Smoking is... good?

Another thing, that I've been pondering lately is, that since 1980 I had a nasty hay fever in the summertime.
In '89, when I moved away from home, I started smoking. It must have been the last years of 90's, when it suddently went away.
My asthma doctor, that I had in the past, told my mother that smoking masks, or covers up, allergies. This helped me out when I had an allergic reaction to ibuprofen. My throat started closing up and I had trouble breathing. I had a smoke immediately and these reactions went away, thank goodness.

A few days ago I was eating with some friends: a guy, his girlfriend and their 3 years old daughter.

At some point the little girl said to me that if I smoked too much I would get a hole in my throat.
I said to the parents something like: "The propaganda has already started with this one!"
Then I got the explanation from the mother: the girl saw a cigarette pack and ask about the picture on it. Some adult gave her the hole in the throat explanation.

That would explain why some belief are so difficult to get rid of when they have been implanted so early in a life.
Something interesting I've noticed over the last couple of months, consistent with what seems to be a Great Convergence of various dissident communities towards a common apprehension of truth despite having started from different directions, is that the dissident right is beginning to make noise about the health benefits of tobacco. This blog post, from 2012, (worth reading on its own), was recently shared by Dissident Right personality Bronze Age Pervert:

Christine said:
My mother smoked and had Alzheimer's disease, so I don't think that smoking prevents you from having this disease.
It won't prevent it completely, but looks to decease the chances. There's definitely many factors involved.

A: Love. Flowing and fluid movements are an expression of delight in life.

Lyme disease has been found in most autopsies of Alzheimer and Parkinson deaths
October 28, 1994

Q: (V) Can Reiki clear marijuana residue from the lungs?
A: Partly but what if there are continuous infusions?
Q: (L) Is there ever a case when ingestion of pot or alcohol
are beneficial in a spiritual way?
A: Yes.
wow, interesting, about alcohol being beneficial...
I had been thinking months ago to have a glass of wine once in a while to help relax and help my mood, so it would be a good idea, thanks a lot!!!

I'm going to share something that happened to me about alcohol, when I was in my mid 20's, I used to go to parties every weekend and I would also drink alcohol in moderation - it happened to me some time ago that my body never knew how to digest alcohol well and a little too much caused a lot of discomfort in my health, I would vomit it up terribly -
After one of those parties, before going to sleep I went to wash my face, I was a little drunk, and I looked at my face in the mirror very carefully for at least a minute, my eyes were fixed on a single point of my face and then, I could see different points of my face at the same time that I kept the sight of my eyes fixed in the mirror a few 10 cm away from the mirror.
It just happened, I wasn't thinking about anything, it was like something instinctive, then I tried to do it again and it didn't happen again. I was just a little drunk, and I remember it quite well.

thanks for sharing!!! :-D
I thought I'd archive another dire anti-smoking story that appeared on Sott today. A UK ban on smoking by 2030!! The black market will be ready and willing to step into the gap in the market, but not everyone will have the means to find such sources. If there's a move to a cashless society and social crediting a la China, well, the world will have officially entered "Mark of the Beast" mode, all of what we have now is just the prep work laying the foundations for the coming dystopian nadir. This is all brewing up into a perfect storm, they're stripping us of all we need and value. Maybe time to start learning about growing your own stash in the back garden.

So, I have never smoked in my life and I'm in my late 30's. Growing up I was subjected to anti-smoking propaganda, and my parents were against it as well.

Thinking about it, my own perception was something along the lines of "ok looks like it could be bad for you, if you do it a lot." but I wasn't super sold or paranoid about it. I didn't mind being around smokers unless the smoke got in my eyes. I seemed to be more tolerant of it than most of my other non-smoking friends.

I started with American Spirits this past weekend. Have been averaging about 4-7 per day. I think I am going to try and keep it down to 3 per day.

What are people's thoughts on vaping? I haven't had enough time to scan this full thread for it - but it seems like that may be a better solution since you can get much more nicotine - but I'm guessing you're missing the benefit of also smoking the tobacco?
What are people's thoughts on vaping? I haven't had enough time to scan this full thread for it - but it seems like that may be a better solution since you can get much more nicotine - but I'm guessing you're missing the benefit of also smoking the tobacco?
I never thought I would try vaping. Those machines with liquid nicotine and glycerin seems too far from natural to me.

A couple of months ago I so someone putting some sort of cigs in a machine and vaping this way.

I did some research and realised there were ways to vap real tobacco.

I bought this pipe:

My first impression: Taste is great but I tend to want a real cig after vaping.

I just order a dynavap. It should be easier to use and easier to get the right temp.
What are people's thoughts on vaping? I haven't had enough time to scan this full thread for it - but it seems like that may be a better solution since you can get much more nicotine - but I'm guessing you're missing the benefit of also smoking the tobacco?
I used to vape about two years(from 2016), when I was living in places, where I had to go outside for a smoke. It was just a way to fulfill the need for nicotine.

Nowadays availability for vaping-related devices and nicotine liquid is quite limited, at least here in Finland. It isn't allowed anymore to order those online.

Earlier, the price of nicotine liquid was about 50 euros/liter. Last time, when I bought it from vaping store, it was available only in 10ml bottles, costing 7-8 euros.

Besides all that, to start, or to test vaping, one needs the vaping device, a "mod", that powers the tank/atomizer. There's quite lot other things involved also.

Is vaping healthy or not, can't tell for sure. Some individuals may be sensitive to PG(propylene glycol) or VG(vegetable glycerine), that, or mix of them are used to make the vaping liquids, "juices".

At this time, I personally find it a lot easier to buy cigarettes from nearby grocery store.
Update: I am now smoking around 7-10 cigarettes per day. The effects of the nicotine are more noticeable now that I'm using it. I am looking at buying a tobacco pipe as that seems like a good way to just get pure tobacco, and it's cheaper than cigarette brand I'm buying it.

Story time: A coworker a few months back asked me about my experience with Keto Diet. Today he messages me about the great success he is having with it after 6 weeks - he no longer has migraines (he was having them regularly) and has lost 22 lbs so far! I make a few comments about how "turns out animal fat is good for you and sugar and carbs aren't all that great! who knew?". He tells me has had Covid-19 twice, both times very minor symptoms, but no cough, like his wife got. I probe a bit more - turns out he smokes on and off. Tell him about data showing Covid 19 patients being mostly non-smokers, even in smoking heavy countries like China. And then the time seemed right and I asked, "What if... smoking tobacco.. is good for you? Would you want hear an explanation why?" -- "Yes".
So I sent him the article with the compressive review about tobacco - "Woah! This is down the rabbit hole! This is awesome holy crap! It makes so much sense". :-D:cool2:

I also shared this article with two other friends who smoked off and on, and they seemed convinced, especially after discussing the data from covid in relation to smokers, and talking about all the atmospheric nuclear pollution generated right before the lung cancer spikes.

Then I had a thought I sent off into the universe.... "How's that make you feel 4D STS?" :cool2:
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