/25/2011


Due to the large areas at the same time could the Shape be correct, [strange energies from space]? Check the reports for this area as it's getting into many areas we've been waiting for such as the mental [confusion], [space based effects] and [airline exposure].

Could one of the posts here not too long ago concerning difficulty typing be related to the [confusion] and [destruction of mental capacity]?

Is anyone with a rad detector picking up increased [radiation]?
he records short rants/discussion while on his way to shop..
part one and part two ..

clif high
JUN 14 • 36M
Innovation fading away
Shadow controllers...





JUN 14 • 38M
Crispr Critters...
Your burnmark is showing....
another vehicle trip discussion- Clif tells us
in the sixties ( Clif age is about 70 or 71 )
he was still a youth with his family - ARMY BRAT
and they lost his medical records - had to take all
his JABS again - resulting in he says 3 kinds of cancers -showing up years later ..

clif high aggressive cancers

JUN 21 • 24M
aggressive cancers
get serious about it to live....


There's a long on-going thread in the webbot forum started by long time member 'Crazy Charlie' where we discuss CASS (recently including Krzysztof Jackowski).

Here's a cut and paste of one post with events we're now just getting into -- the [3/three years oppression] involving the [minions] (such as government workers), [officaldom] (judges, military, police and so on) which to me came across a-lot like CBDC, 15-minute prison districts (cities), 0-trust, digital convergence, ID2020 and so forth.

This occurs during summer 2023 on-wards, It's really similar to recent Krzysztof Jackowski posts here. We're in what the 2010 Shape reports call the [always ill][not dead] period with [organizational malaise] and the [minions] not knowing what to do which is now ending and becoming the [3/three years of oppression].

Here's a copy of the post which I hope is an example of one way the bots seems to work.
Note 01: The (Year+12) date offset is what I do with the 2009-2012 Shape reports which seems to work quite well, it's not something clif high does or has endorsed.
Note 02: Only the words below enclosed within square brackets [ ] are bot words. Beside some are my own thoughts on the subject, usually preceded by "<-".


An example of some of the coming restrictions in summer/fall 2023, winter 2023/2024 and through 2024 and the remainder of the [3/three years of oppression].

15-minute (C40) cities = CDC Green Zones - Digital FEMA Camps = Gulags = Prison Districts

Now that we're in the (linear) timeframe you can see how it has manifested with ID2020, 0-Trust, Digital Convergence, 15-Minute (C40) Prison Gulags and more. 12-years ago it made little sense yet now using popular 'jargon' we can see how it is all in place.

See how this links to the work of Polish Clairvoyant Krzysztof Jackowski.

** They are still doing 'Operation Lockstep'. Notice how around the world suddenly it's 'congestion fees' for roads, bridges, airports, cargo containers and more. NYC has $45 congestion fees coming - image that part of a daily commute. BUT --- P>R>S where the 'solution' becomes the next problem -- look for them to issue GPS/Cell car tracking devices to the OBD-II port to reduce costs/save the environment or whatever BS excuses they have in store. In other words they will use this to not only control access but to monitor the location of each and every vehicle just as they use smart(spy)phones to track people and spy on them. By 2030 private car ownership will be outlawed and transit/bike/foot will be the only way as people are restricted to 1% of the area of all land.

Shape # 12, Page # 20, # 22-23, # 43, 09/19/2011

Part of the 3/three years of oppression starting summer 2023 (June 21/23 On-wards)
Likely manifesting stronger in around November 2023 on-wards

Bot Words:

Page # 20
[destruction impacts][populace/usofa]
[self organizing popular actions] <- Probably by social media/phone like flash mobs & Tracked
[domineering] <- Winter 2023/2024

[oppression] <- Part of the 3/three years of oppression
[currency controls] <- CBDC?
[hiring controls] <- Social/carbon/mobility credits?
[black lists] <- Social credit scores?, much like communist China?
[restrictions on movement] <- 15-min (C40) gulags/districts, mobility/carbon credits, congestion fees
[closure][large urban areas] <- Definitely 15-min DISTRICT gulags with only 1-train out

