SciFi and CG Renders

Really cool renders Bluegazer. Im wondering what programs you use? I have some very small experiencer with 3D renders in blender.
@placematt Thank you! The workflow is as follows: The robot is modeled in solidworks (functional mechanism for 3D printing) then the model I export it to Keyshot for renders. I do the same for some parts of the scene.

For the background I sometimes use some high resolution photo like for example a picture of the milky way.

For the characters I use a japanese video game that has an editor, apart from the main game. This allows me to give a pose to the character, clothes, expression, etc. Then I make a capture / render of the character either with a pre-made scenery or background or just the character with a transparent background (PNG).

When I have all those elements, I dump them into photoshop to finish the scene and give it the final touches.
Bluegazer these are amazing, really nice work! I've used Fusion360 before myself for some minor things but nothing compared to these. Did you 3D print the model above yourself?
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