Alton Towers, Sir Francis Bacon and the Rosicrucians


There are strong reasons to suspect that the Roscrucians had a major influence on the Protestant Reformation in Europe. For example, it is known that Martin Luther, who was at the fore of the Reformation, wore a ring with the rose-cross displayed on it, which may suggest that he had Rosicrucian connections.​
...the Reformation is not what we have been sold. Like everything else we have studied, it was a grand hoax, staged by the government and then papered over with a barebones story concocted for children and the mentally deficient. It contradicts itself and all logic in a million places, and no effort is even made to fill it in or make it believable. They figure why bother. The idiot Gentiles have bought it for centuries, so why go to any effort now? But obviously the Reformation was just the manufactured and scripted excuse to pillage the monasteries and churches of all monies and valuables. In English history, they sometimes admit that, as when Henry VIII looted all the monasteries in England and Ireland via his henchmen Rich and Cromwell. But on the pages of Luther and the German Reformation, this is more hidden. You aren't supposed to remember that although England and Ireland had huge ecclesiastical wealth, the German States had even more. They were the Holy Roman Empire, remember? They had been the primary ally and enforcer for the Vatican for years, and their armies had often been the Pope's armies. As such, they had been able to loot all over Europe and Asia for centuries, stockpiling incredible wealth. Which is precisely why the “reformers” targeted the German States first. Of course this had always been a huge danger for the Catholic Church. The Vatican didn't have its own large armies, so it had to rely on alliances with kings or emperors who did. Only they could protect its extensive assets. But in the early 1500s, these alliances suddenly shattered, as the top Phoenicians realized Rome was a Golden Rose ripe for the picking. The Southern Phoenicians and the Northern Phoenicians—who we will call the Medicis and Komnenes—decided to call a temporary truce, allying against Rome. With the Medicis installed in the Vatican, this war was won without a shot being fired. Which is why the Reformation happened blisteringly fast by historical standards. The only question was the spin out: would the two sides abide by the agreements, or would they fall back into squabbling, both wanting all the spoils? You know the answer to that. So the Reformation wasn't actually about religion at all, at least not from the viewpoint of the governors who pulled it. From their perspective, religion was just a cover for the real machinations, which were entirely financial. Again, same as now. Same as always. Reform was simply the excuse for them to seize church assets. Once seized, the Church couldn't just be eliminated, since it continued to perform an important function at the time: more misdirection. It kept the citizens' eyes looking up to heaven, and while their gaze was so diverted, they could be robbed the more easily. So the governors needed to “reform” the Church, making some cosmetic changes that would appeal to the citizenry, while keeping the main planks in place. In pursuit of that, some real improvements were made—such as the “more direct line to God” idea of Luther—but the governors were more interested in the idea of weaning the audience off of expensive furnishings, which they wished to steal for their own castles. In that line, they needed to accustom church goers to more spare surroundings: much less gold, fewer paintings and sculptures . . . in short a stripped-down worship. That is the true source of all Puritanism and Amishness: more for the rich and less for the poor. To achieve that, the poor had to be convinced that it was more Godly to build simply and dress simply. They had to be convinced that all decoration was sinful. Those decorations were wanted by the Phoenicians. If the Phoenicians were going to hire artisans to make things, from then on those things were to go to private residences like Versailles, not to public cathedrals.
-> Martin Luther. Despinning the so-called Reformation.


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Thank you for posting all these articles by Miles Mathis. I am slowly digesting them.

I was aware that modern pop and rock music is the product of a huge psy-op by the PTB. Laurel Canyon was at the heart of this in America. I appreciate that many at the Chateau crew enjoy rock music but I have to say I never really cared for it. As a Celt, I much prefer ballads and melody. This has put me out of step with my own generation. As a young child in England in the 1960's, I do remember the rise of the Beatles. At the time I wondered what all the fuss was about. Although their music is considered as 'rhythm and blues', they also produced more folksy numbers as well, like Penny Lane, which is based on local areas in Liverpool which they knew. Indeed, Paul McCartney would even sing traditional ballad numbers on stage such as 'Then there was You' from the musical 'The Music Man'. A strange choice for a rhythm and blues musician don't you think. He has even had a go at composing classical music with his Liverpool Oratorio.

