Clif High-

An example I thought those into the 'bots' might enjoy:

The 12-year old Shape reports indicates that they would:
[diaspora][loss of The money]

.. and in a post in early 2022 I indicated (speculated) that it might involve 'levers' such as increasing interest rates and/or removing credit to reduce money velocity.

As we now now it did in fact manifest on schedule with the banks not long after having their first (huge) interest rate hikes -- which are continuing to this day. This is to crash real-estate and the entire financial-banking system in order to bring in the WEF Great Reset.

Many people now do not qualify for mortgage renewals? Payments when going in for renewal are vastly higher (in the UK many over 1,200 pounds a month increase!) and business can't get credit lines. It effects many other markets - car repo numbers for example.

Even areas which do not seem directly connected such as rents - here where I am a 1-bedroom is now over $3,000/month (average city wide rent).

As for the [people darkness][social phenomena][visible][economic crash] this is now occuring where I am. I know a number of people with no electricity hookup, they are people living in darkness.

The bots have by the 2024 US Federal Election chaos when [california suddenly goes bankrupt] and some western states (including California) separate that basically the entire real estate market which is in heavy [deflation] blows.

While it's the subject of another Shape post the bots have [hyperinfation] in food during/after [shocktober] and massive [deflation] in almost everything else as the bond and derivative markets blow.

Also note the [surge][health problems][ancient/old diseases] -- I had listed first (in another post) that the [ancient/old diseases] could be [smallpox] (similar to what CASS has indicated), or perhaps TB or plague. Again the Shape runs were 12-13 year ago!

(Below) From Edward Dowd's Twitter Feed
* Note: this is an older post - you'll find the reduction in money velocity is one of 4 or 5 in US History, the last in 1929 (stock market crash/great depression, world war 2). It's a huge decline.

First posted on July 13, 2012

Shape # 07, Pages # 12 - 14, 08/15/2010

Fall/winter of 2022 (2010) and all of 2023 (2011)

Bot Words:

[diaspora][loss of The money]
^-- I would imagine it also includes: calling back all loans, cutting credit lines, cutting credit cards, calling in mortgages, calling in any business loans
^-- I would imagine diaspora to warmer areas like Florida
^-- This IMO ties into the housing market [deflation] in 2024.
^-- Probably jack-up interest rates as they reduce monetary velocity for max. effect.
[deliberate acts][prevent][banks]
[lending money][increase of currency]
[diaspora][populace USofA]
^- Last part of 2010 (2022) and all of 2011 (2022)

[people darkness][trapped in darkness]
[group][group of trapped people]
[public housing][refuge housing][extreme weather episode]
[many people rapped in darkness]
[MSM visibility][ill winds]

[people darkness][social phenomena][visible][economic crash] <---- Note
[homeowners debtors][living in darkness] <---- Note
[no longer sustain payments] <---- Note

[visibility][people in darkness][back-to-school] <-- Back to School 2023?
[families][afford][utilities][school costs]
[sacrifice children][going without basic services][children in school]
^-- I can see this in the Asian communities where school is #1 to get ahead in life
[winter][maiming][death] * Winter 2023/2024 also comes up very cold
[extraordinary cold conditions]
[visible][cold induced body language]

[delivered social services][much discussed][winter]
[heat and light][sewer][water]
[living in darkness][without water/sewer]

[surge][health problems][ancient/old diseases]
[health care system][severe]
[added pressures][economically crushed populace]

[blamed][healthcare breakdown]
[urban centers][formerly affluent cities/suburbs]
^-- Part of [la scheme grand] (<- WEF Great Reset) - the injections mean no autoimmune systems, now add famines, freezing, no utilities -- the diseases in the injections will sicken/kill many.

[health care disease][severe/extreme]
[healthcare facilities collapse syndrome]
[hospitals][clinics][non functional]
[shutdowns/shuttering][staff][walk out]
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With this post it's a Shape report from 2009 on the eugenics shots (DoD 'Countermeasures' sold to the public as 'vaccines'). Other then maybe CASS I'm not aware of any other technology or physic 13-years ago that had nailed the lock-downs, masks, vaccine passports, people not shaking hands and going to alternatives, the demonstrations and on and on. I've decoded over 900 pages now.

There's many paths to the truth - each path seems to add detail. The CASS have their POV, the Polish prophet his, Law of One theirs, bots another --- each one adds detail to help give a more complete picture and to verify the merit of each one. Each has unique advantages and disadvantages and each works to enrich the information stream.

Note 01: [refuseniks] while it did manifest into the materium were more often known as the 'anti-maskers' and later 'anti-vaxers'. [refuseniks] is a very obscure term before this usually relating to Jews whom were not allowed to leave Soviet Russia (USSR).

Note 02: The [derivative nightmare] gets into the largest real estate company in the world, China's Evergrande. The bots nailed it almost to the very day - behind the scenes it's still in the process of blowing up - banks going out, deposits lost, Chinese Real Estate dropping and much more. So to the day the bots nailed the start of the derivatives blowup.

