Session 17 July 2021

(Joe) I've got a few. First one is about Jordan Peterson. Was his illness last year a result of some kind of direct attack?

A: Of course. He is not fully aware.

Q: (Artemis) Did whatever attack him get ahold of him in some way?

A: As usual.

Q: (L) Well, 4th density. They beam them, make them weak and sick and break them down. They activate attackers to come against you. Wear you out...

Thanks for asking about this. I think its been on a lot of our minds for quite a while now.

When JP was going through his extended ordeal I think many of us felt in our bones that this was the result of an attack (even if some of it was caused by his own awful mistake of taking benzodiazepines to help deal with his wife's illness). Some time ago Dave Rubin, who accompanied Petersen on his 12 Rules For Life Tour, and who has had many YT discussions with him, came out with a video titled something like: 'Jordan Petersen, Where Are You When We Need You Most?' - which summed up how many were feeling and further confirmed for us just how powerful and almost unstoppable Petersen was in sharing his knowledge and taking such a strong, well reasoned and courageous stand against the ideologies of totalitarianism - up until the attack - which , as we know, put him out of action for so long.

He simply "needed" to be taken out because he was doing such a wonderful job making his case. And boy did they do a job on him.

Not too long ago JP did another video (and I'm paraphrasing) where he basically acknowledged the divine for assisting him through that episode. He gave to understand that something had deeply shifted within him as it pertains to his own relationship with G-d; and the way he describes it, this realization and experience was visceral and understood for what it was. So I leave open the possibility that he received some 'miraculous' help or intervention along the way because he now appears to be back in force (no pun intended).

However positive these developments may be however, and left dangling in the air, seems to be the question: How will Jordan Petersen, if he continues his work as he appears to be doing - gain greater knowledge of non-physical attack? Because short of reading Laura's (and perhaps a few others') work, he is likely still lacking in awareness. Several years ago the C's said that Putin did something like mental martial arts even if he didn't have knowledge of the greater malevolent reality, but I imagine that Putin's great faith, religiosity and sense of spirituality has gone a long way towards helping him.

Still, I'm wondering how Petersen, may become stronger. He knows the bible inside and out but how can he bridge that knowledge to understand that the Principalities And Powers (malevolent attack from other levels) are all-too-real?
Thank you very much for the session! :flowers: So many fascinating questions and answers.
And it was good to be reminded once more of the importance of knowledge and how much it can do for us.

A: Your program is good if combined with knowledge and awareness. Knowledge itself changes DNA.

A: Things will get worse before they get better. Stay alert and use knowledge!!!
Thank you for the new session 🙏

Didn't the Texans lose that battle at the Alamo after a long struggle, but eventually win the war? Does this mean that the coming revolution will fail at first, but may be successful at the end?
I toured the Alamo about twenty years ago and remembered that the battle cry "Remember the Alamo!" was after the siege of the Alamo at the battle of San Jacinto - from Wikipedia:
Despite their losses at the Alamo, the Mexican army in Texas still outnumbered the Texian army by almost six to one. Santa Anna assumed that knowledge of the disparity in troop numbers and the fate of the Texian soldiers at the Alamo would quell the resistance, and that Texian soldiers would quickly leave the territory. News of the Alamo's fall had the opposite effect, and men flocked to join Houston's army. The New York Post editorialized that "had [Santa Anna] treated the vanquished with moderation and generosity, it would have been difficult if not impossible to awaken that general sympathy for the people of Texas which now impels so many adventurous and ardent spirits to throng to the aid of their brethren".

On the afternoon of April 21 the Texian army attacked Santa Anna's camp near Lynchburg Ferry. The Mexican army was taken by surprise, and the Battle of San Jacinto was essentially over after 18 minutes. During the fighting, many of the Texian soldiers repeatedly cried "Remember the Alamo!" as they slaughtered fleeing Mexican troops. Santa Anna was captured the following day, and reportedly told Houston: "That man may consider himself born to no common destiny who has conquered the Napoleon of the West. And now it remains for him to be generous to the vanquished." Houston replied, "You should have remembered that at the Alamo". Santa Anna's life was spared, and he was forced to order his troops out of Texas, ending Mexican control of the province and bestowing some legitimacy on the new republic.
Hubris and "wishful thinking" by the PTB of that time led to their defeat.

Another brilliant session! Thank you.
Interesting ideas discussed, thanks for sharing as always. The info regarding hairs as antennas was fun to learn. I've always favoured a thick head of hair (not long though) and a shaggy beard. Can't say I've noticed any antenna-like activity though;-D

Jordan Peterson has really been put through it in the last 2 years, hopefully he's now past the worst of it and is coming back to full force. He does seem very emotionally raw in his recent podcasts though. Beaming people though; the things that the PTB do, psychopathic bastards.

