Session 15 August 2020


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Thank you so much for this session.

Concerning the horses, why horses? I checked for the symbolism of the horse :

The horse is a universal symbol of freedom without restraint, because riding a horse made people feel they could free themselves from their own bindings. Also linked with riding horses, they are symbols of travel, movement, and desire. The horse also represents power in Native American tribes

This time the C's did not tell us to enjoy the show.

Thank you again for the session. :flowers:


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Thank You for the session :love:

So we are heading for the never ending fake pandemic-state with mandatory vaccination (chipping) for all the newborns. Do "they" even consider the possibility of appearance of the REAL deadly virus and the REAL pandemic state with no cure or effective vaccine and all the previously forced vaccinated people droping dead? They will get all the blame.


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Extract from the speech of the head of Hezbollah last Friday on the responsibility for the explosion in Beirut
Beirut Port Tragedy

Turning to the tragedy of Beirut Port, Sayyed Nasrallah indicated that Hezbollah doesn’t have any narrative on the Beirut Port explosion, “we’re not investigating, the Lebanese state is doing the job,” adding that, theoretically, there are two possibilities: even it was out of negligence or a sabotage act.

Addressing accusations that Hezbollah knew about the explosion out of its vast intelligence capabilities, Sayyed Nasrallah said it’s totally unrealistic. “Hezbollah is entitled only in resistance security; we don’t want or have capability to take over domestic security. So, we’re waiting outcome of investigation.”

Beirut Port blast

“If investigations proved the explosion was out of negligence, then those responsible must be held accountable and punished, Sayyed Nasrallah said.
“If ‘Israel’ was responsible for the explosion, then we’ll never know the truth had the FBI participated in the investigations,” he added, pointing out that if the investigation proves that ‘Israel’ was responsible, then it’s not just Hezbollah that must respond. “All of Lebanon, its institutions, its people, must respond, because this is an aggression against Lebanon.”

Hezbollah, Sayyed Nasrallah said, which cannot ignore the killing of one of its fighters, will not remain silent against ‘Israel’ if it committed this crime, and it will pay a similar price.

“The most dangerous matter is that there’s a project underway to bring down the Lebanese State. The scheme’s aim was to rile up political forces’ pressure against President [Michel] Aoun to force him to resign. The second goal targeted the parliament, through resignations, not constitutionally, or legally, but practically. This also failed,” the Hezbollah leader said.

“They are trying to take the country to civil war. They were trying to do that when former PM Saad Hariri was kidnapped,” he added.



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It might be worth thinking about how free will could in fact be a physical law. I've thought for some time that a free will interpretation of quantum mechanics could provide a valid framework, and one that is more parsimonious than an infinite number of alternate universes.

Essentially, subatomic particles are motes of consciousness/awareness, and since they have free will, their behavior can only be predicted statistically, thus giving the appearance of probability waves. Quite similar to Leibniz' monad theory.

I haven't given much thought to how wave/particle duality can be resolved with this interpretation, though. While I'm technically a physicist, I'm not a quantum theorist - my mathematical aptitude is simply not well enough developed to tackle something like this.

I'm neither a physicist nor a theorist, but common sense tells me that the wave/particle "duality" can be explained in terms of a spring. If you look at from the end, it is circular, like a particle; and if you look at it from the side, it is a wave; hence, duality. The reality is that the object appears to be two-dimensional, when in fact it is three dimensional, and the whole problem is the manner in which the observer is observing the object. If you then imagine that the object is spinning in the circular orientation/observation, while moving along its' horizontal axis, you can see how it can easily transition a 'slit', and produce the result that the slit experiment gives. Occam's Razor? I used my Free Will to cogitate on that.


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Thank you for the new session. I keep recalling the Cs saying “don’t despair, chaos precedes creation!” We will get through this madness...

@endescent, it is nice when someone remembers such connections. I enjoy connecting dots when possible. I think the following may relate to what you are recalling:

Session 18 August 2002
Q: (T) Oh well graduation is always the best. (L) Well you know what Gurdjieff said - 'No one can escape alone. You have to have a group and you have to have a plan, and you have to work.' Nobody can do it alone and you have to do it with the help of somebody's who done it before. It's a very important thing he said about that. He said first you have to understand you're in prison and then you have to learn about the prison and you have to learn about how to get out, and you can only learn about that from somebody who's already gotten out. And you can't do it alone because it takes a whole team. (T) To get out? (L) Yeah, that's what he said, and it's so true. Because the minute you start wiggling around in the matrix, it comes down on your head. (T) Well the matrix is programmed to keep us here. And keep us stupid. (L) Yeah. Okay, are we done with you Terry? (T) I think so! But I have a question. What happened to Ark and Laura's computer system this weekend?

A: Mainly it is a psychic signal of impending quantum shift.

Q: (T) Just because the computers went down? Uh, can you expand on that a little bit?

A: Fluidity of reality affects such "hardware" which is sensitive to such flux.

Q: (A) So something is going to shift, reality is fluid, hardware is affected, and all kinds of things happen probably due to the interaction of what is outside us and the hardware. It's hard to find the real prime reason, see. (L) I think what happens sometimes is the reality starts fluxing, that you're psychically aware of it and the psychic energy in your own system then affects those things in your environment that are attuned or sensitive to your psychic energy, and then depending upon your fluxing of your psychic energy it can signal you. I guess, it's like the black cat walking by twice, that would be one way of putting it. (A) I think it's like with this magician, the real magicians like the one you were talking about today, who mix what is called slight of hands with real magic, right? And one helps to other and you can say: Well he isn't showing real magic because it's all tricks. No! Some yes, but some is real magic. But he's mixing them together because, well it works. The real magic doesn't always work. It works once in awhile and you have no full control so you must help with your exercises. It's the same when we interact with our reality. It is fluid when we are in a certain state. And, when it is fluid because of our state, also electrical things are in a certain state. And some of the things that happen are probably because of our interaction. What was the reason? Part of the reason was there somehow something unusual happened, because thousands times you switch and maybe you switched in a different way than always, right? So that's what I think.

A: Chaos is part of the conditions or the creation of a new reality.


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Interesting session, thanks to everyone who participated. Give my regards to Artemis, hope she recuperates.

The name given for this session seems like a mash-up of (Joe) Quinn and hydroxyquinoline.

The question/answer about the Russian vaccine is very interesting. For months, the bought media has been pushing he narrative that a vaccine was an urgent matter, that it's the only 100% safe thing in the universe, and that the sooner we have one the better. As soon as the Russian vaccine was announced, the narrative changed and now vaccines are not safe and they need testing and blah blah. It looks like Sputnik took them by surprise.

Yeah. One wonders why they chose the name Sputnik, the first satellite ever launched into space. I wonder if this is some implicit communication about the vaccine itself being a race, so more countries may use that instead of the Gates concoction.
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