However, the roots of modern western pop music are to be found in the negro music of the American South, which eventually expressed itself as Spirituals, Gospel, Ragtime, Jazz and the 'Blues'. In turn, this had its roots in voodoo drum music, which had been brought over from Africa with the negro slaves. Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh (two authors of 'The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail') had a lot to say about this in their book 'The Elixir and the Stone', in which they sought to unlock the mysteries of the occult. They considered that the unifying thread for this was Hermeticism. They devote a whole chapter of their book to 'Music and Magic'. They particularly homed in on the tragic events that occurred at the Altamont Festival in San Fransisco, California in 1969 when the Rolling Stones played there and sang 'Sympathy for the Devil'. For those not aware, the concert got completely out of hand and a man was stabbed to death by one of the Hells Angels who often act as unofficial bodyguards to the Stones on tour. As Baigent and Leigh point out, Keith Richards was high on LSD, opium, cannabis and cocaine at that concert that night and there is no doubt the whole group were high on adrenalin as they performed. Baigent and Leigh suggest that in their 'psyched-up state' the Stones were clearly performing an act of ritual shamanistic magic, with the stage serving as the equivalent of the sorceror's circle but one in which the magicians lose control of the forces they have conjured up. Jerry Garcia, guitarist with the Grateful Dead latched on to this when he said: "It was the music that generated it ... When the Rolling Stones were playing 'Sympathy for the Devil', then I knew that I should have known it. You know, you can't put that out there without it turning up on you somewhere."

Baigent and Leigh therefore make a link between Hermetic and shamanistic magic in modern rock music. Speaking of Jazz, they said: "Although popular, its magic did not execrcise the spell over successive generations of youth that the magic of rock and roll was soon to do. With rock and roll, the ancient association of magic with music was to be re-established with a vengeance, was to generate a massive industry and to play a decisive roll in the evolution of modern western culture. This is where Elvis Presley came in since the PTB needed a good looking white lad to sell rock and roll to America's white youth (Bill Hailey was too old). Presley was groomed to fit the bill. As Baigent and Leigh state: "If black music is the father of rock, voodoo is its grandfather."

I would quickly point out that Mick Jagger has carefully cultivated an image as the wild man of rock but in reality he comes from a very middle class background. His father was a school teacher, he went to a grammar school (a top class state school) in Dartford, Kent and he was an economics student at The London School of Economics (a Rothschild establishment). He still reads the Economist Magazine (a house magazine of the Rothschilds) when on tour. For goodness sake, he has even been knighted by the Queen and is a member of the MCC (the Marylebone Cricket Club), the most prestigious cricket club in the world. You don't get more establishment than that. My uncle met him in a public house in Kent in the 1960's when he was just starting to become famous. He carelessly knocked over some drinks at the table where my uncle was sitting with some young ladies as he steamed through. My uncle grabbed him and said, I don't care who you think you are, you are going to apologise to these ladies. Well to give him his due he did and he paid for a fresh round of drinks. My uncle was a good boxer and a top class sprinter (he was originally in the British Olympic sprint squad for the Rome Olympics in 1960 but pulled out) so Jagger would not have gotten away from him and quickly saw that discretion was the better part of valour.

On the subject of Elvis Presley, if he was an indentical twin, then he shares something in common with me since I am an identical twin too. Believe me when I say that you cannot really understand what it is like to be an identical twin unless you are one. Do identical twins have a form of telepathy? Yes! Can they transfer pain from one to another? Yes! Do they have enhanced psychic abilities? Yes! However, they do have different speech patterns, which can be distinguished by electronic speech monitors. Hence, it would be interesting to examine old Presley recordings, whether live or in studios, to see if a distinction can be found in vocal delivery between him and his brother Aron.