Shape # 01, Page # 11, 07/20/2009

Timeframe: 2009 (2021)
Starting summer 2021 (2009), manifesting fall/winter 2021
* IMO, includes events in 2020 as well, based on ALTA report research I was doing.

Bot Words:

[derivative nightmare]
[lockdowns][banks][derivatives] * Summer early fall 2009 (2021)

[lock down]
[local government offices]

[political minions]
[access to money/banking]
[at risk][(without)forced medications]
^-- No injection passport, no job, shopping or banking
^-- First part of ID2020 global social/carbon credit score system

[political élite][shutdown/lockdown]
[public access][banks][proof of vaccine]
[threat][lockdown public access][political elites]
^-- Done in nations like Nigeria, no CV passport no ATM or bank access (even online)

[difficult times][pharmaceutical industry]
[developed portions (nations)]

[refusal revolution][swine flu]


[fear][feel afraid][ferocity]
[refusal wave][global populace]
[swine flu 'vaccine/medicine'] * Note the ', the bots indicating as fake or BS.
^-- Remember those protests with MILLIONS showing up.

[presumed compliant][first][loudest][protests]
[campaign][be polluted][language]
^-- UK, EU, Canada

[awareness of increasing lethality][populace][northern areas]
[revolt][forced vaccinations][children][themselves]

[stubborn non compliance][mind set]
[shocked][response to their strategy]

[shills]['good' citizens promoting official policy]
[skinned alive][on air][refuseniks]

[refusenik revolution]
[pharmaceutical crises]

[big pharma][backlash][settle upon][propaganda media]

[refusenik movement]
[shudders][collective minion mass]
(not as)[powerful][all seeing][as claimed]

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You note similarities in this report from ---- and Krzysztof Jackowski - Polish Clairvoyant - Page #15 (link is below).

The Shape report is from 2009, is this not describing what Krzysztof Jackowski now sees?

This reminds me of something and I have the impression that he thinks about liquid all the time, but this liquid may be related to the human body. There is little time. In time, the effects of certain things will not only double, but multiply many times over, and it will start to look like a plague.

This is the right time. That time is a year, a year and a half in my opinion. And the plague will begin, which can no longer be faked. It can't be unscrewed, it can't be explained. Then... Then people's eyes will be opened. But it won't change anything. And then there would be an awakening in people. And even though it will be terrible, those who wake up will start fighting for themselves. He's afraid of that. .."

Shape #02, Page #37 (09/15/2009)

Timeframe: Approx. Oct 25th, 2022 (2010)
* I think, it the model space starts at 2021 then progresses

Note - Especially pay attention to this - is it the effects of the eugenics shots - they don't kill right away but leaves the body in horrific shape to generate loosh.

Bot Words:

[vaccine/disease] <- The vaccine IS the disease

[worst case/most crippling]

[not dead]
[the body [wounded)]

^-- The state of people's health by October 2022 of everyone whom took the eugenics shot and didn't die...if the reports continue to be accurate.
Interesting material @ericw33. Do you have a link the the forum posts? I'd like to have a look. I found the webbot forum Articles but can't seem to find the posts and discussing you have posted here. Thanks.
.. in the user forums. I think you have to register (which is free) to view the posts unlike here - but I'm not 100% sure on that.

Using the SEARCH function within the forum just look for the words "Timeframe" and "Bot Words" and you find quite a few similar to the ones which I've posted. In SEARCH OPTIONS make sure to check off "All words" (basically and 'AND' function). You can also choose to sort by date with the newest displayed first.

I use the Shape reports which were run 2009 to 2012. Originally clif high had run them thinking the detail (short term) data would cover the 2010-2014 date range.

I shelved this in 2012 thinking it was a nice try but it didn't work -- until I realized the events (temporal markers) were actually manifesting (this was in 2021). The 2009 to 2012 Shape reports ended up covering the mid-2020 through early 2025 time frame. I offset the year by 12 (Year + 12) which seems to unlock it.

ONLY the words enclosed in square brackets [ ] were from the bots, the rest was clif's monkey mind attempting to figure out what it all meant. Some items he didn't include - for example 'people killing their doctors' didn't make sense .. but as they get more and more sick it does now.

There's 17 Shape reports numbered #00 to #16. He also has ALTA reports but they are more complex to deal with.
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Below is an example of event now in the 'rear-view mirror' which has now manifested known in the Shape reports as the [SPARK] (to the [revolution]. The [revolution] is part of [la scheme grand] (<- WEF Great Reset) - basically 'color' [revolution]s to bring in the new Marxist/Technocratic slave system. [revolution] mirrors 'duality', depending upon the decisions and actions or inaction of the masses could also move into a more positive [revolution].

The [tax rebellion] aspect manifested into the materium (from the information side) as the 'Heath'-care Canada's taxes proposed on the UN-injected as a form of punishment (and tax increases), as well as some provinces barring the UN-injected from purchasing any food (even from farmers markets). This is in addition to travel mandates, job loses and so forth.

