Sol (Sun) and its phenomena


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▪︎Geospace quiet
▪︎Latest Solar wind speed record: 355.1 km/sec ( 02:10 UTC Jun 11)
▪︎density: 22.57 protons/cm3
▪︎Neutron Counts today: 6.5% High
▪︎Sunspot number: 33 (SN17 June 10)
▪︎Geomagnetic conditions now Kp=1 quiet
▪︎Possible Geomagnetic storm Kp=5
▪︎Auroras at Saturn


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▪︎Geospace quiet
▪︎Latest Solar wind speed record: 435.8 km/sec ( 0317 UTC Jun 12)
▪︎density: 5.19 protons/cm3
▪︎Neutron Counts today: 5.7% High
▪︎Sunspot number: 41 (SN33 June 11)
▪︎Geomagnetic conditions now Kp=2 quiet
▪︎New region AR3031 on the southeast with a stable magnetic field that pose little threat for strong solar flares.
▪︎The sun has been relatively quiet for a week
▪︎Aurora on Saturn


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▪︎Geospace quiet
▪︎Latest Solar wind speed record: 481.3 km/sec ( 0157 UTC Jun 13)
▪︎density: 6.84 protons/cm3
▪︎Neutron Counts today: 5.7% High
▪︎Sunspot number: 63 (SN41 June 12)
▪︎Geomagnetic conditions now Kp=2 quiet
▪︎A minor G1 Geomagnetic storm Kp5 was detected at 0559 UTC
▪︎New regions AR3031 (SN3 beta magnetic field located on the southeast, size 30MH) AR3032 (SN8 beta magnetic field located on the northeast, size 120MH) AR3033 (SN4 beta magnetic field located on the northeast, size 40MH) Earth size is almost 170MH
▪︎AR3032 produced a long duration eruption (LDE) measuring M3.4 The event generated a noteworthy coronal mass ejection (CME) that appears to be headed mostly to the east and away from Earth.
LONG-DURATION SOLAR FLARE: Growing sunspot AR3032 exploded on June 13th (0407 UT), producing an M3-class solar flare that lasted more than 3 hours. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the slow-motion blast.
Extreme ultraviolet radiation from the flare caused a shortwave radio blackout over Japan and southeast Asia, affecting frequencies below 30 MHz: blackout map. Also, the explosion probably hurled a CME into space. The US Air Force detected a Type II solar radio burst, which is usually caused by shock waves in the leading edge of a CME. Confirmation awaits fresh data from SOHO coronagraphs


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▪︎Geospace quiet
▪︎Latest Solar wind speed record: 480.0 km/sec ( 0152 UTC Jun 14)
▪︎density: 6.98 protons/cm3
▪︎Neutron Counts today: 5.8% High
▪︎Sunspot number: 96 (SN63 June 13)
▪︎Geomagnetic conditions now Kp=2 quiet
▪︎New regions AR3034 (SN3 beta magnetic field located on the northheast, size 110MH) AR3035 (SN2 beta magnetic field located on the southeast, size 80MH)
▪︎Sunspot group AR3032 (sandwiched between 3030 and 3033) has a 'beta-gamma' magnetic field that harbors energy for M-class solar flares. Credit: SDO/HMI
CHANCE OF STORMS THIS WEEK: A CME launched by yesterday's slow-motion solar flare is expected to pass near Earth on June 15th. Geomagnetic storms are possible if the CME makes contact. NOAA forecasters say minor G1-class storms are likely, with a chance for G2 (moderate) and a slight chance of G3 (strong) storms.
▪︎Solar flare from AR3032 was a big dimming event.
▪︎Small prominence eruption on the NE limb (20:26 UTC June 13)


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▪︎Geospace unsettle
▪︎Latest Solar wind speed record: 595.7 km/sec (0221 UTC Jun 15)
▪︎density: 10.61 protons/cm3
▪︎Neutron Counts today: % High
▪︎Sunspot number: 121 (SN96 June 14)
▪︎Geomagnetic conditions now Kp=4 unsettle
CME IMPACT ON JUNE 15TH: A CME hit Earth's magnetic field on June 15th at 0437 UT. It was a glancing blow, and first contact did not spark a geomagnetic storm. However, G1-class storms may occur in the hours ahead as Earth moves into the CME's dense, magnetized flank.
▪︎New and departing region AR3036 (SN4 beta magnetic field, size 50MH located on the southwest limb) Growing regions dominate the sun at the moment.
▪︎Weird Sunspot?


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The auroras are real on Saturn

The issue raised by the commentators on that thread is not that there are no aurora on Saturn but that the picture in that post is not really of an aurora as the picture would suggest. It's digital manipulation that we see in the picture that gives the impression of an aurora as we see on Earth.

