Session 29 May 2021


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(L) They vaccinate people and then more people keep getting infected since the people being vaccinated are shedding the virus.

A: Yes

Supper spreaders everywhere. 🙄

Q: (Joe) Would it be true to say that the main goal of governments in doing this and perpetuating the pandemic is simply to control people, to herd people to a finer order of control?

A: Yes

Yep, never let a crisis go to waste. Was this always the plan?? Maybe they thought, hey look these fools are buying into it, let's go all in for complete domination and control. Now is our chance.
A: Again things may heat up a bit and create unpleasant frissons in many. Do not be dismayed or alarmed

Nice, lots to look forward to. Economic collapse, disclosure, ice age, riots, civil unrest. Madness on top of madness, hold on tight.

Thanks for the session, great stuff, was great to be there and see all in action. Everything moves so fast, but you guys are pros at this and make it look so easy. Thanks for your hard work. And thank you Cs 👍


Thanks to Laura and all the numerous team for a great session!
"Colinearity, the true understanding of shared principles, the correct use of sexual energy, the correct use of a clean emotional center in a networking context are part of the whole deal."
Sounds like a great status quote.
We still need to read and learn a lot in this fast-paced world.
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