I did once work with a man who met Presley whilst he was serving in the US Army in Germany. My work colleague was a British soldier like Presley doing his national service in occupied West Germany. They shared guard duty together one cold winter's night. He told me that Presley seemed a very ordinary guy who was glad to be doing his Army service away from the glare of publicity and frantic fans. He was very talkative and pleasant. My colleague, who was from Liverpool, became a top English fund or investment manager and was not prone to making tales up.

Turning to John Lennon, I recall that Simon Parkes (yes he of 'consciousness fame' and a promotor of the Q Anonymous messages) claimed that he once did baby sitting for Alfred Lennon's (John Lennon's father) young children by his second marriage. He also claimed that Alf Lennon was an illuminati member. This may seem very unlikely given that Alf Lennon had been a merchant seaman and never amounted to much in life but then the Illuminati may keep track of their distant offspring and bring them into play when and where necessary. It could be that genetics count more to them than the wealth and social standing of the individual. The C's seem to hint at this. Anyway, alluding to what the C's had to say about the masters all chanelling, whether consciously or subconsciously, Baigent and Leigh quoted Lennon in their book in an interview he gave to Playboy Magazine in January 1981 on the source of his musical inspiration:

"The most enjoyable thing for me ... is the inspirational, the spirit ... my joy is when you are like possessed, like a medium. I'll be sitting around, it will come in the middle of the night ... this thing comes as a whole piece, you know, words and music. I think, can I say that I wrote it? I don't know who the hell wrote it. I'm sitting here and the whole damn song comes out."

In classical times, artists and poets etc. would talk about the muses inspiring them. However, here is Lennon speaking of himself as merely a conduit or a vessel for an energy emenating from elsewhere. When reading this, it always makes me think of what the C's described as Thor's Pantheon, a group of subterranean psychic operatives who place ideas into the minds of surface humans. Could they be the source of such inspirations?​


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What Mathis has to say about the Rothschilds' origins is very intriguing. However the C's have suggested that Mayer Rothschild's origins were subterranean, as a deep level puntuator like Sargon the Great and Nefertiti. Hence I am not sure what to make of his proposal that the Rothschilds had Scottish links through the Leslies and with the Stuarts or Stewarts. We know that the Stuarts descend from the Allens, a family with Hebrew origins as we discovered earlier in another post.

Mathis seems to see all modern history as a Jewish plot. I would be the first to say that jews have been involved in many behind the scenes designs and plots down the centuries but I think to blame the jewish people for everything that has happened in the history of the last four thousand years may be going a bit too far. The C's have told us that the jews are not race specific and are a truly mongrelised group. Indeed, they pointed out that the Nazis (many of whose leaders were crypto-jews as Mathis recognises) went out of their way to kill jews of the Abrahamic line but did not really know why they were doing so. Moreover, if our researches are correct, and we buy into what the C's have said, the Abrahmic hebrews, from whom the Jews derive, were in reality Scythian Celts and therefore Aryans of Indo-European stock. Here is what the C's said about the matter:​

Session 20 October 2005 - Link

Q: (H) In reading through the transcripts in the 9/11 book, I was confused about the genetic tweak that was made 130,000 years ago. Was that a tweak that was done to all the Semites, so it wasn't only the Jews?

A: Question is what is a Semite?

Q: (H) You make a remark that this thing with Hitler goes off planet. So was this something that was going on on Kantek before it exploded?

A: Yes.

Q: (H) Did the Semites have a significant role in the collapse of Atlantis?

A: Indeed!

Q: (H) So, when we're looking at a replay, we're REALLY looking at a replay!

A: Yup.

Q: (Discussion of who are the Semites) (H) So the real Semites are the Aryans?

A: You got it!