While the blue representation of the auroral display is dramatic and appropriate, transferring the ultraviolet data to the nearest visible color, it is a little misleading in that it does not represent what the human eye would see from a nearby spacecraft. If the ultraviolet is excited, then one can be fairly confident that the visible spectra would also be excited. It would then be expected that the hydrogen of the atmosphere would give off the bright n=3->2 red emission known astronomically as the H-alpha line. The above is a NASA artist's conception of the visual phenomenon as observed by the human eye. The credit for this graphic is NASA, ESA and A. Schaller, STScI-PRC05-06b. The familiar visible hydrogen spectrum is shown at right.


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Maybe this-


Spider Woman, also known as Grandmother Spider, is a creation goddess in many Native American cultures.
The Hopi believe that she thought the universe into existence; the Navajo taught that she was the savior of human kind. The Cherokee say she brought light to the people. No matter, the elements remain the same: Grandmother Spider is a mother to humankind, protecting and nurturing us, guiding us along our paths.
One myth tells of the Web of Creation. It speaks of the strands that are interwoven and connect everything in one matrix. When one part of the web is touched, because everything is linked together so intricately, the touch at one end of the web is felt and affects the web all the way to the other end. Nothing exists by itself, unconnected on its own. Everything is part of Grandmother Spider’s Web of Creation.


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▪︎Geospace quiet despite high speed solar wind >500 km/sec
▪︎Latest Solar wind speed record: 548.2 km/sec (01:40 UTC Jun 16)
▪︎density: 8.49 protons/cm3
▪︎Neutron Counts today: 3.2 % Elevated
▪︎Sunspot number: 149 (SN121 June 14)
▪︎Geomagnetic conditions now Kp=3
▪︎New region AR3037 (SN5 beta magnetic field, size 20MH located on the southwest limb)
▪︎Moderate Flare M1.6 from AR3031 peaking around 03:50 UTC june 16. Created a shortwave radio blackout over Eastern Asia.
The June 13 Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) seems to have already passed through the Earth. The solar wind change on the 15th shows the characteristics of the high-speed solar wind after CME (Fig. 1). This high-speed solar wind is thought to have come from the coronal hole on the west side of the sun's surface (circled in the blue circle in Fig. 2). [Credit: NOAA / SWPC, NASA / SDO]


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▪︎Geospace quiet despite high speed solar wind >500 km/sec
▪︎Active geomagnetic conditions (Kp4)
reached at 23:00 UTC Jun 16
▪︎Latest Solar wind speed record: 596.9 km/sec (02:40 UTC Jun 16)
▪︎density: 1.29 protons/cm3
▪︎Neutron Counts today: 2.3 % Elevated
▪︎Sunspot number: 159 (SN149 June 14)
▪︎Geomagnetic conditions now Kp=3 (14:56 UTC Jun 17)
▪︎New region AR3038 (SN3 beta magnetic field, size 10MH located on the northeast limb)
▪︎Nine visible regions AR3030 - AR3038
LOTS OF SUNSPOTS: Today there are nine sunspot groups on the solar disk, the most in years. If only one explodes, Earth could experience a solar storm. The most likely would be sunspot AR3031, which has an unstable 'beta-gamma' magnetic field that harbors energy for M-class solar flares.
▪︎Polar Coronal Holes


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▪︎Geospace quiet despite high speed solar wind >500 km/sec
▪︎Active geomagnetic conditions (Kp4)
reached at 04:48 UTC Jun 17
▪︎Latest Solar wind speed record: 583.6 km/sec (02:41 UTC Jun 18)
▪︎density: 10.32 protons/cm3
▪︎Neutron Counts today: 2.2% Elevated
▪︎Sunspot number: 152 (SN159 June 17)
▪︎Geomagnetic conditions now Kp=3 (14:56 UTC Jun 17)

Was a rift in the magnetosphere responsible for the deaths of 10,000 head of cattle in recent days or a heat wave?

The heat wave version
The current heat wave blazing through Kansas feedlots has killed an estimated 10,000 head of fat cattle.

Final death numbers continue to come in, but that early estimate was shared with DTN by livestock experts, who put the geographical center point for those deaths at Ulysses, Kansas.

DTN calls to feedlots in the area and to ranchers whose branded animals were seen in some privately shared photos of dead cattle were not immediately returned.

What is known is that leading up to these heartbreaking losses, temperatures in the area were over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, there was humidity, and there was little to no wind to help cool the animals. Temperature readings reported for Ulysses began to exceed the 100-degree mark on June 11. By June 13, the high temperature was reported at 104 degrees, with humidity levels ranging from 18% to 35%. Temperature and humidity levels began to break some on June 14. Just a few days prior to the heat setting in, highs had been in the 80s.

