Todd Standing's incredible Bigfoot footages and research

Ah, I must have hit a sensitive nerve. That
is unfortunate. The photo was just my first
impression. Hint: Lighten up! I am aware
of the mention of 'window fallers', but I
have yet to see a WF or a "wookie", up
close, and personal. So I cannot vouch for
it's existence, and yet, I have not 'closed
my mind' for such a possibility.

Oh, now that you mentioned it, Alexander
Putney is aka Eightfold? Why so?
Ahhh, I see... I will be very careful with my language , as always.

It is quite clear that only moderators can sling the insults on this forum.
What runaway emotional investment Alexander Putney, in a few threads I see, talk about a 'tired out machine response'. My first feeling of the Bigfoot image image you have retouched was also that of a puppet, akin to something you'd see in displays at zoological museums, think it has something to do with lack of moisture and deadness in eyes. And no I wouldn't deny a probability of their existence, just this particular image doesn't seem believable. It seems you need it to be believable and supported.
Alexander Putney said:
Ahhh, I see... I will be very careful with my language , as always.

It is quite clear that only moderators can sling the insults on this forum.

If you had just posted the first sentence, that would have been progress. But with the second--a childish, back-handed, and unjustified jab--you're just digging yourself into a deeper hole, Alexander. The moderators do not 'sling insults', nor have they in this thread.

You may wish to reflect on your behavior and the effect it has on others, as it does not reflect very well on your character. But that's why this forum exists. So if you are interested in learning how to behave in a mature manner, rather than let your emotions get triggered by the slightest scratch, then let us know. Otherwise, if you continue in the same way, this probably isn't the place for you.
Alexander Putney said:
Ahhh, I see... I will be very careful with my language , as always.

It is quite clear that only moderators can sling the insults on this forum.

So you admit that you were slinging insults, which is a very true statement as you were the only one "slinging insults". Your self-importance is very strong, as is your internal considering.

This is a research forum and a forum that studies 4th Way principles. We question everything. If you cannot stand being questioned, cannot interact in a cordial manner and cannot admit that YOU could be wrong, than this is not the forum for you and you may be happier at another forum that has people who will listen to you with vapid and unquestioning minds.
Alexander Putney said:
Ahhh, I see... I will be very careful with my language , as always.

It is quite clear that only moderators can sling the insults on this forum.

You see, it is very simple: This forum has a permanent Aim. People without such an Aim in themselves, and/or those who fail to perceive this Aim are often easily offended. ;)
I had seen these videos a while back. Todd Standing or Todd Rockwell, which ever name he uses, is know as a hoaxer in the bigfoot "community".
Falling Water said:
I had seen these videos a while back. Todd Standing or Todd Rockwell, which ever name he uses, is know as a hoaxer in the bigfoot "community".

Well after looking into that whole matter, for the last couple of days, quite extensively, I would disagree.
I think he is outlawed by the bigfoot "community" unjustly.

Either Mr. Todd Standing is one of the best hoaxers ever, I mean a very very good one, or the thing is the real deal.
I know it sounds unbelievable, because the videos look "too real", but I think those videos and his effort are most likely real.

I've looked at all his interviews and the people with which he interacted and who looked at what he is doing closely for long time: researcher such as;

- Survivorman aka. Les Stroud (a very critical real survival expert who went out with Todd, several times, over longer periods, for his documentaries, to find big foot

- John Bindernagel PhD

- Jeff Meldrum PhD

Some of those people went to Todd and were convinced that it must be hoax and had to change their mind. It seems Todd is not the publicity type of guy and became very cautious over the years with whom he can talk openly, since so many people are attacking what he is doing.

When people and scientist met him, he used to first go with them into the wilderness and let them experience big foot in reality and for real for themselves. That usually was enough for them to see that he is not lying.

I would encourage you, to first look at the survivorman series where Les Stroud tried to find big foot:


In season 5 there are two episodes where he tried to find big foot with Todd Standing
In season 6 in all episodes it is about finding bigfoot and a couple of time again with Todd Standing

When Les Stroud first asked his producers if he can make a series about finding Bigfoot with Todd Standing (he found him, because Todd called him and asked him if he wants to come and see for himself and the the videos impressed Stroud so much that he wanted to find out himself) they were not happy about it at all, because they were convinced that Todd is a hoaxer. They thought it would be better Stroud is filming the series with somebody else. Stroud wanted to film it with Todd anyway, so he did.

So Les Stroud went there with the awareness that Todd could very well be a hoaxer that tries to fool him. In fact he made it very clear that he will expose Todd if he finds any sign of hoaxing. Stroud seems to be very critical guy who is well aware about the way people can be folled by suggestions and such.

