Session 17 July 2021

My assumption was that @whitecoast was referring to the works of Selco Begovic (SHTF Survival Boot Camp, The Dark Secrets of SHTF Survival, and SHTF Survival Stories), but I like the one you found and ordered it in!
Thank you @cinnamon for posting links to Selco's work! I, too immediately thought of Selco when whitecoast posed the question. I discovered his work through Daisy Luther's site, The Organic Prepper. I have followed her site for years, Selco is a regular contributer to the site. There are many topics discussed on her site that are similar to topics discussed on this forum. I highly recommend checking out her site at .
Sorry for the very short post without much explanation, got an idea that popped into my head and I’m busy with quality family time.
people get goosebumps through beautiful emotion or (never happened with me but it’s a cliche) super scary events. Goosebumps occur on hair follicles. I’m sensing a connection to hair being protein receivers.

I am sorry I don’t have the time to bring to the table a better thought, but I had to get this down.
I didn't get an especially positive vibe from the "Remember the Alamo" comment and I interpreted it in the context of "USA headed for destruction" and "5D City on a Hill." Since the almighty god of statesmanship and strategic thinking himself, Vladimir Putin, seems to have pledged his fealty to the Consortium NWO agenda, I'm not sure what relative small fries like DeSantis and pals can hope to accomplish by continuing to give the PTB the middle finger. It looks to me DeSantis is about due for "regime change," perhaps with Florida and sympathetic states being placed under some kind of martial law in the interests of national security until a "proper government" can be established and all of the anti-covid 19 renegade terrorists can be flushed out. Libertarians here do not want to be turned into a carbon copy of New York or California and will load up their guns and take to the streets. The CIA has been busy training neo-nazi goon squads around the world, and would simply be waiting for the outrage to get violent enough to justify unleashing them here at home and easily mow down the libertarians. Deep State/Consortium wins.

This show of force would make it plainly clear to all who are not fully aligned with the Deep State that their only option is to forever live their lives on their knees as a slave or die. Many more people outside of the hardcore libertarian contingent may think death is a better alternative and a second rebellion will occur which will engulf all but the deep blue areas. State lines will become irrelevant and it will openly be deep state vs the people. At that point it will just be a total bloodbath, but the Deep State will not be able to hold out indefinitely after they are cut off from the rest of the economy which they must parasitically extract from to sustain themselves. There may be a few weather events which serve to hasten the demise of the Deep State, but by the time they are finally dead and buried I see half of North America being a smoldering pile of rubble. You might even be able to discern the smoke from the western shore of Ireland on a good day. Liberty will be restored, but at great cost.

Using the Alamo as an analogy, that's how I would expect it to play out.
Thanks for new session, as always the new informations gives me energized greatly. And hope for the future!

And I was worried about some members who were vaccinated, but now knowing that they are probably protected by just from the “Knowledge” or “Awareness” or combined with “Health Protocols Information.” Very glad knowing this.

Q: (Gaby) Will the group members that will be or have been vaccinated with this technology, can they do something else to protect themselves?

A: Your program is good if combined with knowledge and awareness. Knowledge itself changes DNA.

It is so interesting to know that eyebrows, hair, all proteins in the human body are able to connect information field. And very glad Laura’s hair is full and shining, so Laura has extra natural apparatus!!!

(Ark) Can I ask a question? Are eyebrows antennas?

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) Antennas for what?

A: Information.

Q: (Artemis) So is the hair on your head.

(Pierre) Any protein.

(Chu) All proteins are antenna for information.

(L) I knew there was a reason I liked big hair! [laughter]

(Andromeda) And gentlemen get more hairy as they become older and wiser.

(Joe) If it's all proteins, that means all proteins in your body as well.

Q: (L) So, basically you're saying that DNA can be changed? Well, we know it can, because I read the books. But in other words, you're saying that it can be changed by changes in your thinking, understanding, and level of knowledge?

A: Information is the most important factor.

Q: (L) You mean gathering information, researching, and learning is the most important factor?

A: Yes and applying what is learned

Q: (L) So the more knowledge you gather, your antenna changes. But it depends upon using it because building the antenna is a product of using what you've learned.