[whole sheeple farms] <- 15-minute gulags slum districts?
[razed to the ground]
['terrorist' control measures]
[ditch diggers] = [anti-oppressor activists] <- TEMPORAL MARKER

Page # 22
[oppression][control system clampdown]

[restrictions on movement] <- 15-minute gulags, congestion fees, tracking
[restrictions on speech] <- All the new laws also covering internet forums/posts
[restrictions on access to communications] <-- Internet, cell phones aka ID2020, 0-Trust Digital Prison Security

Page # 23
[youth riots/revolutionary acts] * Late 2023
[Winter of action]

[winter of action]
[censure][attempts][control access] <- Via ID2020 and 'hate laws'?

Page #43
[near-instant hyper-dimensional wars] <- SCALER
[near war threats][symptoms of contention]

[space restrictions]
[restriction][attempt][entrenched powers]
[extend hegemony][into space] <- Space Force?

[american empire][issue commands]
[initiate war]

[we own planet and solar system pronouncement]

[the most examined document]
[document of 'ownership']
[shocking clues][true agenda]
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On the [radiation] events the 2010 Shape report did pickup the [radiation] concerns in late 2022, however, what comes starting summer 2023 (June 22/23 on-wards) is extreme and lasts many decades even generations (this aspect is not covered much in this post).

Shape #14 Future Recent History 2020, Page #18


Dominates in 2032 (2020)

Note the time-frame of the radioactive foods of 2023 - 2032 (2011 - 2020). *IF* something (radiation) occurs it would be around Summer 2023.
^-- I've done past posts on this. With the on-going shelling at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant (the largest in Europe and one of the top 10globally) as well as the dam being demolished on purpose (very likely the KM/NATO/US forces) the [radiation] and [diaspora] may in fact be manifesting on time. Very grave news and one with effects lasting many decades in the northern hemisphere.

The plant has space for over 9,000 spent fuel assemblies in the dry casts, many more in the spent cooling pools plus there are the fresh nuclear fuel stores (4 shells hit this last year with 168 assemblies). Generally when the bundles are pulled they emit heavy radiation for up to 4 years (mostly the first year) and heat due to decay. Spent rods usually emit little heat afterwards, maybe 100-watts or less for an assembly (depend on fuel mix and age), so they can be stores in dry casts.

What could happen is the water cooled areas can't get water and the cladding overheats if it was recently pulled. The cladding (if it's the typical type) will burst into a fire which can't be put.
* The water also provides shielding for the decay particles.

It could be the hit on the dam emptying the water reservoir used by the nuclear plant and/or the continued shelling taking place near the power plant could result in a global, nuclear catastrophe many, many times larger then Fukushima or Chernobyl.

The shelling at the same site in 2022 was picked up by the bots and the Shape report prediction did occur on time (I posted that prior to the event). While the spent fuel areas and nuclear plant was hit several times we were all dam lucky that time and there was no huge radiation release.

Excerpt from the May 8/22 post:

Shape # 04, Page # 10, 03/11/2010

Late Summer 2022 (2010)
* Date 'unlocked' using (Year+12)


.. this did manifest into the 'material' as the shelling happened late summer of 2022 (just prior to August 28/22) and the concerns/damages until winter 2022. As I was monitoring this at the time I did see a huge interest in radiation detection equipment at the time.

Also note there were news articles on the hit in the munitions storage - reports were radiation releases which were NOT DU munitions based.
I'm C&P'ing these Shape reports as I look for parallels - CASS, Shape/ALTA (webbots), Krzysztof Jackowski, Hopi Indians and so forth all have unique POVs towards the truth and each adds detail for a more complete picture. I'm putting a few posts up in case this enriches anyone's search efforts.


".. Summer 2023 (2011), builds fall 2023 (2011) once they decide to use the military for oppression .."