- His experiences with Todd made him pretty convinced that it is very unlikely that Todd is hoaxing. It should be remembered that Stroud was looking especially if Todd is hoaxing him and that he is probably one of the best survival guys on the planet who knows the wilderness like his vest pocket.

In this three interviews Todd, Stroud and Jeff Meldrum PhD talk about a number of things, including the alleged hoaxing of Todd and the "evidence" people have brought forward about it:


Recently he tried to put together a new documentary called Big Foot North (with new incredible footage and Jeff Meldrum and other PhD in it who expirienced Big Foot. At least Jeff Meldrum seemed to have got a close incouter with big foot while together with Todd) and it seems he has quit:


Wonder why? To much negative pressure all around or something else?
From what I gathered so far, whatever bigfoot really is, it seems that te phenomena it is not entirely physical, at least not in the way we understand it. That would make it even more amazing, if Todds footage is actually real. Maybe that is the reason why the footage looks so real on the one hand, but the whole scenery and the "big foots" themselves leave you with a surreal feeling.

Bigfoot is known by the native people around the world for a very long time, probably for thousands of years, right besides other known animals. Most if not all of this native people have described bigfoot as real beings, yes, but at the same time being more in a spiritual domain. Then on the other hand, native people generally make not much distinction between the physical and the spiritual, because both is essentially the same thing.

A lot of bigfoot sightings are reported in which people shot at them in close range and it didn't seem to bother them and in some cases, they just disappeared into thin air right in front of the witnesses. So it seems there is a real physical component to them, but in the same time they seem to be not physical. Reminds me of John Keel and his descriptions of monsters around the world.

Some long time researches of that phenomena as George Lutz, think that a body will never be found, simply because they seem to have the ability to dematerialize instantaneously:

voyageur said:
Part 1 - Bigfoot Researcher gets candid


Interestingly Les Stroud also seems to think that the phenomena could be more then just something physical, after he investigated it there out in the wilderness for his series. As of yet he didn't get to see one personally, but saw, heard, experienced and filmed things that he can not explain, with anything he knows to be there in the wilderness. For him it could very well be also in the spiritual domain and even if it is just a myth, it can still teach us something about our place in nature/universe.

For example in one episode he was alone on top of a very remote mountain, in which bigfoot was seen by Todd more then ones, where it is very difficult to get too. He placed a couple of apples high up in a dead tree, in front of an abyss. He placed a camera in front of the tree. He stayed up all night, not far away from the tree and didn't notice anything, except that he saw a couple of low hovering lights in the mountains around, which he can not explain. As soon as he switched on his camera to record them, they were gone. The next morning he went back to the tree and all apples were gone. The camera which was directed at the apples did record the disappearance of them and something touching the tree in a height that suggest that it might have been bigfoot. But again, whatever the phenomena is, it seems that it is very difficult to clearly catch it on camera. He thinks that what he recorded there is pretty unlikely to have been any kind of known animal, because whatever crapped the tree there, must be very high.

The apple bait seemed to work a couple of times in other remote areas as well (other episodes in other areas, where big foot is reported and that had nothing to do with Todd Standing). Two examples were on a remote beach of an lake. He placed apples there as well and set a camera in front. He left the place for a period and when he came back the apples were gone and he found foot prints in the sand arround, that he can not explain. That happened two times. The cameras recorded the disappearance, but again, not what exactly took it. At the same beach he heard a very big tree falling near by. He said that the sound was so loud, fast and specific that he had a hard time to think of a normal explanation. He said that it could very well have been a normal falling of a tree, but taken together with all the others stuff that is reported to happen there and what he expirienced there with the apples, he got to wonder if it was something else that did it. Funny enough, that also happened in a moment where he was not thinking about the phenomena and didn't had his camera rolling.

So I think it is save to say that something "unusual" is going on, in many of those remote big foot areas, but what exactly it is, is another question.

Wonder how much of the strange things that are happening in those "Big Foot" areas are connected to the thousands of missing people in wildlive parks as David Paulides has uncovered in Missing 411:,30742.0.html
Published on Apr 24, 2018 / 11:09
Individuals claiming to have seen Bigfoot describe it as a large, hairy, muscular, bipedal ape-like creature, roughly 6 ft –9 ft tall, covered in hair described as black, dark brown, or dark reddish. Some descriptions include details such as large eyes, a pronounced brow ridge, and a large, low-set forehead. The top of the head has been described as rounded and crested, similar to the sagittal crest of the male gorilla, with a strong, unpleasant smell. The enormous footprints for which the creature is named are claimed to be as large as 24 inches long and 8 inches wide.

Published on Oct 11, 2013
This is a recording I made last year in the Sierra Nevada Mountains north of Truckee, California. We were out 3 nights and drove to this lake edge just before 1:00 a.m. After waiting quietly for 5 to 10 minutes, we did one wood knock. The sounds you hear were an immediate reply that wood knock. Yes, it sounds like there are coyotes sounding off, too. But the louder scream seems different. A bigfoot researcher in Washington ran the recording through a spectrum analysis and found the signature was not in the typical coyote range. He even commented that it was in the same range as other purported bigfoot calls. (Goose Lake Campground Ca.)