A: Yes

Q: (L) That's what makes the changes.

(Artemis) You can't just sit around and read and do nothing about what you're learning all day. You have to do something
Thank you, Laura and crew for the session.

A lot of informations

(L) So the crisis is going to spin out of control?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Because of natural events?

A: Yes

This worldwide madness is really out of our control when we see all that is happening.

And the snow, rain, storms, earthquakes.... that are also getting worse.

Q: (Gaby) Will the group members that will be or have been vaccinated with this technology, can they do something else to protect themselves?

A: Your program is good if combined with knowledge and awareness. Knowledge itself changes DNA.
Thanks for this question.
Thanks for this latest session - really needed as a counter to the relentless gaslighting and general insanity we're all being subjected to.

Regarding the suspected nature of the nanoparticles in the mRNA vax, I'm remembering the two Italian scientists who determined that almost all vaccines have nanoparticles:

Italy: Doctors Who Found Metals, Nanoparticles in Vaccines Had Lab Raided by Police

Police raided the laboratory of Dr. Gatti and Dr. Montanari, a married couple who are devoted to studying diseases, including cancer, heart disease and neurological problems, caused by nano-particles that arise from processes that involve high temperature such as manufacturing, waste incineration and car exhaust. Most nano-particles are expelled by the body when inhaled and consumed, but when injected by way of a vaccine, they are able to stay in the body and cause disease. The couple performed a study and found nano-particles polluted all of the 44 vaccines that they tested.
In the 90’s, Dr. Antonietta Gatti discovered the relationship between micro- and nano-particles as well as a great number of pathologies: cardiovascular diseases, many forms of cancer, multiple neurological diseases, and autoimmune diseases. She’s taken part in many international research projects, including the pathologies induced by depleted uranium, waste incineration, food polluted with inorganic particles, and more.

Currently, she is the coordinator of the Italian Institute of Technology’s Project of Nanoecotoxicology, called INESE.

She is also a selected expert of the FAO/WHO for the safety in nanotechnological food, a Member of the NANOTOX Cluster of the European Commission, the author of a book titled “Nanopathology: the health impact of nanoparticles,” she’s on the Editorial Board of Journal of Biomaterials Applications and is a member of the CPCM of the Italian Ministry of Defense.

Furthermore, she and her husband Dr. Stefano Montanari founded a laboratory called Nano-diagnostics for the evaluation of the pathological tissues of patients. It’s presently at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy.
Recently, the Italian police raided their home, the police took all digital assets that were owned by the the two nanopathologists, including laptops, computers, and flash-drives – basically years of work and research.

James Grundvig via the World Mercury Project describes what happened quite well:
“Because Gatti and Montanari had taken their research of nanodust and nanoparticles, from in-vivo (performed in a living organism) and in-vitro (performed in a test tube) to what unseen contamination might reside in vaccines in 2016, they came under the microscope of the United States, European, and Italian authorities. They had touched the third rail of medicine. They had crossed the no-go zone with the purported crime being scientific research and discovery. By finding nano-contamination in random vaccines, Gatti and Montanari revealed, for the first time, what no one knew: Vaccines had more than aluminum salts adjuvants, Polysorbate-80, and other inorganic chemicals in them: they also harbored stainless steel, tungsten, copper, and other metals and rare elements that don’t belong in shots given to fetuses, pregnant women, newborns, babies and toddlers developing their lungs, immune and nervous systems.”

The scientists published their work in January of 2017, titled New Quality‐Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro‐ and Nanocontamination. If science wasn’t plagued by corruption, an investigation should have started, healthcare agencies would have become involved and vaccine safety policies would have come under intense scrutiny, but that never happened.
Below is a recent interview with the two, done by Surêté Vaccins; the quick description of the video reads:

“Two italian researchers have found nanoparticles are polluting almost all vaccines. The small size of these particles allows them to enter our cells and have a permanent inflammatory effect. Mrs Gatti was about to testify in a parliament enquiry on vaccine damages of Italian military courses but both researchers have been raided by police and all their material has been taken away.”
They go on to explain, with regards to their most recent vaccine study linked above,

“After a while, an Italian University sent us a student for her thesis, and we analyzed 19 different vaccines with her, finding all of them polluted by micro and nano particles. Then we went on analyzing them and now we analyzed about 30 vaccines with many samples of each vaccine, and, we discovered that they were all polluted…”
When all said and done, they analyzed 44 different vaccines. All of them contained these harmful particles, which are foreign bodies entering into the body. Whenever this happens, the body has a reaction, and it’s not good.