The [tactics] [black hooded oppressors] [corporate Zionism] are the hired mercenaries/UN Forces flown in by Justin Trudeau - they purchased surplus police uniforms and equipment the day before (many could not speak English and/or French). They had those black masks and black uniforms. I'm sure most saw the 'beat-downs' of the Canadian truckers. The convoy to Ottawa, Canada was the largest truck convey ever (globally) with perhaps 70,000 trucks going there.
* Ottawa, Canada became the capital of Canada after US troops burned down York, Ontario (Lower Canada) (<- Now re-named as Toronto) and prompting troops to first capture and then burn down a good part of Washington, DC (but not private residences) including parts of the Presidential Mansion (white-washed later to cover burn marks and now called the White House) which President Madison fled) as well as the torching of Library of Congress, House, Senate and Supreme Court and various other buildings. [corporate Zionism] refers to the 'Law of the Sea' structure in place by the 'Holy See' (<- think Sea) now and run by the 'Kazarian Mafia' - this gets into the Aryans and 4D STS groups. Kiev, Ukraine was the western edge of the Kazarian empire (perhaps Magog led at one time by Gog) and a location of a portal.

I'll include but not go over some items/pages which follow this in the first report excerpt. There some bleed-over - some of the secret prisons turned out to be the Ukraine as well (<- Greater Israel) related. This gets into [world war last], now underway, with a [radiation] incident of large proportions showing up very soon. This manifested as Russian troops went into the bio-weapons labs setup back in 2014 +/- by KM run nations such as Canada and the US.

Shape #02, Page #21-23

Timeframe: Late 2021 (2009) or early 2022 (2010)
* Initiated Jan 2010 (2022)

Bot Words:

[tax rebellion/protest]

[crushing force] <-- Expect the police/military response to be EXTREME and BRUTAL
(very small group of)[exposed citizens] <- Like truckers sleeping in the cabs of their vehicles

[adverse publicity]
[global internet]
[massive complaints]

[Officialdom] [intentionally] [brutally] [open visibility]
[idea/concept] [causing fear] [curtail/limit] [tax protests] [example]
[storm] [internet activity] [Pakistan, Russia, China, South Africa, Argentina]

[human rights abuses]
[government of the USA] <- Not sure how this ties in yet
[oppresses tax paying (former) citizens]

[tactics] [black hooded oppressors] [corporate Zionism] <-- ANTIFA?, and/or mercenary forces?, and/or Special Ops/SWAT?
[tax protest] [brutally suppressed] <- Takes 12 YEARS for stability to return

.. past this is gets into the [officialdom death squads], [assassinations] and more as many citizens are 'disappeared' (likely to secret jails or organ harvesting). The bottom of the last page covers the July/22 turning point when many are liberated form the secret jails which (according to the Shape reports) have been quietly taking in political prisoners' since 2013. In the US think Jan 6.

Is crushing force the police response yet to happen?

Very small group of exposed citizens the truckers?, surrounded and locked inside their cabs? The word 'exposed' is very chilling and very accurate.

Protest could be against the forced injections to cross the border, inability of the un-injected to earn a living including within Canada as passports between provinces aimed at truckers was announced, inability to shop even for food, additional taxes on the un-injected, the illegal removal of Charter and Human rights, and so forth.

(Below) Shape #02, Page #21 Bottom


(Below) Shape #02 Page #22


(Below) Shape #02, Page #23

* This should be VERY chilling to most. Remember the many early Doctors and medical specialties sent to insane asylum for voicing an opposing opinion? Recently a retired 81+ year old Doctor in Canada went sent to one for telling people at rally's about all of the still births (dead babies) and miscarriages (abortions). He was put on drugs, may have had one or more strokes due to them and has not been heard from again despite work by lawyers.

Remember the brave women (and some men) - one women in the UK going into EMPTY hospitals and filming (livestream) during the height of the plandemic, the UK police knocking down her door - she's never been seen again.

The turning point occurs in part when NINE plus years of disappeared (and likely tortured) people are liberated from their western, secret prisons.
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Before I get into the next example which is manifesting now I want to add for the previous post --- the [SPARK] of the [REVOLUTION] manifested from the information side into the 'materium' (our reality') as the 'Canadian Truck Convoy' to Ottawa, Canada.

This posts gets into events which have now manifested in the expected timeframe and even now continue to develop and strengthen. Still there were some 'wrinkles' into exactly how it manifested. One item recently covered at the webbotforum as that the [suicides] also (IMO) include the Medically Assisted In Death (MAID) organ harvesting operations (containers?) in nations such as Canada as well as coverups to the death numbers (it can't be the eugenics shots - they are 'safe and effective', lol).

In a hospital room the most expensive item is the patent - sold off as organ parts, skin, plasma and so forth a person is worth over 50-million. A corporation in Canada is treated the same as a person and by 'gifting' the body over in a MAID program it's pure profit - a bit for the pay-off to medial doctors and marketing but the rest is pure profit. Organs and other parts must be harvested from a LIVE person, you cannot use a dead body (corpse). Cremation is used to cover up this, UN-injected carry a much higher price as do children.