.. so if this is it at least we all had lots and lots of warning and prep time and now maybe it's showtime.

If this continues to manifest the time from the first [riot]s, [mother of all riots] and [crescendo] as part of the [revolution] (<- which IMO is a color communist revolution) will be the hardest times we have ever faced, or our parents. So leverage what you know about events from now until 2025+ to get through this.

I would expect communications to go down soon if this is the case so your offline and hardcopy backups will come into play.

We'll see - is (Year + 12) still working?, we'll find out soon enough.

Shape # 12, Page #18, 09/19/2011

Summer 2023 (2011), builds fall 2023 (2011) once they decide to use the military for oppression

Bot Words:


[minion classes][constant state of illness]
[pressure what to do]

[oppression][3/thee years]
^- Summer 2023 on-wards for 3/three years

[rough years][strife][upset]
^-- IMO, civil war and possible invasion is coming

[populace][suffering][death] <- Moving into Stage # 02 of the injections?, the [always ill][not dead] ends in [death]?

[third year][oppression][turn inward][eat itself hollow]
[external forces][break free]
On the [radiation] events the 2010 Shape report did pickup the [radiation] concerns in late 2022, however, what comes starting summer 2023 (June 22/23 on-wards) is extreme and lasts many decades even generations (this aspect is not covered much in this post).
Do you happen to know if there's any clarification on the type of radiation? When I first read over your post, I was thinking of radiation from space due to the weakening magento-sphere only to realize you were describing potential nuclear fall out kind of radiation :-[
Do you happen to know if there's any clarification on the type of radiation? When I first read over your post, I was thinking of radiation from space due to the weakening magento-sphere only to realize you were describing potential nuclear fall out kind of radiation :-[
Sorry for the delay, my original post was deleted. Very strange as well, my computer glitched out - perhaps someone not wanting me to reply. So here's attempt #2:

The [radiation] event which IF it does manifest should occur very soon. It appears to be radiological from the long term impacts on food, clean water, air transportation and more --- but appears to mostly impact the northern hemisphere. It does cause a [diaspora] and a refugee problem from people fleeing the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere. There also an effort to find more drone pilots and many pilots retire rather then fly in the [radiation soup].

In one Shape report there is a [new health ethos] at this time involving [detox], for example, wheat[grass]. I though it might be related to the [bad foods][bad meats][vegetarianism] but that has manifested as the mRNA being put into meats, fake-meats/insects as well as the WEF agenda to eliminate all fish, chicken, pork, beef, lamb and so on by 2030. So I suspect it has to do with the [radiation], at least, in part.

Due to the impacts in several of the 2011 and 2012 Shape reports it doesn't appear the bots were picking up on future MSM propaganda headlines or public opinion/emotions but an actual event.

My guess is a limited nuclear exchange, accident/sabotage/attack on a nuclear plant/cooling pools, or a dirty-bomb. Perhaps it's related to the dam being destroyed. The bots are not specific here - too early in the timeline. The bots are like getting a 1st draft script of a movie - it's still being created on the 'information side'.

The event appears to be MUCH larger then Chernobyl or Fukushima so I doubt it would be something small like a kilo-ton nuclear bomb and effects the entire northern hemisphere of the planet. Neither one of those caused a [diaspora] to the southern hemisphere!

The [strange energies from space] are on-going but different. I usually look for bot words enclosed in square brackets [ ] which describe which type.