“Those foreign bodies, those particles, are like a bullet. If I shoot somebody, and that bullet makes a hole in the heart, it’s not very important if the bullet was made of stainless steel, of titanium, of iron whatever, what’s important is that that they punched a whole in the heart.”

[Link to the full article says page can't be found]
I wonder how long these nanoparticles have been incorporated into the shots. My last vax was in 1988 - a tetanus shot due to a corneal abrasion. My kids had shots through the 90s with the last probably 1999. Never did flu shots. How well we were duped by the trusted medical establishment.
So much gratitude 💕 for this information and all the incredible knowledge and observations being offered on this site (and the SOTT emails which keep me informed about such a broad range of topics!). I would really have struggled to cope without the knowledge being offered. I have been unable to connect with this wonderful tribe online much recently and sorely miss you all, even though I know the connection always remains strong.

I had several very intense ‘flushes’ of energy while reading that session also, but particularly relating to the line:

“A: Your program is good if combined with knowledge and awareness. Knowledge itself changes DNA.”

In relation to this, I have some questions...

CAN DNA ‘SURROGATION’ OCCUR (between some people)

(apologies if this is not the correct place for them)

Has anyone mentioned seeing golden ‘sparks’ or ‘flashes’ out of the ‘corner’ of their eyes? Almost like in your peripheral vision? This has been happening to myself and my adult daughter for quite some time but has accelerated over time, and now the ‘sparks’ are bigger and longer.

At first the ‘sparks’ were tiny and not so bright, I thought I was imagining them, but my daughter had a few months before commented about it, and then I started having the same experience. I didn’t really understand what she meant until it began happening to me. My daughter lives in a different state in Australia and we don’t get to see one another often (mostly due to Covid restrictions). We often have similar dreams and appear to be psychically very connected, so at first I thought it was something almost psychosomatic (I think that’s the correct term?) These ‘sparks’ started after we had both been pretty ill (possibly Covid) in 2019 and have increased over time. Often they seem to happen when I am thinking intensely about something - it’s almost as if what I am thinking is being affirmed. Or sometimes when they appear, I feel I am being asked to pay attention to something more closely (ie; my thoughts, what someone else is saying or doing). Initially I thought it could be just some electrical ‘fritzing’ in my brain, but whilst reading this latest session with the C’s, I was reminded of my own previous thoughts... I was wondering if the ‘golden sparks’ experience possibly relates to DNA changes?

Also in connection to this, I am wondering if the C’s have ever mentioned whether anyone can support another (surrogate?) to have shifts in their DNA (as in unconsciously facilitate DNA shifts if they are closely connected to someone psychically) as their own FRV raises?


I have had the most unbelievable ‘ringing’ in my ears after my 2019 illness that was just unbearable and was driving me bonkers. Feels like it’s in the middle of my brain. I get pretty bad headaches and it’s very hard to focus on anything at times. The first year was very overwhelming.

At times it seems to change in ‘frequency’. Over time I have found ways of coping with it by focusing my attention as much as I can on other things or listening to music, or singing or doing something where my heart is fully ignited in the highest way, immersed in being creative or caring for plants / the garden.

When I was sick with the ‘flu recently, it became much less in ‘pitch’ as my ears were very blocked. But as soon as I recovered it got a lot worse. It’s a continual irritating, high pitch that rarely deviates, at times it might become less intense for a bit and then it’s like someone turns a dial and wham! up it goes again. I read about the Havana Syndrome ages ago trying to comprehend what was going on. I also heard that the WHO was reporting a while ago that many people who have had Covid have a form of tinnitus so wonder if that is what I have.

Any ideas on any of these questions?
With reference to strange waves from 4D affecting nano-particles in mRNA vaccines and the zombie apocalypse - a strange and tragic incident in Singapore just got me wondering...

