Todd Standing's incredible Bigfoot footages and research


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I guess it's an old thread, but still important. So, I remembered that guy Les Stroud, he once give an interview on a radio about the TV show where himself tried to find evidence of bigfoot. And the amazing about that interview was the impressions he got at the time when he was walking and camping and couldn't be said because was subjective and could influence people: he said in the interview something like he was hearing whisperings in his head, tips where to find the creatures. This guy was comunicating with them! And that supports the theory of them being high dimension entities. Just my thought.
I had not seen these previously and whilst the gentleman presenting the “proof” comes off as a bit unhinged, I agree with another poster the anatomical details look pretty convincing- even the alien or whatever it is appears consistent with a dried out mummified body- so if fake are pretty well done. That being said, I would think if this guy had actual alien, bigfoot bodies he would have submitted them for testing- but perhaps he is acting crazy to sow the seeds of doubt to prevent any unpleasant government entanglement.
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