The [retirees][chronically ill] seems to have manifested as the many retired boomers whom took the eugenics shots. it was ties to about 2.5 years to begin to manifest so the issues are now started to become visible. This is now manifesting as the [death rates][nation][up and rising so rapidly] which is starting to be covered by people such as Edward Dowd and Ethical Skeptic (twitter) and others such as John O'Loony (UK Funeral Director).

Basically the injections deaths early on are the smallest number - permanent disability if 4/four times higher in numbers then the deaths but much, much greater in numbers are the [always ill] now growing exponentially. I'll post one of Edward Dowds charts if I get the chance.

[suicides] can also include those the insurance companies and [minions] and/or [officialdom] are avoiding claims and responsibility. "Mandates" when I looked in Black's legal dictionary referred to (at the time) VOLUNTARY agreements between two or more parties. So insurance companies IMO are likely to claim those dead from the eugenics shots committed 'suicide' as they: volunteered to take them (called a mandate), didn't even know what was in them, that they had only been tested for 28-days versus 10-20 year average, that the after-effects and short/mid/long-terms issues were as yet unknown and that everyone else was not legally liable. Put another way, the insurance companies will claim that only those wanting to commit suicide would voluntarily (legally termed a mandate) take something so dangerous and untested.

Lastly the:
[suicides][perception wall][boxed into] [eyes][people in the streets] [acceptance of defeat][eyes][reptilian part of mind][shutdown][shutdown][deliberate acts][lead to death]
... has several aspects. One are the many eugenics injected now (or soon) suffering injury, disability and deaths. Another are the external thoughts being placed in people's minds to commit suicide, possibly from 'cell' towers and other sources (often using the resonant vibration of DNA). Another will be the loss of most things in peoples' lives - homes, careers, saving, food, spouses/children/friends and many, many things.

The [higher costs][health care][medicines] [collapsing dollar] [bad weather][global currency warfare] [throttle][supply chain][plants][medicines]is also manifesting at this time. In part there are shortages of about 400-600 cancer drugs 9partly due to the explosion of eugenics shot 'turbo-cancers' and tumors). Now, many drugs (90+% of which come from China) are have placebo/fake ingredients as there are shortages of everything in the supply chain. Very few drugs are produced in the west (most companies shuttered and moved to China/Asia long ago) and even less medical equipment and supplies.

In the Shape reports we're now close to the collapse of healthcare, insurance companies, pensions and muni/state governments. As 70+% of American use prescription drugs (85% over 65) this will greatly escalate the deaths/injuries/disabilities as the eugenics shots start to kick-in and in part lead to the [muckers] - people going off of anti-depressants suddenly cut off from more, for example.

Part of the collapse of healthcare will also be the many eugenics injected whom - the [always ill] which will develop into permanent disabilities and deaths soon. So they loose the currency at the same time they start to die off in greater numbers (by design).

The [foreclosure coagulation] is covered more in later Shape reports as the [real estate] and [mortgage] industry goes into massive, massive [deflation] and collapses by fall 2024.

Shape # 08, Pages # 25-26, 10/20/2010


November 2010 (2022) thru March 2011 (2023)

Bot Words:

[retirement][health care systems][education]
[shocked][rocked][currency problems]

[implosion][coagulation][retirement system][heath care system]
^-- "Coagulation"?, linked to the eugenics shots?

[currency wars][toll][retirees][chronically ill]
^-- "chronically ill"?, linked to the eugenics shots?

[death rates][nation][up and rising so rapidly][msm]
^-- Eugenics shot related?, 5th dose planned for fall/winter.


[higher costs][health care][medicines]
[collapsing dollar]

[bad weather][global currency warfare]
[throttle][supply chain][plants][medicines]

[foreclosure coagulation]
^-- "Coagulation", btw, is what is written on the arm of the Baphomet on how to kill everyone, is it again blood related due to the eugenics shots? With the housing crash (50-75% loss) and ZERO money velocity many will loose everything.

[trend lines][never-employed-again]
[over 50s][obo's] <- Obo = OBsOlete
[older humans][despair]
[suicide rates][national visibly] <- Spring 2011 (2023)

[suicides][perception wall][boxed into]
[eyes][people in the streets]
[acceptance of defeat][eyes][reptilian part of mind]

[shutdown][deliberate acts][lead to death]

[new suicides][fake an accident][insurance purposes]
[suicides][death wave][surprising][numbers][speed]

[health care system crumbles]
[deaths][lack of sustenance] <- Starving to death in the streets
[millions][affected][hundreds of thousands die]

[rapid degradation][health care system]
[so many dead][social order changes to compensate]
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I think the most likely plan is to a stage a massive cyberattack that takes out the financial system and then present the blockchain-based CBDC's like the “digital dollar“ as the “secure solution“.