4 Scariest & Unexplained Bigfoot Audio Recordings
Published on Feb 12, 2018 / 10:00
Todd Standing recently started a little video series in which he discusses his research into Bigfoot and latest developments in it, in which he also tries to interview other people around Northamerika who research it, published pictures and videos on youtube about it and/or went out into the woods in their areas and discuss what they see and hear there. Those are mostly ordinary people and the discussions they have are pretty interesting.

Todd standing approaches the subject pretty much as Dian Fossey did with Gorillas and Jane Goodall with Schimpansees, assuming that it is the most human like "ape" not officially recognized yet. In fact, more human than ape. By now I'm pretty convinced that at least one such not recognized species is indeed roaming the woods around world, even in places that have fairly little woods and are populated by humans in between.

Having said that, I also think that there might be a number of different sorts of similar species like that and some of which might not be as strictly physical as he thinks and maybe are more paranormal in nature. If you really look into it for a while, it becomes clear, that quite probably, right next to us, in the surrounding woods, things like this do exist. Almost like a different reality existing right before our eyes and we just don't recognize it because we are so disconnected with nature and our surroundings.

You can be an expert in wildlife and woods, even trained in native ways of approaching and recognizing wildlife for years, walking around the woods daily, and not recognize it, because it is outside of the scope of most minds to even consider. There seem to be some definite signs though, when you start to consider that reality, which make you rethink some of the stuff you see and hear in woods.

Les Stroud for example (mentioned above) lived deep in/with nature for years together with all sorts of natives around the world, and still, until he accepted the possibility of them existing, he never really saw or recognized any of it. When his horizon got bigger (meaning excepting that possibility) he started to view some of his experiences in nature differently, which he usually brushed away before that point and forgot quickly.

So those creatures seem to be so incredibly elusive, and as Todd standing puts it, the masters of nature/woods, that you can walk right next to them and see/hear and watch the things they do and create and still can't see it.

If you keep Todd Standings tendencies in mind to deify them and view them as human apes and to exaggerate his experiences, those videos are highly educating, especially when it comes down to watching out for signs in the woods. You will never see/experience woods in the same way afterwards!

In the following video out of this series, he starts comparing notes and experiences with a woman who lives not far away from the white house, and took some photos and videos. A pretty interesting discussion. At one point both can't really understand why nobody wants to go out into the woods, as they do, to experience first hand what they are talking about, because it is so interesting.

Well, from my point of view, even though I'm pretty convinced that they exist in the woods, I'm not looking forward to interacting with them in any way and I would rather avoid it! I see it like this: "That's their world and here is mine, I better leave them alone." That is also informed by the Missing 411 books, and the possibility, that I think exists, that at least some of those missing people are captured by those creatures. It is also informed about stories from American Natives that I heard about somewhere, in which they discuss at least some of those creatures in the woods as cannibalistic kidnappers of human beings. So, hell no, I don't want to interact with them! In some ways I even think about it as a foolish idea.

I think instinctively, even people who don't believe in the possibility of their existence, would rather avoid any prolonged time deep in the woods, especially at night. And maybe that is for the better, indeed. The spookiness and sheer instinctive terror one seems to be able to feel, when confronted in one way or the other with those creatures, is apparently something that can be incredibly traumatic. So I do understand that.

I'm happy though, that at least some brave souls have the guts to go out there and try to find out more about those creatures.

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If you haven't seen it, here is another thread in which a pretty good researcher comes pretty much to the same conclusion as Stroud, I and others have, who really looked into it a bit more extensively; It is pretty unlikely that Todd hoaxed anything in his videos and tells the truth, as far as he knows it, while having a bit of an annoying exaggerating streak, which makes it easy to dismiss him.
In the following video Todd explains a bit why it is so difficult to catch them on camera and also foolish to think that this would be such an easy thing nowadays. Compare this with the reasons ThinkerThunker from the other thread (mentioned in the previous post above) brings up about those difficulties as well and you get a pretty good picture.

Nobody seems to have mentioned the Yowie yet...

Did you know that Bigfoot has family in Australia? :-)

What is a Yowie?

The Yowiehunters site (see above) has all the info on it.

The founders of this site had published a book on this subject in 2006 that I can fully recommend:


It's just a shame that I somehow seem to have lost this book. :rolleyes:
Interesting info on both Bigfoot and as we know connection to David Paulides work on missing people.
But we never know what happened to those who are missing or maybe we can have an educated guess.
What about those who are out in the woods and experience something unexplained or strange?
I found this, what do you think guys:

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