The rift in the magnetosphere version
The mysterious cattle deaths that took place over the weekend in Kansas — now rumored to exceed 10,000 head of cattle — have defied traditional explanations. The official story is that high heat killed the cattle, but I have now personally talked with two owners of cattle in Texas who have both confirmed to me that the official story is nonsense. Cows don’t die all at once from heat, they confirmed to me. When high heat kills cows, they die off slowly, spread out across many days, not all at once.
Another explanation is now emerging that might provide the right answer. Yesterday, I interviewed David DuByne of the Mini Ice Age Conversations podcast. His channel is also known as “Adapt 2030.” He revealed that Earth’s magnetosphere is weakening, which is part of a natural process of magnetic pole flipping that has taken place at least hundred of times that we know of.
As the magnetosphere weakens — combined with ozone layer depletion — natural forces can cause “rifts” or gaping holes in the shielding that normally protects Earth from UVB rays emanating from the sun.
The mass death of cattle in Kansas, in other words, could be an early warning sign that Earth’s magnetosphere is failing as the magnetic reversal accelerates. If this process accelerates, solar radiation could send “death beams” down upon the surface of the Earth at random times and locations, for years to come.

In my opinion I find the theory of the rift in the magnetosphere as cause of the massive cattle deaths weak and unlikely. The author has as evidence of his assertions a NASA report:

The magnetosphere is a permeable shield. The solar wind will periodically connect to the magnetosphere forcing it to reconfigure. This can create a rift, allowing energy to pour into our safe haven. These rifts open and close many times daily or even many times hourly. Most of them are small and short-lived; others are vast and sustained. With the Sun’s magnetic field connecting to Earth’s in this way, the fireworks start.

Solar wind were stable and Geospace was quiet most of the time to cause a crack.

Last week there was not even an extraordinary event of solar activity that would have caused a rift in the magnetosphere. The closest thing was a M1.22 solar flare that caused a minor R1 Radio blackout over Europe on June 11 but the flare was not Earth’s directed, then a long duration solar flare M3.4 on June 13 with a minor R1 Radio blackout over Asia. The increase in the solar wind speed was due to a coronal hole and not from the impact of the CME associated with the M3.4 on June 15 the coronal hole solar wind produced a minor Geomagnetic storm and by then the death of cattle had already been reported. Cosmic rays were elevated but not significant or different from the records of recent months or previous weeks with a higher percentage.

David DuByne's opinion seems histerical and the heat wave version seems suspicious but it is real that something strange happened. Was a massive electric shock? Or it was made by the PTB to advance the reset agenda through food shortages?

This reminds me of the mysterious death of elephants officially attributed to contaminated water and the session where it was discussed.

(Artemis) Didn't you want to ask about the elephants, Joe?

(L) What happened to the dead elephants in Botswana?

A: Target practice by dark forces.

Q: (Pierre) 3D or 4D?

A: 3D satellites. Induced heart attacks.

Q: (Niall) From space!

(Joe) Was that practicing for humans?

A: Yes

Q: (L) I guess they start on elephants using the satellites and then they refine their system.

(Artemis) That was making me think about all those spontaneous death stories that I was reading about in the news. They don't know what the cause is, but all these people just die.

(Niall) Around the same time as these elephants, the prime minister of Burundi dropped dead of a heart attack. It was very suspicious...

A: Yes


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▪︎Geospace quiet
▪︎Active geomagnetic conditions (Kp4)
reached at 22:22 UTC Jun 18 (SWS 596 km/sec)
▪︎Latest Solar wind speed record: 579.7 km/sec (05:41 UTC Jun 19) Earth is inside a stream of solar wind flowing from a coronal hole on the southwest. The wind is buffeting Earth's magnetosphere. NOAA forecasters say there is a slight chance of G1 geomagnetic storm
▪︎density: 9.75 protons/cm3
▪︎Neutron Counts today: 1.6% Elevated
▪︎Sunspot number: 149 (SN152 June 17)
▪︎Geomagnetic conditions now Kp=2 (17:52 UTC Jun 19)
▪︎New region AR3039 (SN3 beta magnetic field, size 20MH located on the nortwest limb) There are nine sunspot groups on the sun today.
SUPER MAGNETIC FILAMENT: The biggest thing on the sun today is not a sunspot. "It's a super magnetic filament," says Pepe Manteca, who photographed the structure using a backyard solar telescope in Barcelona, Spain:
It is very big," says Manteca. To be precise, it stretches 370,000 km from end to end--about the same as the distance from Earth to the Moon. One end of the filament is attached to sunspot AR3032; the other end is not pinned to anything.

Powerful currents of plasma are coursing through the filament, according to NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. If the structure becomes unstable and erupts, it could hurl a significant CME away from the sun.
Full image of the Sun on June 19, 2022. You can see the plage (bright area) of 9 groups of activity areas 13030 to 13035 and 13037 to 13039. There are filaments (dark streaks) in both the north and south hemispheres and multiple prominences on the edges.
▪︎Auroras in North Dakota
▪︎Auroras on Jupiter
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