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@tschai Thank you. I really appreciate it.

I would really like to do that. Although I have managed to do it in a completely unipersonal way, there are things that I still don't know how to do properly and it requires a great investment of time and making the visual universe coherent. Some environments are of my own design, others are free modifications made by other users. The 3D modeling also consumes time and now much of what I model I'm using it as economic support.

For now I make these little shorts, also for fun and to get things flowing. :-)
@Bluegazer are you familiar with Brian Niemeier? He's an indie science fiction author who's published 3 mecha novels in his Combat Frame XSeed series. He's very Christian, and loosely affiliated with the online right ... kind of a Twitter personality.

He might be interested in your rendering talents.
are you familiar with Brian Niemeier?

No. But I have seen his work on Amazon thanks to you. From the description in one of his books, I see that he is strongly influenced by Gundam. (their story is very similar)

But I'm going to do something. I'm going to leave the PDF link to the story I wrote. But for the forum only. You will see that I deal with several topics that we talk about here.

Edit: I forgot that it is in Spanish. Translating it is on my list, but not for immediate use.
New wallpapers. Mix between, 3D rendering and post edition with photoshop.


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