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Well, Honey - that Coup d'État attempt... didn't fly

And... where is Sigmund Freud when he is REALLY needed ?!

As comical this scene is, it is also deeply tragic. As a gay guy, i can't even remotely phantom how a person ticks deep within, to pull off a stunt like that ? I felt deeply embarrassed when i watched the scene the first time, to say the least (if i would put myself in the trans' position). And... I just don't get it - not even remotely.

It does remind me a little bit of the time 23-25 years ago in Gay Sweden and first online contacts, when online people occasionally (but not that often) would pretend to be something they were not (like a false ads, where the "hunky" guy was a..uhm... "slightly" overweight dude, with rather different preferences.... But in direct comparison to the above scene... it was innocent.

So, how is it done !? To pull off the above stunt ? Is this a psychological deep-rooted drama repetition from childhood/parents/brothers/sisters the trans is replaying now as an adult ? And/or the Wave is starting to reveal that the fabric our reality is getting very thin, and we see more and more of serious wackiness in people ?
Ooopsi, daisy...

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Mirror mirror on the wall...
(What da heck ?!!? Did my ego really just f*** with me? Nooo, I insist this cannot be !!)

- A little advice honey from experience; check in again in 25 years - oh boy... its gonna get rugged-ruggly.


While I am at it... let's go Marvel's McDDonalds family

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Ol’ Dylan Mulvaney, that guy just won’t go away.
I understand a lot of Forum members are no longer “bread consumers” with a lot of people on keto/carnivore diets, but...the comparison in this meme is hilarious, and seems to be one we all “get”.

In my continuing side project of researching the meaning of my last name, I came across this laughable garbage (which is just a portion cut from the larger text found here) in a list of translations for 'hen'. It's perhaps a bit funnier to me because, within the context of my family name, it's just so ridiculous.

Hahn/han and hohn/hon are old forms of rooster/cock and hen (among other things that are not relevant here). The old forms also denote gender, on their own, in certain languages.


A unified femininity and masculinity symbol with “hen” in the center
“Hen” represented among other personal pronouns in Swedish

Etymology 1​

[Hen was] Created as an alternative to hon (“she”) and han (“he”). The coining of the word has probably been influenced by the Finnish hän, a personal pronoun used about human beings and which does not specify gender (Finnish lacks grammatical gender entirely). Hen was suggested as early as 1966 by linguist Rolf Dunås in Swedish regional newspaper Upsala Nya Tidning and was proposed again in a 1994 article by linguist Hans Karlgren, but did not receive widespread attention until around 2010.[1]


hen (third person singular gender-neutral personal pronoun, oblique hen or henom, possessive hens)
  1. (neologism) A third-person singular pronoun of unspecified gender; they, thon; alternative to hon (“she”) and han (“he”).

Usage notes​

  • Although the word has gained common use, it is not nearly as common as the gendered words han and hon. From 2011 to 2020, usage of hen increased hundredfold in the media, but no increase was seen in 2021.[2] It has been especially popular among activists for gender equality and adherents of queer theory, and with the transgender community.[3] In 2022, usage of hen was ranked in shared first place alongside misspelling of words as the most annoying language phenomenon in a Swedish survey.[4] ...

It sorta makes me wonder if this is an attack on the feminine word hen since it's the word Etymonline attaches to the PIE root *kan- (to sing) and not the male word cock or rooster.
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This excerpt of a recent interview of Sean Strickland, the UFC middleweight champion, is worth being posted in this thread, or in the "what funny video are you watching".

Found it on one French website with a nice and funny comment for the clip. I translated here :
When you're a journalist, you have to ask not just the right questions, but the right questions of the right people. Otherwise you run a risk.

Warning : crude language :wow:
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