I tend to break the [strange energies from space] into four types:

1. Natural
2. Man-Made/Artificial
- and-
3. Outer-Space (Ie: Above the atmosphere, inside/outside the solar system, the sun, [BIG SQUEEZE] ..)
4. Inner-Space (Within the atmosphere, in/under the water, underground (DUMB))

- The shuman resonance would be a [strange energy from space] <-'inner' and 'natural'.
- HARRP, SCALER, Lasers, 4G/5G, WiFi <- 'inner' and 'man-made'
- [sun spasms], [BIG SQUEEZE], [gravity waves] <- 'outer' and 'natural'
- space based directed energy weapons (DEW) <- 'outer' and 'man-made'

... in an older CASS transcript they mention the move to 4D is not going to be 'smooth' and will last 17-years which I worked out to be 2027 (if I remember it correctly, I'll re-read that transcript later). The bots pick up in terms of 'natural' [strange energies from space] strange things like [sun spams] (<- our dual sun powering up?), [gravity waves] (<- information?), [ESR] changes (<- Electron Spin Resonance) and much more indicating (to me) frequency shifts. It could be that the realm border CASS talks about is the [BIG SQUEEZE] in the Shape reports.

The [strange energies from space], natural, also seem to indicate there a change in how time operates. Two bot words translated mean 'the end of days' which I take as the end of linear time or how we access/manipulate time. It has to do with [temporal ownership] - how we can use/manipulate/access time. It's also related to the [hyperchroniacs] which show up a year before this.

There's a [split] which takes place in a 2009/10 Shape report which I had thought to be DNA based due to the injections which started at that time. Now, I tend to think it means some people stay at 3D (frequency) and some go to 4D. It gets into the [complexity wave] and the [hyperchroniacs] - the 'bots' talk about 'surfing the wave'.

I hope this explains the [strange energies from space].
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Do you happen to know if there's any clarification on the type of radiation? When I first read over your post, I was thinking of radiation from space due to the weakening magento-sphere only to realize you were describing potential nuclear fall out kind of radiation :-[

To add to the previous post on your comment in regards to "magneto-sphere":

The bots indicated a [bi-polar disease] which has already manifested. Basically there are TWO magnetic north poles; one is over the Canadian north and weakening and one is heading towards Siberia/Russia which is strengthening. There are also two south poles, one also weakening and one strengthening.

In the reports the [bi-polar] effects many things including migratory birds/animals/sea-life getting lost as well as weather effects - this has also manifested. It was due to destabilization of the plasma core (at least according to the Shape reports).

Sometime after summer starts (June 21/23) there's a sudden appearance of [toroid]s which go [walk-about]. As I recall there appear to be many of these which form. Basically magnetic fields/areas in a [toroid] shape which effect (do not operate, not reliable operations) [electronics], [electrical] or [magnetic] devices. It can also seriously impact biological life. Vehicles such as cars, trucks, trains or jets will not operate within them. They can appear over water in which case you'll see hot-steam above or over land.

They have not as yet manifested from the 'information side'. That said the event prior to this has - basically animals, insects, birds, fish going in a circle following electromagnetic waves. I suspect this has to do with the [BIG SQUEEZE] (<- realm border?).

I'll cut and paste a post a did some time ago on this in case you're interested.

------------------- Nov 2022

Please watch this:
Animals moving in circles all around the world
Animals moving in circles all around the world

Shape # 12, Page # 38, 09/19/2011

Peak to Peak: Oct 2023-March 2024 (Oct 2011-March 2012)

Bot Words:

[planetary humanity][soloonious]
[pulsations][energies from space]

[waves][wend/circulate][population] <--- Note this!!
[aberrant behavior]]

[mainstream media whores]
[face shills][brain farts][verbal discharge]

[sun][duality play]
^-- A timeline split?, our binary sun powering up?

[terrain humanity and solar activity]
[waves][aberrant behavior] <- Note the waves!
[sudden illness][sudden rages][rapid fainting spells]
[transfixations][mental breakdowns]
[solar induced mental disease][sudden onset]
[fading effects][mental confusion]

[fugue states][jump into][slowly fade away] <-- Note this!

Take these two lines of BOT WORDS [ ]:

[fugue states][jump into][slowly fade away] <-- Note this!

