Session 17 July 2021

Thank you for another great session!! Really interesting about the nanoparticles and strange waves acting like a bridge of sorts between 4D and 3D which attract these strange waves, only in a very bad way that leaves the person open to being controlled to an even greater degree. As for the paraphysical/psychic changes that are happening that are manifesting with this magnetism occurring in some peopple, I was joking around with one of my roommates a little while back that eventually it'll be like the X-Men comics where you have characters like Magneto who can control metal... only it'll be real :shock:

Yes, it just seemed like AZ and J & J were being thrown under the bus by the PTB on purpose, who basically said: "See, we're looking out for your best interests and realize some of these vaccines have side-effects and could potentially be dangerous so we are going to do something about it and ban them. So rest assured and go back to sleep. By the way, you can still go ahead and get the experimental mRNA ones that have never been tested before on humans and that tinker with your DNA in some yet unknown way. But they're totally safe. Also please ignore the cellphones and magnets sticking to your arms. Just take an advil and you'll be better by morning. You can trust us; we're politicians and the media."
Which is weird because it seemed to me that this was a good sign that their system of lies was falling apart but obviously that has not happened.

With all this talk of nano particles one being magnetite and another I cannot get out of my mind being monoatomic gold. It occurred to me some time ago that the metal particles in the vaccine being touted as this better type of adjuvant system is actually meant to be susceptible to manipulation through 5G and along the same line through 4D technology. Of course all these technologies are connected to 4D somehow; fragments of something greater.
Seem like the lizzies try to do the trick again. In the past the Cs talked about the use of light waves (strange waves?)to cancel DNA sectors.

Seems like the Mark of Cain all over again¡¡¡

The unvaxxed are the Abel...or the able.

Just read the commets on Twitter. The vaxxed people seems very jealous
Interesting considering Gurdjieff talking about the kundabuffer having been removed. Thought we do no noticed because the effects have crystalized in us.

The vax is meant to amplify those effects even more? Or perhaps reinstall them in some people?
The meaning of Zombie has changed with Covid - It is not like in popular culture. With those nano particles, more people can be made manipulated to do the PTB's bidding. The reality is all beyond science fiction now a days.
I mean... The guy created a technology that is being forced on people and it sounds like they knew some of the data was bad before they started the experiment. And then of course the manufacturers (probably lied) about free spike proteins and now all hell will break loose. I don't see why vaxxed people who are able to grasp this information wouldn't be pissed enough to attempt an assassination. Or heck anyone who sees their loved ones injured or killed from the shot when clearly the PTB knew what they were doing. And of course as the creator of the mRNA technology and as he put it a "middle class citizen" he is now an easy target.

All of that being said clearly there are larger things on the horizon.
Hello to you
For monoatomic gold, see sessions 1995 09 12 and 1995 10 07
In summary :

A: Or could it be used to transform an entire race of beings into hypnotic subjugation !!!!!


Q: (L) Now, we wondered how to get and take some of this monoatomic gold.
A: Are you serious? How about some small portions of arsenic, anyone?

Love to you all
My wife and I were entertained watching the movie Demolition Man, which shows a future society where everyone has a microchip implanted in their bodies that is tied to physical tracking and cashless purchases, no one has physical contact due to fear of diseases, and the government has decided what is good for you and outlawed everything that is bad, including meat.

The cashless purchases led to us discussing Revelations' mark of the beast 666 meaning VISA, and how now the mark of the beast is not visa credit card but visa in passports as in covid passports. No vaccine means no vaccine card, which means no food, job, education, healthcare.
A belated thank you for the session which is now 5 weeks old. A lot of interesting things to reflect on which has already been done.
Q: (L) Is it possible that one of the reasons human beings have been deliberately dumbed down is to prevent positive DNA changes?

A: Yes

A: Your program is good if combined with knowledge and awareness. Knowledge itself changes DNA.
This makes sense. The dumbing down and the promotion of lies have caused people to be less able to attract higher influences. Sowing confusion and 'fake' conspiracy theories such as flat earth etc. have worked wonders to hinder any growth. Using Putin's words of "mush for brains" seems to be quite appropriate I think. The sexualizing of children and debasement of humans have only forced people towards materialism and away from higher connections. The changes to DNA furthered from input of knowledge is probable towards higher connections of a non-material kind.
(Joe) If it's all proteins, that means all proteins in your body as well.

(Chu) All proteins are antenna for information.
Having a good input of proteins in the form of meat might be helpful if not even necessary in this process, even if those proteins first have to be broken down to amino acids again before making new proteins in the body. The push from above for people to stop eating meat and become vegans might be part of this effort to physically dumb people down by not giving the bodies much good protein to work with.
(L) So the crisis is going to spin out of control?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Because of natural events?

A: Yes
The natural events seem to only have accelerated in the 5 weeks since the session. That war going on in 4D would if I understand it correctly traverse all densities and so reflect not only on 3D as chaos, but also in 2D and in 1D.