The thing is that the digital dollar probably won't be ready for another couple years and the digital euro will launch no earlier than 2026, according to the media.

Which is why I think that they will not allow a crash next year. It will be probably at some point in 2025-2027.

Unless the system unravels on its own and they cannot stop it, which seems unlikely since the central banks still have much more room for printing trillions.
This Shape report excerpt ties into the previous post.

The [suicides][violent acts] begin to manifest around summer 2023 which started June 21-23/23.

The last 2 paragraphs I find the most interesting although they have not manifested yet. basically the [riot]s are done by the [PTB], staged for a purpose.

Shape # 08, Pages # 26-27, 10/20/2010

November 2010 (2022) thru March 2011 (2023)

Bot Words:

[economically dispossessed][populace/usofa]
[violent responses][locked into][fight mode]
[enveloping circumstances]
[expected response]

[suicides][violent acts] <- Summer 2011 (2023)

[staged personal][be caught out]
[planning for social disruption][social degradation]

[agenda][capitalize][social disruptions][currency wars]
[stumbling][existent circumstances not to be avoided]
[betray][sensitive information][validate its providence]


Shape 08 P25-26 10 20 10 Obo Screenshot 2022-07-13 075553.jpg
I think the most likely plan is to a stage a massive cyberattack that takes out the financial system and then present the blockchain-based CBDC's like the “digital dollar“ as the “secure solution“.

The thing is that the digital dollar probably won't be ready for another couple years and the digital euro will launch no earlier than 2026, according to the media.

Which is why I think that they will not allow a crash next year. It will be probably at some point in 2025-2027.

Unless the system unravels on its own and they cannot stop it, which seems unlikely since the central banks still have much more room for printing trillions.

The Shape data of 2009 to 2012 has the next stage of the collapse starting in France which is now manifesting. From the EU it spreads to the UK then USofA. The collapse has been undeway for a while but really seems to hit the heights in just a little over 2-months time during [shocktober]. That's when the [derivatives] and [bonds] blow along with the [US Dollar], JIT, shipping and more which leads to massive [deflation] in everything but a few items such as food which undergoes [hyperinflation].

The [crescendo] for the [PTB] events occurs fall of 2024 when the [PTB] head into their 'hidey holes' (<- DUMBS) leaving the [minions], [officialdom] and the rest of us top-side. As I recall the [vatican sorcerers] head into DUMBs spring of 2024.

The bot traffic drops about 99% during 1st quarter of 2025, so something major happens , possibly related to a [global coastal event]. There is language for 2024 which are along the lines of [restrictions of communications], [restrictions of speech] and [restrictions of movement] which I do put down as ID2020, C40 districts, CBDC and more - but IMO as temporary measures as they likely expect most people to die not long after. This gets into the [open warfare on the population] when people realize they are trying to kill them and open war has basically been declared upon them (art of the 3/three years oppression) which starts about now. It's part of the end of the [normalcy bias].

I don't think things are going according to plans and the [PTB] (which come across as hybrids) are up against a hard deadline. CASS is along those lines as well - 3 or 4 out of 10 as I recall from a past session.

In the last group of Shape reports many terms mirror those of Adapt2030 as well as CASS transcripts. So I think the chaos and [riot]s they create are too get people fighting and focused on events so they do not see the big things manifesting. Perhaps part of the deception - thinking 3D when you're in 4D.

The Shape reports talked about the [split] which did manifest as the eugenics injections started. I thought it was between injected/UN-injected or perhaps DNA changes for those hm took them. But ... it also seems to be frequency based along the lines of 3D/4D. I'll cover that more in the future if I get the chance. There's a-lot coming up in the Shape reports in regards to frequency shifts, 'time' and more.
Here's an ALTA excerpt on the [split] I mentioned. I normally use the 2009-2012 Shape reports as (Year+12) seems to work whereas with the ALTA they seem to have overlapping versions. Also, the ALTA reports don't always indicate the bot words - but the ALTA reports often include a great deal more information. Both are 'webbot reports' by clif high.

Now that events have manifested in 2020/2021 many parts of this excerpt can be closely examined. The [deep sulk] was from those [refuseniks] cast out of society for not taking the eugenics injections. Fired from careers, shunned by communities, barred from stores, barred in some cases from food stores and farmers markets, cut from medical assistance, denied schooling, Many still are out of work, many still can't visit (so-called) family members, travel or attend classes. They are one of the most discriminated groups of people in modern history.

[split][human species][visibility]
[core deep][lasting over 20/twenty generations (420 years)]
^- DNA changes due to the mRNA injections?, guess I'm not getting invited to 'family' dinners for the next 420-years!!
[species split][visibility]

... is just DNA level changes from the eugenics shots?, or, vibrational/frequency changes as well?

.. I suspect with this:
[visible][terra intrusions][persevering crowd]

.. whatever is coming in 2024/5 the [refuseniks] (<- anti-vaxxers) will be the ones to survive/handle the challenges.

