Session 15 August 2020


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Thanks for the new session :flowers:

Just catching up now. I never would have thought that I'd miss a new session because I was reading a romance novel and organising thoughts around it! :lol: Aye, aye, aye!

On the subject of masks, a friend in Victoria was saying that she had a usual annual check up with blood tests and her iron levels were low. Dr told her to stop wearing the mask because she needs to oxygenate her blood. It's not clear yet whether wearing the mask caused iron levels to drop or whether it the iron levels were already down.

Q: (Ark) That was about Dimi. Last question: I would like to know if there is some most important law that governs all of the creation. We know conservation of energy is an important law. You can think about conservation of information. Maybe there is such a law? This John Archibald Wheeler who we quoted several times, he added his own law which is kind of timeless which says that it's pure geometric boundary which says boundary is zero. Another possible law is: As above, so below. Okay. Is there any kind of a fundamental physical law? Well, not physical... Some fundamental law of creation?

A: Free will.

One of the things that has come out of the mask debate was a bloke that basically said he wasn't going to stand up against any policy enforcers or authorities. He was just going to ask them 'What will happen if I don't [wear a mask for example]. When the policy enforcers or authorities respond with what the fine or punishment will be for non-compliance, he just says 'I'll do what you want under duress' or if asked for identity or paperwork 'if it's under duress you can have anything that you like' - in other words it's kind of like sending a signal to the universe that this is not a free will choice.


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Thank you all for a very interesting new session. No surprise as to the arrival of a 2nd "fictitious" wave of covid19 since the media are hammering us every day how much the figures on the number of "cases" are increasing since the end of the first wave. How can some people be fooled so much by propaganda ? For me it remains a mystery. What makes me very sad is that , due to lack of knowledge, these people will not try to defend their children when the time comes by refusing vaccines. What suffering to come.


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Thank you for the session.

I think it's great that the mainstream media is planting the idea in the masses that vaccines can be dangerous.

All vaccines are safe --> some vaccines are not safe --> all vaccines are not safe
I dunno that that’s the ultimate line of force of the MSM (ie that all vaccines are safe). I think it’s more like:
Russian vaccines are not safe, because Russia.
The US/West’s vaccines are safe, because we can all trust WHO/CDC/Gates.


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A big Thank You to the Chateau Crew with this new session:thup:, thank you so much for sharing, as always much to ponder.

Good to hear that the Russian vaccine is a more safe version than what Gates & Co are cooking up, although the chipping agenda comes as no surprise.

I wonder if this is some implicit communication about the vaccine itself being a race, so more countries may use that instead of the Gates concoction.

I was wondering about that too:

Kirill Dmitriev, head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) -- which financed the development -- revealed that 20 countries had already submitted preorders for 1 billion doses of Sputnik V. "So far, countries in Latin America, the Middle East and Asia have displayed the greatest interest in the vaccine," he said, "and we are about to finalize a number of contracts for the purchase of the vaccine."



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Thank you Chateau crew :love:. We are already experiencing the second wave in Aust and New Zealand. This time round the🐑 are getting nasty - maybe masks strip people of their intelligence and social graces? It’s interesting watching the mask wearers defend their stance by berating and bullying.


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(L) Now one thing that's really been bugging me is this thing about masks. For years, they put all this money and effort into creating facial recognition software. They put cameras everywhere. Now all of a sudden they're putting masks on everybody which makes facial recognition software just completely obsolete - after all that money and time and effort! So, what's the real deal with the masks?

A: Facial recognition was never the full plan as it can be easily thwarted. It was used to accustom populace to tracking and surveillance. The ultimate surveillance is chipping. The fake pandemic justifies the vaccine with chip and wider tracking mandate. The mask is similar to antismoking. It induces obedience and allows identification of dissidence. Masks have the additional advantage of inducing brain damage and lowering of intelligence and general health.

This was a question I had too, but I thought about it and think gait analysis has possibly superseded facial recognition. Or, at least the technology has gotten to a level that's useful and accurate enough to be used as a substitute/insurance. While chipping might be the ultimate, perhaps we're not quite there yet and there are still a lot of variables at play that could thwart the 'grand plan' for the time being.
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