Fascinating to be a witness to, even though it is crazy to watch as well. Interesting times ahead.
Laura said:
Q: (J) Is swine flu going to make a comeback this winter?

A: Sure. They are working on drastic reduction of the population before climate change goes too far. Can't have all those starving people after their heads now can they?

Q: (J) I wonder if it's going to affect us?

A: With your diet?!?! Toxicity makes many more susceptible than during other pandemics. Why else do you think that such toxicity is allowed and even encouraged.

Funny, I was just in a discussion on something my cousin posted on Facebook. She has now closed that post. It was the usual mindless, pro Vax, just want freedom crap. I politely asked her to not include me in the fantasy. Well, did I get scorned and ridiculed.

Throughout the ensuing discussion, it was very easy to keep a cool head. I talked about my experiences from 2005, the year of my stroke. The having to learn walking and writing again with not much feeling on my right side. The weight gain that drove me to research on the internet for answers. Figuring out that detoxing was a way forward. Starting a detoxing program in 2007.

By 2007, or so, I also began connecting to the Cassiopaean transcripts, Laura and her work.

I mentioned my battle in going from 340lbs+ to 180lbs and maintaining that till today. The methodology of throwing out all current food guides and eating animal fats. Taking up smoking after a 40 year hiatus. Beginning and continuing with the Iodine protocol from the start. Mentioning that this was a great way to reduce the toxic buildup from pollution in food, water and air. And the fact that you won't find this information in any approved literature.

They were talking about cancer from cigarettes. I was talking about cancer from other pollutants we are in contact with daily. Actually, it seemed like I was making progress. Then my cousin pulled the plug.

So I was just catching up here and here it was. It occurred to me that I have been preparing this whole time. I have no great stores of food or weapons to rely on. All I have is myself and yet, somehow, I feel quite ready. Kinda like the wise virgin standing outside with her wick trimmed and her lamp full of oil.
Hello friends, here is important information that reaffirms what was said in previous sessions about the goal of vaccines to control behaviors ... if you can't see it, I can send it by Telegram ..

It is interesting that you mentioned Sarajevo. Now that the process of 'Balkanization' and the 'Yugoslav scenario' is looming in the USA.

""United States of Yugoslavia" - civil war approaching?
A recent editorial cartoon comparing the United States to the former Yugoslavia has raised a lot of dust on social media."

I hope that the members of our forum will not need my modest experience from the civil war in Bosnia.

Thank you for the session - it always made my day/week.
That would be truly ironic, considering the American role in the partition of ex-Yugoslavia and the Dayton agreement. Not to mention the bombing of Belgrade in 1999, among other incursions
Hello friends, here is important information that reaffirms what was said in previous sessions about the goal of vaccines to control behaviors ... if you can't see it, I can send it by Telegram ..
A very belated welcome to our forum, iloveuio! :welcome:Could you introduce yourself in the newbies section and tell us a bit about yourself, so we can get to know you a little? How did you find us, and have you read Laura's work, are you reading (Spanish) SOTT and so on. As you can see it doesn't have to be very personal, but if you wish to share more, you can always do so.

Also, could you share more about the information you speak of which is to be found on TikTok or Telegram, so other members can decide whether they are interested in learning about it or not. Most members are pretty busy and appreciate some sort of summary of an article or video. :-)

Hello to all of you
Because Laura gave an answer today to the file:
The Forgotten Exodus: The Into Africa Theory of Human Evolution
I was able to take note of this file which I have just copied to read it at my leisure.

And in this file, we talk about the file
Evolution 2.0

If I hadn't read Laura's answer by now, I wouldn't have known about the other two files....
So my question, my request is :
Is it possible to have the list of all the files that have been published?

Many thanks to all of you
Magnetite, looks like a hit. Explained in this detailed video on Bitchute from May 2021. It's a slow video, English is his second language and he narrates off wordboards. I just skip through, pause and read them myself but his information seems quite good. He also has videos on germ vs terrain theory; vids on inflammation and how to reduce it. I've only just begun to look at his channel but he seems to be very much on the same page as us.

(L) So the crisis is going to spin out of control?

A: Yes

Does this mean things are going to spin out of control by August? Cause I'm reading it as segregation is unlikely to happen because of 'events' including natural events and a possible revolt, which would have to happen before the vote passes or is approved in August.
Hi @Laura - I also wanted to ask what, specifically, you meant by "the crisis." In my mind, I couldn't narrow it down! :)
Is it possible to have the list of all the files that have been published?
I'm not quite sure what it is exactly that you want to have but in case it's just an overview of all threads available on any subject you have to go to the home page of the forum (click the Home button on top, to the left of Forums}.

On the home page you'll find a list of categories and subjects therein. Clicking any of those will give you a complete overview of all available topics on any subject in any category.

Hope this helps you out. :-)
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