ALTA 1308 06, Page # 06, - 04/19/2008

Fall 2020 Onwards
* The time the DNA altering injections started

Bot Words:

[action][embittered][changes][abandon action][deep sulk]
^- Action of not taking the action (CV shots) leads to the sulk?
* Sulk = period of gloomy and bad-tempered silence stemming from annoyance and resentment.

^- Not taking the mRNA shots, shaken by events, seen as crazy, can't travel (no vax pass)?

[split][human species][visibility]
^-- Fall 2008 (Fall 2020)

[core deep][lasting over 20/twenty generations (420 years)]
^- DNA changes due to the mRNA injections?, guess I'm not getting invited to 'family' dinners for the next 420-years!

[species split][visibility]


[visible][terra intrusions][persevering crowd]

Here's a fun one that left us 'head scratching' way back in 2009. Why would people stop shaking hands?, stop hugging or kissing? Why would people drop or reduce seeing acquaintances?

Even the [biochemical/biological warfare][disease] and [human to human contact][disease vector] seemed impossible in 2009, now 14-years ago.

Even more strange were the people taking up [bowing] and other greeting methods due to the 'most dangerous virus E-V-E-R', lol. Well that was until 2020/1 (11- years later) when terrified people suddenly went to bows, elbow bumps, foot bumps and so forth.

Shape # 02, Pages # 34-35, 09/15/2009

All of 2009 (2021)
* I would include 2020 as well

Bot Words:

[biochemical/biological warfare][disease]

[global populace][acceptance/practice][bowing][greetings]
[handshaking][hugs/kisses][less practiced]

[human to human contact][disease vector]
[dropping/reduction handshaking][acquaintances]
[respectful bowing][planetary populace]

[new social body acceptance][bowing ritual]
[Japanese culture][renaissance][forms][meanings][symbolic greetings]

[emerge][resurgence][export][global populace]



Will Covid-19 end the handshake?
Will Covid-19 end the handshake?

Let bowing take the place of handshakes: Coronavirus should prompt us to consider adopting an East Asian practice
NY Daily News - We are currently unavailable in your region

Say hello to the world’s new greetings
Say hello to the world’s new greetings

*Foot bumps, elbow bumps...

One last example for now (the reports are at the webbot dot com forum as well as the Shape reports). I'm posting some which have already manifested as many items coming in 2023/4/5 are along the lines of the CASS.

If you've ever watched David at ADAPT2030 it's like a play-by-play of the Shape event weather changes - only the Shape reports nailed this 13 years ago.

Out of all the volcanoes going off yearly the reports picked up on two - the 2010 Icelandic and the 2022 Tonga eruption. The latter then in the reports manifested into [rivers of water] to parts of Australia, New Zealand, South America and Africa (which did manifest on schedule).

It then began to effect the the Ozone which David is now discussing. This gets into the [dead oceans] and burns and [UV-B] issues. While David has this in Antarctica it in the reports will be spreading into the northern Hemisphere as well - the winter in areas of the EU and US will be even more brutal then last.

The reports then had it moving into the northern hemisphere (manifested in California) and in some areas becoming the [rivers of snow].

This did manifest as well in the Sierra mountains and other areas of the US.

The bots didn't just pick up volcanoes it picked up THE eruption of all time - Tonga - which is really effecting the weather due to pumping more water then ever has been in the extremely high atmospheric layers. Again watch David at ADAPT2030 he really covered it well in the past.

Shape # 09, Pages # 13- #14 01/25/2011

Jan 25, 2023 on-wards

Bot Words:

[atmospheric rivers] *Manifest starting 2020 through 2024
^- When the bands of water from the Tonga eruption moved into the northern hemisphere it caused the [rivers of rain]. The [rivers of rain] change into [the rivers of snow] in the higher elevations such as the Sierras or during unusually cold snaps as occurred in part of California.

[rivers of snow]
[flowing down the mountaintop and into the valleys on both sides]
[formation][rivers of snow]
[shown][pushing][length of the valley]

[atmospheric rivers] -> [snow]
^-- Note on some videos they said the massive amounts wouldn't melt until summer, another bot hit if that is the case. Likewise the [rivers of rain] due to never seen before amounts of water into the stratosphere from the massive Tonga eruption has resulted in endless [rivers of rain] in California and other areas for quite some time now.

[visibility][planetary][snow phenomena]
[overturning trees][pushing buildings over on their sides]
[crumbling of bridges][destruction of roads]
^-- While some of this has already occurred, as the Shapes soon get into floods, I would think that the melt or if there are heavy rains with the snow-pack, the floods and run-offs would cause huge damages to bridges (swept away type) and roads (washouts, foundation damages). Home have collapsed but I'm looking for a home to be pushed over to fulfill the bot language. Let me know if anyone finds this on the news, thanks.

Bucks Lake Lodge Collapses Under Heavy Snowpack

Record California Snow Leaves Residents Trapped In Their Homes -M5.8 Solar Flare -New Electric Com..