I'll re-read this session when I've got time, got to go out, thanks again for sharing.
Thank You for this amazing session and the superb transcribing job!
I can't find the session where it is mentioned, but didn't the C's say that very intense magnetic fields could open or allow the passage to another density? If I find it I will put it in another comment.
Remember in Syria those ripple waves in the clouds were asked about in the sessions? The answer was (IIRC) that a thinned realm-border created a hole in Syria, where large dark 4D entities crossed over already.

If we substitute the magnetized Vaxxed peeps as point-members in a cloud, serving as receiver antennae for the Lizzies, the PTB might get the 'vaxxed-magnetized'-saturation in the population high enough, so the Lizzies can push through a really dark entity using these vaxxed as a "mass human-DNA-EM-wormhole". Strange waves, sounds ominous, like the ideas about the 5G-towers' purpose for possible activation and remote control of the Vaxxed zombie masses.

In the past we were told about human experiments: Lizzies trying to inhabit humans, but there was excessive bleeding, because the human bodies couldn't hold a Lizard's massive negativity. Maybe via this magnetizing & DNA mutations of people, the Lizzies can finally make a "D-Day landing" in the human population?
Thank you! We wait for each session like swimming towards land after sinking the boat! Once again, so timely. There are no words to convey the gratitude I have towards your work, Have a great summer (what's left of it) - and as for the others, bring'em on!!! Although it sounds rather ominous, we are preparing in our own way for what we can imagine coming down the pike!!! We can expect a sort of takeover of certain bodies as in invasion of the body doubles!!!
Fascinating new session, really addressed pretty much everything we're concerned with at the moment. More so than ever, we are so very lucky and blessed to receive all this helpful knowledge in these dark times. Thank you!
Thanks for the session! I've been thinking the way the border crisis is unfolding could be seen as an underhanded way to give Texas some problems without being seen as the government overtly reacting or punishing. Then again, they've really let themselves slip that at this point I'm sure they don't care too much.

I've left the City of Austin, in the hopes I'm taking some steps toward ending up in the mountains, but I'm currently at the coast for a bit. (Was I holding my map upside down? 😂) Other than the fact I've been trying to avoid a tsunami, and if La Cometa decides to come now I'll be royally up sh*t creek, but other than that it's not bad. What little Corona craziness existed still in the city is absolutely not here, and I am going to soak up as much sunlight as I can in preparation for the fall/winter. Maybe it's all a blessing as it's said those on the coast have better immune systems, due to the fresh air and constant salt you breathe.

Anyway, looking forward to what they try next. Not really but you know. The spirit is alive here in Texas and I can't wait to see the hell we're about to give 'em!
Thank you, Chateau crew!

The Alamo was first a slaughter, then it became a rallying cry.

Thank you, Pat, for reminding me to have a bag packed and ready. I also remember C.A. Fitts saying you may have to move…you may have to move 10 times!

It’s a good bet that “they” now know something out of their control, that cares nothing for their schedule is coming. They have gone rapidly from “here people-people come get a hamburger and a million dollars we love you”, to pounding the iron fist on the table. The out of their control thing appears to be eminent. The good news, the plan, the reset etc. is probably coming apart as we speak. The not so good news is the billions of people in the chaos and mayhem that will follow.

I’m also reminded that any wealth that one has will likely never have as much buying power as it does right now, and the availably of goods and services is still pretty good. Just saying...

Thank you again.
In the past we were told about human experiments: Lizzies trying to inhabit humans, but there was excessive bleeding, because the human bodies couldn't hold a Lizard's massive negativity. Maybe via this magnetizing & DNA mutations of people, the Lizzies can finally make a "D-Day landing" in the human population?

That, and that they also intend to control in 4th density.

It's something I've been thinking and saying in the coronavirus thread and the whole mRNA vaccine thing. I have been trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together and to me this is the way they intend to do it.

What I am saying is that in order for it to work for them they have to make people extremely polarized to STS, either by fear, that they cannot access earthly pleasures (materialism - buying, selling, consuming, traveling) and that they become very very ponerized (authoritarian). I have already seen here in my country and in the rest of the world exclamations asking even the death of other people to lecture those who do not want the vaccine! It is horrible! This is the way to narrow the FRV bandwidth, but it is not enough and that is where DNA modification comes in.

In other posts it was mentioned how some vaccinated people described how their consciousness was not anchored to the body, that they felt as if they were separated or floating and that the soul felt as if it did not know where it was.

Imagine the prospect: When everything is ready, just press a button, and suddenly millions of people are instantly possessed by demons. It's an invasion from hell... Yes, it sounds horrible. But the information gathered points to this.
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