Just as background - Singapore is aggressively vaccinating citizens only with mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) and the campaign even applies to all teenagers above 12 years old. Vaccination rates are quite high currently (~60%). Most teenagers in school are taking the jab.

Then on Monday (19th July)in a prominent school in Singapore - we allegedly have a 16 year old; waiting in the toilet with an axe, and then randomly killing a 13 year old, who happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Both of them dont know each other. The killer then calmly walks to water cooler (for drinking water) and proceeds to clean himself of blood. When some students walk by and notice this strange sight - he calmly tells them to call the police as he has killed someone. Just like that; no motive, no justification, and a completely random premeditated killing. The MSM are going with a mental health angle.

In living memory (30 years) this has not happened in a school in Singapore; as it is a very safe country with very low crime rates, and law enforcement acts very swiftly on law breakers. Then something like this happens after teenage school students start getting vaccinated.

Definitely could be something else; coincidence or the general corona madness.....but it was really strange the way the whole incident unfolded.
While reading the Session from June 7th, 1997 today, I found the following which may be relevant:
Q: And EM is intertwined. That is, EM is 'being' and ethereal existence is non-being?

A: No. EM is being and ethereal existence is thinking...

Q: Absolute non-being is the origin of gravity. It emerges out of the absoluteness of non-being, and what emerges out of gravity is EM?

A: Where did you get this "absoluteness of non-being?"

Q: Well, non-being that is so 'non' that is is NON!

A: That is ALL, maybe?

Q: I guess so.

A: Is non really nano?

Q: I don't know. Is that a clue?

A: ?

Q: Well, then I said: If the varieties of waves of the EM spectrum are unstable gravity waves, then they could be added together which could arrive at some total factor of electromagnetism, which then, if reversed, would express the existence of gravity?

A: On the right track, or "rail" as in "railgun."
Interesting that we have these magnetic effects reported from vaccines containing nanoparticles, that are an attractor for "strange waves". Gravity waves, perhaps?
Thank you for this most interesting session.
So now the SHHTF in my world. I am the ONLY holdout in my overseas organization of 300 pax who has not taken the jab. As of mid August I will not be allowed into work without being fully vaccinated! Unfortunately, this is a government mandate and the organization I work for is 'just following orders' I'm a single mom. I love my job. I'm supporting two kids and can't seem to find a way out of this. I am going to try for a vaccine exemption but so far the only people I know of who got that here were pregnant women. Does anyone have guidance as to what I could do to facilitate a medical vacc exemption? I am allergic to nickel, nuts and gluten. Would the Sinopharm vacc would be less harmful and what protocol to follow to mitigate negative effects? I have been taking Ivermectin as a prophylaxis for the past few months. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Under the comment section of my previous video post I found this, FWIW, from

Ascension Lady

6 days ago (edited)
I have some images of this "Pfizer Confidential" document submitted to Japanese Government on my blog. I got it from Youtube video. Japanese Doctor got this document and explained about it. At that time, I knew his video would not survive in the censorship. I snipped the images out of his video.ルシフェラーゼ入りファイザーコロナワクチン/


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(Joe) What is actually happening in the arms of these people who become magnetic after an mRNA vaccine?

A: Hematies.

Q: (Pierre) The cells containing iron.

A: Yes

Q: (L) So it causes something in the body's own iron to collect?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Is something sequestering the iron?

(Pierre) Because iron sticks to the vaccines, and if you have iron in your body it won't stick to iron. How is this hematie magnetized?

A: Magnetite.

Q: (Pierre) Magnetite is a rock that's naturally magnetic, but...

(Joe) Does that mean it's in the vaccine?

(L) Is it in the vaccine, or is it something that accumulates from within the body itself?

A: Body.

Q: (L) Is there something psychic about it?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So it's not purely a physiological reaction?

A: No. Nano particles act as antennae for strange waves which then send signals to the body inducing modification on the next level of physicality.
and then add to that the C's response from June 7/97
[A: Tis magnetite that acts as a conduit, and perhaps, just perhaps, allows for transference back and forth at will?!?]

So might that be referring to transference at 'their' will or the humans will: or either/or ?
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