... and how it manifested was right-on and amazing! Some places got about 900" snow - about 75 feet.

California is about to break all records for snow fall.
Nearly 250,000 Without Power As Another Storm Slams California - Second-Snowiest Winter on Record
Nearly 250,000 Without Power As Another Storm Slams California - Second-Snowiest Winter on Record

In the Shape reports it was the Tonga eruption which then caused massive flooding in Australia, New Zealand, part of southern Africa and parts of South America.

Once the [rivers of rain] moved up to the northern hemisphere (were it's winter as opposed to summer in the southern hemisphere) it became [rivers of snow]. Flooding is the NE, NW, and central plains area I think are coming up soon in the US.

That's covered over several of the reports. It may be what will behind some disruption of GPS services and so forth (water vapors in the stratosphere).

Over 600" inches of snow, that's over 50 feet!

'Salitre' Is One of the Best Collections of Surf Photography You Could Ever Ask For

Clif goes into discussion of ALIENS and Drugs....
JUL 5 • 37M
Macro behavior...
Humanity has had Contact!
CLIF HIGH discusses Space Aliens harvesting humans and gut bacteria.
SUBSTACK July 8 2023

Principles of Human Farming.

Welcome to the farm, mind where you step.

Anxiety. A general daily state of low level anxiousness. A vague feeling of a ‘something’ coming from the future, as in a sense of pending doom.

Depression. A pervasive mental attitude dominated by negative thoughts, and negative emotions being applied to all thinking coloring all decisions, and perspectives. All thinking affected by the inability to anticipate positive change in the future.

Mind fog. Inability to think completely, and clearly. Inability to sustain thought. Lost thoughts, mental confusion, poorly formed thoughts, inability to sustain effort to reach conclusions.

Addiction. The general tendency toward addictive behavior built around any, and all, physical responses that relieve the daily state of anxiety and dread. The addictive behavior includes non-physical, perceived triggers of bodily relief responses. These can include religion, government,ideology, and tribalism.

Body malformation, and mal-operation. The generalized state of operating with less than optimal bodily functions. Hormones poorly formed, or incompletely formed. Body formation incomplete, or interrupted. Daily biochemical operation impaired to the point of creating persistent disease conditions.

The above is a partial listing of the effects on humans from an inadequate gut microbiome. These are just the major categories. A complete listing would run into the tens of thousands of identified health problems and states including such as autism, and cancer, and all forms of mental illness. We all know these states of ill-health, if not personally experienced, then just from the constant barrage of Big Pharma advertising around them. It is safe to say without the possibility of refutation, that all aspects of human life, both individually, and collectively, even up to the level of the society itself, are directly controlled on a daily basis by the state of general health of the individual’s gut biome.

There is no aspect of your life’s history that has free of impact from your gut bacteria. In a very real sense, your gut bacteria control, and direct your life. In a much more real sense, the LACK of certain gut bacteria, such as those producing the effects listed above, allow your mind and life to be controlled. The lack of specific gut microbiome bacteria strains, affect your ability to generate, and sustain, WILL POWER.

It’s complicated. It arises from the micro-biochemistry involved in cell mitochondrial interactions as well as sustaining biochemical transfer layers in your various systems, most frequently impacting the shared resources of the Vagus nerve complex. Lack of the L. Reuteri (96% of humanity no longer has this major, systemic control, and mind enhancement bacterium), and L. Gasseri strains, and others, will degrade the ability of the Vagus nerve in its functions, thus impacting all the connected major organ systems. As stated. It’s complicated.

The main premise here is not that complex, that is, that the invading force of Space Aliens needed to turn the wild humans into something more domesticated such that we could be more easily harvested for the biochemical treasures that our vagus nervous system creates.

Further the premise is that the Space Aliens started tinkering with our genetics, much as we do with cattle, to produce their domesticated version of a human. This necessitated that they first establish control of the wild humans, and to do that, this premise argues, they set about depriving their human stock of several specific strains of gut bacteria.

Then they started their GMO operation on the wild humans, using a CRSPR like device that burnt out the existing gene array (chromosome) at J2/J3 junction, thus reducing humans from 24 to 23 chromosome pairs.

The Space Aliens -flicked- up. They were aiming to make us dumb(er), and complacent, much as we have done to cattle. It is stated that domesticated cattle are about only a third as smart as their wild cousins. That was the goal of the Space Aliens, a dumb, and complacent humanity that would be easily harvested.

Their problem was that they also were trying to increase aspects of our biochemistry and physiology. They were/are harvesting adrenochrome from our Vagus nervous complex, and its specific, inner-abdominal fats (storage) structures. They wanted us to produce more adrenochrome, and to store more, thus more fat cells in-between the organs in the abdominal cavity.

Apparently the Space Aliens could not have it both ways. Their attempt to get humans to produce more adrenaline to be oxidized into their drug, adrenochrome, worked, but it also produced a tendency towards smarter, more perceptive humans. Oops.