Q: (L) So that means that the rank and file of Jews that have carried the tradition, the Arabic types, just took on the tradition and carried it and set it back to these Aryan types. They were just intermediaries. (J) Semites is like Middle Eastern, isn't it?

A: Is it? Was it?

Q: (H) Then the genetic tweak, was it made in the Aryan Semites or was it made in the Jews that we know as Jews today?

A: Aryan. Reason for destruction of Jews of the "Abrahamic" line.

So the real Semites are the Aryans. The C's have hinted that Abraham himself (reputedly a red head) was a Trojan Celt from Troy in Britain. Many Jewish people have red hair, which is also very much a Celtic trait. Indeed, one of the largest concentrations of red heads in the world is to be found in the British Isles. The British Israelites also make a connection between the British Kings and the Davidic dynastic line and speak of the Tribe of Dan, one of the 12 Tribes of Israel, settling in the British Isles.

I recently read the following in a book by the American egyptologist Kent Weeks about Ramesses II, the famous 19th dynasty Pharaoh:​

"At the time of his death he still had a full head of naturally red hair - a colour that must have drastically set him apart from the normally black-haired populations of Egypt and Western Asia. Red hair was a characteristic feature of the god Seth and Ramesses must have felt an even closer affinity to this god because of it."

Ramesses reigned a century or so after Akhenaten. Does his red hair suggest that he was a Hebrew? Moreover the C's had this to say about the Levites, from whom King David derived:

Session dated 8 January 2000:

Q: All right, first question is, what is the origin of the Levites?

A: Hittites. Moon Worshippers.

Q: Well, before the Hittites became Hittites, what were they?

A: Indo-europeans.

Q: What was the source of the Indo-europeans?

A: Aryan sub-race.

Q: Is there any other group the Aryans mixed with to produce the Indo-Europeans?

A: Fourth Density genetic tweak.

Thus, the Levites were Hittites from Anatolia (modern day Turkey) who spawned the Levites, who were the Jewish tribe or group that would be responsible for looking after and carrying the Ark of the Covenant.

Mathis's research is certainly very interesting and he makes some good connections but I am sure if you were to look into the genealolgy of most Europeans and European Americans you will find Jewish blood eventually, since the Jews have been in Europe for well over 2,000 years and in America since before the founding of the Republic. Since I am descended from the Stuarts, would that make me a crypto-jew were Mathis is concerned? I certainly don't feel Jewish because of this link and I grew up in an Irish Roman Catholic family. I would certainly feel unhappy if Mathis researched my family and, because he found I was of Stuart descent, he then viewed me as Jewish and naturally, as a result, in on the world takeover plot.

I doubt if Mathis is aware of the Cassiopaeans but, if he were, then he might see that the families he is focused on are the bloodline families the C's have told us of. This bloodline, which includes the Stuarts, may feel it is their destiny to rule over the world. They almost certainly have the genetic tweak the C's spoke of above. In addition, the C's have told us that the Rosicrucians are the Illuminati and the roots of the Rosicrucians go back way before Abraham and the Jewish people. No doubt the Nordic Covenant, which is over 5,000 years old, involves these families too but the C's have also said that the Nordic Covenant was a duality, so those with this bloodline could exercise their genetically enhanced powers for good or bad purposes. Thus, it seems a lot more complicated than Mathis appreciates. However, as I say, I admire his research but I may draw different conclusions from him.

We should also note that the Semites were involved in the events that led to the demise of Atlantis and were also in conflict with another group on Kantek before its destruction. This strikes me as being a reflection of the struggle between the Sons of Belial and the Sons of the Law of One. Hence, we need to trace the descendents of these two groups down to today to work out what is going on here.​


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The more familiar spelling seems to be Huguenots, according to Wikipedia.

Good point. I must have picked up that version of the name from an article I was reading. However, the origin of the name Huguenot seems to be unknown but believed to have been derived from combining phrases in German and Flemish that described their practice of home worship. Hence, as a non-French name it may have been subject to variations.

