Tu experiencia con Eíriú-Eolas

anart said:
Nicolas Sartore Herman said:
hello , my expirience with this program was very rare, i have a trance that i feel my body like ants traveling in my legs that travel into my my body , was a strange experience, but after i feel so relaxed.. :P ... can you explain me was that?.. sorry for my english ..its not good..xD

Hola Nicolas,

This discussion should take place in this thread - http://cassiopaea.org/forum/index.php?topic=12837.msg248595#msg248595 - the Spanish section is here only to help with understanding of English in the discussions on other parts of the forum. The actual discussions should not take place here, else others won't join in! :)

ok frind! see you ther!! ^^ jaja
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