Definition of WEND
intransitive verb
: to direct one's course : travel

transitive verb
: to proceed on (one's way) : direct

Definition of CIRCULATE
to move in a circle, circuit, or orbit
especially : to follow a course that returns to the starting point
blood circulates through the body

fugue state
Fugue state - Wikipedia
Dissociative fugue, formerly called a fugue state or psychogenic fugue, is a mental and behavioral disorder that is classified variously as a dissociative disorder, a conversion disorder, and a somatic symptom disorder. The disorder is a rare psychiatric phenomenon characterized by reversible amnesia for one's identity, including the memories, personality, and other identifying characteristics of individuality.

^-- All together:
To direct one's course in a circle, in a state of amnesia, and acting as single group with others in a similar state.

[sun][duality play]
^-- This is very curious. Are we looking at a timeline collapse and then split. We're 3D, so we normally have 6/six timelines splits per manifold (Law of One). It's basically D times 2, example, 6D*2 = 12 timeline splits (choices) per manifold. OR, is out second sun powering up?, perhaps, a plasma filament connecting?
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Thank you for sharing!

This made me think of the video circulating for a short while of a flock of sheep walking in circles:

perhaps we'll start to see more of it?
While it shows up only once in the Shape reports the peak for this activity is indicated as Oct 2023-March 2024. So I would expect more occurrences to occur although how much of it makes it to the alternative news is unknown.

It may be related to Adapt2030's 'magnetic null point' which occurs around that time as well.

I also suspect it's related to the [toroid]s which un-expectantly and suddenly manifest (very soon now if it does) are related phenomena such as the [gravity waves], [ESR] changes and [complexity waves].

It may also be linked to [energies from space] which are man-made, inner-space located. For example, people loaded with graphene ferrous oxide (injections, food..), the EMF towers (4/5G, WiFi..), perhaps CERN or related and possibly enhanced due to the [radiation]. So perhaps some are natural and some are from man-made causes.

To me it appears as a frequency shift. If you look into cymatics or Dr. Emotos work with ice crystals you'll note that a resonant frequency is static for the most part. As you increase/decrease a frequency it the resonant pattern (with is multi-dimensional even if we view it in two dimensions) moves into chaos and (with the frequency continuing to increase/decrease) then locks into the next resonant frequency (pattern).

So perhaps we're getting to the upper end of 3D and close(r) to this phenomena. if this is the case then a move to 4D will at some time involve a 'dissolving' of everything, a brief period of chaos and then a lock into the new frequency band.
On the [riot]s going on in France 12-years ago the bots had picked up the issues in France. They cover the initial [riot]s starting, now, we get into the [riot]s starting soon in the [usofa] and other nations.
* The initial [riot]s in France did manifest on schedulae, the [riot]s expected after the summer 2023 solstice of June 21-23 have now started to manifest starting in France and spreading outwards.

The [riot]s are secretly being run by the [PTB] (at least in the Shape reports). So expect it 'fueled' by paid actors, ANTIFA, BLM, fake-far-right groups (controlled opposition) as well as by MSM and NGOs.

The general [riot]s start after the summer solstice of 2023 (June 21-23/23). We're starting to get close to the [shocktober] events in the [usofa] and elsewhere with the crash of derivatives starting, crash of banking/financials, crash of bonds and much more.

If it events continue to follow the bots as it has 2020 until now then this will build into the [mother of all riots] before the breakup of the [usofa] and [american civil war part deaux] - the [PTB] head to DUMBs fall 2024 just before the major events (think: Adapt2030). I suspect the chaos the [PTB] create is to hide this fact (everyone will be focused on survival). The bots also indicate the [minions] and [officialdom] will be left behind with the rest if us.

Shape # 08, Page # 26, 10/20/2010

Nov 2022 (2010) through Spring Equinox of March 20, 2023 (2011)

Bot Words:

[riots][uprising][social chaos][France]
[dollar death] <-- Temporal marker for ...

[tactics][personalities][underground media] <- Does the MSM not report on this?

[new frac][visible] <-- new frac = new French human, or, new fracture?

[banking crises and collapse] <- I think the collapse starts in the EU, then UK then to the USofA
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