I note your point about BBCi Player. Perhaps the series will be made available on overseas BBC platforms like BBC America or through European broadcasters who have links with the BBC and its productions. Anyway, I hope it will be made available in your country in due course.


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I am conscious that I have not posted for a while now due to my taking a brief holiday last week, the first in over two years due to Covid. I also had to attend the funeral of a much loved uncle as well. However, I have also been using the time to catch up on my reading in preparation for new articles, which I hope to produce for this thread in the near future. In particular, I have been re-reading sections of Laura’s The Secret History of the World and her comments on Iman Wilkens ‘Where Troy Once Stood’ in here piece ‘Jupiter, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and the Return of the Mongols’, which have proved very useful. I also find it helpful to keep going back to the transcripts in order to re-read the clues the C’s have given us, which are the main tools that guide my research. As a result of doing so, I have, I believe, uncovered a further link to the Philosophers of Dancar and John Dee that could in turn connect to Oak Island and the enclave of alchemists in the Pyrenees.

The title of this thread is ‘Alton Towers, Sir Francis Bacon and the Rosicrucians’. Although we have already looked at Alton Towers and Sir Francis Bacon, I am conscious that up to now, I haven’t produced an in depth analyses of what the C’s have said about the Rosicrucians, particularly since Francis Bacon was almost certainly a leading figure in the modern Rosicrucian movement. I therefore hope to put this right soon by posting an article specifically on the Rosicrucians. In the meantime, I think it is important to try and draw links between those groups that have played an important role in shaping our present reality in order to understand who has being doing what and why down through the millennia. Thus, I think we need to establish connections where we can between the Druids, the Osirians, the Essenes, the Brotherhood of the Serpent, the Rosteem (now manifesting as the Rosicrucians), the Levites, the Knights Templar, the Assassins and the Freemasons. It doesn’t help that official histories and records have been doctored in order to hide some of these links from scrutiny. However, we can make some progress by studying what records are still available and by looking at myths, legends and ancient symbolism and, finally, by using etymological analyses in the way that Laura has done in her work (including ‘green language’). One thing that certainly seems to have been a hallmark of secret societies down through the ages is their love of symbols and the ‘rose croix’ is a classic example.

Since Laura wrote Secret History, there have been a lot of new books, articles and documentaries published and produced that may help to shed more light on the matters she discussed in her book. The C’s have also provided further clues as well. Other Forum members have also helped by posting useful information in various threads that may assist us in unravelling some of the mysteries referred to in the transcripts. This includes, for example, the mystery of Oak Island where the Lagina brothers, Rick and Marty, are still making new discoveries concerning the treasure of Oak Island in their ongoing and long running TV series – The Curse of Oak Island. Indeed, I watched a new episode only the other night. Forum members, of course, have an advantage over the Laginas since the C’s have already revealed what the Oak Island treasure is, i.e., a Trans-Dimensional Atomic Remolecularisation Machine or TDARM for short. I hope to do an article specifically on Oak Island and the enclave of alchemists in the near future since I think there is possibly a tie-in here with the Holy Grail. In doing so, I will be making use of comments members have provided on the Oak Island thread, since these raise a number of interesting observations that would not be readily apparent or relevant to the Laginas.

I also intend to revert back to earlier posts by myself and other Forum members where new material I have discovered may help to advance points and address issues that were raised in those posts. In this regard, I welcome input from other members who may have expert knowledge to bring to bear, particularly where esoteric matters or local knowledge and history are concerned. Please believe me when I say that input from Forum members and readers of this thread is invaluable, as it often opens up new avenues of thought and directions to go in, which may help in solving the puzzles set by the C’s within the clues they have given us over the years.

My problem at the moment is not so much finding new material to bring to the table but in finding the time to draw it all together in articles. I readily admit that I am not the quickest of typists. I take my hat off to Laura for the way she has been doing this work for over 25 years now. However, as one Forum member has reminded us on this thread, learning is fun and may help us in building our magnetic centres.​
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