After many many many failed experiments with hominids, the Space Aliens, due to developing circumstances, ended their GMO efforts. They were content with our productive capacities, but still needed their control over the herd such that we would not panic en masse at harvest season.

That is when their mind control system was developed and put into place on their Human Farm.

First thing that the Space Aliens did was to instruct their cattle on what could not be eaten. Many foods were restricted to humans. Further there were restrictions placed on how the foods should be prepared, then consumed.

One of the forms of scientific studies is what is called a ‘literature review’, or ‘meta study’, in which many other studies are analyzed. This material derives from such an effort. In our literature review, it is noted that every instance of a pantheon of gods showing up in human literature has always been followed by those humans being told not to eat pork, among other items.

This prohibition is so consistent as to beg for examination. Further, it cannot be explained by the diseases that can be passed from swine to humans as we are examining a global phenomenon, and disease was not ubiquitous, nor continuous enough to explain this constant prohibition that always arises first whenever the ‘gods’ are involved. The Devas of Vedic fame, the Theoae of the Greeks, the Elohim, the Annunaki, the Baal, the Molachi….all of these pantheons, including those in Meso-America interacting with the Aztecs all demanded that humans abstain from pork.

One of the results of the literature review of ancient documents provides some hints that the reason, the ‘why’ of this particular food prohibition was that pork fats taint human fats (adrenaline) with a flavor that the Space Aliens find unpalatable. There is a body of evidence on the interactions of the Space Aliens and humans in a personal body presence way to support this conclusion.

The other conclusion, that is that the space aliens don’t care about the human herd at an individual level, is also easily supported. It is in the interests of the Space Aliens that we be controlled to the point that harvest is not obstructed or reduced, and that the rate of harvest is reasonably consist over time. To that end, it is desirable from the view of the Space Aliens, to have overly large herds, of generally weakened individuals.

The general state of poor health not only makes individual members of the herd more easily controlled, and thus harvested, but also provides a slight increase in adrenaline production over time due to the constant stress of poor health, and environmental conditions.

The Space Alien overlords have a very sophisticated understanding of minds, mind control, biology, and environmental factors affecting each. They are equally sophisticated in understanding our social order, and as with all good managers, use the systems available for their purposes whenever possible.

A key area in herd management in human farming is to stop all human advancement, and restrict where ever possible, the path towards optimum health.

A healthy human is NOT an easily controlled, nor easily harvested herd animal.

In fact, for the Space Aliens, a healthy human is a menace.

The Space Aliens, going back many thousands of years, including the Akkadian Empire, Sumerian, Egyptian, and other empires in Meso-America, and Central Europe, all had the same sets of prohibitions of foods, spices, and preparation techniques. Further these civilizations also display a consistent resemblance to each other around writing being a ‘gift’ from the ‘gods’, as well as the institution of ‘scribes’ whose early, primary function, was recording for dissemination, the ‘commandments of the gods’.

If we examine the nature of the prohibitions at a global level, we find that the Space Alien created cultures specifically coerced use of antimicrobial, antibacterial spices and substances. These were not for human health. These were induced into the diet to force a continuing degradation of the gut biome around specific clades of microbiota including strains of L. Reuteri.

The Space Aliens were intent on depriving humans of both whole classes of microbiome bacteria, as well as individual strains of specific species. This was in support of the overall effort to control the human herd by ‘domesticating’ our gut biome to serve their control purposes as well as to increase adrenochrome production.

Other food restrictions were also commanded as they furthered the effort at mind control of the human herd. Restrictions on salt intake (going to ion control in Vagus nervous system as well as neuron networks in the brain), and other essential nutrients were put into place to effect the electrical efficiency of the human body, again, thus providing a degrading factor to aid in control, at individual, and collective levels.

Where ever is found food restrictions commanded by the ‘gods’, the Space Alien human farmer is revealed.

We see this, even now being attempted to be introduced yet again, by the mother WEFfers with their whole ‘you will eat ze bugz’ campaign. All the actions of the mother WEFfers point to them acting as the managers for the Space Aliens of the human farm that is Planet Earth. All their efforts can be summarized as being directed to getting the human herd under control, and ready to be harvested for their Space Alien masters.

Given the literature review, and the exposure of the Space Alien agenda in human diet restrictions, and given the recent language and actions of the WEF, along with the associated global control network, it appears that the WEF is being pressured by the thought of their Space Alien masters returning to catch them with the farm in disarray. Thus they are redoubling their efforts, as we have all witnessed. And though the results are less than they expected, they will keep on with their management program, even as the herd is breaking free from their mind control. The WEF and the global control structure is desperate, and becoming more so with every day, as they think there is a ‘owners’ meeting for the Planet Earth Human Farm in the near future.

Now, me? I favor the pirate model, the wild human point of view. I want to take these space aliens, and their management crew, and really -flick- them up!

Fight Space Alien control. Fix your gut microbiome! Become a better, ungovernable, human. Resistance is NOT useless! Humanity will achieve Victory!
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